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What the hell did I do now?

I'm sitting up in the bed, and everything just feels so screwed up. My head starts to pound. There must be a way to fix this. Reverse it? Yeah, reverse an imprint. Only that's completely impossible. I'm not a total idiot, I know the rules. For what seems like fifty years I just sit and stare numbly at the wall. The only sound to be heard is my creaking old ceiling fan. I can vaguely pick up some of the animals in the woods behind the house, making small noises. It isn't long after what had just happened when I hear a tiny sob.

"Seth?" I ask the mirror. I can see his form, crumpled up under the wolf blanket, shaking slightly.

He doesn't answer so I lie back down and crawl closer to him. I reach out to touch his back but snap my hand away. If I touch him now, I fear that I won't be able to stop holding on to him. It's too surreal that this could happen so fast. I've always heard it could be that way.

"Please talk, Seth," I whisper even though no one but us is around to hear.

It's another five minutes before he finally says something. What he says pushes silver blades through my heart…oh, about seventy times or so.

"Why you?" his voice is a dull croak. "Why did I have to imprint with you?"

"Gee, that is a lovely thing to hear considering I just sucked on your post-puberty di-"

Seth cuts me off by throwing the blanket off of him and onto the carpet.

"Shut up! Don't you get it? Our pack is going to fucking reject us! My own mother…I won't be able to go home," he cries then, long wet streaks line his dark face. I guess I keep forgetting he's fourteen. God, I went from being a sucker to being a stealer of innocence.

Is it fucked up that I think he's too pretty when he cries?

"I know it'll be hard…but I think Sam will be able to explain what has happened. It's isn't our fault we ended up like this,"

"It's my fault. I just couldn't stay away from you…I just had to give into your phone call. But I couldn't help it!" Seth says, exasperated. His hands are shaking. "I can't help but give in,"

My head shoots up. "You felt something before…before this afternoon?"

His eyes are so guilty.

"Days. Days and days of wanting you to want me back."

My body lurches forward towards his smaller one. He leans away from me, looking frightened as though he thought I was going to attack him. Instead, I pull his face closer to mine. I had been so certain I was doomed to life on my couch, lusting after potato chips. Bella Swan destroyed me and somehow Seth forced me to be alive again. I wasn't going to fucking lose that feeling, not when it is finally for me and not working against me. I press my lips against Seth's tinier mouth. He holds still for a second before moving against the kiss.

It is I who breaks the hold. "I somehow never knew that."

Seth kisses me again and then folds into my chest. He fits too perfectly against me.

"But we do have to tell people, before we phase. I think that would scare the shit out of everyone."

He sighs. The feeling of his breath on my bare skin sends shivers shooting up my spine. "And my mom and Leah?"

"We'll have to, Seth. They'll find out anyway."

"Well, what if they really do reject us Jacob? We won't have a pack anymore."

That thought is probably my new worst fear. It's insane how my worst fear this morning had been the union of my best friend to a bloodsucker. Who knew?

"It'll be fine. I promise."

How the hell am I to keep that promise?

"We should probably get dressed." Seth mumbles against me and climbs out of the bed. He maneuvers oddly around the bedroom, trying not to reveal too much of himself now that the passion had dissipated. I really want to laugh and play around with him, alone. Not get up and face the music.

But he is usually right and I pull my jeans back on. No need for a shirt now.

We're totally silent in the car. I have no idea how it became nighttime, but everything around us is bathed in moonlight. I'm not worried. I can't be, because the terrified look in Seth's eyes says that I have to be the adult now. I have to stay in control for us. I want to turn around. But yet my car pulls into the tiny driveway in front of Sam's house smoothly, the sounds of tiny pebbles crunching beneath my tires hitting my ears. There is one light on in the living room window. I turn to Seth, shutting off the ignition.

"Are you ready?"

He merely nods, eyes wide open and glassy. I see Emily's face part the curtains and peer out into the darkness where we were parked. My own hands shake as I try to urge the door of the car open. Walking up to Sam's house feels like strolling right to my own execution. Seth looks like he's holding back a Niagara Fall's worth of tears. I don't knock because as we step up onto the welcome mat, Emily opens the front door.

"You guys alright? You look ill, Seth." she says worriedly and ushers us inside.

"No, I'm fine." Seth looks everywhere but at me or Emily.

"We have to see Sam. It's really important."

Emily's wide eyes shift back and forth between the both of us. I can sense that she's almost scanning us for any signs that our news will bring danger. Like bloodsuckers, or worse. What we had to tell Sam was certainly dangerous, but it could only harm us. And it probably will. After a few more seconds Emily leaves the tiny hallway and brings in Sam. He looks even more concerned than she does, his forehead creasing into thin lines.

"What's so important you had to drive down here? We could have used at least one of you doing extra rounds." he frowns.

I swallow what is probably my tonsils. I watch Seth out of the corner of my eye. He can't even stand still. One hand is picking away at a loose thread from his shirt, the other keeps pulling through his hair. If he could turn invisible he would have a long time ago.

"Well... We needed to tell you that we've both imprinted."

