Charmed Kitsune


Naruto x Phoebe x Prue x Piper x ?


Story Start


Diriel was less than pleased his attack failed. "The assassins failed. The witch is alive." He seethed.

"Yes." Oracle grimaced, "I know." She glanced at her crystal ball.

"You told me her future was short-lived." He reminded her, anger evident in his demonic voice, "You told me-"

The Oracle sat upright and interrupted, "I told you only that it appeared to be short-lived." She corrected him and defended herself. She then pouted innocently, "Seeing into the future is not always exact, especially when magical forces are at play." She explained.

"The Power of Three is formidable, but not infallible. The Power of Four is something that hasn't even been prophesied. It is an unknown power. They will be an unstoppable force now."

"Once the bond is formed perhaps." The Oracle added, "But it has yet to. Which means she's vulnerable, easily swayed." She pointed out then hoped off the stone and walked towards Diriel.

"Forty-two hours. The window of opportunity is still opened." It was what both sides agreed to eons ago, to protect free will in other words a very obvious loophole. "They have yet come together as sisters. "

"Meaning she's still vulnerable to being seduced to evil." Diriel contemplated. "We could weaken them, corrupt the book, or better yet use her as a tool to get the Charmed Ones on the side of evil." They could be a great force of evil. They would server evil. They could serve him. "You're lucky I've decided that the youngest's survival opens up more opportunities to me." Before the Oracle could move he seized her jaw with a tight grip. The fear in her eyes was visible.

"Make sure your visions are…clearer, my dear. I won't be able to guarantee your future otherwise." He tossed her head to the side slightly once he let her jaw go. "Does the Source suspect anything?"

"He still thinks you're trying to free and strip your master of his powers to present to him as a gift." The Oracle answered.

"See to it that it remains that way." Diriel advised her as he flamed out. This bit of information inspired him to put his new plan in action.

Topside the Quartet found themselves surprised that the very girl they were going to seek out was standing in the foyer.

Paige stood there looking extremely nervous and uncomfortable, "I, the door was open." The girl looked plum terrified. "Am I…interrupting something?"

"No, no ,no ,no! No, no!" Phoebe cried grabbing her upper arms, "We were just coming to look for you." she informed Paige who looked very confused at that, then Phoebe raced off and closed the door.

Paige turned to Prue and Piper, Naruto standing back, "You were?" she asked with wide, confused eyes.

Prue and Piper took deep breathes and folded their arms across their chests at the same time.

"Yep!" Phoebe chirped from behind Paige as she walked back towards her, "Come on in." she invited looping arms with Paige and dragging her over to Prue and Piper. At that moment Prue and Piper realized something. Seeing the confused and fearful expression on the young woman's face they realized that she was sucked into this whole mess like she was. It was more than simply discovering her background was a lie. She lost more than the ignorance of a non-magical life; she had lost a family before she even got to know them. She was being tossed into the mess without any family to guide her or any traditions to fall back on.

What was going through her mind? Did she feel unloved? Unwanted?

Were they cruel enough to condemn her for the sins of others? No, never. As upset as they were, they couldn't take it out on her. It wasn't right or fair for this young woman to be punished for something she had no control over. Wordlessly, gentle hands were placed over her hand. 'We accept you. You're not alone.'

And with that light washed over them. "Okay….what was that?" Paige asked fear tingling up her spine.

"A sign you belong." Naruto clarified.

"I know this might be a bit difficult for you to handle, but we know what you're going through. We went through the same thing when we first found out we were witches too." Phoebe assured her.

"How do I know you're not the bad ones?" Paige questioned.

"We can't force you to believe us, that' something you have to come to accept on your own, but answer this? If we were evil, do you think we would have risked our lives to save you against the ones who were hocking fireballs?"

"I suppose that raises a good point. So, what happened at the mausoleum?"

"That was your power." Phoebe clarified. "At least on your father's side if we can find out what your witch power is then without a doubt you're one of us. Charmed."

"And the sooner you learn it, the sooner you'll be able to protect yourself." Prue chimed in.

"Which would be a really good thing since we have to avoid being hunted by demons and such on a weekly basis."

Piper nodded, "But because the prophecy only mentions three sisters' we have no idea what your power might be."

"We can only assume that it could be a mutation of one of our powers." Prue explained.

Paige frowned and shook her head, "So….what do I do?" she asked looking to each sister.

"You try and use our powers." Phoebe stated like it was obvious. "I have the power of premonition meaning I can see into the future. I often predict events relating to us or innocents prior to demon attacks."

Piper spoke up next. "I have the power Molecular Immobilization, which we call freezing. I can freeze people, demons, and to a limited extent objects. My power doesn't work on good witches."

"And mine is the power of Telekinesis. Using your hands or as you gain more power your eyes you can use it to telekinetically control objects or fling enemies away."

"What do I do?" Paige asked.

