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Xander cries.

Willow sobs.

Giles tears.

Dawn bawls.

Tara whimpers.

Anya sniffs.

Spike trembles.

Angel walks.

Grasping her shoulders as she is on her knees in the dirt and the grass and the leaves.

Tears staining his cheeks as he searches her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He whispers.

"I' sorry..." He chokes out, a little bit louder.

Finally breaking down.

Not what she wants to hear.

Not even close.

Pushes him out of her way, crawls toward the broken body.

Lifts the head, holds it close.

Cradles her baby.

Couldn't protect the one that mattered the most.

No; she killed the one that mattered most.

Pushed her off the edge.

"I love you."

In the future, Faith had said it first.

In the recent past, Faith had said it last.

Was the only one who said it.

Never heard it repeated back to her.


"I'm not ready yet."



Told her,

"Whenever you're sure, B. Just letting you know because it's how I feel."

Not knowing she was just too scared to say it back.

To finalize it.

Maybe she knew anyway.

Buffy hopes she did.

Lets her tears wash the blood on the beautiful face.

Wishes it would wake her up.

Make her whole again.

"I love you."

Finalizing it.

Buffy weeps.