T H E [A F T E R M A T H] ?

::Dinner Time::




Well this is offically my FIRST fanfic that is not an OC story! YAY ME! Ok well I'm gonna go on a rant here about my writing style based on pervious reviews I have had on other stories.

1.) I'm sorry for my constant chaging of the POV the story is told. I don't mean to do it like that, it's kinda a habit I got and can't seem to get rid of. Same with putting "I" or "You" during certian POV's where it shouldn't be. I sorry for that, I am honestly trying to break this habit.

2.) I hardly ever write fanfiction...EVER. I only do it when I'm either really bored, or have insparation to. So if my quality of story telling sucks, forgive me for that (needs more practice).

3.) I'm warning you now that I have a REALLY BAD habit of making the characters OOC. I do try not to, but I somehow always end up failing at it. Hence why I'm used to OC stories, because the OC usually deprives the attention away from the OOC characters. XD

4.) I try not to make characters all "Mary Sue", it's like with makin characters OOC, I try nto to but I end up failing.

5.) My chances of updating are slim, now that I am back in school (12th grade), working, and have many other hobbies like vidding, blogging and graphic design. So don't expect many chapters all at once.


Story Summery:

This story contains SPOILERS from the last episode of the PH anime (....I can't beleive it's epicness is over...T_T).

It's based a few months down the road after the ending of the anime, and what is happening afterwards.

Just what was the aftermath?

(Dabbles in OzxGil, OzxAlice, and GilxAlice)

A/N: This story is going to be more so in Gil's POV. Each chapter will be someone else's POV.



~Flashback~ or Emphasis of a word


I do not own Pandora Hearts. If I did, Gil would be my manservant. XD



~We placed the pocketwatch on the grave. Though we didn't know who it belonged to, we decided that we were never going to touch it again, or let anyone else touch it.

After our battle with the Baskervilles, Jabberwocky and Griffon, we decided enough was enough. No one else should have to be put through this. It never happened, and it will remain untapped. For the safety of others, as well as ourselves.~

Take one pill every 2 hours before and after meals. That is 4 pills for one day, not including breakfast since I hardly eat it...or rather I hardly have anything to eat for it. That stupid rabbit keeps eating all my food, honestly how can she be such a gluttonous pig? It's on thing to be a growing girl, but it's a completely other issue when your eating your caretaker out of house and home.

My stress level has increased almost ten-fold since they started living with me. Not that I minded the company, in fact I enjoyed it. What I did not enjoy was the constant smell of meat in my house and all the noise echoing off my apartment walls.

Looks like I will be needing a lot of these pills...


Damn my bill was high agian. Why does meat have to be so expensive? And why must she need so much of it? It's not like she's skinny, but she isn't fat either...Where she manages to put it all is beyond me...

'Because it most certianly isn't going to her brain...'

I paid for my bill and collected my groceries, heading back to my aparment. It's just a small, quaint little place in a nook of a nook. Nothing special, but it's home. Most certianly better then my old home where I was trained to be a killer and lurk in the shadows like some wanted criminal. Here I could relax and let myself be at ease.

I opened the door...


"Until now..."

The pillow dropped to the floor.


"Gil you back!" Oz said with a cheerful smile on his face. His emerald green eyes gleaming. They were the one thing I looked forward to ever morning. Those eyes being there to wake me up first thing in the morning, looking down upon me...smiling.

"Oi seaweed head! Did you get my meat!?" Alice exclaimed glaring at me like I had forgotten the most important thing in life...It was the one thing I didn't look forward to every morning.

Placing my bag on the counter I started to unload it. I picked out a package of beef jerkey and tossed it at the stupid rabbit. She grabbed it happily and started tearing it apart limb from limb like some wild animal. Satisfaction written all across her face. I'll admit it was rather ammusing to see her change attidudes so suddenly when she got what she wanted, even if it was annoying at times.

"Hey Gil, do I get some?" Oz asked, looking up at me with big pleading eyes. I sighed and tossed him a package as well.