"Relax and take a deep breath. Focus on the candle; you have to have the intent move it. Then you wave your hand and move it." With that Prue focused her power on an apple in the fruit dish and caused it to fling into her hand. "Nothing to it.'

Paige jumped in surprise, staring at Prue impressed then turned to the fruit dish, concentrated hard and waved her hand at it, "Nothing!" she declared when nothing happened.

Prue turned back to Paige, "Try again." She instructed and Paige did so with no luck then huffed. "Its alright, trust us, it took us some time to get used to our powers." she smiled warmly at Paige who forced one back, "We'll give it one last try and it's not like it couldn't be that maybe you're destined for another power."

Once more nothing happened. Paige was rather disappointed. "Guess I won't be levitating apples any…." She held out her hand and stopped when bright blue and white lights engulfed said apple and dropped halfway between her and the table. "W-What just happened?"

"Its your whitelighter side." Naruto spoke up. "It could be using your witch heritage and emulating the magic in your heritage. We can only know for sure once you try the others."

"Mine turn," Phoebe eagerly volunteered. Phoebe smiled, "I can see the future. Now take my hands and uh….try and see what I'll be wearing tonight at." She suggested with a shrug. Prue and Piper bit back their laughter. Tonight would have been Phoebe's date night with Naruto.

Paige took Phoebe's hands and focused. After a few seconds Paige stepped back a step, breathless.

"Well?" Phoebe eagerly acquired.

"Flashes…red…I felt like I was someplace else but I wasn't. I couldn't make sense of anything."

"Okay, mine next." Piper said quickly and Paige turned to her, "I freeze stuff, as you already know so…." Piper bent over and grabbed the fallen apple. "Try and freeze the apple."

"I…I don't know." After two unsuccessful attempts at powers, Paige wasn't feeling to enthusiastic. Their expressions upon her attempt at doing them clued Paige in that they weren't reacting in the way they were expected too.

"I'll throw the apple, you throw your hands up and freeze it, okay?" she asked, "Good." without waiting for a reply.

"Ah!" Paige cried in surprise throwing her hands up as she did for the white glow surrounded the apple, but instead of freezing it, the glow merely radiated throughout the apple as it fell do at a slower rate.

"I don't understand. Why isn't her power reacting the way it's supposed to? Is it because…" Phoebe trailed off, not wanting to point out yet again Paige's difference from them.

"Her power might not be a mutation. Her heritage is simply emulating the powers in her line. I don't think Paige will inherit or can perform your abilities. She might be able to channel them to a certain extent, but I don't think they'll be as strong as the original or that she'll ever master them like the rest of you. Her abilities might just be passive." Naruto pointed out.

Just then Paige's phone went off. "I'm so sorry," she profusely apologized. "It's my job." The sisters nodded in understanding. After a moment, which the quartet did their best not to listen on Paige turned to them. "I…I have to go. There's this case and…"

"It's fine." Phoebe assured her albeit she was reluctant to let her new baby sister to go without hardly getting to know her.

"I should come by…tomorrow?" Paige hesitantly asked. This was all so much to take in.

"We'll be waiting for you." Prue said as she walked her to the door. Once they bid their goodbyes the Quartet gathered in the living room. "What are we going to do? Paige is still in danger and we certainly can't keep her captive in the manor."

"Trust me; I'll be tailing her momentarily. Since Paige is still green I'll take to looking after her myself personally."

"Well…." Prue sighed, "….we're gonna have to train a new witch from scratch. Teach her all the basics; potion making, spell casting, ritual performing you name it. We'll need to try and catch her up on everything and as we know our weekly threats aren't going to wait around until that happened."

"Well look on the bright side. At least she showed up before the Ceremony. We'll only have to do it once, instead of again." Phoebe brought up, trying to interject some humor into the situation as she took a seat on the couch next to Naruto. "What do we do in the meantime?"

"The only thing we can do. We wait."

"Guys! We have a problem!" a panicked Piper hurried downstairs with the Book of Shadows. "I was thinking of maybe we can get an idea from the book and look." The Triquetra, the insignia, their insignia was gone. There was only one explanation. There was no Power of Three any longer, not with Paige's presence being recognized within the house and recognized by the book. And that meant until Paige accepted her destiny as a Halliwell Witch the Charmed Ones didn't exist anymore.

That night a young man by the name of Shane was lying asleep in his bed when a rumpling sound woken him. He sat upright and switched on his bedside lamp. He threw off the sheets and pushed himself out of bed. The light started to flicker as the rumbling sound became louder. Shane turned to his left just as Diriel flamed into his apartment, right in front of him.

"What the hell!" Shane cried, fear written across his face, "Who are you?" he questioned shakily.

"No need to answer you boy. After all, once this is all over, you won't live long enough to make use of the information anyhow." Diriel replied as he turned into a cloudy essence and entered Shane's body.

