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-Eight years later-


The sound of the bat connecting with the ball had me jumping to my feet. Will watched the ball soar in disbelief for a split second before he took off at a dead sprint toward first base.

As soon as his foot hit the white plastic, he glanced back at me. I motioned to second base wildly, urging him to run with my hands just as I screamed, "Go, Will!"

The little boy in right field hurried over to the ball and fumbled with it a few times before finally throwing it to the boy at second. It fell short and he scrambled after it, allowing Isaac to slide—unnecessarily—into the catcher hovering over home plate and knocking the unsuspecting kid flat on his ass.

I could almost hear my son's snicker over the cheers of the crowd.

Will came to a screeching halt at the base, cautiously deciding to stay put, as he huffed from his sudden adrenaline rush. He grinned over at me and practically danced with glee. Even though he looked like me, he was exactly like his mother and had zero coordination. Actually hitting the ball—much less far enough for Isaac to score a run—was nothing short of miraculous. Then, for him to actually make it to second base without tripping over his feet… Well, I knew he'd be celebrating for a while.

Hell, Bella and I would probably celebrate right along with him.

I threw Will a smile back before searching for Isaac in the dugout. He yanked his hat off his head and ran his hand through his chaotic, brown hair and searched for me in the crowd. As soon as he found me, he raced over to the fence in front of me.

"Did you see me, Dad?" he asked excitedly. "I slid!"

"I saw it," I replied. "And I think your coach did, too."

"Oh." He gave me a sheepish grin. "It was cool, though, right?"

"Very. Just don't get into trouble trying to act so cool."


He bounced over to the dugout and took his place on the bench, guzzling down some of the water in his blue jug.

I sat down and pulled one of Claire's ear buds out of her ears. "Will hit the ball."

Claire's head jerked up from her iPod, her brown eyes wide with shock. "No kidding?"

"No kidding." I tugged on her long, bronze-colored braid and gave her a wry smile. "If you'd pay attention to something other than that iPod, you'd have known that."

She held out the screen so I could see it. "But Daddy, look. This game is so awesome." She tapped on the screen a few times, causing the girl to race around and grab a few sparkling items. "See?"

It was awesome to a ten-year-old girl, maybe. I really didn't see the appeal of all that pink glitter. "That's great. How much did that cost me?"

She laughed. "Nothing. I used my gift card to buy it."

"Ah. Smart girl."

"Where's Mom?" she asked, leaning forward so that she could see the parking lot. "I thought she was coming."

"She's on her way. Sophie gave her trouble, so she's running a little late. She's coming with Grandpa Charlie."

"Grandpa Charlie will be here? Think we can spend the night?"

I chuckled. "You'll have to ask him yourself."

I put my focus back into the game, watching some of the kids struggle while they were up to bat and laughing at how incredibly uncoordinated they all were as a whole. Some of the kids even made Will look graceful, which was a feat in itself.

Three innings later, I caught sight of Bella and Charlie making their way over to us. We'd been married for ten years, but the sight of her still made me grin like a fool. She was still every bit as beautiful to me as she was the day she walked into my ER, maybe more so now that we'd made a family and carved out a life together. Nothing would have been the same without her by my side.

I stood up to take the baby out of her hands and watched her squeeze her way in between Claire and me. I sat down and waved at Charlie before I slid my arm around Bella's waist and kissed her hair.

"I missed you," I whispered.

She leaned into me for a second and then pulled away so that she could elbow Claire to get her attention. "Hey, baby. Having fun?"

"Mmm," Claire answered distractedly.

"Well, okay, then," she laughed.

"She's been like this all day," I told her. "Obsessed with this new game app she downloaded and has had music screaming so loud in her ears, you have to hit her to get her attention. Like this."

I tapped the top of Claire's head and grinned at the annoyed look I got in return. "Hi. How's the game? You know… the one out there?" I asked, pointing to the baseball diamond.

"Daddy, stop."

She bent her head down, engrossed in the game once again.

Bella huffed. "Great."

"Yep. But at least we have this little girl to keep us entertained," I cooed at Sophie, earning a sweet grin in response. "Are you going to be a pain in the ass for Daddy, too?"

Bella reached over and ran her hand over her dark head. "She really was. Nothing made her happy."

I chuckled. "She seems to be okay now."

