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It was New Years Eve and the whole campus seemed to be at one party. Well everyone but Elphaba. When Galinda had tried to get her to go to the party Elphaba refused. She knew that a party full of drunk collage kids wasn't the place she wanted to spend the last night of the year. Galinda had look disappointed but spend long trying to get her to come. By this point Galinda was used to her green friend's anti-social ways. Even though she had gotten more social since she became friends with Galinda this party was just too social.

Galinda had left just of an hour before Elphaba snapped her book shut and sighed. She had been trying to lose herself in the words of the book like she usually did but it wasn't working. She had just read the same sentence four times before she realized that she had already read it but still didn't know what it said. Clearly reading is going to be useless, thought Elphaba standing up. She grabbed her coat off the back of her chair and headed to the door. Maybe a walk will help, Elphaba thought then smiled, there won't be anyone around to give the funny looks they do when they see me going for a walk.

The air was chilly and snow was falling softly from the sky. The campus really was beautiful when it wasn't full of students. Elphaba buried deeper into her coat to keep warm. She couldn't believe that she had been walking for twenty minutes and she hadn't meet one person. That must be one big party. She was about to turn around and head back to the dorm when she heard a twig snap. She looked around trying to find out where the noise had come from but didn't see anything. She shrugged her shoulders and kept walking thinking it was just an animal.

Elphaba soon regretted this move when she was hit in the back of the head with a something wet. She reached up and found it was snow. Someone had thrown a snowball at her. She whirled around to see a short girl in a pink coat giggling. Elphaba smiled and reached down to scoop up her own snowball. She threw it and it hit Galinda in the stomach. She stopped giggling when the snow made contact and looked at Elphaba.

Within seconds they both had snowballs in their hands ready to throw. Elphaba had no clue what Galinda was doing out here throwing snow at her when she should be at her party but Elphaba was too busy throwing snowballs to really care. After fifteen minutes of dodging, ducking and throwing Elphaba saw Galinda flop down on the ground. She walked over and muttered a quick spell before sitting down beside Galinda who was now lying down in the snow.

"What was that?" Galinda asked lifting her head slightly so she could see Elphaba.

"What? The spell or the snow? The spell was so that the snow won't melt underneath us and get us all wet," Elphaba laid down next to Galinda then asked, "Why aren't you at the party?"

"You were right. Once everyone got drunk it wasn't really very fun. Then when I was outside I saw you walking so I followed you. Then I threw snow at you to get your attention. "Galinda smiled and looked up. "Do you ever wish you could just fly up and explore the universe?" she asked turning to Elphaba. This surprised Elphaba. It wasn't often that Galinda express any interest in anything other than fashion, boys and popularity.

"All the time," Elphaba answered quietly so Galinda wouldn't hear. She often fantasized about leaving earth and exploring the universe. She never told anyone this though. She was always the grounded one, never the one dreaming about outer space. "What time is it?" Elphaba asked changing the conversation.

"Must be almost midnight now," Galinda said. Just then they heard yelling. Listening quietly they could hear the countdown.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1," could be heard then a bunch of screaming.

"Happy New Year Elphie," Galinda said reaching down and taking her friends hand.

"You too Galinda, you too."

So I know what you're going to say. You're going to say, "Where the hell have you been for the last two months?" In November I participated in NaNoWriMo. If you don't know what it is you should look it up. It was funny but also took up most of my time and the time I had left was used on homework. Then December came and I had absolutely no inspiration. I started watching Torchwood and then found myself watching Doctor Who again because David Tennant is leaving. So pretty much I have a long string of excuses but the only ones that count for anything really is NaNoWriMo and homework.

This chapter is for Lady Emzebel as she is the one that yelled at me every time I told her that I hadn't written a new chapter yet. Anyways here's the chapter I promised you Em and even on time for once.

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Happy New Year