Sam says nothing. His hands rest on his hips sternly, and he reminds me so much of a father-like figure. I don't care if he is twenty something. His eyes narrow as he continues to watch Seth fidget.

"That's very personal, and of course, very special. Rare for you Seth, to find yourself a female while still being so young. I suppose that it is possible. Almost like a reversal of Quil and Claire."

He doesn't get it. Well of course not. It doesn't make any sense.

"No. Not a female." Seth whispers, his voice so constrained to where he sounds like he is choking.

Sam sighs, but it's almost inaudible. "A male? Not…common, but…"

"He imprinted on me." I blurt out.

Everyone stares at me. Emily drops the vase of flowers she had been toying with near the front door. It shatters into a thousand little glass shards, but no one even seems to notice. Sam just seems in shock. Seth is the worst. His eyes tear me to pieces. They are just screaming for me to take back what I said- even though we both cannot lie about how we feel.

"That's impossible." Sam finally says. He won't look at either of us. "I-I, this has never happened."

"Till now."

"Jacob Black," Sam never uses my last name and first together. Ever. And never has he said either with such venom. "You cannot imprint or bond with your own wolf pack mate. It would completely reverse the point and need that is imprinting itself,"

"Is that even written down, Sam? Obviously it can't be all about procreating if males can bond with males," I can't help but swallow the feral growl that wants to leap from my throat.

Sam steps backwards, rubbing his forehead. I know that look. He wants to scold me. Show that he's alpha and he knows all.

"It's oral tradition. It's not all about procreation. It's about forming lifelong bonds that cannot bleed or be broken by outsiders. Wolves are supposed to be completely united with all of their mates. If you have preference to Seth, that makes us weak!" he shouts and Emily's hand covers her mouth. I hadn't noticed her tears.

"I am not weak!" I let out the growl, sensing the blood that is pumping ever-faster through my veins. I have to phase, but I can't. Not when Leah could be out and about.

"Wait…Sam," Emily walks close to him, but watches him carefully. "It could just be friendship, like the elder male relationships."

Sam turns back to me, looking me up and down. "Is it friendship?"

I glance over at Seth. His tears seem to be threatening their fall now.

"No. It's more than that."

Sam releases a fierce snarl and phases. His wolf form pounds past us and out the front door.

"Hurry," Emily warns. "He's going to tell the others what has happened,"

I run after Sam, pulling Seth along. He seems too light to be a werewolf.

"Phase!" I yell behind me, yanking down my jeans as we run. I'll be damned having to show up to the Clearwater's without pants. I have no idea if Seth follows that step because soon we're merely presences, running beside the other. I'll have to admit, it feels good to be less human sometimes. I certainly feel a little less worried about what has occurred. I'm more focused on beating Sam.

'He isn't heading to my house. He's trying to find everyone else,' Seth's mind touches mine after about a ten minute stampede through the back woods.

'Fuck. Don't do this, Sam.' I furiously push towards him. The only response I get is heated flush of anger, and also heavy embarrassment.

He counted this as shame. I want to almost bow my head and give in, but that is an almost.

'Leah isn't out. We have to tell your Mom!' I insist.

Seth just sends back fear. Part of me, probably the instinctual animal, wants to throw myself over him. Never let anyone touch him ever again. The more human side just wants to tell everyone myself and order Seth to run off somewhere until things were better.

'That's the problem right there, Jacob. You'll let us all perish if it means saving Seth,' Sam's mind tells me mercilessly, sending anger afterward.

I don't want to tell him damn straight. That's the harsh new reality. So I send apologies that aren't answered.

We reach the Clearwater's within the next couple minutes. I scramble back into my jeans, trying to forget the probing questions of the other wolves- especially Embry, that I and Seth both ignored. He reaches the door before I do and shakes a key out of the mat. Inside their living room, Sue seems to be lulling into sleep. A thick novel is set onto her leg and there is only one lamp on. But with our brazen, dashing, and completely scrambled entrance, she hops off the sofa.

"What's happened?"

Sue grasps her son's forearms. I know he let out most of his pains while we were running. However, he can't mask the sad look in his eyes. Seth was never good at masking any of his emotions. He nearly tumbles over trying to inhale slower so not to panic her further.

"I had to get to you before Sam, but I've imprinted…I've told you what that means…"

Her gaze is unwavering but her lips tremble a bit. "You are too young,"

"I've imprinted with Jacob and I can't take it back. I can't ever reverse it. But it's really upset Sam, and now everyone else,"

"Jacob?" she whispers to a squeak. Sue rounds on me, staring as though I was a stranger. "Why?"

Why does everyone ask me that?

"I don't know."

"You are too young!" Sue shakes Seth's narrow shoulders. "I can't believe this…how, oh how," she mumbles and begins to pace the carpet.

Seth's arms are still half raised from where his mother had been holding them. He looks too frightened to be the wolf I know. The harsh reality of this is that now, this just may be the reality. Two dumb Quileute boys without a pack and maybe without family. I guess I haven't dwelled too much on what my father or sisters will think. I just don't think right now I can make myself a top priority.