"We got in the car with Dad, and as soon as he pulled out of the driveway, she stopped fussing."


I changed the subject because after having four kids, I knew that there sometimes wasn't a logical explanation for a baby's cries, and Bella had likely been stressed out enough as it was this afternoon trying to soothe our three month old; she didn't need to dwell on it further. She needed a distraction.

"Will hit a double," I stated proudly. "Which brought Isaac home. He's got the only run on the board."

"I missed it!" Bella whined. "Crap!"

"I'm sure someone got in on video, love."

"Probably," she mumbled. "But it's not the same."

"There'll be other times. They both seem to have an interest in baseball."

She gave me an incredulous look. "This is Will we're talking about. He may never hit the ball again."

"Ye of little faith."

"I have faith. I just know what it's like to be so clumsy you're almost handicapped."

I laughed. "You're not so clumsy anymore."

"I'm also thirty-five. I had to outgrow it eventually," she shot back playfully.

I rolled my eyes and brought Sophie up against my chest so I could press a kiss to her temple and breathe her in. Bella had spent years trying to convince me to have another baby. And finally last year, I caved and gave her what she wanted, waiting for the day that something went wrong like it had with Isaac and Will. And when it didn't, when our Sophie Elizabeth was born and placed in Bella's arms, I realized that it was something I wanted as well. I'd just been too stubborn to admit it.

Her brown eyes fluttered against my skin as she yawned, and the sound of her high-pitched sigh melted my heart. How I'd resisted this for so long was beyond me. I was a sucker for her, just like I was for Claire, Isaac, and Will. Each of them had me wrapped around their fingers in their own way.

The boys' team won and had impromptu plans with their coaches to go out for pizza to celebrate. It wasn't exactly how I'd wanted to spend the rest of my night, but there was no way I could make those excited faces of theirs fall simply because I wanted to go home and spend time with my wife. Like it had for so many years now, it could wait until later.

Charlie grabbed both of the boys and yanked them over for a hug. "Want to give your mom and dad a break and come home with me?"

Isaac and Will's green eyes both widened drastically. "Can we?" they asked in unison.

"Sure. If it's okay with them."

I slid my eyes over to Claire, who was in her own little world next to us. "Did she ask already?"

Charlie shook his head. "No, was she planning to?"

"I'm not sure. I know she wanted to spend the night with you, but I told her she had to ask you herself."

"Oh, well, I beat her to it." He smiled widely, causing his eyes to crinkle. "I'll take them all. Except that one." He pointed to where Sophie slept in my arms. "Because she's…"

"Still on the boob. Yeah, Dad, we know," Bella teased.

His cheeks reddened. "Yeah, so… um, I'll run them to the party and take them home with me. You guys enjoy your night with one kid."

Bella and I walked them to Charlie's truck and made sure they were all buckled up before telling them a quick goodbye and heading over to my car.

"Well, now what?" Bella asked as soon as I sat in the driver's seat.


"Home?" She scrunched her nose up. "We only have a sleeping baby and you want to go home?"

I grinned wickedly and laced my fingers in her hair, pulling her to me so that I could kiss her properly since we were finally alone.

"I do," I said when I finally broke away from her. "Do you have a problem with that?"

She shook her head. "No, no problem," she gasped.

I drove home as quickly as I could without getting a ticket and grabbed Sophie's carrier out of the backseat. I debated for a few moments about whether I should risk waking her when I put her down in her crib or just leave her in her seat and then decided that my daughter's health was more important than getting laid. I'd heard horror stories of babies sinking so low in their car seats that they asphyxiated and wanted absolutely no part of that.

I managed to get her out of her seat and into her crib with only a sigh and a stretch before she balled her little hands up and placed them next to her face.

God, she was fucking adorable.

I hurried back into the bedroom, desperate to feel Bella's naked body sliding over mine, only to find that she was in the bathroom.


I wandered around the room while I waited, finally taking the time to look at the new pictures Bella had framed and scattered everywhere. Perfect shots of the kids sat with a picture of Emmett and Rosalie posing in our pool with Gage and Xander; a picture of Seth and Bree making goofy faces with Bella on one of the few nights they'd convinced her to go out with them was next to a picture of Angela and Ben grinning on their wedding day and one of Alice and Jasper dancing with Levi at last year's Fourth of July party.

