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Hermione breathed deeply, inhaling the fresh summer air. She was sitting on the back porch of the burrow, deeply immersed in "The Standard Book of Spells; Grade 7". Her Hogwarts letter was tucked in the back of the book, where she would occasionally pull it it out to stare at the words 'Head Girl' written there in the green ink. Her badge was tucked away in her pants pocket, because she didn't want to look like a prat wearing it around half the summer. It didn't shock her that she was chose. She almost expected it. She wondered what it would be like to have her own dormitory, and her own small common room, where she could study in peace. Well, almost, there was still the Head Boy, whom she would be sharing with. A voice interrupted her thoughts. It was Mrs. Weasly, calling her in for supper.

"Hermione! Dinner!"

She gathered her things and got up heavily, and went inside to the warm kitchen, and the sweet smell of good cooking. Ron was saving a seat for her, and she was surprised to see his twin brothers, Fred and George, also seated around the table.

"Alright, Hermione?" Said George, "Heard you've been made head girl." He continued with a very serious look on his face.

Hermione waited, and was not disappointed, because soon after he and Fred burst into laughter. She knew that they thought only prats became prefects.

"Ah, well, at least ickle Ronnie wasn't made Head Boy; we might have died from shame." Fred chuckled, and as an after note said "But we knew you were a cert for Head Girl."

Ron rolled his eyes. He was not the least bit disappointed he was not made Head Boy. To him it was just extra work. "Wonder who Head Boy will be?"

"Bet its Malfoy…" said Harry Darkly.

"Hmm…" Hermione pondered aloud. She had never really considered who Head Boy might be. Ugh, if it was Malfoy, she didn't think she could stand it. She decided not to think about, and focused on her dinner. Supper wasn't as subdued as usual, with Fred and George to lighten the mood. With Voldemort at large, it was hard not to think about how dangerous it was during this time. With the distractions of Fred and George, Hermione observed Harry and Ginny get up and leave together. Glancing at Ron, she saw that he hadn't notice their absence, and she thought it best not to tell him.

Not too long after, Hermione saw Ron yawning and getting up. She decided to follow, because she was feeling rather sleepy herself. To her relief, Ron went towards Ginny's room with her, away from his own where Harry and Ginny might be. Unfortunately, her relief soon vanished when they walked by the upstairs hall closet. They could hear Ginny moaning and a lot of heavy breathing. Ron's ears went red and he banged on the door.

"Oi! Keep it down in there!" The noise stopped and Harry looking out, his face rather pink.

"Sorry mate… but you know how it is" He grinned.

"No, I do not know how it is!" he fired back "Do you think I want to hear my best friend and my sister fu-"

Hermione interrupted them and pulled Ron away "C'mon lets go". She pulled him into Ginny's bedroom with Ron still fuming and muttering under his breath. "Well they are dating you know."

"Yeah but it's not like… I don't want… were dating too!" He finished.

Hermione sighed and pulled him into bed with her. "Stay with me tonight?"

"Course I will"

Ron, however, still seemed to be upset, because not long after, when he thought she was asleep, he got up and left. And though Hermione waited for him to return, he did not, and she fell asleep alone.

Ron stayed in a bad mood for the remaining days of the summer holidays, and Hermione was quite glad when they started to pack for school, as it kept Ron's mind occupied. Hermione was almost finished and just needed to grab a few things from Ron's room before she closed her trunk. She knocked, and after not getting a response, let herself in. It was still a mess (Ron and Harry had obviously not finished their packing) and she had to tread carefully to avoid falling over the many things scattered about. She found what she was looking for and turned to leave, but before doing so spotted a piece of parchment lying on the end of Ron's bed. It was a letter. She tried to resist the urge to read it, but not being able to do so, picked it up and began to read;

"Dear Ron,

I hope you had an enjoyable summer. Ive missed you, and I am glad we can still be friends. Would you like to meet me on the Hogwarts Express for lunch? I look foreward to it."


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