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You can dance,

You can jive,

Having the time of your life

See that girl,

Watch that scene,

Dig in

The Dancing Queen

Sena laughed helplessly, as the man motioned to her to try to dance.

She shook her head, declining the playful invitation, despite the music itching under her skin.

"Oh, come on, Sena!" Her study – buddy and friend, Susanne, yelled into her ear.

They were in a disco club, intending to have a hell of a party, in celebration of Susanne finally acing her driving test. The energetic blonde reminded Sena of Natsuhiko siblings – she had long, blonde wavy hair and baby blue eyes, along with bubbly personality. They were roommates on the campus, and Sena was, willy-nilly – dragged along into the crazy blonde's schemes.

She yelped as she felt someone roughly push her onto the dance floor and into the guy's embrace.

Hearing Susanne hoot, she glared at her half – heartedly, before she was swept away in the world of rhythms, music and fun.

At first, her steps were tentative, unsure as to how to move, and nervous with the boy's nearness to her body.

She gulped. Actually, it was her first contact with a guy in such an intimate sense, and she was understandably apprehensive. But then, she went with a flow – at first, hesitantly, and then a little more bravely. The guy nodded to her encouragingly, before a devilish smile appeared on his face. Sena barely had the time to yelp, when he swept her into a half – turn. Eyes widening, she gasped at the adrenalin that began to course through her veins. She found herself laughing – a happy, carefree, surprised laughter, before she threw all caution into the wind and followed the music.

And in that moment, a dancing queen was born.

Friday night and the lights are low

Looking out for the place to go

She checked her outfit once again.

Knee – length black skirt with a slit to the middle of her thigh – check.

Sleeveless violet tank top with a small, heart shaped cut to show-off her décolletage – check.

A wide belt – no, two slimmer, criss – crossing belts with small fake diamonds – check.

Comfortable shoes – check.

Black jacket - check.

A black velvet choker with small violet pendant – check.

Tiny amount of eye shadow and pearl lip – gloss – check.

Sena smiled to herself. She was ready to dance the night away. Now, where should she go…?

Where they play the right music, getting in the swing

You come in to look for a king

Kakei had a pounding headache. Why, oh why, did he let Mizumachi to drag him out again?

Furrowing his eyebrows, he tried to rub off the ache in his temples.

Honestly, he should've been home, getting some rest before the tomorrow's match with Militaria. But noo, someone had to be dumb enough to stuff him into that thrice – forsaken dancing club/disco – he glared at Mizumachi, only to face palm at the blonde's exhibitionist tendencies.

However, the music had changed into the mid – rhythm, attracting his attention.

"Hey…" He nudged the nearest guy. "Why did the music change?" Not that he minded, in fact, he was relieved that he needn't listen to the horrific screeching any longer.

The guy eyed him incredulously. "You don't know? Geez, which backwater place did ya crawl out, anyway?" Kakei resisted the urge to twitch violently. But the guy rolled his eyes, and continued: "This is for th' Dancing Queen." His eyes became dreamy "Hibara…"

Kakei blinked. "Hibara?" He repeated slowly.

'Fire rose, huh…'

"Jus' watch," the guy hissed impatiently. "She's one in violet tank top and black skirt – "

Kakei bit back a sigh. 'What was so great about her, anyway?'

He watched this… Hibara move around, make a small talk and apparently decline her suitors.

Kakei had to blink.

Suitors? And, hey, wasn't that Mizumachi here – wait, WHAT!?

"She's a superb dancer… maybe ya'll be lucky enough to score a dance with her," the guy told him, a strange light in his eyes.

Anybody could be that guy

Night is young and the music's high

The music boomed from the speakers, and for once in his life, Kakei was speechless.

This Hibara was…


Like fire. And yet, she was fragile, like rose.

He watched, entranced and jealous, as the girl danced – once with one, and once with another guy, any who…

He was so deep in his foul mood - sulking because he too wanted to dance with that fire sprite – he almost overlooked the slim hand stretching to him.