Just then Leah comes running down the stairs into the living room. Her hair, which usually hides her face, is pushed back so there was no misunderstanding the expression of anger that distorts her features. She may be a girl, but she's a wolf too and having her body slam into mine at a running start knocks us both to the floor. Her breath is hot and hisses close to my neck. For one crazy second, I'm sure Leah's intention is tear her teeth right through my throat.

"What the hell did you do?" she snarls.

I just stare back up at her. "I imprinted."

Leah pushes me further into the carpet. No one is trying to talk her out of it. Sue watches in horror, while Seth's fists clench and unclench fitfully at his sides.

"On my brother!" Leah's face is so close that our noses grace each other. "You obviously tricked him into it somehow…"

A hand grasps her shoulder lightly. "That's impossible, Leah. And you know it," Seth's soft voice appears calm but I know he's resisting the urge to attack his own sister.

Leah turns to face him, still pinning me to the floor.

"But…it's impossible to imprint with your own…it's like family," her eyes cast back down to me.

"It's real, Leah," I use my best consoling voice. However, she stares continually into my eyes before slapping me right across the face.

I sense warm blood trickling down my cheek.

Seth knocks Leah off of me and she hits the adjacent wall. She turns to push him down to the carpet like she had done to me, but Seth is too fast. She spins out and almost hits Sue.

"Stop it! I can't stand it, watching you both behave this way!" Sue yells, her voice wavering between hysteria and fury.

Leah and Seth pause. He's looking at me, watching as I wipe blood off my face. The wound will heal quickly but the sting- I won't forget the reason. I get up off the floor and stand in front of Seth.

"Jacob," he pulls against my arm.

"I'm sorry for what's happened here, Mrs. Clearwater. I don't want to bring more pain to your family. But I can't take back what has happened. And imprints can't be ignored,"

Sue opens her mouth to say something when Leah overrides her.

"Yes they can. I've heard Sam talk about it," her eyes shift as she mentions his name.

"It brings nothing but pain and certain death." I shoot back without even looking her way. "I won't do that to Seth,"

Sue sighs and sits down onto the couch. "I know so little of what you children are going through. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know my own kids anymore,"

"Mom," Seth joins her on the sofa. "I don't want you to think of me differently,"

She looks up at him, eyes watery. "Oh, but I have to. You act like an adult, Seth. With the face of a child. Now you are telling me that you've bonded yourself to Billy's son? It's a lot to handle. I'm going into this blind."

Seth doesn't say anything.

But really, what can you say?

He wraps his arms around her while she lets out a tiny sob. I can't help feel that I've caused this, and I know just by looking at Leah this won't ever be forgiven. Seth and I leave the house, after many promises to his mother that he will be home before midnight. The garden outside their tiny house is nearly opaque in darkness and white fog. We walk out into the road, in total silence, both fumbling through thoughts of what has happened in so short a time.

"I hate this." Seth sums it up and furiously rubs his forehead. "I can't look at her cry again like that. Like Dad dying in repeat."

I still get weary about touching him. So instead of kissing him to the point where he forgets his own name, I just stand there like a pole.

"I'm sorry, Seth."

He doesn't say anything, but shoots me a look that just has to be labeled as his annoyed face. I wasn't sure he had one, being so optimistic and cheery in character.

"Don't apologize anymore. You gonna say sorry for this afternoon too? Wish that it never happened?"

I take my hand away, blinking in confusion. "Hell, Seth. No. I would never take that back."

"Even if that meant we would never imprint? It could have just rested then, on the barrier. I could have stayed away from you long enough for it to kick in with someone else," he looks back to the house.

For awhile, I stay quiet. It's an interesting notion. If Seth had never answered the phone, if Embry had gone to the movies with me instead…would today have gone differently? Sure. But would have our lives changed anyway, with another event or a different horror flick?

"No. I still don't want it to change." I answer, looking resolutely at the side of his face. Before thinking too hard, I move closer to him and kiss his cheek. I don't pull away after, instead, I linger beside him, resting my forehead against his hair. My hand finds his and grasps it firmly.

I can't have just friendship. To some people, that would be just fine. To me that would just be one long lie.

Seth finally turns so that I can see his eyes.

"I wouldn't take it back either Jacob. Do you still want Bella?"

My heart skips oddly at the sound of her name.

"I don't know. I don't think so,"

He nods. "What are you going to tell your Dad?"

We walk further out onto the road, standing directly under the only yellow gaslight.

"The truth. Embry, Paul…all of them will have to learn the truth. If imprints are meant to be forever then they have to understand."

His small frame moves inwards against mine, his breathing shallow. Seth may be narrow but I can still feel that layer of growing muscle beneath his shirt. His arms wrap themselves tight across my chest and around my back. Seth doesn't reply to that at first but when I kiss the top of his head he laughs.

"What's so funny?"

"They won't ever understand, Jacob."

I blink rapidly, as if that will make all of this clearer. "You never know." And I raise my hand to tilt back his chin. I decided I still really want that kiss.

He's still a kid, but not quite. But you know what? So am I.

The End.

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