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Naruto x Harem




Entering the room where his fellow Captain and the Nirvana's leaders were Naruto greeted them with, "I see you guys have started the party without me."

"You're just in time. Captain Yuy here was just informing us about his mission." Magno stated as she shifted back slightly in her hair. "Though should you really be up and about considering your injuries?"

"I am fine Captain Magno. My body has a high tolerance for injuries." He assured her before turning his attention to Hero. "Though that begs the question, why did they send you Yuy-Taicho? While I do appreciate your timely intervention, surely this can't be about delivering information or something of the sorts." An organization like that would not send one of their captains as a mere errand boy.

"That is correct. Three weeks ago at 0600 hours we were attacked by the enemy. Our forces sustained heavy damage and we lost several ships. During the course of this battle we lost contact with the Diabolon and the Crimson Squad."

"How large was the enemy fleet that attacked?" The Crimson squad was a powerful combat unit. They would not lose to an ordinary enemy force.

"The fleet consisted of thirty cruisers, ten assault carriers, two battle cruisers, and the enemy Flagship."

A frown formed on Naruto's face. "And are you saying such a force was able to decimate the Diabolon and its crew?

"The enemy also brought out a Gundam whom capabilities were unknown, even at this time."

A scowl formed on Naruto's face. "That damn Silver Gundam again. Why am I not surprised." the blond murmured.

"Silver?" Hero spoke up against Naruto's inquiry. To Naruto' surprise Heero was showing visible confusion. "The Gundam that was involved in the assault was Crimson."

"So you're telling me the enemy has two unforeseen Gundams with unknown capabilities? The news just keeps getting better and better." he grumbled. And with Virtue gone he couldn't even fight against this threat.

Mango finally spoke up. "Gentlemen, while I'm sure the two of you have much catching up to do, there are matters that must be decided mainly what to do about the threat of attack by the Harvesters."

Naruto folded his arms. "She's right Yui-Taicho. I assume you and the others have come in contact with ships in the shape of cubes, oysters, and other strange shapes?"

Heero nodded. "The description matches the hostile enemies that have attacked our forces on more than one occasion. The result ended in their extermination."

"Yeah well, these creatures are going around and harvesting humanoid species for their organs. Essentially they're farmers and we're the crops in their sick little game. During my absence I discovered and unusual method of power, the union of machine. My theory is the exposure to this ship's power source had altered Virtue allowing it to fuse with certain machines among this crew's roster. Using this method we have been effectively combating the enemy until recently. Though, with the destruction of Virtue our combat methods have been heavily neutralized. We need your help." It was times like this Naruto how things got this far. Things were so much simpler before outside influences found to his section of the galaxy. Naruto realized just how screwed up everything was when the Fourth Ninja War could be considered one of those simpler events of his life.

"My mission was to locate you and the Virtue unit. Once that was done I was to wait for further orders."

And there would be no telling how long those orders would last considering the current state of things. So it was decided the next few days would be reconfiguring their battle strategies. With Virtue no longer operational that meant Naruto was off the front lines and Hero would have to take his place.

Naruto would soon find himself balancing a couple of cartons in his arms, while following Dita through a food storage room. Even though he didn't have proof, he would sure his three dread partners had conspired to keep him occupied so he wouldn't be alone to brood over what happened. He appreciated the sentiment, knowing just how self-destructive keeping everything to one's self could be.

"All I need now are some carrots." The redhead stated as she picked up a carton off a shelf. Loading it atop the two that Naruto was already carrying; she turned to make a beeline toward the exit. It was then that she saw Paiway had been hiding behind the shelf.

"What are you doing here?" The little apprentice nurse asked.

Dita became a bit flustered as she tried to explain without giving away the true purpose of her raiding the storeroom. "Uhh, well I'm just here to cook up something for lunch, that's all."

Paiway became a bit disappointed, then perked up and asked, "By the way Dita, do you know what day this is?"

Dita shrugged while smiling. "Sure, it's Thursday."

"Anything else?" The eleven-year-old asked with hope.

"Uh... no, I can't think of anything else." She turned to Naruto. "Come on Naruto!"

