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He feels himself falling.

It's all he is feeling until he feels the discomfort of gravity as he hangs from his jacket, which is painfully being jarred up by a hand.

Nope, not falling anymore.

He hears something being whispered into his ear before he is stood up again.


Dawn runs over and he embraces her.

Looking up, he sees Buffy herself, who seems relieved that he isn't falling off a tower anymore.

"Are you alright?" Her voice is soft with concern.

"As right as I ever bloody well will be." He responds rather cheerily, dusting himself off. (No pun intended)

Then he realizes there is someone else beside him.

The one who pulled him up.

Spike immediately stands in position in front of Dawn, protectively, forgetting that whisper.

Oh bloody hell. Perfect timing for her to pop up out of nowhere.

He figures she'd waiting for the perfect moment.

The best distraction.

She grins in automatic response.

It's rather chilling.

She meets his eyes and he is almost shaken by the determination in them.



No sign of crazy.

If she was ever that.

Buffy also sees her, perhaps missing the look in her eyes, but she certainly sees her.


It is a name uttered in the most hate she could gather in herself possible.

"Hey B."

A greeting that slides off her tongue like butter.

It's so easy for her.

"What are you doing here?"

A valid question.

"Well I guess I could ask you the same thing."

"I'm here doing my job, which isn't something I could say for the some of us."

"Sounds like fun, mind if I join in?"

Then the anger flares.

The confusion.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't throw you off like I did before."

The girl laughs.

"Don't go giving yourself credit for something you didn't do, B. I fell off that building on my own, thanks."

Buffy's eyes are steel.

Her voice even colder.


"That's not reason enough."

Faith shrugs at her.

"I wasn't giving you one."

Add more confusion.

Change subject.

"I thought you were in jail."

"So did I. Imagine my surprise when I found myself not in jail." She was laughing still.


"Always knew you were gonna get bored of the guilt trip. Gotta admit though, Faith, I didn't think you'd last this long."

"Oh that whole salvation thing is gonna have to last me, all right."

Buffy barely hears the murmur at the end:

"I'm gonna need it."

Buffy figures she didn't hear it at all.

"Besides, Soulboy should know the sitch by now."

Horror rises up inside of her.

"If you touched a single hair on him-"

Now anger flashes in the dark set of eyes.

"I knew you were dumb, Buffy, but I didn't realize you were stupid enough to think that I'd hurt Angel."

"You've done it before."

"Way different circumstances, Blondie."

"Oh yes, because he's going to be so happy to hear you broke out of jail."

"I never said that, did I?"


"But he'll understand why I did it. Why I had to come back here."

"Why, so you could take your revenge?"

"No, so you could take yours."

With that, Faith knocks her on the jaw.


And Buffy knows that it was light, but it doesn't matter, because it means Faith had provoked, which means she can counterattack without being on the wrong side of ethics.

Which is the precise reason why Faith did it in the first place.

Buffy swings out, hard.

Faith lets it catch her in the ribs, which makes her double over, but it also makes her stumble backwards.

She loses her balance.

Or maybe she finds it.

Spike figures it's the latter.

Her eyes sparkle and meet Buffy's, whose is full of shock.

In an instant her arm shoots out to grab Faith, but the dark-haired Slayer knocks it out of her way.

And as she falls into the descent to that blinding pit of electricity and magic, she speaks the words that are meant to be heard by one person and one person only.

"I'm sorry, Buffy."

A soft whisper afterwards, that she isn't sure she hears right.

"I love you."

When lifetimes seems to have passed, a body hits the ground in a scene of smoke and sizzles.

Faith always takes the last word.