"Um, you mean that one from the musical I was in when I was a kid? How is that going to fit me now? And what are you even talking about?" Envie muttered to herself, watching as her mother ran down the stairs. One minute she was shoving Riza into the attic, the next telling her to find a wig, the next flying down the stairs like a wicked old witch. She could hear Riza pounding on the door, and that was when she actually looked out the window to see the little short boy coming to the door.

Annoyed with herself for not acting as quickly as her mother, she raced to her own bedroom. Clothing material flung across the room while she dug through her old clothes. She'd never moved so quickly in her life, snipping the wig to look as close to Riza's own hair as she could. As soon as she had it on, she could only hope that wherever her and the prince had gone off to the previous night, it had been dark. Envie looked hardly anything like Riza. Good thing she was good at voice impersonations.

Lustette opened the door, trusting that Envie had fixed herself up in time. "Hello, Sir. Is there anything I can do for you today?" As if she didn't already know what the kid was doing here.

"I'm here by royal orders, sent to bring Riza Hawkeye and her family to the castle, immediately," Edward looked up towards the tall woman. He had to admit that she was good looking herself, although a lot more revealing that what was normally accepted in society.

"Oh, that's just perfect! I'll send for my girls. Gluttona! Riza! Come down here," she called, gesturing for the boy to come in to the home. He shook his head.

"We need to leave as soon as possible. The prince is not patient," he said.

Lustette glanced back towards her two girls coming down the stairs, motioning for them to hurry themselves.

"She called for Riza, not you," Gluttona whispered to her sister.

"I am Riza, now. That is, if I want a future with the prince," Envie smirked to herself.

"We have been sent for, girls. We are going to the castle," Lustette shot a look at Envie. Envie knew she couldn't mess this up.

"Make haste," Edward grumbled. He wasn't good at being polite, and never had been.

"This is Gluttona, and this is Riza, the specific one sent for," Lustette said, beaming with fake pride.

"Would you guys hurry up? My life will practically be on the line if we don't make this snappy, so shut up and get in the cart!" Edward's voice rose just below a shout.

Lustette's smile fell as she made her way to the cart with her daughters following close behind.

'Not everyone cares about her ugly daughters, Prissy,' he thought, situating himself in the driver's seat.


"Let me out!" Riza kicked at the door. She could hear Envie searching for her wig, Lustette greeting the messenger, introducing Envie as her.

She sat next to the door quietly listening, annoyed that Lustette thought she could pass off Envie off as anyone other than her own ugly self.

Riza wasn't going to cry. She didn't even feel like crying. She felt annoyed, irritated and angry. The only way she would get out of this was to think. She would have to pick the lock or worse, climb out the window and find a way off the roof.

She began to search boxes. There were too many, and none of them were going to have anything small enough to pick a lock with. But she knew why she searched for so long, anyway. She hoped maybe Lustette had decided to keep some of his things instead of selling every last piece. It turned out, after searching through almost the entire attic, that she had sold it. All of it. Every last item that Riza had to remind her of him, gone. She shut her eyes for a moment, got on her feet, and made her way to the roof. It was the only option she had left. She had to get out of there.


"Would you look at that, Envie? Would you look at that?" Lustette could hardly contain herself. She was almost bouncing in her seat as much as the girls were.

"I do, I do, I do. That's my new home, right?"

"That's right. I think we will be staying there as well. I can't imagine the prince would let your family stay in such a mucky place. Just request it and it will happen, I'm sure, if he really does love you, Riza," she said.

"Oh, that's right, I'm Riza now, I forgot," she nodded her head, adjusting the wig. "Um, Mommy, am I going to have to sleep with this on?"

"Only until you are married, Dearest."

The cart pulled to a stop. Edward opened their door. They slowly began to file out, about 1 mpd (mile per decade).

"Hurry up. I'm growing a beard," Edward muttered. Lustette glared at him as she waited for her girls to step out. He closed the door and led the horse away. "The door is over there."

"Aren't you going to escourt us?" she asked him, shocked by his nerve.

"Why should I? You know the way," he said, not turning around to look back at him.

Just as they made it to the large doors, they opened, and they found a very hyped up prince running their way. "Riza! Riza, you're here!"

He had the most happy look on his face.

And then it left.

"Oh. Oh, well, uh, see.. Sorry, I was expecting someone else," he apologized.

Lustette nugded Envie in the side. Envie stepped forward, and using a high voice, said, "Roy, it's me."

"Sorry, have we met?"

"Don't you remember? You sent for me. I'm Riza Hawkeye."

Roy raised an eyebrow. "Riza? Is that really you?"

"Yes, Roy, it's really me."

"Well, I.. um, I guess it was a uh, dark room," he pulled at his collar. This was not the Riza he remembered.

"You're just as handsome as I remember! Oh Roy, I'm so happy to see you," she smiled with her crooked teeth. He grimaced.

"Roy! Roy, is this the girl?" Roy's father came from behind him, placing his hand on his shoulder. "Really, Roy, this is her?"

"I guess so," he muttered. "I mean, yes, of course this is her. She had, um, come down with a cold, I'm.. afraid."

"Well, then, the wedding must go on!"

Roy looked from his father to this gross girl in front of him with whom he'd just agreed to marry.

Had he really been that delusional to think she'd been beautiful?