When Worlds Collide

Summary: What happens when everything you believed to be myth and legend turns out to be real? When the line between reality and fantasy is totally erased?

Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Series, House of Night series, Angel Series, Harry Potter Series, Marvel Comics. Those belong to Stephenie Meyer, P.C. and Kristen Cast, Joss Whedon, J.K. Rowling, and the Disney company respectively.

Authors Note: It's been over 2 years since I have written and posted anything new. This is a plot bunny that attacked me one night and just wouldn't leave me alone. I don't know how far this story will go if it will go beyond this one chapter or not. We'll have to see where my muse decides to take me this time. Also this is going to be a MAJOR crossover fic. Also some of this may be lightly based on past role plays that were created by myself and a friend of mine.

Chapter 1- You Said What Now?

Andrea Prince, a 17 year old young woman, stopped outside Forks high school with a small sigh. Her blue eyes scanned the nearly empty parking lot as she pulled her nearly waist length golden blonde hair into a ponytail. She never would have thought that this is where her mom would bring her to attempt to help her with her anxiety issues. Seriously…just because it was a small town…and much cooler then Phoenix ever was…didn't mean it would help with anxiety.

Andrea and her mother had moved to Forks 2 weeks ago from Phoenix, Arizona. Where Phoenix was sunny, warm, and dry, Forks was cold, wet, and cloudy. And to make things even worse…she didn't know a single soul in town. Being the new kid was never fun. Especially when that new kid has panic attacks.

Andrea gave a hard shiver despite the heavy jacket she wore and headed for the school office. She was used to tank tops and spaghetti strap shirts and all manner of sleeveless shirts. Another small sigh escaped at the thought that she would never be able to wear them again. At least not here.

After quickly getting things settled in the office, Andrea began to walk around the school. There was no way she was going to make herself stand out by having to ask how to get around. Though in a school this size she was sure to draw attention just for being a new kid. She doubted many people moved to Forks.

Then again, she thought to herself, with all the new House of Night schools popping up in the major cities…people might be moving to the small towns more to get away from them.

In the two weeks before moving to Forks Andrea had heard of three new House of Night Schools opening up in the United States. One in Phoenix it's self…another reason her mom wanted to move away. One in Flagstaff, Arizona, and one in San Francisco, California.

Andrea could still remember the day a little over five years ago when the vampyre world became reality instead of fantasy. The leaders of the House of Night schools finally came forward to let the world know what was truly going on. A lot of the runaway teenagers that had appeared over the years weren't runaways. They had simply been marked and taken to a House of Night. Since then scientists had discovered that it was something in the teenagers D.N.A that brought on the change, though they couldn't pin point exactly what this gene was. It was almost like the X gene that created mutants…at least according to the old Marvel Comics.

Andrea's morning passed slowly. She had already technically finished school in Phoenix by getting her G.E.D. Her mother, however, thought it would be best for her to go back to school here. Perhaps get to do some of the things she had missed out on in Phoenix.

To her utter dismay, she was the center of attention, between classes of course. It really sucked being the new kid…even if it was the start of the school year. She could only imagine what it would have been like if it had been the middle of the school year. That thought brought a small shudder with it.

There was at least one guy in each class that tried to be helpful to her. They were usually OVERLY helpful. Andrea had never done well in the boyfriend department back in Phoenix, so to have all these guys drooling over her was a bit disconcerting. But at least it meant she wouldn't be sitting alone at lunch. That was always the worst.

When lunch did finally come, Andrea sat with a group of students and merely picked at her lunch. She was trying desperately to not be the center of attention and was listening to all the gossip that was flying around. This time she didn't have to try so hard. Seemed like something major had happened over the summer.

"Did you hear?" one girl with dark, curly hair asked one of the guys. Andrea thought her name was Jessica. They were in Spanish together. Ugh…Spanish class. Why couldn't they have Japanese 101 or something like that? Andrea thought to herself.

"About the Cullen place?" The boy from Andrea's English class, Eric was it?, asked.

"Completely burned to the ground." Jessica replied. "There was some kind of fight…like a gang fight or something. And no one's seen any of the Cullen's since."

Another guy, Mike, Andrea thought, frowned. "That's really odd. The Cullen's didn't--" He started.

"Oh come on!" Jessica cut him off. "How odd were those kids? If they were even really related to Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. I'm thinking now maybe they were kidnapped."