He blinked, as he looked at the girl, the object of his recent… fantasies. Wishes?

She smiled at him, a small, sweet smile.

"Would you like to dance?"

She asked, her brown eyes sparkling in the light.

Speechless, Kakei only managed to nod.

Only after they had ended dancing through five songs in a row, did Kakei manage to remember that he actually didn't know how to dance.

Thunderstruck, he collapsed into his seat at the bar, absently receiving his cocktail.

What the heck was that?

With a bit of rock music, everything is fine

You're in the mood for a dance

And when you get the chance...

Sena sneaked out of the club, inhaling the cool night air as she walked to her next destination. She smiled at the memory of dancing with usually uptight Poseidon captain. She snickered softly at her imagination how Mizumachi would fire every sort of imaginable question at the poor linebacker. But really, she was lucky he hadn't recognized her.

Or maybe, it was because he only knew Kobayakawa Sena, a boy running back for Deimon, and not Kobayakawa Sena, a girl, and a dancing Queen, nick – named Hibara.

The next club ran the rock music, and right now, there was her favorite song playing. Laughing a small laugh at their obvious attempt to bribe her into dancing, she nodded to the bodyguard and entered the building. She was in a mood to dance, alright.

Usually, Taka detested going into the clubs, if only because he would be ogled, groped and made a move on by the hormonal wenches that dared to call themselves girls.

But all that had changed when he had met Her.

His Queen.

It had been completely accidental meeting. Taka was bored out of his skull – the practice did nothing to tame his restlessness. And so, he informed his teammates not to wait on him, and took the walk around the city.

New York was, even if it wasn't tourist season yet, a fascinating city. Even if he had visited it before, Taka was always intrigued by the city's hustle and bustle, so different from Tokyo's and oddly, somewhat the same. His attention was drawn toward the music – and his curiosity grew bigger, when he noticed the dancers.

And then, he saw Her.

At first, she was unnoticeable, as is she were someone easily forgettable and not worth of mention. She was petite and slender, big brown eyes and spiky hairstyle that oddly reminded him of Deimon's running back, but she had breasts and hips and –

She was clothed in simple black thighs and tightly fitting gray t – shirt with violet sash around her slim hips and with a large, see – through veil that was white in color, but dimmed into a smoky gray at the edges.

And when she danced, Taka forgot to breathe. It was, as if she was making love to the gauzy veil, which caressed her body in all too brief moments that seemed to take eternity.

It was grace and fluidity at it's finest, reminding Taka of moonlight on the water and whispering of ocean.

He only managed to catch her name - Hibara, they called her.

Taka smiled. A fitting name, indeed.

You are the Dancing Queen,

Young and sweet, only seventeen

So it was a pleasant surprise when he had met her again – and somehow, he was lucky enough to dance with her.

Dancing Queen,

Feel the beat from the tambourine

Those slender, powerful hips under his hands, tiny waist with defined muscles, and the body that was slave to the music only, those glittering brown eyes and sweet smile -

Taka felt his foolish heart desert him and chose her – and what was surprising him the most – he didn't mind.

She didn't restrict him. When they rested, they talked – and to Taka's pleasant surprise, Hibara knew quite a lot about American football. Their debate was very enjoyable, and Taka regretted that the night was so short, and his companion leaving so early. Even if she gave him her phone number…

You can dance,

You can jive,

Having the time of your life

Yamato Takeru was having the time of his life. He only regretted that Taka wasn't here with him. But oh well, man can't have everything, can he?

He was dancing with a beautiful girl.

Hibara, they said her name was.

See that girl,

Watch that scene,

Dig in

The Dancing Queen

They collided together in the dancing crowd, brown and amber orbs widening at the contact. Until Yamato smiled mischievously, and swept her off her feet. She let out a surprised squeak, before laughing, and placing her slender arms around his neck.

Yamato was surprised and relieved to notice she didn't have any worshipful gaze in her eyes, she was just herself, just Hibara, just the Dancing Queen, a girl who thoroughly enjoyed music and dancing to it.

