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Chapter Twenty Nine

Dean rushed me out the door to one of Dad's old cars. All of our vehicles were still in Ipswich. Dad said he would get everyone else and meet us at the hospital.

I was doing good. The pain wasn't to bad right now. When I got to the hospital they sent me straight up stairs to the maternity ward. I was a little worried with the baby being early. I still had eight weeks till my due date. The doctor assured me everything would be fine.

Two hours and a lot of pain later our baby boy was here. After he was cleaned up, everyone came into the room to meet him before they took him to the nursery.

"Hey Grandpa." I said as my dad came into the room. "Get over here and meet you grandson. You too, Uncle Sam."

"so what did you name him?" Sarah asked cheerfully from the end of my bed.

"Eric Steven Winchester." Dean said smiling down at our baby.

We all sat and talked for a while. The Son's and the girl's decided to go back to Ipswich. They said for us to give them a call and they would pop in to get us when we were ready.

Castiel, the angel that raised Dean from hell, popped in to let us know the whole deal with the rising of the witnesses was indeed a sign of the apocalypse. Lilith is breaking the 66 seals. The locks on Lucifer's cage, and if she succeeds the devil is free to walk the earth.

We tried not to concern ourselves with that right now. We tried to enjoy our little bundle of joy.

I had to stay in the hospital for two days. Our baby was beautiful. He had Dean's gorgeous green eyes and my dark hair. Caleb and Pogue came back to get us. He said I could stay with him if I still wanted to . He even let Dean and Sam stay with me. Dad stayed in South Dakota.

The day I brought Eric home, Cass paid us another visit. Dean and I were sitting in my room on the bed with Eric. Cass just popped up.

"Damn it Cass. Don't do that." Dean yelled.

"I've brought news." He paused and Dean got impatient.

"Well?" Dean said.

"Your son is part of a prophecy."

"What kind of Prophecy?" I asked. Concern lacing my voice.

"If Lilith breaks all 66 seals and Lucifer is freed. It is written that the son of the righteous man who broke the first seal is the one who will kill Lucifer."

Dean and I both sat speechless. What were you supposed to say when your told you son is to save the world and kill the devil. Cass gave up a sad look and disappeared. I could tell he wasn't telling us something.

Dean and I stay quiet and just watched Eric sleep. All I could think about was the upcoming war and what parts my family and I were going to have to play in it.

Thought's crossed my mind of what was going to happen to my baby boy. The weight of the world was being placed on his shoulders, and him just being a few days old.

I supposed Dean was thinking the same thing. We would cross that rod when we came to it. For now we would focus on our little family and trying to stop Lilith from breaking the seals.