Shane turned to his door then heard a 'knock' from the other side. He opened it up and found Paige Mathews standing on his doorstep. "I'm sorry I blew you off earlier Shane. I…something came up."

"Sshh." Shane stopped her, placing his hands on either side of her face, "Whatever happened I'm sure its fine." He said, repressing a grin. This was going to be easier than she thought.

The following morning Paige is sat at her desk on the phone, "So how's Aunt Julie?" she asked politely.

"Much better. Thank you, dear, for asking." The caller on the other line replied.

"Is her hip any better?" Paige asked then got distracted by the man at reception.

"Jake and Carol Grisanti for Mr. Cowan." Jake introduced himself.

"Okay. I'll let him know you're here." The receptionist replied politely.

Paige turned back to the phone, "Sorry. Say that again, I got distracted." But she doesn't hear the answer as she follows Jake Grisanti with her eyes as he returns to his wife.

"I'm gonna go wash up okay?" he told her then disappeared in the men's restroom. Once in there he turned on the faucet and washed his face in the cold water. The lights began to flicker and when Jake Grisanti looked up Shane was standing behind him.

"What do you want?" Jake snapped irritably.

Shane cocked his head to the side as a ghostly hand protruded out of his chest and the Diriel stepped out of his body. Shane unconscious body hit the cold tile floor. Jake backed away in fear as the demon advanced on him, "Oh God!" he cried. The demon remained silent as he entered him and took over. Jake stood up straight and looked in the mirror, his eyes turning black before he left.

"Uh….Uncle Dave I've gotta go. I'll call you back okay?" Paige hastily said goodbye when she noticed she her boss Mr. Cowan shook hands with Jake Grisanti.

"Okay, I love you, Paige."

"Yeah, I love you too." She replied then hung up the phone and made her way over to them, "Mr. Cowan." She called sharply.

"Hey, look Paige I got this, okay?" he replied in a hushed tone.

"No but you can't let that little boy go home with that jerk." She insisted sternly.

"Paige, number one: you don't know for a fact he's abusing the boy." Mr. Cowan pointed out firmly, "And number two: this is none of your business. You are an assistant not a social worker."

"That's because you're too cheap to make me one!" Paige threw in his face in a fit of frustration.

Mr. Cowan held up his hands before retreating into the conference room, closing the door tightly behind him.

Paige glared then moved to look in the window only to find Jake Grisanti staring at her in amusement. Paige stared back and watched him smirk in satisfaction as Mr. Cowan pulled the blinds shut.

Paige turned and rested her head back against the glass looking severely pissed off. The Whitelighter witch paced back and forth outside of the conference room nervously waiting to find out what decision Mr. Cowan came too.

"What's happening?" Paige demanded as soon as Mr. Cowan stepped out.

"Nothing's been decided." He told her calmly, "We're gonna meet again tomorrow."

Paige folded her arms across her chest looking at him like he was insane; "Tomorrow?" she echoed in disbelief, "You can't let him go home with that kid." She insisted standing by her word.

"I can and I am." Mr. Cowan replied his patience wearing thin, "Look Paige, you weren't in there. He was very persuasive."

"Persuasive? What about the police report?" Paige questioned in disgust, "What about the counselor's recommendations?"

Mr. Cowan sighed, "Look Paige, I know how you feel about these cases. But we can't make a decision based on what you think?" he tried to explain his reasons to her, "We have to base it on facts. Right now, we don't have enough yet. I'm sorry." And with that he walked away.

"You got a problem lady?" Jake Grisanti asked looming over her.

Paige looked up at him defiantly, "Yeah I do." She replied strongly, "I got a problem with people who hit their kids."

"Come on Jake." His wife pulled on his arm, "Let's just go?" she begged.

"Wait, wait." He said firmly shaking her off and turning back to Paige, "Listen, I can do whatever the hell I want to…." He leaned in close and smirked, "….and there's nothing you can do to stop me." Then he walked away leaving an appalled and enraged Paige in his wake.

Paige shook her head in disgust then stomped off to her desk, snatched up her purse and headed for the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" Mr. Cowan asked walking after her.

"Visiting my sisters." Paige threw over her shoulder while storming out leaving her boss surprised. Paige had sisters?

Jake Grisanti entered the restroom once again to find Shane still unconscious body lying on the floor with an elderly man kneeling over him. "Can you give me a hand?" the kind elderly man asked, "I think he must have slipped."

Jake turned, his eyes turning black and the old man erupted into flames leaving nothing but smoke. The same ghostly hand protruded out of Jake's chest as the Diriel stepped out of his body and back into Shane's.

"What do you mean you can't help me?" Paige cried out as she set opposite of the sisters.

"That's not how we work Paige. We use our powers to help and protect the innocent." Prue patiently explained as she watched the rather antsy young woman. She watched as the girl's face form into one of frustration. Taking a deep breath and clasping her hand she continued. "It is not our duty to punish others."