When she left, Yamato was gifted with jealous and awed glances from the other boys in the club.

However, he didn't heed them. His thoughts were with the beautiful girl that would undoubtedly dance through his dreams tonight.

You're a teaser, you turn 'em on

Leave them burning and then you're gone

Looking out for another,

Anyone will do…

For a long, long time, in along, long while, Marco didn't think of Maria.

Why should he?

The senior was a cold fish, to speak it bluntly. Their personalities didn't mesh well, except for being friends. And clubbing seemed to be an ideal way to cure the heartache. That, and football training, Marco supposed.

Clubbing was… boring. With his good looks, the girls flocked to him, but they just couldn't do anything to him.

Until her.

It was completely innocent. Hell, she was clothed into such covering clothes that the clubbing outfits of the other girls seemed to be positively indecent!

And yet, she was a sin incarnate.

Lust. Yeah, he felt it.

Greed. He wanted to possess her. ,

Wrath. Those bastards would pay for touching her. Even if the only danced with her.

Sloth. Lazing away with her in his bed didn't seem to be such a bad idea.

Envy. He envied the fucker with whom she was talking right now – even if the said fucker was just a bartender of the bar.

Not even Maria managed to stir within him such a maelstrom of feelings.

He smirked.

"I always enjoyed a good chase, I'd say," he muttered out.

You're in the mood for a dance

And when you get the chance...

With a sharp look, he sent her dance partner scurrying away. It was almost funny in a sense; but when you are the team captain, you pick up more than just leadership skills.

And then, with a sharp smile, he turned her around, to stare into those oh – so – familiar wide brown eyes.

The girl blinked once –

- And then, she returned the smirk.

Marco almost lost the footing, but managed to catch himself just in time.

A challenge?


You are the Dancing Queen,

Young and sweet, only seventeen

Akaba stared. That girl… was strangely in sync with his rhythm.


She was the only one, apart form one Kobayakawa Sena.

She was a joy to watch.

But watching wasn't enough.

He had to touch her; he had to be sure…

Dancing Queen,

Feel the beat from the tambourine

Shin blinked. That was a strange method of training – besides, how did the Eyeshield come here? He blinked again, and the girl – Eyeshield smiled at him sweetly, offering a dance.

You can dance,

You can jive,

Having the time of your life

He blinked again, and the Eyeshield image vanished, as if it were never here in the first place. He accepted the hand.

See that girl,

Watch that scene,

Dig in

The Dancing Queen

They were gathered in a disco. Somehow, most of the Team Japan decided to go clubbing – and to everyone's surprise, the main players seemed to wait for someone.

"So, where is your girl?" Yamato teased Kakei. The aquamarine – eyed youth growled a small growl.

It was a very amusing and baffling sight, to have some of the best players daydreaming the night after their…. Meeting…with the dancing Queen. The practice, much to Hiruma's frustration and amusement, was severely un – productive.

Even Shin, who was normally one of the most diligent and hardworking players around, had been less… attentive today, much to Takami's dismay and Sakuraba's bafflement.

Taka wore slightly dopey smile on his usually serious, almost melancholic face. It creeped Monta out something fierce, especially when he – Taka – still caught his balls almost effortlessly. Even the Devil Backfire…. Monta shuddered.

Whatever Taka was on, it obviously gave him even more freaky – catching abilities he already had.

All in all, the team was relieved when they concluded practice for the day.

However, the girls were very curious who had managed to get some of the most unflappable boys head over heels in love with them just in one night.

They had to be special – but what kind of special?

The cheerleaders of team Japan weren't exactly a flabby bunch either; on the contrary, they were some of the most beautiful girls in Japan high schools with some exceptions – coughSuzunacough.

And for the boys to disregard them in favor of some strangers that probably weren't even from Japan… it irked them and made them all the more curious to discover those heart – snatchers of their boys. Whether to claw their eyes out or ask them for… romantic details on the said boys, it still remained to be seen.

