T H E [A F T E R M A T H]?

::Strawberries & Perfume::


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Story Summary:

It's based a few months down the road after the ending of the anime, and what is happening afterwards.

Just what was the aftermath?

(Dabbles in OzxGil, OzxAlice, and GilxAlice)

~Flashback~ or Emphasis of a word
~~Flashback within a flashback~~

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Once again, that stupid clown pinched my cheeks. Once again, Sharon force-fed me one of her 'romance thingies'. Once again, no one was here; but most of all...once again,


Throwing a pillow at the floor as I wailed, I let out my frustration. Who did they think they were?

'Depriving me of my precious meat, stupid man-servants...' I thought muttering to myself.

Here I was stuck alone in this god forsaken, tiny ass apartment (at least that's what Oz calls it) belonging to that useless seaweed-head; and that current seaweed-head is out doing some job with that clown (a job I'm really not sure I even want to know about...), and Oz is visiting his Uncle and that tramp sister of his (seriously why is her chest so god damn BIG!?).

Rolling around on the couch I decided to get my own food. It couldn't be that hard right? I walked into the kitchen in hopes of finding something to eat, nothing. No meat at all.

'Damn that seaweed-head is useless. Not even putting meat in the fridge.'

After closing the refrigerator door, I noticed a little piece of paper stuck to the front of the fridge.

"Strawberry Cake? What is this cake thing?" I muttered under my breath.

Looking around I saw that the stupid seaweed-head and Oz were still not here, so I couldn't ask what this 'cake' thing was. It was then I noticed a list of different foods with strange numbers and symbols beside them.

"I think this is what Oz called a 'recipe'..." I said.

If I recall right, that stupid seaweed-head said recipes were for cooking. You follow the list of ingredients and mix them together; and depending on the recipe, you can either cook it in the oven or chill it in the fridge.

"Meh, it sounds simple enough. Now..." I looked around the kitchen, "where is the food to make this?"

After about 2 hours of taking everything out of the cupboards I finally found all the ingredients to make the cake and even a large bowl to mix it all it.

"Alright, let's get down to business." I said.

Grabbing the bag of flour I sliced it open, only to have all the contents spill out on the floor. Deciding that the 10 second rule applied, I took handfuls of the spilt flour and threw it into the bowl.

"Hmmm next is eggs...Put 2 whole eggs into the mix, be sure to crack them."

I grabbed 2 eggs and smashed them in my hands, then threw them into the mix as well. Next was milk. The only problem was I couldn't read the amount of milk asked for, so I decided that I would dump the whole thing in.

"WAHHHH!!!! SHIT! What do I do now!?"

The milk had made all the content in the bowl overflow into this huge sloo of some sort of goop that was now all over the counter and floor.

'Seaweed-head is going to kill me....' I panicked.

Sure that seaweed-head wouldn't stand a chance against me in a normal fight...but anything involving cooking and he turns into this crazed psycho on perfection; and this was far from perfection.

Deciding I should clean up this mess before seaweed-head got home, and pray no one would notice all the missing ingredients, I was grabbed the mop from the closet only to hear the sound of something crashing and a long string of profanities coming from the kitchen.

'Oh shit...'

I crept up behind the door and peered into the kitchen, only to find that supposed seaweed-head on the ground covered in the strange goop.


He turned to look at the doorway where I was hiding. I cringed and slowly slinked away from the mad man; only to have him grab my collar and pull me into the kitchen.

"Oi, stupid rabbit! What is this!?" he pointed to the mess on the kitchen floor and counter, "what did you do, bring all hell into this kitchen?"

I tried to kick myself free of his grasp, but to no prevail. He wasn't letting me go that easily.

"Of course not stupid seaweed-head! I was just trying to cook that 'cake' thing...and besides...you're the one acting like something from hell..." I retorted.

"EH!?...Why you....Uh...wait...did you say you were trying to make the cake that was posted on the fridge?"

"Well yeah! What else is there to cook?...Stupid seaweed-head...."

An awkward silence came over us, and that seaweed-head looks surprised about something. Next thing I know I'm being handed a mop and a bucket of hot soapy water.

"Here clean this mess up. Once that's done I'll help you bake the cake." Gil said

I looked up into golden eyes, they seemed annoyed but...kind.

"Remember you don't have the authority to tell me what to do seaweed-head. I'm only doing this for myself, and because I feel it's my responsibility to make up for the mess I made." I huffed.

"Sure you do." He stated, sarcasm dripping off his tongue.

The next 4 hour was spent cleaning...and I never got my strawberry cake.

Later that evening Oz had finally returned to the rabbit hole (no pun intended); bearing gifts?

"Hey Oz what's with the colourful boxes?" I asked.

"Ah, their gifts Alice. You give them to people you like as a way of saying thank you, or to say you appreciate them." He said.


I looked at the pile of brightly coloured boxes with weird patterns in front of me. Their contents made me curious. Thankfully I'm not a cat, so I won't die. However I always wondered why in the story book did Alice always seem so curious of the white rabbit? I was both, so how would that work out for me (excluding white for black)?

Suddenly a puff of something sweet smelling that made my eyes sting came and hit me in the face.

"Ack! Eck! Blahhhhh!!! What the hell was that!?" I shouted, as I coughed my lungs out.

"Haha! It's called perfume Alice! It's a liquid in a fancy bottle that smells sweet. You spray it on yourself you so smell the same." Oz said.

"Who would want such a stupid thing? It makes you cough, and your eyes sting."

I rubbed my eyes trying to clear them of the sudden trigger of tears weld up inside.

"Your right Alice. You wouldn't need such a thing..."

"See I told you---...." I stopped as Oz took my hand in his, a pink glowing background surrounded him; roses and all.

"...You don't need it...because...you already smell just as sweet." He stated, sending me his trademark wink.

Heat arose to my face and painted my cheeks a slightly pale pink. What Oz had said made me feel good, though I would never admit it. So I kicked him upside the head.

"Hmph! I'm not someone you can just flirt with, and think you can get into their pants stupid manservant!"

"Heh...yes Alice...."


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