"But…but the guy is abusing his son. You have to do something." She pleaded, hoping that the girls would do something. Paige wasn't confident in her own powers and since her boss wouldn't help, surely she could count on the sisters.

"Sweetie." Phoebe began with a kind smile, moving over to sit by Paige. "I know you must feel frustrated and that you want to help, but there's nothing we can do. If you find proof you have to take it to the police, we may be witches, but we're not law officials. We only take care of magical matters."

"I'm not asking you to arrest the guy or anything. Can't you scare him or something?" she continued to assist but the sisters firm stance seemed to be unflinching.

"We're not going to misuse our powers on a hunch Paige." Prue spoke up again, a bit more sternly than before. "Abusing our powers in a matter against people who can't defend themselves would make us no better than the demons we fight. If you only came to see us today so we'll use our powers to fix your problem then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed."

"Prue." Piper called out to eldest. While she agreed with Paige's desire to abuse magic was against their morals she felt the time now should be focused on bringing her closer to the family, not pushing her away.

"T-This was a mistake." Paige said as she got up.

"Paige wait…" Phoebe hopped up and went after her. "We're on your side its just…"

"It doesn't matter; I'll help that boy on my own even if anyone isn't willing to help me." She remarked as she swung the door open and stormed out.

Phoebe winched when the door knob hit the wall. She sighed and closed the door and went over to the phone. She began dialing a number. "Hey…Paige was here." After a few seconds she continued after Naruto response. "She stormed out. She wanted us to use our magic on a guy she think might be abusing her son. There's no evidence though. Yeah…we'll wait for her to cool down then." She said, hanging up the phone.

Meanwhile Naruto was at Paige's apartment. He was making sure there wouldn't be any surprised visitors for the girl. To his surprise several demons flamed in. To his surprise it wasn't mooks that popped in. It was the Brotherhood of the Thorn, an elite society of powerful upper-level demons. These mercenaries were formed by the Source over a Century. He recognized a few of them immediately; the one that stood out was Raynor, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Thorn. "Raynor." Naruto cordially greeted.

"Tempest." He returned. "The Source wishes to seek counsel with you to verify whether or not the rumors of a Fourth Halliwell being valid."

Naruto kept the emotion from his face. "Very well." He said as he followed the demons into the underworld. Not too long after Paige entered the apartment. The rest of her afternoon when she returned to her job was anything but relaxing. After a nice long shower she stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel and stopped in front of the mirror.

"You know who you are now Paige." Shane's voice floated through the room, "This is where your destiny lies." And his voice slowly warped into the Diriel's, "It lies not with your sister witches." Shane appeared behind her, "It's for no-one but you. This is what you've searching for your whole life. This is why you have the power." He waved his hand in front of the mirror and Jake Grisanti appeared.

"You can't stop me." He taunted.

"Use your power for your own desires, to seek your own revenge." Shane advised, "Use your power. Call for his heart. Call for his life." And then he disappeared again. Paige raised her hand to the mirror and shattered the glass.

The demons appeared in the underworld. They began traveling down the corridor to the private sanctum that belonged to the Source. Besides Raynor, there were five other members of the Brotherhood escorting Naruto. "The Charmed Ones still live. One would have thought you would have finished them off and stolen their power by now."

"I suppose seeing the failed attempts of others amused me." Naruto entertained in a dry tone. He could feel the gaze of the demons walking behind him burning through the back of the head.

"It seems as if they had a powerful guardian angel looking over them." The demon insinuated as he kept his gaze ahead.

"A Whitelighter or maybe some other magical user on the side of good?" Naruto offered up. Something was wrong. He could feel it.

"Or maybe its due to the assistance of one Naruto Uzumaki." As Raynor finished energy balls flickered to life in the hand of his pupils. Naruto leaped up and over landed behind them. Taking a deep breath he did exhaled letting out a highly compressed ball of air from his mouth knocking them over. Using his speed he quickly pounced on of the demons, driving his heel into the demon's gut. He proceeded to freeze his face using his hand and smashed it with his elbow.

Two of them recovered and threw fire balls at the blond. Naruto jumped back, one of the balls skimming his hair and the other grazing the jacket he was wearing. He quickly patted it out and began his counter attack. Emitting chakra from his fingertips he began materializing a sword. One of the other recovering demons flung an energy ball only for Naruto to use the replacement jutsu. With the demons momentarily stunned with the use of the technique he finished forming the technique and lobbed off the head of another demon.

Raynor shimmered behind Naruto and attempted to stab him with the athame only for the blond to twist out of the way. The other remaining demons continued peppering the attacks only for Naruto to draw some smoke bombs and tossed them down. With their vision impaired Naruto quickly dispatched two more demons. He formed a Rasengan in his head and prepared to charge Raynor only for an energy ball to catch him by his side, causing him to fall over to the side, heavily damaging his side. The smoke began to clear to reveal the Source of All Evil.