Much to their dismay, the boys remained to be tight-lipped and happy as a clams – it was driving them bonkers!

Poor Sena didn't have even the faintest clue on all the scheming and plotting around her person. Once again, tonight was the night to go out.

Or, to say it better, Suzanne once again managed to drag her along, despite Sena's protests about having to study for the next mock – exam.

"Oh, loosen up a but, 'Bara!" The blonde huffed out. "More than you already went over all the answers, you really couldn't do better. Besides, "she squealed, "there are some really gorgeous cuties out there!"

Somewhere on the field, Takami and Kotaro sneezed simultaneously and shuddered in dread.

Sena rolled her eyes. "If I must, "she agreed dryly.

Living in America made her more independent and self – confident. She wasn't a tiny little mouse anymore.

Well, when you go against some of the strongest guys in one of the most brutal sports known to men, you become really quickly desensitized to violence… and pain.

Sena had noticed that nothing hurt as much as Shin's Trident Tackle did. Or Yamato's Caesar Charge. Or Gaou's plain old frontal assault.

That didn't mean she was a masochist – she merely knew there existed greater pain than some scratches gotten in a handball or volleyball scuffles.

She still didn't like the pain, but she had learned to accept and overcome it. She also took classes on self – defense, and to her great surprise, she did really well. Obviously, Gaou's lessons on resolve really did stick with her, and were useful somewhere else than in American football.

And so, because of Suzanne's persuasive abilities – i.e. bullying and puppy eyes, and partly because of a want to dance again, Sena laughingly conceded the point and let her friend enthusiastically rifle through her wardrobe for tonight's clothes.

And knowing Suzanne's penchant for… shall we say, dramatic, it was bound to be interesting.

Kakei resisted the urge to twitch. Yamato and Marco, even Akaba were teasing him on his supposed 'dream girl'.

Finally, he had had enough.

"I bet my girl is ten times better than yours," he growled out,

Amber, red and steely gray eyes widened.

"Oh Hell, NO." Marco snapped back. "My girl is ten times – no, hundred times better, I'd say."

Akaba snorted. "Yeah, right. Mine is the best. " He sorely missed his guy… second to her, of course,

Amber eyes narrowed. "All three of you are mistaken," He drawled out. "I predict mine will be the best. " Akaba rolled his eyes heavenward. "How on Earth did you find a chick that willingly suffers your predictions?" he asked rhetorically, his right hand playing with glass bottle of Coke.

"Hoo?" Agon piped out. "You are having hots for chicks?" He smirked. "Well, brag all you want, but they will still choose me over you… Trashes." He flashed the seething trio of guys a dangerous smirk.

"She would not!" they snapped back stereo version. "Snapping their mouth shut, they glared at each other.

Agon wanted to brag even further, but his eyes glazed over as he spotted his next prey.

A prey with a very fine legs, at that…

Those legs were very fine, indeed. Silkily smooth, glinting subtly in the dim light, with elegant black high heels that made them even sleeker and longer looking that they already were. The feet continued up in seductive lines and curves into small black miniskirt made from velvet that accented the cute little butt – slender hips and thin waist, which continued into backless silver shirt without straps that was loose but not enough not to hint at the curves beneath the fabric tantalizingly; even more so, because the fabric was done like irregularly knotted net, making the impression that the girl was wearing a spider web, decorated with morning's dew, which contrasted with slightly tanned skin beautifully.

Around her hips, she wore a black and silver cord made from black balls with tiny little swirls over them.

Her hair was brown, with hints of golden highlights, down to her shoulders in semi – tamed spikes.

She was tiny in comparison with her companion – a buxom blonde bombshell that was animatedly talking with Koutarou.

"…" The boys became quiet.

Agon smirked. "Watch and learn, trashes," he leered, before schooling his expression in a "I'm-a-good-guy" mask, before he swaggered to the unknown beauty.

They watched, still seething, as Agon intentionally bumped into the petite girl.

