Written for my friend Katie on LJ, because she prompted me. Tag to Truth or Consequences. The plane ride home...

The silence was deafening. No one wanted to speak, but they had everything to say. Ziva had placed herself next to Gibbs and was leaning on his shoulder. Next to her, McGee sat, his eyes screaming, but his mouth not moving. Tony sat across from them; his eyes were screaming the loudest.

Eventually, Ziva fell asleep. Tony looked at Gibbs; his eyes asking all the questions. Would they be normal again? A family again?

"Boss," Tony said, finally speaking, but Gibbs shook his head.

"Don't, DiNozzo," Gibbs replied. Tony sunk back into silence.

Eventually, he fell asleep and when he woke up, everyone had moved. Ziva was now up against him, still asleep, McGee was across the plane and Gibbs was nowhere to be found. Tony looked at McGee questioningly.

"Talking to the pilot," McGee answered. "We're almost there."

"How long was I out?" Tony asked.

"About eight hours," McGee replied.

"Did you sleep at all?" Tony asked. McGee shook his head.

"Only a little; every time I closed my eyes," McGee trailed off. Tony didn't need McGee to finish the sentence to know what he was going to say. Tony leaned his head against the wall of the plane, careful not disturb Ziva; she, out of everyone, needed her rest the most. He closed his eyes and replayed the scene between them

"Out of everyone in the world who could have found me, it had to be you?"

"You're welcome. So, are you glad to see me?"

"You should not have come."

"Alright then, good catching up. Oh, oh yeah, I forgot, taken prisoner."

"Are you alright, McGee?"

"I'm just glad you're alive."

"You thought I was dead?"

"Oh, oh yeah."

"Then why are you here?"

"McGee, McGee didn't think you were dead."

"Tony, why are you here?"

"Couldn't live without you, I guess."

"So, you will die with me? You should have left me alone."

"Okay, tried, couldn't. Listen you should know I've taken some kind of truth serum, so if there's any questions you don't want to know the answer to…"

"I did not ask anyone to put themselves in harm's way for me. I do not deserve it."

Tony breathed deeply. They hadn't been expecting to find her alive. All of their evidence had pointed towards her going down with the Damocles. The fact that she was alive…

Ziva stirred against him, her eyelids fluttering. He couldn't tell if she was dreaming or not. Sleep made her seem weak, and broken. The bruises shaded her face, and made their way down her collarbone, like a vine. His fingers itched to trace them, but he didn't dare touch her, like that, especially in front of McGee.

Gibbs returned from the cockpit, announcing they were landing. Tony pushed thoughts of Ziva out of his head, and locked them away tight. Perhaps silence was the best thing.