I should be updating the E.P.C., but I did this instead. ^^; Onikakushi-hen from Rena's point of view.

To whoever will listen

You looked afraid,
And so I reached out my hand,
But you refused my aid.
Why can you not understand?

All I can do now
Is whisper to the flowing breeze and icy rain;
Gomenasai, gomenasai, gomenasai...
And hope that you will hear me
And hope that you will not vanish
Like those before you.

Can you not hear the cicadas cry?
They have heard all, seen all.
And I - I have seen enough
And heard enough
To pray to whoever will listen
That what I have seen will not happen again.
When the cicadas cry,
I, too, cry.

You stand before me
And already, I see
That all hope is lost,
But whatever the cost-

I will pray for you
To the bitter end
That will surely come.


The screams fade into silence
And the silence
Fades into