Yamato wanted to strangle Agon – right here and right now. The dread – head had pissed him off with his remark about Hibara choosing him over Yamato something terrible.

Usually, Yamato wouldn't care about that, but Hibara managed to raise protective hackles in him to almost terrifying degree.

The petite girl turned around, and Agon gifted her with his most charming smile. "Oh, sorry to bump into you… By the way, haven't I seen you someplace before?"

Those sweet brown eyes blinked up to him, before the girl smiled. "No problem. And yeah; that's why I don't go there anymore. "

She nodded to him and attempted to go away from him.

Being made a move on by Agon was a scary experience.

Marco had to muffle his snickers at Agon's gobsmacked expression. He had to admire the girl's guts… not many girls were down-to-earth enough to repel Agon's amorous advances. He hated to admit it, but Agon was truly a Casanova, when it came to seduction of women. It pissed him something terrible, because that meant less chances for him.

But this girl…

Agon managed to collect his wits. So she wanted to play it rough? He smirked. Fine by him. He always liked his prey to be feisty, anyway…

He hurried after her.

"I'd like to call you," he breathed into her ear. "What's your number?" Sena blinked, but didn't stop walking.

"It's in the phone book."

'Ouch.' Agon inwardly winced. "But I don't know your name?" he gifted the girl with his famous puppy eyes.

She was unmovable.

"It's in the phone book, too." She said dryly. "Now, if you'd excuse me…."

Taka snorted.

"I know how to please a woman…"

Woah, Agon was becoming desperate, wasn't he?

"Then please, leave me alone."

The eavesdropping males in the booth winced at that one, but grinned at the deliverance. This girl…

"If you tell me what's your sign."

Sena rolled her eyes. She turned around. "No parking." She intended to get away from the - .

" - But you look like a dream, love,"

Agon was really straining now.

Why was this bitch so uncooperative? She should be grateful to be noticed by him.

"Oh, really? Then go back to sleep."

…. And those fuckers will die if they peep out just one snicker –

Akaba snorted.

"But can't you see… I'd go to the end of the world for you."

So there, This one had to work. It just had to.

The girl was unimpressed. Her brown eyes regarded Agon in half awe and half contempt.

"Yes…? " She asked slowly.

"But would you stay here?"

Ouch, ouch and ouch.

"No. Your body is like a temple – "

"Sorry, there are no services today," she deadpanned.

Yamato and Marco literally cried with suppressed laughter.

This – This was priceless! Poor Agon… he just had to choose the ice – bitch, hadn't he?

And… haven't they heard that voice somewhere before…?

Agon growled. They were already at their booth, Agon had intended to herd her there, as to show off his … conquest.

Time for the grand finale.

He forced a pleasant smile on his face, which belied the homicidal aura around him.

"Hey… Would you like to dance?"

He asked silkily.

Predictably: "Not with you."

He smirked. "Oh, come on. Lower your standards; I just did."

She stiffened.

Six pairs of eyes stared at her disbelievingly.

"Hibara?" Taka croaked out. " How - ?"

Yamato, Marco, Shin, Kakei and Akaba were similarly gobsmacked.

She gave them a small smile. "Hey, guys…"

Kakei gathered his wits first. "Hello, Hibara – chan," He smiled at her. "Guys, this is the girl I was talking about – "

"B – But!" Marco sputtered, his eyes still wide. "She's mine!"

"No way, Dino – chan," Yamato denied the claim. "I saw her first – " He smiled a shark smile at Agon. "You were saying something about my girl falling for you and leaving me?"

Agon paled.

She was Yamato's, no, Kakei's girl?

Or was it Akaba's or Taka's?

"Guys?" Sena was quite confused with their little squabble.

"I believe Hibara – san would prefer to be mine," Shin interjected.

Now, Agon's face paled stark white.

He could deal with popular girls – the more pretty and popular the better, but trudging on a turf of those six was a suicide in its' truest form.

Yamato and Shin were too strong on their own. Together, they were just plain scary. Marco and Akaba weren't the biggest and baddest around, but they were shrewd enough to cause him problems.

