GunDread Kitsune


Naruto x Harem


''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Two Worlds.

Two Genders.

Two ways of life.

Tarak a world composed of nothing but men, and Mejare a world composed of nothing but women.

Uzumaki Naruto had found himself on the former. For the past few months he had been covertly acquiring information, infiltrating Taarak to gain information. As a traveler he found himself doing this quite often, traveling to other dimensions, sometimes on his own and other times with allies. It was something he had started to do after his life in the Elemental Nations had come to an end and he had met with old man Hagoromo. Instead of just becoming a fading remnant in the after life Naruto was given the choice to explore other worlds.

Between that and simply going the route of reincarnation where his memories and experiences would simply just fade away, the choice was simple. He had never imagined that the choice he made would get him embroiled in an intergalactic war.

At that moment he was making his way mission to board and capture or sabotage the enemy pirate ship. As he looked on from a distance he could see the fire fight between the men's Vanguards and the Women's Dreads.

Laser beam after beam was impacting the enemy flagship. He could see that the Mejare pirates planned on docking in on the Talarak's flagship and raiding it. Pressing a few buttons on the panel he placed his machine on standby mode as he teleported inside. As he landed down the ship began to brake up as the old Segment was blown apart from the rest of the ship.

Before he could act a body crashed into him sending them both down to the floor below. He was momentarily stunned from the impact as he took a moment to recollect himself. Reaching out, Naruto clutched something soft and squishy in the palm of his hand, eliciting a sound that was without a doubt, a woman's moan. To an inhabitant of Talark this girl would have been the enemy and they would have promptly freaked out. With a quick eye he studied her over.

A cute girl with dark red hair that trailed down to her legs like a long, lush kitsune tale. She was definitely a teenager, no older than 15 or 16 , with nice pouty lips and blue eyes. Her outfit consisted of a tight black tank top that ended above her stomach, with was flat and smooth looking along with a cream colored long sleeved jacket, short length boots and cream skirt that accentuated her legs.

"Wow! A real live alien!" She cried out in an excited manner. Something in her voice and facial expressions was cute, innocent in a naive in a sort of way. She looked at him was a deep amazement. She had reached out and touched one of her whiskers causing him to purr.

''You okay miss?'' He finally voiced as she blinked at him before finally answering.

''I think so...where are we?'' she asked, looking around. It looked like they were in a crystal chamber of sorts.

''I have no idea...'' He said looking around. ''A reactor room of some kind. But I'm going to take a long shot and assume you're a pirate?''

''Yep!'' She said cheerfully with a goofy like smile. ''My name is Dita Liebely what's yours mister alien?''

''Uzumaki Naruto,'' he introduced himself. ''But just call me Naruto.''

''You know I was told the men of Talarak were really mean and nasty…but you seem nice.''

''Well its always been in my nature to help people, especially if their cute like you,'' He said with a grin as Dita blushed. His demeanor changed when a familiar cold shiver coursed through his body. That man was getting close by. "Damnit. I'd thought I had more time to study the Paeksis."

While this was going on the women pirates had finally secured the ship.

''Uugh, no matter how many times I smell it, the disinfectant is always to nauseating,'' Spoke the voice of one of the suit clad personal. She began removing her suit revealing her rather model like beauty. She was a tall woman with long lush golden blonde hair that reached down to her rather lovely posterior. Her face lacked blemishes of any kind, with pouty and ruby red lips. She was an extremely curvy one, particularly top heavy, making her hands down the bustiest among all her comrades in her compartment and the way she dressed highlighted it.

The rather revealing dress was a black style dress with an open front that went down to her navel showing absolute cleavage held by a metallic ring. It was held by thin leather straps with a type of collar. It also had slits on both sides of the long skirt along with ankles length boots and a rapier at her side.

Another woman also removed her hair with aqua hair who had some sort of circlet there with her that was covering the left side of her face. Her features were more along the side of tomboyish, on the short side; she was outfitted with a white and black outfit similar to a flight suit and while she was rather attractive like her friend she was shorter by several inches and she was more bottom heavy.

These women were respectively the second best and ace pilot of the dread squadrons. ''Has anyone seen the trainee?''

''I think I saw her crash near the engine room,'' Answered a new voice. Another dread pilot whose outfit consisted of a swimsuit like uniform. It showed upper portions of her breasts yet kept them covered and showed her back. She also wore thigh length boots, her outfit consisting of dark and light violet colors in a shade similar to her eye color. She also had emerald green haired held by some sort of decorative hairpin and wore a long glove, one half away on her arm and the other one glove-less.

The aqua haired woman scowl. ''Jura, Barnette with me...Paiway tend to everyone else who was injured in the battle.''

''Yes mam,'' Answered a young girl dressed in a french maid outfit, her hair done in two large odangos.

Naruto meanwhile was looking over at his damaged Vanguard. He let out an incense curse before following with a low sigh as the combat unit was effectively useless.

''Mr Al...I mean Naruto is there something I can do?'' She asked poking her face near him as she bent over to look over his shoulder, her hands resting on her knees.

'''s busted.'' The ship rumble as something impacted it causing it the two to tumble over. Naruto fell back and Dita on op of them, both their foreheads bumping causing them to wince.

''Ow...'' Dita whined as she massaged her head. ''That hurt!''

''Yeah, no kidding,'' He responded with an amused smile.''You might want to contact your captain and tell them to get out of here now! I'm not sure what kind of fire power you girls have, but the person who I think is coming is close you will all be caught in the crossfire and possibly killed.''

In another part of the ship someone else was becoming aware of the situation. ''Report! What was the cause of that explosion?'' The person who voiced this was an attractive looking tall woman with dark, bronze like skin who looked like she was of Arabian descent. Her outfit consisted of an Arabian harem girl theme of a dark green color. The second in command was Buzam A Calessa otherwise known as BC to her companions.

''Commander scanners are picking up some new kind of mech,'' Answered a young, short, red haired pirate. Her outfit consisted of a white and green full body flight suit similar to Meia's very own. ''It seems to have no specific target and is firing on everything in sight. ''Do a scan and try to decipher it's abilities. Parfet we need to analyze the data and try to find the most effective weapons. Ezra contact the Dread Pilots.''

The former was a young woman dressed like a civilian with soft brown hair and a kind smile. Not the kind of person you expected among the pirates. The other was another one, a young girl with two extremely thick pigtails, an engineer's uniform with thick glasses. Another explosion shook the ship as the man's vessel blast by missile launchers.

''The shields have gone off line and secondary systems have gone offline!''

''What! From the shock waves of a single attack? Impossible!''

''Commander the mech has turned it's attention to us! It's pulled out a Beam rifle and is preparing to fire!''

''Energy readings are off the chart! We're not going to be able to dodge in time!" One of the Analysts cried out.

Unknown to all those on the ship the Paeksis began to glow as a bright light engulfed everything in sight. As this was going on, Naruto could feel it, a will to survive. The ship had disappeared from the spot as it was just as the beam from the enemy mech fired, piercing through the empty soundless void of space as it connected with a dwarf planet and blowing it to pieces.

''Damnit! Looks like we missed him Vengeance! But without the Virtue unit Uzumaki won't get far!' The pilot thought as he retreated to his base of operations.