When Worlds Collide

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Chapter 7-

Shannon giggled as she watched Jacob and Andrea look around for her. She had quietly slipped off and climbed a tree while Jacob was telling his story to give them some time alone. She hoped that Jacob would be able to finish telling Andrea about the wolves and the likely imprint that he had on her.

Jacob shook his head a little. He knew the vampire had to be around somewhere, as he could still smell her; he just wasn't sure where she had gone off too. And frankly he wasn't sure he wanted to know. He looked back to Andrea and took a deep breath.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" He asked her quietly. Andrea blinked at him.

"That depends." She responded, looking him squarely in the eye. "There are times I don't believe in love at all."

"How can you not believe in love?" He asked. His voice had a slightly wounded sound to it.

Shannon cringed slightly. She and Andrea had discussed this on several occasions. Andrea's father had left her mom when Andrea was very young. Young enough that Andrea didn't even remember him. Shannon could well understand Andrea's feeling's on the matter since she'd never had her father in the picture either.

"It's very easy when you've seen what it can do to people." Andrea answered slightly sadly. Jacob blinked at the answer then gave a slight sigh.

"There's more to the story I should tell you Andrea. I'm just not sure how you would react to it."

Andrea narrowed her eyes. "Don't tell me…somehow with the wolf genes you instantly find your mate. Like love at first sight." She responded scoffingly. Jacob just nodded miserably. Andrea blinked several times. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Very serious." Jacob responded.

Andrea gave a mocking laugh. "And what's more…I'm your mate?" Again Jacob just nodded. Andrea stared at him for a long moment. "That's why you've been hanging around so much." she stated matter of factly.

"Yeah it is." Jacob said softly. "We're drawn to our mates. It's hard to be apart for long."

Andrea was completely dumbfounded. Mate to a werewolf? This is insane! That was the only thought that would process at the time.

Jacob could practically read the thoughts going through Andrea's head on her face. He feared the rejection he thought sure was about to come, so when she laughed he was shocked.

"Okay then, I'm your mate. What exactly does that mean?"

"Well…" Jacob started. "It means that I am completely devoted to you and no one else. I won't even see another girl. And even if we don't end up in a relationship together, I will always be your best friend at the very least though I will always be hoping for more."

Andrea gave a slight nod. "Maybe we can start trying to get to know each other then. Just keep in mind that I can't promise anything more then that right now."

"Hey, that's all I'm asking for right now. There's no reason to rush anything." Jacob responded softly. Andrea gave another nod in response. It was at that moment that Shannon decided to make her reappearance.

"So…it sounds like the two of you started to get to know one another." Shannon said as she casually strolled out of the forest. She giggled as Andrea jumped at the sound of her voice.

"Where the hell did you disappear too?" Andrea asked.

"Just communing with nature, that's all." Shannon replied. Jacob just rolled his eyes.

"Is that like one of your powers now? Something to do with earth?" Andrea asked curiously. Shannon gave a slight nod.

"One of the things I was taught at the House of night in Tulsa was how to call on the elements. It turns out that I have an affinity for Earth and Fire." Shannon said with a grin.

"I shoulda figured on the fire one." Andrea said with a laugh. It was a bit of an inside joke to the two girls as Shannon was known to have a bit of a fiery temper.

"So…should we continue with the stories? I'm sure you have one you'd like to tell don't you Drea?" Shannon looked to her. It would be a perfect time for her to tell Jake some of the horror stories she was absolutely addicted to.

Andrea looked thoughtful for a minute. "Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived with her mother. This girl had never known her father as he left when the girl was very young. The mother and daughter were happy living together. Everything seemed very peaceful. Then one day…the girl got sick. She would just randomly have uncontrollable anxiety attacks. They got so bad that the girl ended up dropping out of school. That still didn't make the anxiety and irrational fears go away. She was hospitalized for a time but the doctors couldn't find anything medical wrong with the girl. She gave up hope of ever getting better."

"Then one day the girls mother announced that she had quite her job and that they were moving away from the only friends the girl still had after her life had seemingly gone to Hades. The mother thought a change of scenery might help with the girl's anxiety. The girls still waiting to see if her mother was right."

Shannon gave a sad smile. She really wished she could help her friend more in this instance but she knew there was nothing she could to help Andrea besides be there for her as much as she was able.

Jake had been listening to every word intently. "I take it that girl is you?" He asked looking at Andrea, who gave a nod in response. "Just know that if you ever need someone to just hold your hand when you feel like your losing control, I'll be there. I've felt many times over the past month like you really needed someone. That's usually about the time I would show up at your house. The imprint I have on you allows me to know what you need."

Andrea blinked and thought back over the past month. She hadn't realized till he said something that when she was feeling her worst was when Jacob would show up. And he never asked her for anything…he was just always there. Maybe this imprint thing wouldn't be so bad. At least she knew she would always have someone at her side when she was in the greatest need.

Jacob stopped walking abruptly staring ahead of them. "I think it's time we turn around and head back to your house Andrea." He voice was strained and his posture had stiffened considerably. He was staring straight ahead of the group.

Shannon followed his line of sight. They were on a flat stretch of road and she could see almost a mile away a figure that was just standing and watching them. She could see the pale skin and dark hair and the suit the man wore. Was that Armani? He must have been very wealthy to afford something like that. Then it dawned on her. That must be the vampire teacher that Andrea spoke about.

Andrea also followed Jacob's line of sight. "What are you staring at? I don't see anything?"

Jacob sighed. He knew that to attempt to attack the vampire he not only saw but could smell would be to bring down ruin upon his whole tribe. The Cullens had made it very clear to all of them before they left how powerful this man was. He looked to Andrea now.

"Can you just trust me? Trust that it would be safer for us to return to the house?"

Andrea nodded and gave a hard shiver. They had been out for a while and she so very easily got cold. She would even wear long sleeves in the summer back in Phoenix. She turned glaring eyes to Shannon and Jacob when she heard a laugh come from each of them. Shannon merely held her hands up in surrender. Jacob actually put an arm around her and pulled her close to his body. She immediately started to warm up. Her glared turned shocked.

"Another perk of being a wolf. I have a higher body temperature so the cold doesn't really affect me. I can be your own personal space heater if you want." The only answer he received was Andrea moving as close to him as should could and still be able to walk. Jacob just gave a laugh as he turned and started back for her house.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up shortly." Shannon said still eyeing the man that hadn't moved at the other end of the road.

"Don't be too long. I know you can't stay long here and I'd like to catch up a little more." Andrea tossed over her shoulder.

"Don't worry. We'll have time." Shannon responded as she started the other way.