Taka and Kakei were clever, too, along with having superior abilities. Agon may have had the God Impulse, but those two were pure geniuses of a hard work, and didn't mind to get down and dirty, if the situation called for it.

Sena smiled a small, weak smile.

"Well, I gotta go…. It was good to see you again – "

"What about a dance? " Agon interrupted her.

She laughed out loud.

"I don't dance with the likes of you. Sorry, but you are not skilled enough. "That said, she drifted past the dumbfounded Agon.

"What – " Agon managed to croak out dumbly.

Kakei snorted. "Hibara here is the Dancing Queen. Do you really think you are good enough to dance on her level?" He shook his head at Agon's gobsmacked expression. "Fool."

He six of them, along with Agon, watched her dancing.

She – she was beautiful. And she had so many suitors…. And yes, she was dancing with them equally, mesmerizing and awing the audience.

"I still say she's my girl," Marco grumbled out, threading elegant fingers through his hair.

Agon sweatdropped at their squabble.

… Were they serious?

Sena would never knew she was the reason that the six of them, not counting Agon, almost came to blows that night.

She just enjoyed dancing, loving the sound of music and rhythm pounding through her veins.

She had danced with all six of them, reveling in the movements of their bodies against hers. It was awkward and kind of embarrassing at first, dancing with one of them, while the others watched, and then swap the partners, especially when she knew them rather well.

However, she relaxed soon, and with her Dancing Queen persona, she enjoyed the rush of adrenaline and contentment while dancing with any of the six of them.

It was the most fun she ever had, since she began her…. career of being the Dancing Queen.

They talked, laughed and generally hat a good time; exchanging the phone numbers in the end, with a promise to keep in contact.

The boys managed to convince her to come to watch them to the matches…. Besides, she would of done that anyway, not that the boys needed to know that.

Sena almost choked when she heard her name, for a moment she was sure they knew that was her – but it was only a discussion between them about their…. Rival.

She was touched and flattered at their comments; wowing to herself to train even more to uphold the faith they had in her.

All in all, the night was a success… except that she had to avoid the nosy Suzuna, but that was rather easy…. Sena smiled at the memory.

She opened her duffel bag. In here, there was a complete football gear, for Eyeshield 21. She touched it reverently; red, gold and black, along with white….

The colors of Team Japan.

It was time for Eyeshield to once again appear on the field.

The crowd roared with appreciation. The match of America vs. Japan was truly a clash of titans - speed against speed, Power against power and wits versus wits.

At first, Team Japan was a tad bit shaky, shaken by the Pentagram. True, Japan had some good players – but against the Pentagram, and without Eyeshield 21, they were hopeless.

The crowd was curious of this mysterious Eyeshield character. He was small – tiny, almost, and seemingly sickeningly easy to crush. He was fast, yes…. But that was all.

Yamato was fast. Riku was fast. Shin was fast. So why was that kid even there? He hadn't played any extraordinary moves, and thus, Panther's claim about Kobayakawa Sena being his main rival was starting to get questionable.

However, that demonic blonde quarterback still had the faith in the kid… what for, they knew not.

Untol now, the main aces were Yamato, Riku, and Shin, along with Agon, Kakei and Akaba. The receivers were scarily good too, especially Taka and Monta; and let's not forger Sakuraba with the now famous Everest Pass, evolved to Archer's Pass.

Japan had slowly but surely, destroyed America's rhythm; even if they were still at a disadvantage, America still had panther, their last and truest trump card.

Panther's speed was fantastic, and not even Yamato and Shin could stop him. Since he had entered the game back then with NASA Aliens, Panther had obviously picked up more than his fair share of tricks.

However, Hiruma, the Hell Commander himself, was still cool as cucumber.

Yes, Panther was fast. Yes, it seemed to be impossible to stop the fucking kitty. But still, Hiruma had high hopes to win.

His last ace, was Eyeshield 21.

Devil 4th Dimension Run was a surprise. However, Panther soon found the way around it, and it seemed that all was lost for Team Japan.

