Alright, I hope you enjoy this. Don't worry, the characters will still be in-character, but playing the parts of the people in the fairy tale. The homunculi's names will be changed just a bit, since it would be odd to have a character named Gluttony or Lust. xD


There was once a young girl, her father and her mother. They were always happy with eachother, and always were with one another. They were the definition of a perfect family.

One fateful year, her mother became very ill. Despite all their attempts to find a cure, her mother died of influenza seven days before the girl's fifth birthday. For months she cried herself to sleep each night, and it wasn't until that sorrow stopped that she was able to cope with only her father.

Two years later, her father began seeing a wicked lady, named Lustette. Though she was kind to the father and her two daughters, Gluttona and Envie. Gluttona was short and plump, and Envie was tall and skinny.

Not long after their marriage, her father was mysteriously killed by food poisoning the year of the girl's eighth birthday. For hours on end she cried. In the morning, she woke up crying. She cried over her meals. At night she cried herself to sleep. But after a few long months, she was able to cope. However, Lustette was even worse to her than ever before, jealous of her beauty. Instead of treating her as a daughter of her own, she made her a maid for their large household that they bought with her father's left over money. For eleven years she'd been cooking, sewing, washing, dusting, and more than you could ever think of for Lustette and her two daughters.

Despite all of her troubles, she remained hopeful that her life would someday turn around. Now, nineteen years old, she still worked for her step mother, but little did any of them know, it was all about to change.


Okay, it's a short chapter, but it's more of a prologue than a chapter. I'll have the next up soon, and that's where it will all begin!