Meanwhile at the bridge Parfet was looking through her telescope and zeroed in on Mejare the women's home planet. "I see it, I see it." she said excitedly.

Captain Magno looked down to the engineer. "So how far have we gotten on our journey?" said the captain awaiting good news. Parfet thought for a second before speaking.

Then with an enthusiastic voice said. "I'd say about half way". The captain sighed, this was not the news she wanted.

BC looked at the captain and said "If we've gotten this far that means that the messages we sent must have arrived by now." she quietly mused to herself. She could only hope that this was the case.

The Nirvana's sick bay...

"It's not fair!" Bart sulked as he and Duero discussed about their situation on the Nirvana. "It's been months since we've been on this ship. I've been worried about my standing here. In other words, how everyone else has been treating me. They still treat me like I'm a stranger on the bridge!" When the good doctor did not answer right away, the navigator continued to whine about his lack of prestige among the women. On Taarak, he had been a figure of some repute, but here on the Nirvana, the crew took little to no notice of him.

The physician thought about it for a while then decided to use a story to explain. "Once upon a time, there was a man with very short hair, and he wanted to part of a group. The problem was that they all had very long hair. The decided that the best way to join that group was to have long hair as well. So he bought himself a wig and asked to join. They accepted and he became a part of the group. However, sometime later, they discovered that he really had short hair but they accepted him into their group anyway, since they had all become good friends. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

Bart thought for a minute, and then nodded as if he comprehended. "I get it!" He then went off to his quarters.

Ezra was at her post. However, her mind was not on her duties, but rather on what she would name her child when she was born. She had been compiling a list of names and wondered which one would suit the baby. The little robot Pyoro had been insisting since the Christmas party to name the baby Pyoro 2, but Ezra didn't like that one. However, she was just too kind-hearted to tell the Nirvana's mascot that she was going to choose a name other than Pyoro 2 for her daughter.

As she was still deep in thought, the bridge doors opened to reveal the navigator. When everyone turned around, their eyes opened wide when they saw.

"Naruto, is that too heavy?"

"Nah, I'll be fine." The shinobi replied as he followed the pilot down a corridor, heading to the kitchen. In his right arm he held three large boxes, which thanks to how they were stacked partially blocked his sight. As he passed by a door, he heard someone breathing heavily and decided to pause for a moment and have a look. The door was slightly opened, so he opted to take a quick peek.

His eyes widened a bit at what he saw. This was the first time he had ever seen Celtic Midori without that silly, full-body bear suit. He had to admit that she was cute. She had a slender form and her skin was pale. Her green-blue hair was cropped in a short style that framed her heart-shaped face nicely. When his gaze traveled down, his cheeks reddened a bit when he saw her in nothing but her undergarments. Mentally chiding himself for acting like a Peeping Tom, he shook his head and quickly turned to catch up with Dita.

When he arrived Dita was happily humming to herself as she continued preparing a special meal for a certain somebody. Naruto couldn't help but wonder who it was for?

"Oh, so you finally took that silly costume off, have you?" Jura remarked as Celtic came into the recreation hall, still in her undergarments and carrying the bear suit. Several of the other girls and Pyoro were in the room as well.

"I only wore this suit because I didn't want any part of my body touching those men! I didn't even want to breathe the same air as they did!"

"What's the big deal? They aren't so bad." another one of the pilots remarked.

"Its just so weird. How do we go from hating them to just up and accepting them? Did you see what that navigator did?

Meanwhile, back in the sick bay...

"I can't believe that you did THAT." Duero said as he addressed Bart. The navigator was wearing a red sundress, lipstick, blush, high heels and a long, blond wig. He had caused quite a stir when he came to the bridge.

"This is your entire fault! You told me that story about having long hair would get the others to respect me more!"

"I merely wanted to imply that it takes time for relationships and that you have to EARN one's respect. I didn't tell you to go out and dressed like that."

The navigator face palmed as he realized that he had made a ridiculous mistake.

Meanwhile Naruto had found himself called to the bridge. Apparently there was some sort of encrypted distress signal and they were trying to figure out how to approach the matter. "I'll go," Naruto finally volunteered. "I'll use one of the back-up Vanguards and investigate the signal."