"My Liege." Raynor greeted.

"Leave us. I wish to take care of the traitor myself." The Source commander as the other demons shimmered out.

"Its hard to be a traitor when you were never loyal in the first place." Naruto said as his chakra to glow and animate. With that his power exploded as a bright golden glow surrounded the blond and the shroud formed. Once it faded he was cloaked in the Rikudō Senjutsu.

In a display of instantaneous movement Naruto closed the distant between them as a Rasengan formed. The Source immediately summoned a shield blocking the attack, causing the back to be blown out, quickly drawing back the item and hurled a fireball in his direction.

Naruto twisted back and began forming hand seals when he was hurled back by an energy blast. Naruto let out a grunt as he collided with the wall. Three arms sprouted from his back as he began forming a Rasenshuriken. Suddenly a mental assault to his mind caused the blond to momentarily hesitate before launching the technique.

Using the power to transform the Source turned into the form of a Cheetah and quickly escaped the attacked that was now expanding and chipping away at the walls of the area.

Inhaling Naruto spat a thick spray of ice that was quickly coating the ground. The Source leapt into the air to avoid tripping and transforming into a crow. Naruto raised his hand and instantly creating mini lava rasenshurikens on his fingers letting them fly. The Source vanished from the naked eye as the Shurikens collided with the ceiling and walls of the caverns melting them through.

Naruto kept on the lookout for the Source as he focused on sensing his evil. Suddenly a powerful stream of electro kinesis struck his chest. Naruto found himself tossed back momentarily before halting in midair using dust release to fly.

Suddenly a powerful shockwave erupted from Naruto as he roared, channeling his and Kurama's will enveloping the entire cavern and causing a series of deep cracks to form into the wall. It also resulted in the force losing the mental focus he needed to retain invisibility. Without giving the Source a chance to recover Naruto popped up next to him and drove his fist into his face, causing the body of the demon to impact one of the walls hard enough to cave in.

Naruto saw an opportunity to make a killing blow and began forming a Tailed Beast Rasengan. Naruto rammed the sphere into the magical construct of even as the torso of the creature magically exploded outwards in a display of magic. 'That was far too easy.' He thought as the body before him exploded. The sudden drop of power from his opponent led him to conclude the coward must of escaped once he realized how badly outclassed he was. Either way there was no else he could learn by staying down there.

Top Side at Social Bay Services Paige was sitting at her desk staring off into space, her eyes slightly glazed when she suddenly rose from her seat and followed an angry Jake Grisanti and his wife out of the building and into the street.

Paige stopped a few feet behind him and held up her hand, "Heart." She clearly and impassionedly called out.

Jake Grisanti groaned and gasped in pain clutching his chest as he fell to the ground squirming. "Jake what is it?" his wife cried fearfully. "NO!" she screamed frantically.

Just then Prue's car pulled up inside the parking lot and she, Piper, and Phoebe, all jumped out, their enchanted sunglasses clutched tightly in Phoebe's hand. After talking about it, they had decided to check up on Paige to make sure she wouldn't do anything she would regret especially considering the fact that they couldn't seem to get in contact with Naruto.

"There she is!" Phoebe pointed out. "And…and there's a black aura surrounding her." She added.

"A black aura? You don't think…" Prue trailed off. The sisters were well aware of the 48 hour window. It was brought up shortly after Paige's initial departure from the mansion. Since Naruto volunteered to watch her, they weren't too concerned about an evil presence manipulating her.

"Whatever is going on it can't be good. We have to stop her before it's too late, come on." Phoebe strode on.

"Jake! Jake what?..." Carol Grisanti asked her husband desperately.

"Paige?" Phoebe called as she came to a stop beside her younger sister, "Paige it's me, Phoebe. And Prue and Piper too. Remember us?"

"He's evil. He's hurting his child." Paige replied not taking her eyes off her victim or relenting in her pull for his heart.

Prue raised her eyebrows and looked between Paige and the man on the ground, "And this is your plan of action?" she asked hands on her hips, "You're going to kill him? Look, I understand how you feel, any person who hurt a child is scum but this is not our way. If you kill him you'll be just like the monsters you fight against. Abusing the position you're in to torture and kill others."

"Paige, listen to us. Whoever is convincing you this is the right idea is wrong. The same people who tried to kill you are trying to coerce you into the side of evil. You're better than this, you're strong than this."

"No! No Jake!" Carol cried growing more frantic as he husband writhed on the ground.

"I'm sorry kid." Prue said with a regretful smile. "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it will me." She said as she drew back her arm back. Balling up her first she clocked her sister, rendering her to fall back on the ground unconscious.

"Prue!" Piper yelped, looking at her sister in shock.

"What the hell!" Phoebe exclaimed as she looked between her unconscious little sister and big sister.