But then, the kid geared up into entirely different course. Even Hiruma was gobsmacked at the change.

Yes, the kid was smaller, lighter, and to tell the truth, he should have collapsed from the strain long ago.

Hyperspeed and Overdrive. Hyperspeed was a speed that went past the Panther's best one, and Overdrive was… some kind of a blitz. Or not. What it caused, was a total havoc on Panther's part. Like an illusion – but the effect was, Panther was unable to pinpoint the smaller opponent's location when and where. Sometimes, Sena seemed to come right onto him, a direct assault, but then, he was far enough to do a neat avoidance, as not to collide with him. Or he seemed to be far and - Suffice to say, Overdrive played havoc on Panther's senses, because he wasn't given enough time to decode it.

Those two techniques were devastating. For such a small player, Sena proved to be a downright terrifying opponent.

Morgan was salivating at the prospect of getting such a gem into his team.

The techniques, however, had a devastating effect on the slight body of the tiny body of the running back.

Those cuts and speed were inhuman – and the body began to protest against the cruel treatment it had been forced to get through for such a long period of time.

Sena's lungs burned with the need for more air, and her legs and stomach muscles felt heavy and uncomfortable, along with that already known searing hot pain in every little bit of nerves.

The price was high, Sena knew – maybe too high, but the results were worth it.

The Team Japan had won.

At the award ceremony, the reporters and most of all, payers – were upset at the absence of now famous Eyeshield 21.

In his name, the two other players received the award, as per Sena's instructions, which caused uproar among the witnesses.

Hiruma Youichi, the best quarterback of the tournament, received the position within the Armadillos; and one Kongo Agon snatched up the monetary reward.

Trophy, however, was taken by Yamato Takeru and Shin Seijuro; both players promised to deliver it to its rightful owner.

The conclusion of the first World Youth American Football Tournament was entirely unexpected. In the process, some new talents were discovered and filled in for a later recruitment; and some new powers emerged out; the greatest surprise among them had been Japan. It was much unexpected, and for some, very unpleasant surprise.

Because it was a newbie in this sport, Japan had been dismissed as inconsequential right at the beginning, despite of Panther's ominous warning to one self – proclaimed number one, Clifford.

The Japan's second string was… good. A little rough around the edges, but good. However, it had been the first string which caused such uproar among the football fanatics worldwide.

The power of Gaou Rikiya was legendary now. There was no matches for him, expect Mr. Don, and even then…. The beast that was Gaou, had so much potential still, that in retrospect, scared Mr. Don.

Not to mention Kurita.

Akaba and Kakei were class unto themselves; Akaba with his Spider Poison technique and Kakei with his high – end blocks which were terrifying either way, be it offensive or defensive.

Yamato and Shin were monsters. Not many things could stop those two – in fact, there were only two people – Mr. Don and Panther. Clifford still shivered at the memory of that triple blitz, ending with a Trident Tackle by Shin Seijuro. Shin was one opponent Clifford never, ever wanted to encounter on the opposite team. The stoic teen was very quick, very agile and very, very strong. He could easily be deployed as a lineman too, but he was even more devastating as a linebacker. Clifford still had phantom pains from that fateful encounter with the pride and joy of Oujou White Knights.

Yamato was unstoppable. With his speed of 4,2 he was a living nightmare for his opponents – but couple that with his strength and willpower – and Clifford could easily see why he was chosen as an Eyeshield 21 of Notre Dame University.

Another speed – monster was Riku… and his Rodeo Drive had driven many opponents before Americans to tears with frustration. It didn't help that the white – haired boy was very, very fast; in league with Yamato, Shin and Sena.

Marco, Hiruma and Takami were the devil strategists, alongside Kid. Their opponents could destroy one control tower, and it would be replaced with another, which could be even more unpredictable than the former. It was a scary thought.

