To Love Ru'd Kitsune


Naruto x Lala x Harem?


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The warm and soothing affect of the bath water helped Naruto unwind. It was nice to sometime sit back and not think about anything at all. Though it was times like this the blond couldn't help but think about what was going on in his own home world. Though some things never changed he silently mused. In the providence he chose to live in on this world his wild spiky blond hair gave off an air of being a delinquent, though he didn't care much.

He opened his eye lids slightly, giving hints of cerulean blue as the aroma from the kitchen teased his nose. He supposed he shouldn't hog the bathroom for too long. It was gracious of the Yuukis to invite him to dinner or to be specific their children.

Riko, the oldest by a few minutes was the female of the identical siblings. By far the most outgoing of them with orange hair and yellow eyes. Definitely mischievous. Then there was Rito who shared his sister's features but on the shy and nervous side. Opposites in so many ways they were as complimentary as Yin and Yang.

The last of them was Mikan, the youngest and oddly enough the most responsible. While the elder siblings took after their mothers in looks she took after their father with her dark hair.

Naruto's wistful operations came to an end when a sudden weight crashed into the water, splashing his face and causing the water to spill over. ''What the hell!?" he exclaimed as he backed up and wiped the water from his face.

Out of the water erupted a Voluptuous, young, not to mention naked pink-haired girl. 'Hhm yeah successfully escaped.'' the pinkette exclaimed with other enthusiasm. Naruto took a moment to study the strange visitor even more. Her eyes were that of a sea-foam green coloring and her hair was cotton candy pink. It took a few seconds to tear his vision away from her bountiful breasts to notice her dark crimson tail. Devilukean.

Naruto took a moment to compose himself. "I suppose the first question I should ask is who are you?"

"I am Lala Deviluke. Nice to meet you. What's your name?" the girl happily conversed with him, not paying a shred of mind that she was naked.

"Naruto Uzumaki. So what's a Devilukean doing all the way out here?"

"You know about my kind? I thought Earthling weren't aware of life outside their planet yet?" Lala questioned curiously.

"I'm from another human colony far from this planet. Lets just say circumstances led me to live longer than most not to mention exploring other worlds was far too good of an opportunity to pass up."

"Oh so are you a humanoid with a tail?" she asked causing Naruto to momentarily pause. What did she mean humanoid with tail. ''Like for example...'' She said as she started to display her gorgeous ass which showed off her tail. Black and with an harpoon like shape at the end common in the portrayal of the red American devil. ''Normal humans don't have tails like this right?''

"Under normal circumstances I don't." Naruto answered as he couldn't help but feel a bit flushed and aroused.

''Ah, even though I have a tail, that doesn't mean I transform when I look at the moon.''

Naruto had no idea what the hell that statement meant.

''Why are you blushing?'' She acquired then added as an after thought. ''You're so cute.''

"Anyway," he began speaking again, regaining his composure. "How did you even end up in this house?" he was curious if this was some Devilukean ability he hadn't seen or if she used a teleporter.

''Ah, that's because I used this!'' She said holding up her wrist revealing some sort of bracelet. ''I used ''Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun'' that I made! I cannot specify the destination, but this makes it possible for each living unit to warp a short distance!''

He couldn't help but look at the little device in awe. That sounded like it would be very convenient. The applications of such an advice like that could be endless. For a brief moment a dark look crossed his face. That also meant it had potential for disaster and misuse. Naruto shook away the thoughts for the time being.

"I see, Lala-san, why did you teleport to this location?"

''I'm being chased. I thought it'd be safe if I came to the Earth, but the pursuers have come…I was about to be taken away on their ship. If I hadn't used this ring, I would probably have…''

''Lala-sama!'' Came a robotic voice. ''Are you alright Lala-sama!'' A weird small creature, humanoid shape with a circle head, whirlpool designed eyes in a business suit flew through Naruto's window.

''Peke!" Lala shouted as the creature flew into her arms. ''Oh I'm glad you were able to escape safely too!''

''Yes! I was lucky since the ship wasn't outside the Earth's Atmosphere!''The creature then looks at Naruto. ''Lala-sama who is that strange looking earthling?''

'Strange?' Naruto thought with an annoyed snort.

''The one who lives here…Naruto…'' she explained to the little robot before turning to Naruto. ''By the way Naruto this here is Peke 'my all purpose costume robot' that I made.''

''Nice to meet you!'' The robot greeted the blond.

''Uum same here.''

Much to Naruto's disappointment she had changed into an odd though kinky outfit that seemed to consist of the robot. It was some sort of maid slash anime character cosplay sort of outfit. Plus the tail as well.

