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What's Happening to Me!

Naruto dropped his toothbrush and stared at his reflection, wide-eyed and gaping. "What the hell?" He touched the orange fox ears poking out through his blonde hair. "This has to be some sort of joke..." He tugged at them gently,and then harder when they didn't give. "N-no way!" he gasped. He stepped away from the mirror in fear. He could see his own expression quite clearly. "Now how did this happen?" he wondered aloud. Naruto edged out of the bathroom and rushed into his room, desperately looking for something to hide his new ears.

The doorbell rang, sounding oddly cheery for his taste at the moment. "Dammit! Why now?" He glanced around and spotted his night cap. He pulled it on decisively and ran to open the door.


Sakura was waiting outside Naruto's door. He was late for an important training lesson and Kakashi had sent her to pick him up. She sighed. Why was the world conspiring against her plans to spend time with Sasuke?

Sakura looked at her watch and tapped her foot impatiently. Just then the door swung open to reveal a scared Naruto. "There you are." said Sakura, not bothered by his obvious fear. "You're late. Come on."

"I-I can't come!" he said, trying to hide behind the door. Sakura shot him a look. "I didn't come all this way to hear that. Kakashi says you can't miss this for any reason."

"What about illness?" "Only if you're bed-ridden and dying."

Naruto didn't want to tell her what had happened. What would she think? She would probably be scared of him. He didn't want that. "Okay." he said in resignation.

He tried to walk past her but Sakura stopped him. "You look like an idiot wearing that." she stated, pointing at his hat.

"Take it off." she reached out to the hat in an attempt to pull it off. "No!" Naruto swatted away her hand as a reflex and pulled the cap down further. Sakura stared at him irritably. "Tch. Whatever." she said and turned to lead him to the training ground.


Naruto couldn't pay attention. He wasn't able to concentrate and he felt drowsy. That was why he lost his sparring match with Sasuke and Sakura, made a fool of himself in chakra control and couldn't channel enough energy to push over a tree like Kakashi had instructed. Kakashi watched as Naruto recoiled in pain after trying to down the tree with chakra. He walked over to him and pulled his student up. "Are you okay Naruto? I've seen you do better." Naruto turned away from Kakashi. He felt ashamed of himself. Why couldn't he perform such a simple task?

Kakashi glanced at Naruto's night cap. Normally he didn't bother himself over his student's choice of clothing(unlike Gai who had been trying to get Tenten and Neji into spandex for months..)but this was just odd. Naruto reached up and unconsciously pulled the cap down over his forhead. "You seem distracted by that hat Naruto." Naruto turned to his sensei and touched his cap in case Kakashi tried something. "Maybe it would be better if you took it off." "No! I'm fine sensei! Really I am!" Kakashi had never seen Naruto so anxious before so he decided not to press the matter.


Naruto was on his way home. Training had been a full blown disaster. Thrice his cap had nearly fallen and thrice he came to a dead halt to fix it. 'Why is this happening to me?' his head was full of turmoil and superflous reasoning. He was so distracted that he crashed into someone carrying a huge load of groceries.

Random groceries flew in all directions and Naruto slipped and fell to the concrete, rudely awakened from his reverie.

"Ow..."came a stifled voice from beneath a brown bag. "Ah! I'm so sorry!" cried Naruto as he dug through the products. He found a hand, grasped it and pulled the person from the mess. "Hinata?" Naruto stared as she brushed herself off. "N-Naruto!" she blushed and stared back. Naruto had always found Hinata to be a strange character. Maybe it was the nervous way she acted around him. Maybe it was the way she stuttered. Perhaps it was just that she was an introvert.

But Naruto thought the main reason were her eyes. They just seemed so dead and empty to him. Blind in fact.

Naruto remembered his manners and began to help her pick up her groceries. Neji stepped out from where he was standing behind Hinata. "Watch it Uzumaki. I'm supposed to protect her from people like you." Normally Naruto would've retorted but he suddenly felt too exhausted to do so. "N-Neji s-stop it!" cried Hinata, still crimson. Neji shrugged. Suddenly Naruto felt something tickle his nose and he sneezed. Puzzled, he reached up to his face. "Huh?" he gasped. Whiskers! Real ones! Not just markings on his face anymore! He stood up in horror. The Hyuugas looked at him inquiringly.

"I-I'm sorry! I have to go now!" so saying Naruto sped away down the street. "Is it just me or is Naruto a little strange nowadays?" Hinata turned to her cousin in anger. " I-It's just y-you."she said, picking up the last of the groceries. Neji smiled impishly. "Yeah you're right. He's always strange."


Naruto whined at his reflection in the mirror. He touched the whiskers on his face. Six of for each marking. "No chance that I'm just growing a beard then..." he said absentmindedly. Suddenly he heard a voice. "N-Naruto? A-are you here? Th-the door w-was open s-so I j-just came i-in." 'Hinata!' thought Naruto. 'Why is she here? I said sorry!' he whipped around and , holding his hands to his cheeks, he left the bathroom. "O-oh there y-you are N-Naruto. I a-apologize for N-Neji's behaviour e-earlier." Naruto bit his lip nervously. He had to get her out of here before she noticed his whiskers. "N-Naruto a-are you okay?" "Yeah! Just peachy." he held out his hand in a 'don't worry' kind of gesture. Big mistake. "N-Naruto!" shrieked Hinata in horror. "Y-your face!" 'Dammit she saw!' he turned around in an attempt to hide.

All he heard was Hinata gasp behind him. "N-Naruto wh-what's happening t-to you?" Naruto looked behind him. "What could be worse than whiskers?" he saw a single fluffy orange tail swaying behind him. "Oh."


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