Nut the most terrifying strategist was Hiruma. He had shaken the American quarterback from his self – imposed throne of being the number one with his crazy strategies. It was only because of Mr. Don and Panther that America had the critical advantage – and even that melted away like a snowball in Hell, when the Eyeshield 21 entered the game seriously.

The receivers were nightmare of every opposing team, too. Taka, Monta and Sakuraba, along with Tetsuma. Tetsuma delivered the ball no matter what; Monta could catch and fire off the craziest shoots, and Sakuraba was practically unstoppable when in tandem with Takami, when they executed Everest Pass, or it's more dangerous version, Archer's Pass.

Agon was something of a jack of all trades, what with his God Speed Impulse. True, he didn't have Sena's insane speed; that nobody could, or Hiruma's tactician mind, or Gaou's monstrous strength, but he was a loose cannon enough to fuck up the opponent's plans in a jiffy, just because he could. He had been capricious as hell, but his teamwork alongside Sena was invaluable.

And all others, the Huh brothers, Nakabou, Taki…

… And Taka.

Honjou Taka was a legend in his own right now. He rightfully proved how much he took after his name, 'Falcon'. They called him the Man who walks across the sky. The only one with comparable jumping power would be Sakuraba – and even then it was doubtful whether the blonde ex-model for the Jari – pro would reach the long – haired boy.

The most of the buzz was of course devoted to Eyeshield 21.

Surprisingly, the player didn't show his face, and much to the crowd's disappointment and frustration, he always wore the Eyeshield.

He came to play into the matches relatively late, and even then it wasn't for a long time; usually, for the second half of the match.

He was fast, that was a given. But still Panther was faster, which made the visitors wonder why allegedly fastest man on the Earth could choose such an unremarkable rival.

They got their answer in the second half of the match with America. Until then, the Eyeshield kid didn't do anything extraordinary, but not for long.

However, with the second half the tides had turned swiftly.

The fist surprise was, Hyperspeed.

Panther couldn't seal it no matter how much he had tried.

The second one, Overdrive. It left the allies and enemies baffled to the extreme.

It was inhuman.

Even at the awards ceremony, Panther seemed to be in a shock still. It should've been impossible to defeat him; he had nature, genetics and sheer talent on his side.

And yet…

And yet, Kobayakawa Sena did just that.

Sena smiled a small smile when she clapped along with the crowd as Yamato and Shin received her trophy in safekeeping for her.

The night after their stupendous win, the Team Japan had hauled their collective arses into the disco to celebrate.

And of course, the boys just had to tell Hibara about the match.

Somehow, they disregarded Sena's few bandages, when she told them she had injure herself at trying some more daring dancing figures.

Talk here and there and they had invited Hibara to the awarding ceremony.

Sena clapped for the blushing Monta as he received his medal. She was happy for her friend; he truly deserved it.

Wincing slightly at the numerous aches that zigzagged through her body, she resolved to take steaming hot bath when she got home.

She smiled at the approaching boys, safely clad in a baggy black jeans trousers and camouflage T – shirt with sneakers on her feet, and her hair in two low ponytails behind her ears.

She couldn't help but laugh slightly at Yamato's beaming smile in her direction, or the others five obvious delight at seeing her. Hell, even Shin smiled!

Mentally, she shook her head as she watched them approach her.

Somehow, they…. Adopted her. Not as their little sister or anything, but she was theirs. Half between a friend and a real dating material, supposed her roommate, Suzanne. Sena pretended not to hear that little bit of information. It was too… unreal.

It wasn't bad, but it was definitely strange, what with her being handled like some kind of cute little kitten, what with her being passed around their little circle. She was used to being an equal to them... A little scrawny boy, but being treated as a girl by them was a surreal experinece on it's own.

She would miss them when they would get back in Japan, she knew that already.

But for now, Sena cheerfully returned Taka's hug when they headed to the restaurant, to celebrate Team Japan's win…. not noticing the puppy eyes aimed at her from the other five guys, who were at the moment, wildly jealous of the smiling long – haired boy, and wishing it had been them she was hugging.

Ah, such is the life….