The Stewart Siblings

Author's Note: Note that this will be written partly while I'm on meds. This is a story about Jackson and his sister Miley, the Stewart Siblings. Slightly basic and slightly deep of a story I would call this. Some of my best work yet I think. Please let me know what you think. :D

And please, don't ask what Robby's job is. I have to pull a PokerGuy(my incest fiction inspiration) and mess things around. Enjoy.


It was 6:40 on a Saturday at the Stewart's Malibu house. Robby Ray Stewart, the father of two annoying teenage brats, had gotten up from bed early, and sat outside of his house for a moment until his ride to work would come. Usually he would just drive there himself, but his car had blown three tires slap off of the wheels, so he was pretty much stuck.

Jackson, the oldest child at eighteen years of age, had heard the car going by in his sleep and it had awoken him stood up, slowly and weakly to check it out. 'Yep, that's dad leaving for work. I had better make Miley something to eat so she doesn't complain when he comes home, shit.' he sadly thought to himself.

Later on, Jackson, fully dressed in his shorts and a random colored vest, was frying bacon and sausage for his sister's breakfast. Amongst hearing the noises coming from downstairs, sixteen year old Miley Stewart would wake up. Her vision was blurry at start, and her hair was sweaty and in a mess. She needed a shower. "Ugh...I feel like shit..", she gloomily spoke as she raised up off of her bed, slipping the bunny slippers on her cold feet and walked downstairs to peep on her brother who had been finished with his cooking.

"About time you're up, I've made us food so eat it whenever." His tone sounded filled with angst. Miley rolled her eyes.

"I'm going to go upstairs and take a shower, make sure to leave me some food left." she giggily told him as she skipped up the stairs. It wasn't something that didn't need to be said, last time Jackson had eaten up all of the morning food before his dad or his sister had woke up.

Jackson sneered as he fixed himself a plate of food and he walked over into the living room to take a seat on the couch, his feet propped up on the coffee table and started flipping through channels. 'Ungrateful little bitch…' He thought to himself. 'She has got to be the worst sister ever. She never does anything for me, I'm always having to do for her. She always gets her way with dad while I get screwed. I hate this life…'

Thirty minutes passed. Jackson was still watching

Television, his empty plate not moved from the table. Nothing amusing had happened.

A few moments later, Miley came walked down the stairs with just a towel around her body and another around her hair. It didn't catch Jackson's attention until Miley got into the kitchen and spoke.

"Don't you ever do anything besides watch television all day?" she asked him. Jackson started to get angry, but as soon as he turned his head, his eyes met her beautiful body. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. He's seen her in towels before, but this was somehow different. She was strongly appealing somehow, but Jackson quickly shook that thought of his head and tried to think of something good to say.

"Sorry, need me to do anything for you?" he nicely asked, his earlier emotion being destroyed and forgotten. Miley's eyes took a turn in a bit of surprise.

"Really? You're actually asking if you can do something for me? What's up?" She was slightly taken back and confused by the sudden change of mood in her brother. She had grabbed a plate of food, but she placed it back down on the kitchen table and moved towards Jackson, taking a seat on the couch. Her bare body was only covered up in that towel, and Jackson was starting to feel hot inside. He looked away and grunted.

"Uh, nothing…I just felt like being nice to you, you're my sister and all…" Jackson was right. She was his sister. His sister. His sibling. The sudden urge he was having had to stop. Miley slid an inch closer to him, obviously not catching on to her brother's arousal, in a way being somewhat "dimwitted". She put her hand on his shoulder and nudged him a bit.

"You're acting kind of weird, but since you're offering to help, you can help me redecorate my room." Jackson was the one to be taken back now with what he heard.

"That will take hours…" he dully stated. Miley crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.

"Daddy wont be home until tonight, he has to work the entire day today and I can't move my bed and dresser all by myself. I'm sure you're strong enough." That last bit, her tone changed a bit to sarcasm. Jackson just shot her a hateful glare.

"Why not have Oliver or Jake do it?"

"Oliver is out of town this week and Jake, that bastard was cheating on me when we were together, I wouldn't spit in his direction. Jackson rolled his eyes. But he couldn't help but to feel a bit of anger in the pit of his heart. He didn't think his sister should be treated that way, no matter how mean she treats him. With a sigh, Jackson replies.

"Alright, fine. I'll help you move around your room." He would stand up and walk away up towards the stairs, with Miley clapping her hands a bit and gigging up the stairs with him.

Eventually they reached their destination at Miley's door. Upon it being opened, she took a step back in and closed the door. Jackson was confused for a moment but then it struck him on why.

"I have to put clothes on, I slap forgot I was in a towel." Yeah, that was obvious. Why didn't she just put her clothes on before she came downstairs? And when is she going to eat her breakfast?

Moments passed and she opened the door. She was dressed in tiny daisy duke jean shorts and a sleeveless top that had roses on it. She didn't bother with socks and her hair had been slightly brushed. Now even with clothes on, Jackson still couldn't completely get rid of his small but growing lust for her. He tried to bury the thought in the back of his head, but soon he'll realize it's to no avail.