There is a place…

Deep in the world of Pokémon, deep within the Johto Region…

Lies the ultimate goal of a Pokémon Master…

There are many trainers… Many of them give up.

They realise that they cannot make the cut, and they stop. Sometimes they fall in love, and their passion for Pokémon burns for something new. Some never dreamed of becoming a master, choosing to breed Pokémon instead. Some try all their lives for the title of Master, but few make it.

Those that do, have a goal.

The Goal of Champion.

Many Masters become Gym Leaders, losing to rookie trainers with a party not worthy of their title of Master. Fewer join the Elite, the greatest of all trainers in their land before the Champion.

But even Champions, they have a goal.

The tile of Strongest.

The unreachable goal, for the faster you pursue it, the faster it chases away from you. It is an unsurpassable wall, unbeatable, Impossible for all.

Except for one.

Deep in the world of Pokémon, deep within the Johto Region…

Lies a mountain.

A mountain of legends, restricted to all but the strongest Masters. Here great and terrible monsters roam free, ready to destroy any foolish human who dares cross their territory.

This mountain is Mount Silver. This is the hunting ground for Masters, who turn these monsters into their prey.

Yet there is still a place they dare not go.

At the peak of the Mount Silver, is a place where even the strongest wild Pokémon dare not go.

A Peak, which name is whispered in the Hall of Fame.

Crimson Peak.

Some say it earned this name, for it is forever stained with the blood of many a Trainer's pride, the cost for daring to challenge the holder of that unreachable title.

The title of Strongest.

A mere boy. But a master of Pokémon. His only companions are his comrades in battle, the monsters he turns into terrible engines of destruction, their power so great, not even the Legendary Pokémon can stand up to their might.

His Name Is Red.

He Is The Strongest.

But that could change.

"I'm here to challenge you."

Red turned to the fool who dared disturb his thoughts. A young boy, shorts and all, holding a Pokéball in one hand and a bike in the other.


Red accepted the boy's challenge.

For the title of Strongest.

Here at Crimson Peak.