''Lala-sama it's not too tight is it?'' the robotic dress maker asked with an disembodied voice.

''No it fits perfectly.'' she stated as she looked around for any imperfection.

''Perfectly…'' Naruto breathed out as the outfit seemed to fit the very definition of skin-tight. If how well her breasts and hips were highlighted were things to go by.

''How is it? Doesn't it look nice Naruto?'' She asked him as she twirled around and giggled.

''You look incredible.'' he earnestly answered with a shrug.

''Thank you…without Peke, I have no clothes to wear…so it's a good thing he came when he did.''

''By the way Lala-sama what do you plan on doing now.''

''Well about that, I have some idea.'' Before she could finish two men dressed in black suits appeared out of nowhere.

'And there goes whatever peace I mind have found on this planet.'

''Goodness, what a troublesome lady. I should've restricted your freedom even if I were to tie your hands and feet until we left Earth.''

''Peke…'' Lala called the name of her creature.

''Y-Yes.'' the robot stammered.

''Didn't I tell you to be careful about those who followed you?'' The Alien girl asked as she frowned then puffed her cheeks.

''…Yes.'' he guilty admitted.

''Geeeeeez you stupid robot! Now everything just went down the drain.'' the pinkette said with a whine then foot stamp.

''Well...'' the first of the two suited men asked.

''Are you prepared to leave now?'' the second one asked.

''Lala-sama why not use the Ring again?'' her robot companion whispered to her to which Lala whispered back.

''I can't…after I use that ring once, It'll take the whole day to recharge it's energy.''

Suddenly the blond intruder on the left grabbed her arm. ''Come on, let's go.'' he urged her own as the pinkette furiously fought back.

''No! Let go of me!'' she screamed and fought against the hold.

''Your coming with us whe…'' The next thing the stranger knew he was hurled into a wall.

''The lady told you to let her go so I'm going to assume you must be hard of hearing. So fair warning, stay down.'' Naruto said cracking his knuckles. I can't stand by and do nothing. I may not know the whole story now, but I know i want to help this girl. ''Come on Lala-san let's go. " The blonde said grabbing her arm and disappearing in a column of wind. Their destination was that of a park not too far away from Naruto's resident.

''Naruto…why?'' confusion splayed across her face. Why did this human help her? He didn't owe her anything.

"I couldn't just stand by and let a cute girl be kidnapped against her will. Anyway whatever is going on I can't ignore that you brought trouble to this planet. So I think I deserve an explanation for helping you out.

''I couldn't let a cute just be kidnapped now can I? Now are you going to tell me what's going on or what?''

Lala sighed and then spilled everything. About running away from home, arranged marriages, the whole deal."Those men trying to court me don't understand me at all. Either they leer out me or go on and on about themselves. None of them are in the least bit interesting either. I don't know what daddy is thinking trying letting them try and court me." she ended with a childish pout.

"I can't really say its my place to comment on an alien's culture or custom. On one hand I do want to say is wrong and you should have a choice on being with who you want. On the other hand I can't fault traditions that others are raised with and being a leader isn't he. I'm not agreeing with your father, but he may be doing what he think is best for you. Regardless of what I have to say I think the best choice of action is to talk it out with your father."

"I don't know how you managed to slip away Earthling but I assure you it won't happen again." The bearded goon said.

"Return Lala-sama to us or suffer the consequences." the one with the slicked back hair threatened.

"I got a better idea." Naruto remarked and with a stamp of his foot the two man were suddenly pulled into the earth. They were buried up to their necks in dirt. "I can't stand by and not help someone who is miserable. Tell your superior that Lala-san is with me now. I will not stand by and let someone who I consider a friend be hurt. So they can send whoever they won't, but no one will lay a finger on Lala if I have anything to say about it." With that he jammed his foot into the ground and pelting the two men into the river.

Naruto felt a bit guilty, but he had to rush back to the Yuukis and reschedule the dinner. On one hand he wanted to avoid causing too much panic among the populous by accidentally exposing the existence of aliens in an uncontrolled scenario. To his surprise Lala was already on her way the next day.

He found himself a bit disappointed that the pinkette was already on her way, but he supposed he understood the rationale of not wanting to cause any trouble for him by being there. "Marrying Lala..." he chuckled, externally voicing his thoughts. "That would be a rather interesting situation. Same she took off when she did."

''Ohayo Naruto-kun!''

The greeting had stopped him in his tracks. He turned around to see none other than Lala. ''So you were thinking the same thing as well…perfect…let's get married!'' She shouted jumping into his arms.