"That's it then till dinner. You don't want to ruin you appetite." I told them sternly. Well it's not like it will ruin the rabbits appetite, she always has room to spare.


Later that night while I was cooking dinner, Oz and that stupid rabbit were playing cards. So far Alice was winning, though I knew it was because Oz was letting her. Knowing him, he already had won the game and was waiting to make the right move.

I wiped the sweat from my brow as I stirred the stew on the hot stove. My hair was tied back for cleanliness. I had often been told to keep it back, they said it suited me. I was never really one for it though.

The stew began to thicken, I put my finger in it to taste test it. It was creamy, thick, yet a little runny and full of flavour. It was then i noticed Oz was beside me...staring.

"What is it Oz?" I looked at him with questioning eyes, and also slightly nervous.

He kept staring at me, or rather my face with such curious eyes. I felt like I had become guilty of something, though I did nothing wrong. I shifted myself on to my other foot, trying to hide my nervousness.


He looked at me...then grinned and said, "Hehe, you have stew on you face!"

My hand quickly shot up to my face. I felt a sticky substance on my face. Reaching for a napkin to wipe it off, Oz quickly cleaned the stew off my face with is finger. After staring at it, he placed it in his mouth and smiled at me.

"Who knew Gil had a such a good flavour."


After we ate dinner I went to go start the laundry. Honestly doing laundry relaxed me, though most people hate it. The only thing I hate is when you think a sock goes missing, so you go to buy a new pair only to find the missing sock stuck to a pair of pants. Another way to waste money.

I folded a pair of Oz's shorts and placed them neatly on the bed. Then I picked up the nearest the next peice of clothing. It was Alice's skirt.

"Why must I do her laundry to?" I asked myself.

Yes I know quite frankly that it is pathetic that a grown man like me would be so bothered over doing a girls laundry. But what very few know, even Oz, is that that stupid rabbit never wears underwear. In all the loads of laundry I do, all I can find is her skirts, shirts, jackets and socks. I have never once found a pair of underwear, let alone a bra.

Of course it's not like I wanted to find any...

...I coughed.

Just then the door opened and speak of the devil, the stupid rabbit came in. She was wearing one of her night shirts (aka- MY shirt). She looked at me strangely as I held her skirt.

"What's wrong?" she demanded.

"Huh? Nothing." I replied. Why was she asking? Did it look like something was wrong?

"Then why are you holding my skirt like it's some sort of cute fuzzy animal?"

My face heated up instantly. I had no idea that it looked that way, let alone that it was so visible. I guess Break was right when he said I'm easy to read, even to a stupid rabbit.

"D-Don't be stupid, you stupid rabbit." I folded her skirt and put it down moving on to the next object. Just pretend like it never happened. It would have worked...until she picked that out of the basket.

"What are these?" She held up a larger pair of briefs...MY briefs.

Instantly I snatched them out of her hands. My face tinged deep red now. She was the last person I needed to see those. No one knew I wore them, nor will they ever. Well...except Break. One time when I was still being trained under Pandora's management Break and walked in on my changing. When he saw my underwear all he did was get that evil grin on his face. Then he started telling me how real men wear briefs, not long underwear. It wasen't a comfortable conversation.

"Oi what with you? Why are you acting so jumpy?" Alice asked me with a confused look on her face.

"It's nothing. I just don't want you grabbing anything thats not yours." I stated, tuning myself around to continue with the laundry.

"So those are yours?"

I cringed. Red in the face.

'Welcome to my life.'



YAY I'm done the first chapter!!! XD

I think I managed to keep Gil in character...I hope. Same for Oz and Alice. Let me know if I did ok in that alright?

Ah dinner time, when everyone bellys are full....apparently so are their minds. Full of what? Things. Many many things. x3

I feel sorry for Gil, lots to deal with at home now that Oz and Alice moved in. But we get some OzxGil and GilxAlice for all you fans out there! 3

Next chappy will be based of Oz's POV.

I hope you enjoyed it!

~ BleedingVampireLove