"Well, we needed to break the connection and I couldn't use my powers on her." Prue tried to explain looking rather sheepish. She supposed it was a bit much.

"So punching her was the better alternative?" Phoebe sent the eldest a pointed glare.

"I…I panicked okay!" the exasperated witch answered. "Look let's just hurry up and get her back to the manor before she wakes up and decide to finish the job. She quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching them or could see. "Allison!"

The White lighter appeared in a flash. "You called?"

"We need you to orb Paige back to the mansion and quickly." She ordered. White-lighter and half white-lighter were gone in a flurry.

Once Paige had been rendered unconscious her connection to Jake Grisanti had been of coursed removed. With that the three sisters ran away from the scene and back to the car.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Carol Grisanti asked her husband in concern, "Maybe you better lay back down."

Jake shook his head, one hand still clutching his chest, "I'm not covering for you anymore Carol. You keep your hands off our son."

Diriel stormed out of the building looking around sharply for the death and destruction he had been expecting to find. It looked like another complication, but that was to be expected. He had one last trick he could try before falling back onto plan B. He returned to where the Oracle was waiting. "Oracle, find Paige one last time."

Prue, Piper and Phoebe walked briskly through the front door of their family home their eyes searching for one person. They found Allison, hair frizzled, shirt torn and looking worse for wear. "Allison, where's Paige?" Prue asked only to dodge a base hurtling towards her head at the last second.

"Over there! Unfortunately any attempts on my part to convince her that she isn't evil have been mitigated by the fact I've been keeping her from trying to kill me."

"Huh? Looks like you should have put more peppered behind that much." Piper remarked to Prue as they dodged the fire poker which was now firmly implanted into the wall.

The sisters tried to talk to Paige against once more finding themselves dodging another item, this time the fruit dish which soon shattered against the wall and littered the floor. "I just bought that!" Piper cried out in anger. "That's it you're going down." Piper yelled as she popped up from behind the wall. She then proceeded to rugby tackle her.

"Between you and Piper we're going to end up doing the demon's job for them." Phoebe muttered. She and Prue ran over to assist their sister restrain, well their sister.

"Get off me!" Paige seethed as Phoebe went around back, grabbing Paige's arms while Prue got her legs.

"Okay, relax. Relax." Prue soothed but Paige kept on thrashing. "Allison could you please check Naruto's home or any of his frequent places? We could use some help right now."

"Alright, I'll be back in a jiffy." The white lighter said as she orbed out.

"All right now what?" Phoebe asked as she struggled to keep a firm hold on Paige.

Piper pushed herself to her feet before answering, "We just better hope there's some kind of Wiccan exorcism in the 'Book of Shadows' cause…." Piper paused to observe Paige, "….yeah." she muttered eyes wide as she turned and raced for the stairs but froze when the lights began to flicker and Shane appeared out of nowhere. "Who are you?" Piper asked.

Shane's eyes turned black before he turned his head to the left and sent Piper flying up and threw the top landing banister.

"PIPER!" Prue and Phoebe yelled together as the former jumped to her feet and raced to help her sister as Phoebe continued to restrain Paige.

Shane shot a red glowing ball at Prue who sent it right back at him with her telekinesis but he dodged it easily. He took advantage of her brief moment of vulnerability and hurled another one, sending her flying backwards, landing on the wooden floors hard. "Ow." Prue whimpered pressing her hand to the back of her head.

"Prue," Phoebe hesitated before making a choice. There was no point in keeping Paige restrained if this demon was going to slaughter them anyway. She hurried to her feet and attempted to use her martial arts only for him to easily catch her punch. Phoebe gasped as she had a premonition regarding the identity of this man. He quickly moved his hand to grip her wrist and with a yank sent her hurtling into the wall.

Piper having recovered and threw her hands up causing the man to freeze. A primal snarl escaped her lips as her eyes went into slits and her nails began to grow and extend, sharpening into claws. With a roar Piper shot forth as she prepared to slash the demon to ribbons!

"PIPER DON'T!" Phoebe cried out. "The demon possesses the body of an innocent."

Piper's eyes widened and she veered the stroke at the last second. That gave the demon more than enough time to recover and kneed the witch in the gut.

"Your powers are great witches, but how long do you think you'll continue on? Especially now that your guardian is well…once can only assume he's in dire straits." The demon remarked.

"You son of a bitch!" Phoebe whispered as she sent a hateful glare at the demon.

"Shane what's going on?" Paige asked looking shell shocked and extremely confused. Piper's freezing of him must have interrupted his hold on the girl.

Shane walked towards her, his voice normal again, "It's okay honey. I'm here now."

Paige stepped back away from him and towards the sisters, "Stay away from me."

"You can't take her. She still has free will demon." Phoebe hissed at him. With that all three sisters moved to shield Paige, not taking their eyes off the demon.