Bella opened the door just as I picked up the picture of our entire family together at my parent's house last Christmas. "These are really good," I told her, not glancing up from the photo. "I hadn't had time to really look at them yet."

"Thanks. I need a newer one of Charlie to complete the set," she said shyly, prompting me to glance up at her.

The picture nearly dropped to the floor.

"Holy shit," I breathed, throwing it haphazardly up on the dresser.

She giggled and spun around. "You like it?"

"Like it?" What a stupid question.

I swallowed convulsively as I ran my gaze over the black, lacy bra down to the matching, skimpy panties that barely covered her at all. Her creamy skin called to me, and without warning, I found myself crossing the room so that I could feel the bra as I took her breasts in my hand.

I kissed her once and then dragged my mouth over her jaw, trailing a line from her mouth to her ear with me tongue. "I love it," I rasped. "God, you look beautiful."

"It's been a while since we've really had a night alone since Sophie was born… I thought…" She moaned and fisted my t-shirt in her hands. "I thought it might be nice to do something different."

My hands roamed over her curves, and my mouth tasted her delicate skin. "When did you get this?"

Her hands moved down to my waist, sneaking up my shirt as she tilted her head to the side so that I could have better access to her neck. "Um, I went shopping with Chelsea a few weeks ago for her honeymoon. I saw it and… Jesus… Yeah."

I smiled smugly with her incoherency. "I'll have to call her and thank her."

She had enough wits about her to laugh. "You should call her anyway. She did nanny for us for six years."

"I should," I agreed, pulling her toward the bed.

I moved my hands around to her back, releasing the clasp of her bra in one swift move. I let my fingers skim over her skin as I pushed the bra off her shoulders, watching the chill that raced through her and the way her nipples pebbled with my touch.

I dipped down to bury my face in her chest, knowing that her head would soon fall back and her fingers would find purchase in my hair. I nipped and sucked as I bathed her in kisses while laying her down so that my hand could sneak between her thighs and my own arousal could be pressed against her.

She grabbed my shirt and jerked it off of me, throwing it aside and smirking as she made the muscles in my stomach twitch with her touch. She unbuckled my belt and quickly opened my jeans, snaking her hand inside until she found me.

I hissed as she slowly wrapped her hand around me and reciprocated, stroking the lacy fabric of her panties as I took her mouth with mine. She was hot to the touch, writhing beneath me each time I made a pass, and while I wanted to prolong the moment—savor it since our sex life had become that of quickies in the closet and bedtime lays—I need her too much to manage it.

I grabbed the sides of her panties and shoved them down her thighs until she could kick them to the floor and then pushed my own jeans and boxers away so that I was free to finally feel her like I wanted. I ground my hips into her, groaning when I felt that hot, delicious heat as her legs wrapped around my waist.

I dipped my finger inside her a few times, cursing at how she was ready for me almost instantly.

"Edward," she moaned. "Stop. I want you."

Who was I to deny her that?

I pushed into her slowly, watching her as she bit down on her lip and drew in a sharp breath as we connected. I stilled and smiled warmly down at her, brushing the stray hair away from her eye and just taking a second to feel it all. The warmth, the electricity that thrummed between us and the love I had for her.

Over and over I drove into her, using my hands and mouth to bring her closer to her climax, because mine was right there. Our sex life was by no means any different than it was before we had four kids, but the circumstances had changed. Having her to myself made everything so much more intense. The knowledge that I was practically free—aside from any middle of the night feedings that might still occur—to do what I wanted with her, how I wanted with her; to be as loud as we wanted without any fear of getting caught was unbelievably heady to me.

She clenched up around me and moaned a breathless "yes" and it was all I could do to hold on to my control. I braced myself on the bed beside her and grabbed her hips with my other arm, forcing her into each one of my thrusts until her back arched up and she screamed as she came beneath me.

I grunted as I followed, nuzzling into her neck and feeling the drumming of her heart match mine.

She held onto me tightly, keeping me as close to her as she could and let out a sated breath. "God, I love you."

This woman was my present and my future. She was verything I'd ever wanted when I hadn't even known I'd wanted it yet. She was my missing piece, the one person in this world who'd made me feel complete since that first dance in Seattle, and the only one who ever would.

I pulled away so that I could see her face and basked in the ferocity of her statement. "And I love you."

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