Chapter 3

Author's Note: Sorry about not updating in awhile, I've just not really wanted to bother writing. A lot of you seem to want a Robby + Miley story, so I guess that'll be my next one. O jeeze…


It was 9:00 PM. Miley woke up laying naked next to her sleeping brother on her bedroom floor. It was cold, and she stood up before looking at him for a bit, smiling. Skimping over to her Hannah Montana closet, she simply put on a pair of her panties and a large white t-shirt.

She walked over to where Jackson was laying and she softly nudged him with her foot.

"Hey Jackson, wake up!" She yelled at him. Jackson typically continued snoring. Miley would sigh, moving her hand to her brother's limp member and giving it a yank.

"Yah-ow!" He hollered, waking up as he rose up, grabbing his private area, breathing heavily. Miley laughed at him. "What the heck was that for?"

"To wake you up."

"Whatever, I'd rather of had water be poured on me than what you just did…" Miley smirked.

"If you recall correctly, that didn't work the last time I tried waking you up early." Jackson rolled his eyes before scurrying the floor for his clothes. Miley watched her older brother dress himself before stood up and looked around the room.

"We still need to get this thing moved." He was pointing to the dresser that they are arguing over before. Miley raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you even want to talk about what happened between us?" She folded her arms, looking between a mixture of curiosity and sadness. Jackson took a deep breath. He really didn't want to talk about it.

"I'm not good with talking about sex." He felt stupid for saying that, considering that was his first time.

"So you've done this before?" Miley's mouth moved into a grin. Jackson snarled a bit.

"That's not any of your business."

"I let you into my pants and who you've slept with before is none of my business?" Jackson was trying his best to stay calm.

"Ugh, earlier was my first time. Now bug off about it." He felt a deep shame, his cheeks starting to go rose red. Miley on the other hand felt a large feeling of relief and pride, having took her older brother's virginity. She smiled some before walking up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and embracing her older brother into a tight hug.

Jackson chuckled, moving his arms around his sister's petite body, her head laying against his chest, her eyes closed. "I love you, bro."

"I love you too, Miles." He smiled for a moment, before they both heard a car pull in. They both gasped.

"Dad!" They said in union. Jackson scurried off to Miley's window, looking down through the blinds, seeing his dad walking to the front door, his ride pulling out. "Miley, get in your bed and pull your blankets over you, I have an idea."

Miley did as she was told, throwing her clothes from before into her closet and quickly getting into her bed. They heard their father call out for them.

"Miley? Jackson? I'm home!" Miley was staring at Jackson, wondering what he was going to happen as she rested her head on her pillow. "Are you guys in here?" They heard outside of her door. Jackson quickly hopped to the dresser, picking it up from when it had fallen on him previously, just in time for Robbie to walk in.

"What's going on?" He asked. Jackson was able to get the dresser back on it's feet before looking over at his dad.

"I was helping Miley re-arrange some things, would you mind helping me with this dresser?" Robbie nodded, both him and Jackson being able to easily place the dresser where it should be before Robbie took a look at his daughter in bed.

"Are you feeling alright, Miles?" He asked her. Miley smiled and nodded.

"Yeah daddy, why do you ask?" Jackson was uninterestingly staring out her window as his father and sister were conversing.

"Well, it's a Saturday night and you're already in bed. Is Jackson punishing you or something?" He jokingly asked. Miley giggled.

"Nah, but he sure wore me out…" Jackson gave Miley a quick glance, letting her know to shut her trap. Miley grinned before closing her eyes and snuggling up to her pillow. "Can you boys leave a girl to sleep?"

"Sure thing, Pumpkin. Jackson, let's go." Both men walked out of Miley's room, with Jackson looking at Miley before she gave him a wink. A grin would come on his face before the door was shut and his father said something completely unexpected.

"So how was it?" He said it in a whisper. Jackson looked up at him, very curious.

"How was what, Dad?" Robbie sighed.

"Look, I know you too fooled around while I was gone. I could smell love juice from a mile away!" He told him in his southern accent. Jackson's eyes went as wide as his Uncle Earl.

"U-U-Uh…I-I…" Robbie rolled his eyes before putting his hand on his son's shoulder.

"It's alright, Jackson. I'm not mad at you." Jackson would raise an eyebrow.

"Fathercaughthissiblingsf*ckingsaywah?" Robbie chuckled.

"It's okay. I don't care that you and your sister had sex. I'd rather she keep it in the family than with some punk teenager." This made Jackson feel both proud and freaked out.

"Uh…wow, I never knew you didn't mind…uh, incest." They both started walking away from Miley's door so that they could speak up louder.

"Son, it's not that. I just care about Miley so much, I couldn't stand to see her getting…that." As soon as he said "that", his eyes squinted a bit. "But at least it was family." Jackson curled his lip a little to think straight.

"So you're not mad?"

"No, I've already said I wasn't. And you never answered my question, how was it?" Jackson's stomach started to turn knots; he felt extremely awkward talking about this to his dad.

"Uh…tight." It was the best thing he could think of. He looked down at the floor as he sat down on the living room couch. A wide grin appeared on Robbie's face as he felt strong relief.

"Did she bleed?" He asked his son, wanting to know if his daughter was a virgin before the incident. Jackson nodded. "So you took her virginity?" Jackson nodded again. Robbie patted his son on the shoulder.

"I'm glad you're not mad."

"Of course not. But I am tired. Work was a hassle today. I'll see you tomorrow, bud." He told him before stepping up to his room upstairs. Jackson bit his lower lip.

'I don't think I'll feel the same about either of them ever again.'

The End.


Author's Note: Well, The End. I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you thought the ending wasn't what you wanted, let me know. I'll probably make a Robbie and Miley oneshot or something too, since a lot of people are asking for it. Feel free to email me and ask if you could be my writing assistant as well. ;P