"Oh, but she's already chosen." Shane countered, "Haven't you?" he addressed Paige. Paige stared at him, "Come with me." He urged softly, "You'll be safe forever, I promise."

"Don't listen to him, he's lying." Piper spoke up, her voice stern and unwavering.

"They only want you for your power." Shane called to her, "You don't have to share it. It's yours." He reminded her then he morphed into Paige's boss, "You've already seen what you can do with it. You did what nobody else could do." Then he morphed into Carol Grisanti, "You nearly saved my son from his father, from all the pain and suffering he's put him through." She encouraged.

The sisters watched on helplessly, powerless to stop this trickery.

Then Shane morphed into the little boy himself, "Please help me?" he begged, "Don't let him hurt me anymore." And it was clear by now that Paige was falling for it. "You're my only hope." The young boy told her, reaching out his hand for her to take which she did.

"No!" Phoebe cried running towards Paige.

"Phoebe don't." Prue called reaching out for her sister.

The little boys eyes turned black and he threw up his hand causing Phoebe to crash into the wall. He kept her pinned as he focused his power, attempting to crush her body.

"PHOEBE!" Prue yelled running to her but Piper grabbed her arms, holding her back.

Paige turned and watched Phoebe scream as she dangled in the air, "HELP ME!"

"PAIGE DO SOMETHING!" Prue exclaimed locking eyes with the younger woman.

Paige stared back at Prue and Piper, then at Phoebe before she spun around and knocked the boy to the ground, releasing Phoebe.

"Phoebe?" Piper called as they all ran to her, Piper and Prue pulling her to her feet just as the clock struck midnight.

"You okay?" Prue asked and Phoebe nodded moving closer to her eldest sister, "Okay." Prue whispered softly, "You're okay."

The little boy morphed back into Shane who rose to his feet.

"I guess bloods a little thicker than evil." Piper mused with a smirk as Paige snapped out of her trance like state.

"You win this round witches, but I assure you, our conflict is far from over." The demon promised, exiting Shane's body which slumped to the floor causing all four sisters to take a step back. With that demon vanished.

"You…you three risked your lives for me. You risked everything for me. Why?"

Prue smiled and took Paige's hand, "Because Paige, you're my baby sister and sisters' protect each other." She repeated the words.

"We sisters have to stick together." Piper added with a warm smile.

"After all, if you can't count on family, your loved ones to be there for you the world would be a rather sucky place." Phoebe finished as she enthusiastically hugged her baby sister.

"I take it I missed the party?" a voice called out from the kitchen. Naruto nearly found himself bowled over by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe.

"You ok?" Phoebe softly asked when she noticed the look on Naruto's face.

"You should see the other guy." He joked.

"What happened? The demon said you were…" Piper trailed off, not even wanting to finish the sentence.

"It was definitely the possibility. It was a trap. I ended up fighting the Source himself." He clarified as the Halliwells tried, but fail to keep the alarm off their faces. "Its fine, I was managed to drive him off, but I still don't know the full scope of his abilities. Until then we need to be a bit more cautious." He finished before his attention turned to Paige who was standing to the side and looking rather awkward. "So yeah, in order to work through this awkwardness, I suggest we go get drunk." Naruto piped up only for a groan to gain his attention. His eyes then settled on the now awakening Shane. "Who the hell is that?"

The group found themselves at the of the city's nightclubs the Comet Club. The group was sitting at a private booth when the waitress arrived with the drinks.

"Here you go." she said brightly as she began sitting the drinks down.

"Thank you." Piper said politely. She smiled at her and continued placing them down before ending with Naruto.

"Thank you," He smiled before she walked away. Naruto took a swig of his drink then smiled at the sisters, "We cut it kind of close this time, but in the end we triumphed." He said raising his glass.

"To six days of normalcy before we deal with another murder attempt." Piper added with a wry smile.

"Six days of normalcy? I'll drink to that." Phoebe said raising her glass in the air along with the others.

Everyone clank their glasses together smiling, all happy to be out and about again, feeling a lot more relaxed than they had in the past few days since this whole event again. As always the Halliwell sisters were looking amazing. Prue was sporting a Black Slinky Strapless Lace Hem Halter Cocktail Dress. The bust was accented with a gorgeous rhinestone brooch with her haired in its usual style, albeit washed and straightened out a bit. Piper was wearing the new dress she purchased not too long ago, a purple one that was shouldered on her right, and silk which length stretched down to her knees with half her hair pulled back in a clasp that matched her dress. Phoebe was had her hair pinned up in a fashionable twist at the back of her hair and was wearing a spaghetti strap dark pink chiffon dress, with a low neckline and reached just above the knee.

Naruto himself wasn't looking too bad either in an Armani Collezioni 'Executive' Trim Fit Wool suit. The trousers were partially lined and jacket fully lined not to mention his face was freshly shaven. "Unfortunately things are going to be a bit more difficult from now on."

