A Tale of Animals

A new mutant arrives at the institute and Logan can't tell who, but the kid reminds him of someone, and what happens when Laura/X-23 meets the mystery mutant?

Aburameclanhead: So it looks like you all get the honor of viewing my first fanfic. I'll be introducing an oc of mine paired with a personal favorite character, X-23. Slight Storm/Wolverine. Maybe others.

Logan: If this is perverted kid, I swear I'll….

Aburameclanhead: Chill Lo, now onto the story while I run from a pissed off Wolverine.

It was the middle of the night and snowing unusually hard. Logan was already up from a flashback of when he got his adamantium bones. He heard a loud banging coming from the entrance hall doors. "Who the hell would be out in this?" He thought. As he opened the door he could just barely make-out an unconscious body on the snow filled porch.

"Hey kid, KID!" Logan rushed the half-frozen teenager to the med-room and went to find Ororo.

Ororo/Storm was startled awake by fists pounding on her door and a familiar voice screaming her name. She opened the door and a frantic Logan grabbed her by the shoulders, looked into her eyes, and said "Ororo, I need you." She was surprised at the similarities to the dream she had just woke up from. "Logan I…," she started, but was dragged to the med-room, where she saw the poor frozen individual. "Oh my, Logan who…" She began to ask but Logan interrupted "No time! He passed out in the snow, he doesn't have long!" Ororo set to work, leaving questions for later.

By now the entire mansion was up. "Vhat is going on?" Kurt said sleepily. "Don't know," Kitty replied. "Let me through," everyone looked to see Professor Xavier coming down the hall to see what was wrong. The Professor entered the med-room and was surprised to see a new face resting in the operating table. He looked at Ororo, who merely shrugged. He turned to Logan and raised an eyebrow. "Found the kid outside, half frozen." Logan stated, emphasizing the last part.

"Strange, he looks fine to me," argued the mind-reader. "That's what's so surprising Professor, he was almost dead when Logan found him," Ororo stated. The professor was surprised to hear this, he only knew two mutants who could heal that fast, Saber-tooth and… "I know what you're thinking Chuck, but he ain't mine." Logan said in a tired voice. "Are you sure? A mutant with super healing powers arrives at the institute? A strange coincidence isn't it, perhaps from before you lost your memory?" Xavier wasn't convinced. "Nah, the kid doesn't smell anything like me."

"Well we can ask when he wakes up." said the Professor. As if on cue, the boy laying on the table jolted up and franticly trying to find out where he was. "Whoa, calm down kid, you're safe." Logan tried to comfort the boy, and was failing.


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