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Chapter 6

Clark strode across the living room, heading towards the stairs with Lois in his arms. He carried her weight easily, and though Lois wasn't normally the type of woman to swoon over displays of manly strength, she had to admit that being in Clark's arms like this made her heart beat a little bit faster. When he started to make his way up the stairs, he shifted her weight to prevent her from hitting her back against the railing. As he crossed over the threshold into the bedroom, however, he paused and looked around, an intense expression on his face.

Staring at him in puzzlement, Lois frowned slightly and slipped her legs out of his arms. "Everything okay?" she asked as she got onto her feet, resting her palms on his shoulders.

"Yeah," he said, the corner of his mouth curving into a smile. "I was just making sure of something." She arched her eyebrows curiously at him, so he grinned mischievously and explained, "I've had this dream before. Every time we get about right here, something happens and ruins it. Chloe calls or Oliver barges in or you tell me you have to go file a story…"

Lois chuckled. "You think this is a dream?" she asked lightly, her voice a husky rasp.

"It's pretty similar to dreams I've had, yes," he admitted, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Lois hummed thoughtfully and wrapped her hand around the back of his neck, pulling him down towards her. His lips parted in anticipation of her kiss, and she sucked his lower lip into her mouth, letting her teeth scrape gently against his skin. Then she smiled against his mouth and growled, "Still think this is a dream?"

Sliding his hands to her hips, he walked her backwards. When she felt the back of her legs hit the bed, she sank down onto the mattress, pulling him down with her. He kissed her again, his tongue sliding into her mouth, and the folds of her torn shirt parted slightly as she sighed and arched her back towards him. "I'm sure I've had this dream before," he murmured as he trailed a path of kisses to her ear.

"If Ollie bursts through the door right now, I say we call the police," Lois teased, arching her neck to allow him better access.

"If Ollie burst through the door right now, I'm going to set him on fire," Clark corrected her, sounding as if he meant it. Just as he nuzzled the soft skin below her ear, he heard the phone on the dresser start to ring. He paused and bowed his head, sighing heavily as Lois snorted in disbelief. "You have got to be kidding me," he moaned.

"Ah…hold on," Lois said as she leaned over and groped blindly for the phone. Picking it up, she glanced at the caller id. "It's Chl-hey!" She was just about to hit to answer button when Clark grabbed the phone and tossed it behind him. She lifted her head and glanced over Clark's shoulder. "Um…I think you broke your phone."

"I don't care," he growled, gently pushing her down on the bed before devouring her mouth with a kiss. She chuckled against his lips, but her laughter melted into a moan when he placed his hand on her leg and slid it up her thigh, hiking up her skirt as he did so.

One hand slid down his neck to his chest, and he sucked in a sharp breath when he felt her fingertips brush against his stomach. Breaking off the kiss, Lois threw her neck back and gasped when Clark slid his hand around her thigh to cup her through her panties, which were already damp.

Pushing the fabric of her panties aside, he slid a finger inside of her, smiling against her neck when he heard her make a tiny mewling moan of pleasure. "I've definitely had this dream before," he murmured with a pained chuckle.

Lois groaned and reached to undo for the button of his pants. He jerked when she slid her hand inside to wrap her hand around him. Sliding her hand slowly up and down his shaft, she murmured wickedly, "So have I."

Clark had been trying to take his time, but his control slipped when he felt her stroke him with her hand. Breath hissing through clenched teeth, he tore open her shirt the rest of the way, finishing the job he'd started in his kitchen. Bowing his head, he licked her through the lace of her bra, wetting the fabric. Then he yanked down her bra to tongue her nipple, causing her to gasp his name.

Pressing her hand against his chest, Lois shoved him gently as she lifted up on one arm. "Too many clothes," she gasped.

Though Clark didn't want to leave her, he had to admit she had a point. Jerking upright, he fumbled with the fly of his pants, shoving them to the ground to be followed by his boxers. In a smooth gesture, he kicked them aside as he reached for Lois, who had tossed her ruined shirt aside and was reaching for the clasp to her bra.

"Let me," he directed as he pushed her hands aside and reached for the clasp. Though he fumbled with it for a second, the tiny metal teeth finally slipped clear of their hooks, and Lois shrugged out of her bra as Clark skimmed his hands down her sides to her skirt.

There was a zipper over her left hip, and Lois lay back on the bed and arched her hips so that he could slide the zipper down and pull off her skirt and panties. When he pulled them off and tossed them aside, she reached for him, but he caught her hand.