"You realize this could be a trap. We should send reinforcements with you just to be safe." B.C. suggested, but Naruto shook his head.

"No, if it is, I don't want to have to worry about protecting someone else. If I go, it'll be for reconnaissance purpose. If the enemy attacks, the Nirvana will need its full fighting force here. As far as the enemy knows, Virtue's pilot is out of commission and I highly doubt they would expose themselves so readily over a single Vanguard unit especially if they received information of the addition of another Gundam to our forces."

"And you're willing to take that risk?" Mango wasn't as willing to put anyone's life on the line, even if they volunteered.

"I'm 99% certain. If it was the enemy, I'm sure they realized that encrypting the message would have immediately made us suspicious. Captain, I ask for permission to carry out this search and recon mission on my own. I assure you I'll report back in two hours' time with a full report."

"Captain?" B.C. prompted the captain.

"Very well." she knew the stubborn blond needed this. He had a desire to help and protect people. It would be better to go in with a plan then for him to recklessly charge in, blinded by pride. "You will be given two hours. If you haven't reported back by then, we will be sending a search party after you."

A grin broke out on Naruto's face. "Thanks Captain!" If only things could be that easy. "Shit!" Naruto swore as he swerved out of the way of a sudden barrage of laser and particle beams. Distress signal his ass at least it wasn't the Harvester, just a mysterious fleet of ships trying to blow him to shit.

He counted around fifty or so medium battle cruisers, but he didn't recognize the design of the ships. He assumed that they were from a planet that he hadn't visited before. He also glimpsed dots of light emerging from some of the vessels and correctly guessed that they were fighters. Naruto suddenly found himself jerked back as the Vanguard was heavily damaged by one of the laser fires, shutting down his ability to move.

Suddenly, the barrage stopped as suddenly as it had begun and the Vanguard began receiving a hail from the lead cruiser.

"Attention unidentified fighter we are of the Melanos Anti-Earth Defense Fleet. From what planet do you hail?"

"Why the hell wouldn't you identify yourselves before you started shooting you bastards!"

"Tell us, do you serve the Harvesters?"

"No I don't serve them! Would have been really nice if you asked before you tried to blow me to shit!" thankfully enough Naruto was soon invited aboard the ship.

"I would like to apologize for our actions." The ship's captain said as Naruto was brought to the bridge. "We thought you were part of the Harvesting fleet."

The Shinobi noticed that a male and a female operator manned each of the bridge stations. He then nodded to the captain. "I understand, considering how much my crew has been harassed by them, I can see why you would be a bit testy. Though with your impressive set-up I don't see why you would send a distress signal."

"We thank you for your understanding." The human captain said. "Though I'm afraid there's been some sort of mix-up. You see, we hail from the world of Melanos, this defensive line has been set up for quite some time to defend against the menace and we have as of yet to encounter a problem that would require us to send out a distress signal."

Naruto's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "But then...who in the heavens sent that messages?" Naruto sharply exhaled, he would deal with one thing at a time. "Captain, I ask for you and your world to aid my fellow passengers and in the fight against the Harvesters. I'm afraid I have some troubling news. The Harvesters have teamed up with a faction of people access to powerful war machines known as Gundams. These Gundams have the power to wipe out entire colonies with ease and it'll only be a matter of time before they wipe out your defensive line."

Murmuring began occurring among the crew. They couldn't believe such a thing existed. "And what proof do you have?"

"I too am...was a Gundam pilot. The enemy's machine destroyed mine, but my colleague back on the Nirvana has a Gundam as well. Only an alliance between our forces can hope to beat them. The Harvesters have already gotten a foothold in this part of the galaxy and it's only a matter of time before they overrun every human world in this sector. There are worlds which have been conquered or have given up. One planet was reduced to a wasteland and the other had no will to fight back. It'll only be a matter of time before the same happens to all human settlements if we don't stop them while we have the chance. "

Back on the Nirvana. "Captain, was it really wise to let Naruto go off on his own? If he's just in a Vanguard he's ill-equipped for any potential attack." Naruto's disappearance didn't go undetected for long.

Banking on the crew celebrating Paiway's one year induction into the crew only brought him so much time.