A small petite Asian looking girl, Angela, maybe?, was the next to pipe up. "They were pretty anti-social…always sticking to themselves, acting like they were too good for any of us…and all being together like that. It was definitely odd."

"I still want to know how Bella ended up in the middle of their little drug war or whatever it was." Mike said. He sounded slightly sad at the mention of this Bella girl.

"She was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Angela said soothingly.

Jessica scoffed. "She had to be in on it. She was dating Edward after all. That's probably how she got into their circle to begin with."

Thankfully, at least in Andrea's opinion, the bell rang just then signaling the end of lunch. As she headed off for world history, Andrea's mind swirled with the rumors of these mysterious Cullen's. Could there really have been drug dealers or kidnappers in a place like Forks? Not likely. Just a bunch of small town gossipers, Andrea thought with a roll of her eyes as she took a seat.

She looked up as the teacher walked in and gave a slight gasp. The man that had just walked in had to be the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His dark brown, nearly black, hair hung to about the middle of his back and was tied back neatly with a leather strap. His skin was extremely pale…paler then hers and she was used to getting albino cracks from her friends back in Phoenix, and almost translucent. You could see several veins on the backs of his hands, his temples, and his cheeks, but you couldn't see all of them. His eyes were the strangest part of him yet. They were a red color…but they were all smoky looking. It was extremely odd.

Has to be contacts, Andrea thought to herself. His voice when he spoke was even more amazing. It was slightly rough as if it hadn't been used in a long time but there was an underlying sound of tinkling bells almost. It was almost musical in it's own way.

"Hello students. I am your new World History teacher, Marcus Volt." the teacher said and wrote his name on the blackboard. There was an Italian ring to his voice. "And yes in case you are wondering…I am not a born American. I was born and spent most of my formative years in Italy. Now…let's get started with role call"

After that the class passed swiftly enough. Andrea thought she might like this teacher. He actually seemed to know what he was talking about…and even deviated from the textbooks they had been giving, telling them what really happened on some occasions. All too soon the bell rang signaling the end of class.

"No homework tonight." Marcus said as they all prepared to leave. Andrea was grateful for that. Having a ton of homework on the first day always sucked. The rest of the day passed completely uneventfully.

Andrea's mom Adrianne was waiting for her when school let out. "How did it go?" Adrianne asked as Andrea slipped into their mini cooper.

"About the same as any other first day of school. I made it through." Andrea replied dully.

"That's something at least though…right?" Adrianne said hopefully. "You couldn't even make it through one whole day back in Phoenix."

"Mmm…" Andrea replied non-committally. "Hey mom…have you heard anything about a family named Cullen that used to live here?"

"They moved out sometime during the summer after their house burned down. Why do you ask?"

"Just…some of the rumors the kids were spreading around school made them sound like really bad people. They were talking about them being drug dealers or kidnappers…"

Adrianne sighed. "You know better then to listen to a bunch of rumors Andrea. From what I've heard from the adults around here Dr. Cullen was the best thing that ever happened to this town and it was a real loss when they left. I guess they just thought it would be too hard to try and rebuild after the fire."

"They also mentioned some girl named Bella…"

Adrianne's eyes tightened slightly. "She was Charlie Swann's daughter. He's the police chief here. Apparently her and one other girl, a Rosalie Hale, were trapped in the Cullen's house when it caught fire. Both died."

"Chief Swann…isn't that who you bought the house from?"

Adrianne pulled up outside the two story white house. "Yes. After losing his only daughter he just couldn't stand to live in that house anymore. He gave me a great deal on it."

Andrea nodded as she headed inside and dumped her books in her room. She went to let out her Pekinese puppy, Matsukaze, as her phone chirped. She looked at the caller id before answering.

"Konichiwa Shannon-chan~!" She answered happily.

"Hey Andrea. How's things going for you?" Shannon replied, her voice slightly strained.

Andrea frowned. "Not too bad. I made it through the school day without a single panic attack. Though…it was really hard."

"I'm glad for you hun…really glad."

"Shannon…what's wrong?"

Shannon gave a slight sigh. "Your never going to believe this."


"I…I've been marked."

A/N: And so ends this chapter. Don't worry…you'll get to meet Shannon fully in the next chapter. Each chapter is going to be bouncing between Characters until I can tie them all together which will happen…sometime. Let me know what you think so far!