"Clark, what -?" she asked in confusion when he pinned her hand down on the bed at her side. She stared up at him and shivered at the expression on his face. His eyes blazed as he stared down at her as if memorizing every line of her body. He was staring at her so intently that she felt a momentary flash of self-consciousness, but the desire he felt for her was so evident on his face that she couldn't feel embarrassed. "I want you, Clark," she whispered, and his eyes rose to her face.

"Not yet," he murmured, grabbing her other hand and then raising both above her head. "I've imagined this for so long…I want to take my time."

She shuddered at his words and tried to break free of his grip, wanting to touch him. He wouldn't release her, though, as he licked the side of her neck, causing her to suck in a shaky breath. Then he moved lower and kissed a path down to her breasts, which he lavished with attention as she sighed with pleasure. Slinging a leg over the small of his back, Lois lifted herself against him, causing him to groan, and she smiled at the sound.

Clark released her hands so that he could move lower, and Lois reached for him, resting her hands on his shoulders as he swirled his tongue around her navel. "Clark, please!" she pled as he moved his hands to her hips, lifting them easily. Then she gasped when he knelt on the floor before her and pushed her legs aside. "What are you – Clark!"

She cried his name aloud in a keening wail, her fingers digging into his shoulders when he ducked his head and put his mouth on her, stroking her with his tongue. Her hips jerked unconsciously as he sucked her clitoris between his lips and flicked his tongue against the tip. Grabbing her hips between his palms, Clark held her still as he continued to lick her, slipping his tongue inside of her.

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and though she tried to speak, her words were coming out as disjointed, semi-coherent, nonsensical babbling. Finally, when she couldn't take it anymore, she sank her hand into his hair and tugged. He was going to make her come, and she wanted him to come with her.

Clark swirled his tongue around her clitoris one more time and then put his hands on the mattress, pressing down on it as he rose to his feet. She could see the traces of her juices on his lips before he wiped the back of his hand against his mouth and came down on top of her. "I can't believe it," he whispered teasingly in her ear. "You don't even stop talking when I'm doing that to you."

"Shut up," she growled, wrapping her legs around his hips and pressing herself against him. He was hard, his erection jutting towards her. Slipping a hand between their bodies, she caressed him again. She grazed the tip, slick with pre-cum, with her thumb. Clark let out a soft moan in response, his hips jerking.

Enough foreplay, Lois decided as she guided him to her entrance. He slid inside like he was made for her, and she bit her lower lip and threw her head back at the feel of him moving inside of her. He moaned her name as he wrapped his hands under her hips, lifting her against him.

He stayed still inside her for a moment as their eyes locked. Neither said a word as they stared at each other, and then they started to move as one. They moved slowly at first, as Clark almost pulled out of her completely before sliding into her once more. But it didn't take long until their passion took over and the rhythm increased.

Clark's weight pressed Lois against the mattress as he drove into her over and over again. Their lips met, tongues intertwining. Her nails bit into his back, almost tore through the fabric of his sheets as she clenched it into her fists. Hands stroked skin slick with sweat. He touched her and she gasped in pleasure. She caressed him and he moaned her name aloud.

Their breath came out in ragged gasps as he drove into her, with her lifting her hips to meet his every thrust. Lois forced her eyes open so she could look at his face as he came. She could feel the trembling in his arms, the muscles in his lower back tightening as he threw his head back, his eyes squeezing shut. He came with her name on his lips, and as she felt him pour himself inside of her, Lois followed suit, her fingers digging into his back as she held him tightly to her.

A while later, Lois was laying on her stomach, one arm curved under her cheek, the other flung out to the side. She had started to drift off to sleep when she felt the mattress shift next to her as Clark rose to his feet. "Mmm…everything okay?" she asked sleepily.

Keeping his voice soft so as not to disturb her, Clark said, "Yeah, I just thought I'd grab something to drink. You want anything?"

"Mmm-mmm," she hummed, shaking her head slightly. She heard him walk quietly out the door and started to drift off to sleep once more. She didn't know how much time had passed before he returned, but it didn't seem like long. Though he lowered himself carefully onto the bed, trying not to disturb her, Lois smelled the rich, warm scent of chocolate and her eyes fluttered open. "What's that?" she murmured, struggling with the temptation to turn her head to look at him. On the one hand, if there was chocolate to be had, she definitely wanted to be part of it. On the other hand, she was relaxed and warm and happy, her body completely sated, and she didn't really want to move.

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion when Clark said a little too innocently, "Just thought I'd get myself something to eat. Want some?"