"We'll be ready. After all, we've been growing stronger and with Paige I don't think our enemies are going to be too quick to tackle us." Prue noted.

"Can't imagine how Paige must be feeling." Piper noted.

"She'll come to us when she's ready. We shouldn't push her; just letting her know we're there for her and she has family should be enough." Prue countered.

"Hey." Paige said timidly as she hesitantly approached their booth. She looked at the group and added quickly, "If I'm interrupting…." She gestured behind her but Phoebe shook her head.

"No Paige." Piper answered.

Phoebe beamed at her, "Don't you go anywhere missy." She said playfully and Paige smiled.

"Yeah, stay." Prue agreed.

"I think I see an old friend. I should say hello." Naruto excused himself, greeting Paige before leaving.

"Are you sure? I mean, I don't wanna intrude." Paige found herself growing unsure.

"Nonsense!" Phoebe exclaimed with a dismissive wave of her hand then scooted nearer to Prue, "Come sit right here." She patted the space beside her.

"I won't stay long." She promised, "I just wanted to come by and thank you."

"For what?" Phoebe asked not understanding why she would feel the need to do that.

"For what?" Paige echoed, "You mean, aside from saving my life?" she laughed nervously, "I feel like I should make you a cake or something."

"Do you cook?" Piper questioned perking up a little.

Paige grimaced and looked away, "No. No, not really." She admitted slightly embarrassed.

"So how's Shane?" Phoebe asked to make conversation.

Paige nodded a little, "He's okay, I guess. Except for, I'm not too sure he wants to see me anymore."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Phoebe sympathized knowing how hard dating could be especially with their added baggage.

"No, I can't say I blame him, you know." Paige brushed it off a little, "He doesn't know exactly what happened to him but he knows it's something bad and he knows it's somehow connected to me." She laughed bitterly.

"Yeah well, you're not truly one of us until you've dated a demon or ghost or something so, welcome to the club." Piper informed her with a smile. Paige laughed at the joke as the tension eased.

The sisters shared a look. They had considered doing something the next time they would meet Paige and decided now was the time.

"Paige, there's something we need to show you." Prue said cryptically rising to her feet.

"Show me what?" she asked with a smile.

"What good magic can do." Phoebe replied as she and Piper rose too. Paige stared at them questionably.

Piper jerked her head to the door, "Come on." Then she and the others walked in the intended direction. Paige stood still for a moment smiling to herself and already feeling like a part of the family. 'Maybe this whole sister thing won't be so bad after all.' she thought to herself proudly before running after her three older sisters.

At the Halliwell Manor Prue and Piper stood around the 'Book of Shadows' and Phoebe went round lighting all the candles in their circle. Naruto stood to the far side of the attic as nothing more but a silent witness at what was about to happen. As she passed Paige, who was standing to the side she placed a reassuring hand on her arm and offered her younger sister an encouraging smile then joined her two older sisters by the book.

"Hear these words, hear my cry.

Spirit from the other side.

Come to me, I summon thee.

Cross now the great divide.'

The three sisters chanted together as Paige intently watched the enchanting with vapid interest. Bright white balls appeared in the circle and slowly began to form the shape of a woman. When the light disappeared Patricia Halliwell stood in all her transparent glory.

"There's someone here, we thought you should meet." Phoebe explained to her mother with a smile then looked in Paige's direction.

Patty followed her daughter's gaze and gasped. "Paige." Her voice filled with happiness.

Paige looked at the woman before her with wide eyes as realization slowly dawned on her. Prue, Piper and Phoebe watched their youngest sister closely, waiting for it to sink in.

Paige opened her mouth and shakily whispered, "Mom?" tears brimming in her eyes as the word softly left her lips.

Patty sucked in a breath, fighting back her own tears as she stepped out of the circle, becoming corporeal, and pulled her youngest daughter into her arms for what felt like the first time.

Paige gasped as Patty's arms encircled her and she clung tightly to her mother, feeling what it was like to be held by her for the very first time in her life.

They stayed like that for the longest time before Patty released her hold on Paige to look her in the eyes, "Welcome home." She smiled.

Paige grinned back feeling a surprising amount of love and joy, and relief wash over her at that statement. She snuck a glance at her three sisters' who were all smiling brightly before she was pulled back into her mother's arms.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe watched on, as smiles formed on their faces as mother and daughter were once more reunited. Phoebe clapped her hands silently then wrapped her arms around Prue's waist and rested her head on Prue's shoulder. Piper did the same from the other side also holding onto Phoebe's arms as they crossed.

Prue smiled widely as she silently closed the 'Book of Shadows', closing her eyes and sighing contently, and along with their mother, welcomed the lost Halliwell back into their family and into their hearts and life.

On the cover of the Book of Shadows something miraculous began to happen. The triquetra no longer had three interlocking loops but four, symbolizing their new destiny as a four. The Power of Four had been Born.