"What if something happened? What if he's hurt! What if the enemy has him?"

Manga found herself mentally cursing the blond, because having to assure the pilots that had become attached to the blond that he was going to come back safe was not how she wanted to spend her evening.

Back with Naruto the shinobi was in one of the fighter hangers, the Vanguard he borrowed was being recharged and serviced. Milling about the area were several dozen male-female pairs and the familiar atmosphere reminded Naruto of the Elemental Nations.

He was jarred from his thoughts when he was approached by someone. Turning his head he was greeted by a slender young woman who couldn't be any older then her late teens wearing a purple jumpsuit. She had straight, nut-brown hair and a very pleasant-looking face. She smiled at him as she held out her hand.

"Hello. My name is Seran and I'm one of the engineers. What's your name?"

"Hello, my name is Naruto and it's nice to meet you." He extended his own hand and shook hers.

"I'm sorry, I hope I'm not prying but you just seemed so...distracted. Are you worried about your comrades?"

Naruto let off a long, sad sigh before replying. "That's some of it yes. I lost something important in the last battle. It was a part of me and I didn't realize just how much it would have hurt to lose it."

"That's so horrible."

The two of them continued to chat. During the course of this discussion Naruto learned the Harvesters were after these people for their skin. Eventually they returned to the bridge when an alert went off.

"What in the world is that?!"

"One of the enemy flagships." The Melanos captain replied as the fleet began preparing for all-out war.

That huge, cucumber shaped thing was just ONE of the enemy flagships?

"Our long-range surveillance teams have been tracking the movements of the Harvesters ever since they entered this part of the galaxy. They've spotted up to three flagships so far and it is possible that there's more. On its sides were rows and rows of ships. On its bow was a glowing, inverted Y-pattern. Flying escort for the behemoth were hundreds of thousands of Cube Fighters and Space Urchins.

Nothing sort of thousands of fighters or a hand full of battleships with several hundred ships for support. There was no way the Melanos Fleet would be able to stand up against them. "Captain, if you try to take the Harvester's forces on now there will be countless causalities."

"We cannot." The captain said solemnly.

"Look, I may not know your experience, but as someone who has also fought in a war for the sake of their world I know how hastiness can cause more harm than good. Please listen to me."

"We are all that's left to defend Melanos. We are the only line of defense. We rather stand and die then to flee like cowards."

Almost immediately, the Anti-Earth Defense Fleet returned fire with volley after volley of lasers, particle beams and missiles. Fighters swarmed out like maddened wasps as their human pilots threw everything they had at the enemy. However, despite the destructive forces being unleashed by the Melanos Fleet, the Harvesters kept on coming, totally ignorant of the losses they were sustaining. These beings were as unfeeling as machines, or a better analogy would be insects. Countless drones readily sacrificing their lives for the sake of their hive.

"Why are you standing around like an insect waiting to be squashed? Don't tell me you're reverting back into the brooding brat you once were!"

"Of course not Kurama, I grew past that phase of my life. I know giving up isn't the answer, but its not that simple. There's not much I can do with the Vanguard. Besides, the parts from the Vanguard that could fuse with the Dreads have most likely been destroyed."

"Then use what parts you can salvage from the machine or are you looking for an excuse to give up? You promised those girls you would come back, when have you been one to start intentionally breaking your promises?"

Naruto knew what would happen if he would leave. It was unavoidable; him staying would only add one more loss. He made his way to the hanger where the Vanguard awaited. As he entered the area, a huge explosion rocked the ship. Walls were blown out and the floor trembled as flames started appearing.

The Melanos captain frowned as he looked at the tactical display. His fleet was being torn apart. Less than a third of their cruisers were left from the enemy's flagship canon and over half their fighters were swarmed by the cube ships. At the rate this battle was going they would be wiped out and Melanos would be left merciless at the hand of the Harvesters.

As the Vanguard exited the bay Naruto took one last sorrowful look at Melanos's forces. At the very least he and the Nirvana would return in time to protect the planet Melanos so the defense force's sacrifice wouldn't be in vein. Suddenly his scanners picked up three figures approaching the area at rapid speed. "Now what!?" Naruto swore, wondering how things could have possibly gotten this bad.