The scent of chocolate got stronger and she smelled the subtle sweetness of strawberries as Clark waved something above her head. Moving just enough to turn her head to glare up at him, she demanded, "Where did you get those? I didn't see those earlier!"

"You must have missed them," he said with an innocent smile, stretching out next to her.

She spluttered, not knowing how to respond to that. As if oblivious to her indignation, Clark dipped the tip of the strawberry in his hand back in the melted chocolate and then dropped his hand to her back, trailing the strawberry along her skin.

"What are you doing?" Lois asked as Clark bent and licked the chocolate off her shoulder blade.

"Mmm…nothing," he murmured innocently against her skin. "Just eating. You can keep ignoring me."

Lois narrowed her eyes, sucking in her breath when she saw him move again out of the corner of her eye. Holding her breath, she focused intently on the feel of his breath against her shoulder. Then she felt something warm trail along the small of her back, to be followed by Clark's mouth. First there was the soft brush of his lips. When his tongue flicked against her skin, she shivered.

"You sure you don't want some?" he growled suggestively, and she rose up on one arm and turned her upper body to face him. He had dipped another strawberry in chocolate and was holding it out to her. Licking her lips, she stared at his offering, but she didn't take it right away.

He smile widened as he watched her, but he didn't move his hand. As Lois watched, a dollop of still-warm chocolate dripped off the strawberry and landed on her breast, trailing down to her nipple. Clark's smile took on a mischievous edge as he looked down at her breast. "I think we're going to have to do something about that."

Arching her eyebrows, Lois's gaze followed Clark's and she looked down at the trail of chocolate. "What did you have in mind?" she asked suggestively when she looked up at him.

His grin was wicked, and staring into her eyes, he bent to lick the chocolate off her breast. Her breathing grew ragged when she felt him press the pad of his tongue against her beaded nipple. As he lifted his head, he dipped the strawberry in chocolate again and made a move as if to trail it between her breasts, but Lois caught his arm before he could make contact.

Her hand tightened on his wrist, staying his motion. When he looked up at her in surprise, she shook her head slowly, the corner of her mouth lifting into a smile. "My turn," she murmured, releasing his hand so she could press her palm against his chest, pushing him gently back onto the bed.

Clark's eyebrows were arched in curiosity as he lay back against the mattress, and Lois reached over him to grab the small bowl of melted chocolate from his hand. Frowning into the perfectly melted chocolate, maintained at the perfect temperature, she asked, "How is this not cooling yet?"

His expression was entirely too innocent as he cleared his throat and offered, "Trade secret."

Lois narrowed her eyes thoughtfully as she looked down at him. Every once in a while, there was just something a little inexplicable about the naked man in front of her. No wonder that, in her wildest fantasies, her entirely overactive imagination had merged Clark and the Blur, so that she imagined Clark performing feats such that the Blur would do.

"You're uncharacteristically quiet. What are you thinking about?" he asked in an undertone, his voice sounding a bit nervous.

Her lips quirked. "Just thinking about you." Throwing her leg over his hips, she straddled him and splayed her hands over his chest as she purred, "Remembering a few of my more vivid fantasies."

"Anything in particular?" he asked in a soft growl, bracing her hips in his palms.

Biting her lower lip, she shook her head. "I was just thinking that reality beats the fantasy any day." Placing the bowl on the bed next to him, Lois dipped her fingertip into the warm chocolate and trailed it down his chest. "Though I'm pretty sure you took this one straight out of my internal monologue earlier."

He didn't deny her accusation, though that could have been due to his preoccupation with the feel of her hair brushing lightly against his chest as she bowed her head as she licked the chocolate off his chest. Tilting her head back to look at him, she grumbled, "And I don't think that's fighting fair, Clark."

Feigning a hurt look, he protested, "I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Uh huh," she said sarcastically as she reached between them and trailed her nails along the sensitive skin of his inner thigh. He hissed in a sharp breath so, in an overly innocent voice, Lois asked, "Oh, did you feel that?"

Laughing when she saw the glower he threw her, Lois pressed her palm against him. He twitched under her hand, slowly growing hard, and she grinned. "Did I mention I fight dirty?" she asked. Before Clark could answer, she bowed her head and swirled her tongue around the tip of his penis.

"I never – guh," he broke off, making a guttural sound in the back of his throat as she lifted her head and blew across his wet skin. On a shaky breath, he tried again, "I never doubted it, Lois."