''L-Lala-san I thought you were leaving." he said as he sharply inhaled. Damn she had a strong grip.

"I was but then I thought about it and changed my mind. Naruto-san is so nice and understanding I couldn't just up and leave him."

Naruto let out a content sight. "Lala-san, do you mind going back to my apartment and waiting for me. We can talk more about this later, but right now I really need to get to school."

"Okay," she beamed with that bubbly smile of hers. "I'll see you later Naruto." she said as she happily took off to the sky. She soon landed back at Naruto's place and began getting to work.

''Lala-sama are you really going to marry that Earthling?'' a concerned Peke asked as Lala was fast at work using hammer space technology to store her lab. With Lala as the first princess of Deviluke that reigned over the galaxy if she were to marry an earthling he would essentially become the king.

''That's right Peke my mind is made up.'' the determined Pinkette said. ''Here we go!'' she said as she found the device she was looking for at the bottom of her bag. ''I'll have to finish relocating my lab later. Now to use Tracker-Tracker-kun to find Naruto.'' she said as she bound and bounced out of the room, unaware that the two guards she had handled yesterday had not come alone. On the outskirts of town stood a rather tall and handsome young man with long flowing silver hair wearing armor one would expect a Cos-player to wear.

'This ball of dirt is more far more underdeveloped then what I heard.'' the man mused to himself as he took out a device of sorts. ''Reports indicate that Lala-Sama is here so I'll as her to return at once even If I have to force her.'' the man concluded as he followed the directions of the report.

Naruto meanwhile was still in the school and trying to figure out what to do about his newest situation.''Hey Uzumaki-san a pretty girl is looking for you!" a random student shouted to the blond as the doors were opened.

In the hallway Lala was causing quite the commotion among the various students who were whispering amongst themselves and gazing at her body.

''What is that?'' one of the female students asked another.

''A Cos-play outfit?'' one otaku looking boy asked the other.

''A bit crazy.''

''Who cares?''

''She's smoking hot!'' Were the various questions and statements from students male and female alike.

'What in the world is everyone going on about?" he wonder as he went over to where the Drama Club was gathered. ''Lala!'' He shouted at the girl getting her attention.

''Naruto I found you!'' She shouted happily. ''I brought you this!'' She said holding up a box lunch. The same ones he had forgotten this morning because he had been distracted.

''Hey Uzumaki what's your relationship to the hot chick!'' one lanky looking boy asked as another, much shorter one popped up to hound him.

''Yeah how do you know her?'' the short boy asked.


''I'm Naruto's Wife!'' She interrupted the blond, latching onto his arm and looking at him adoringly.

''Get him!'' one Idiot said as they charged forward. First and Last mistake of the day.

''Naruto why did they attack us?'' She asked as they walked away from the bruise and beaten bodies.

''Because they're a bunch of lustful idiots." The people on this planet lack impulse control. I know some of the fangirls on my planet were bad, but at least they had the decency to begrudgingly give up when the object of their desire is taken and not attempt to physically assault people.

''Get him!'' another student shouted.

"Kuso!" Naruto swore under his breath. While he could easily beat down every idiot that came their way, it would lead him on the fast track to expulsion. He really needed this diploma so he could get into a nice college and settle comfortably. If he was going to continue to live on this planet during his down time then he needed things to go as simple as possible.

''Don't worry Naruto I'll get us out of here.'' Lala stated as she pulled out one of the devices she brought with her.

''Lala-san wait...'' he tried to stop her only for them to disappear in a flash of white 's vision was hazy and he felt a little cold. ''Where are we?''

''Don't know…since this is used for emergency escapes the destination can't be determined.'' as Lala finished her explanation their visions cleared. Naruto's vision clearing first to see a naked Lala crouching above him. She had both her arms on his sides and was kneel over him in a very provocative position.

''Wait a minute…uum..where's our clothes?'' he cried out as he tried to keep himself from reacting to the sight before him.

''Warp-kun can't transform clothes silly…why else did you think I appeared naked when we met.''

''So just your person and nothing else is transported?" he didn't know why he asked such a dumb question when the very tita...eer obvious results were in front of him.''

''That's right….but anyway I think now is the perfect time to perform my…wifely duties.'' She said huskily.

Naruto could only think of one thing when he heard that. Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow.


Chapter End


So much better than the original version. All my reboots are going to be so much better its ridiculous. It also helps that they're now there own entities and that you don't need to read the other stories to know what you missed. I hope you all enjoy this as there is much more to come.