"You shouldn't." Lowering her weight onto her elbows, Lois looked up at his face and mused, "I wonder what I could learn if I read your mind, Clark." Ducking her head, she ran her tongue around the length of his shaft, brushing his skin with her lips. Then, as if nothing untoward had happened, she lifted her head and continued in the same voice, "What kinds of fantasies I would uncover."

Without warning, she bent and took him inside her mouth again, scraping her teeth lightly against the tip of his penis before sliding her lips down his shaft. She pressed her tongue against him, listening intently to find out what elicited little moans of pleasure.

"I c-can't…" he gasped as she started to pull off of him. Swirling her tongue around his tip, she took him deep inside her mouth again. His hand sank into her hair, pulling it back as his hips twitched underneath her. "F-fantasies, Lois? I don't know what you're -" he had to pause as he sucked in a sharp breath, "t-talking about!"

Oh, he was going to tease her, was he? Lois narrowed her eyes as she considered the situation. She was definitely going to have to teach him a lesson, she decided. Keeping her eyes locked on his face, she took as much of his length into her mouth as she could and started to hum, causing the walls of her throat to vibrate.

Clark yelped something incoherent, and she could swear she saw his eyes roll back before they squeezed shut. The muscles in his neck corded as he flung his hair back, his hand tightening into her hair. Feeling victorious, Lois hummed louder.

Her hum changed to a surprised yelp as she felt Clark pull her off him suddenly. He lifted her easily, not even seeming to strain with her weight, and she was reminded of the first time she'd met him. The way he'd lifted her to move her aside in the hospital, when she refused to move out of his way.

"Impatient, Clark?" she teased as he lowered her onto him. Her breath caught as he slid inside her.

"You must be rubbing off on me," he gasped as she rolled her hips against him.

Lois's reply came out as a gutteral moan as he withdrew and surged inside of her again. Ducking her head, she pressed her lips against his neck as he moved inside of her. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he lifted her hips and thrust inside of her. For a while, the only sounds either of them made were their moans and sighs of pleasure.

Later, Lois heaved a contented sigh as she shifted, forgoing using Clark's chest as a pillow so she could look him in the eye. In the dim light provided by the moon shining through the window, she saw his eyes on her. "So," she said softly, resting her palm against his chest, just wanting to touch him. "What do we do at work tomorrow?"

The corner of his mouth curled in a slight smile. "Well, if our usual routine is anything to go by, I'll get a doughnut on my way to work, and I'll make sure it's one of your favorites because I know you'll steal it before I even get to my desk. By noon, you'll have told me at least four times that you promise you won't put yourself in danger for a story. If I'm lucky, you'll make it until at least two o'clock before you find yourself at gunpoint, taken hostage by a psychopath, or hanging from a ledge somewhere…"

Fighting back a laugh, Lois poked him in the side. "Ha ha. Funny man. I meant, what do we do about this? About us? I mean, this does change things between us, you know."

Clark's smile didn't falter as he nodded. "I know. I was hoping at the very least I might finally be able to talk you into going on an official date with me."

Feeling like this deserved some escalation in retribution, Lois chuckled as she grabbed her pillow out from under her head and hit him with it. As she plopped it back onto the bed and lay down again, she said, "Smart ass. You know what I meant!"

The smile falling from Clark's face, he leaned over her, resting his hands on either side of her face so he could stare down at her. "You scared this is going to change things between us?"

"Isn't it?" she asked, the words catching in her throat as she rested her palms on his shoulders.

"I hope so," he murmured in return. "But one thing isn't going to change. When you come into work every morning, you'll still take my breath away. Just like you always do." Brushing a kiss across an eyelid, he said, "Only now, I may have to drag you off into that every office every once and a while." Brushing a kiss across her other eyelid, he said, "Or the copy room." His lips brushed against hers. "Maybe the supply closet."

Lois giggled against his mouth. "The elevator? Or the roof?"

With a feigned long-suffering sigh, he said, "If you insist." But his eyes blazed intently as the smile faded from his face and he stared down at her. "But I hope things change between us, Lois. I love you, and I want to stop pretending that I don't."

"I love you too, Clark," she said softly and kissed him.

As the kiss ended, he lay down in bed next to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her tightly against him. Nuzzling his nose in her hair, he breathed in the comforting, familiar scent of her shampoo and closed his eyes.

Lois drifted off to sleep with contented sigh. It was the first night in months that she didn't jerk awake in the middle of the night, tormented by the thought of Clark's touch.

But, then, she didn't need the fantasy anymore. She had the reality.