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Summary: Sena has a date, but her friend wants to play a matchmaker. What would Shin and Marco do? Witness their trial by fire!

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Sena sighed. She loved her friend, really she did, but why did Kagome have to be so nosy and insisting that she would help Sena to... well, you know, find a date? Kagome was a kind girl, albeit a little strange, what with her unexplainable bouts of sickness and disappearances every now and then. They had met purely by chance. Kagome, being the klutz she was, crashed into Sena while she was fumbling for a cellphone in her purse, as she was hurrying to the class. Five minutes later, they met again, in the same classroom. After the class, Kagome had apologized to Sena once again, inviting the slender girl for a cup of tea. Since then, they became good acquaintances – not friends, because Sena already had them – cough Americanfootballplayerscough - but acquaintances nevertheless. Sena helped Kagome with her coursework when she had her 'missing' episodes, and listened with amusement when Kagome complained about her troubles with the giggly girly trio of Yumi, Yuka and Eiri pushing her to find a boyfriend.

Lately, Kagome got in her head a strange idea to matchmake together Sena and Hojo.

"For the last time, Kagome, NO." Sena emphasized the last word firmly. "B – But - "Kagome stammered out, her eyes big with that puppy-dog look every girl knew instinctively. However, Sena was firm. "If you don't want to date Hojo, then it's your decision. But please, don't you DARE to push him on me,"She told Kagome firmly.

Kagome groaned. "But Sena – chan..." She whined out.

Sena sighed an exasperated sigh. She quickly donned on comfortable hip – hugging black trousers that flared from the knees down to the enkles and deep orange sleeveless tank top with wide strips at the hips and tribal design of a black dragon with sparkling eyes made from tiny ruby red crystals, making it seem alive. A wide belt, made from interlinked silver hoops around her hips and some black sandals on her feet, and she was done. She then brushed her hair carelessly, before applying some lip balsam on her lips.

Kagome gaped. "Wow, Sena..." She breathed out. Sena smiled at her. To Kagome, She was radiant in that outfit. She felt a tinge of jealously at the sight of the smaller brunette girl. Sena had a perfect hourglass figure – legs to die for and flat stomach with moderately-sized bust and attractive face with warm chocolate colored eyes. However, what really made her stand out wasn't her body, but her self – confidence and kindness. Although Sena wasn't in so – called cool crowd, people were drawn to her and her energy. Suddenly, Kagome felt small.

"Um... Sena? Are you going somewhere?" She asked Sena timidly. Sena nodded, as she put her jacket in a small backpack. "Yup. I have a date" She answered, smiling happily.

But Kagome frowned. "How come I didn't know about it?" She whined, pouting. "Don't you trust me?" Cue puppy dog eyes... Again.

Sena sighed, exasperated. "It wasn't any business of yours – besides, you barely came back from your medical examinations..." She explained to the curious girl calmly.

"Oh..." Kagome frowned, confused. Then, she remembered. "Oh!" She flushed in embarrassment. "I remember now, Sena – chan... Gomen ne." Sena shook her head, amused at Kagome antics. "It's nothing," She reassured the black – haired girl- Kagome sighed in relief. Sena was her true friend, although she was aware that Sena saw her only as a mere acquittance, which both irked her, along with makign her curious. Sena was unlike any girl Kagome ever meet. The closes to compare to Sena was Sango, but the demon – slayer lacked... something which Sena had in abundance.

Curiously, Sena never did speak about her past. Oh, she had, somewhat, but Kagome always felt that Sena left out something fundamentally important, every time they talked about it.

And then, the girl's hobbies. Sena ran... A lot. She danced, and that was it. No diet; Kagome even saw Sena munching with Raimon Tarou on huge slices of pizza, and the girl was still samelessly fit as always! It boggled her mind. The last thing was, Sena's friend.s Sena, Kagome noticed, had female acquaitances. Not friends. However, Sena also had confusingly many male friends, who talked with her as if she were one of them, their equal, and not just a mere slip of a girl. Take Rikiya Gaou for example. The star lineman of Team Japan was 6,2 feet tall, heavily muscled ans strong as an ox. It was rumored that the man could lift 300 kilos without sweat.

Gaou wasn't stupid. Still, Kagome noticed that he disregarded women... somewhat... but at the same time, respected Sena. As an equal. It frustrated Kagome as Gaou was close-mouthed as on why. Panther was labelled as the fastest man in the world, yet Sena was friends with him, with Panther regarding her as his sempai. Juumonji, Kuroki and Toganou often crashed in and dragged her off with them, joking and laughing with her as they would with their little brother – yet there was still a measure of a gruff respect behind all the curses rude words and snarking around. Along with many others. It drove Kagome bonkers when nobody wanted to tell her why was Sena so respected. Kagome once even asked Riku whether Sena was a transvestite. At first, there was an incredulous silence... and then, howling began. The boys were crying tears of mirth... literally! Poor Takami had to be carted off to hospital because his spleen ruptured from too much laughing. And Kagome was even more confused as before. It didn't help that the boys snickered every time they saw her.

The doorbell rang.

Kagome jumped up. "I'll go!" Sheqickly offered, insanely curious as to what kind of a man Sena had managed to nab for herself.

She opened the door... and almost got a nosebleed. "You're not Sena – chan, I'd say" The tall young man with white lock of hair drawled out, smiling slightly.

"U – Um, you're right. I am her friend, Higurashi Kagome." Kagome introduced herself, bowing in a hurry, while she blushed red as a tomato. "P-Pleased to meet you"

The stoic teen, clad in faded blue trousers and white T-shirt with deep blue club jersey of White Knights over, nodded shortly. "Pleased to meet you. I am Shin Seijuro." He didn't smile or bow. Kagome sweatdropped- ' Just what was he? A robot?

"Ah, how rude of me. I am Marco," the youth with white lock of hair introduced himself, smiling pleasantly at still flustered Kagome. He was clad in discreet pinstriped suit, making him bad-ass and sophisticated at the same time.

"Ah... Would you like something to drink?" Kagome asked nervously. The duo sure was intimidating, even if they behaved like harmless puppies.

"Oh no, no need. We only came to pick up Sena – chan," Marco declined politely.

"Oh..." Kagome was almost disappointed "Then you two are her friends?" She inquired, curious. "Not entirely true," Shin's voice rang out. "We're her boyfriends. "

"WHAT?" Kagome yelped out loudly. "Both of you date her?" She was floored. When she had seen Marco, she thought he was a nice catch. But for Sena to date BOTH of them... Her brain short – circuited.

"Marco, Shin?" Sena 's voice called out. "Sorry for the wait. Shall we go?" Kagome watched the two men's heads whip to the origin of the voice. Marco gaped, while Shin's eyes widened minutely. "Wow, Sena. You are beautiful!" Marco blurted out, flushing. Sena blushed shyly. "Glad you two like it, " She teased the duo happily. Shin said nothing. He just strode forward and hugged the girl, with a small smile on his face.

Marco coughed. "Stop hogging Hibara, Shin," He half-teased, the ex-Oujou linebacker. "Sharing is caring, you know?"

"And possession is nine tenths of law," Shin volleyed back, smirking impishly. Marco gaped for a moment, and then pouted. "No fair, I'd say."

Sena laughed at his expression, when she was reluctantly let out of Shin's hug and approached the pouting man. "There, there," She teased, kissing Marco on the cheek. "Better now?"

Hearing Shin's growl, Marco smirked. "Lots. Thanks, Sena – chan. Oh, and here," He gave her a bouquet of orange and white roses.

"Oh, they are beautiful," Sena breathed out, her eyes wide with amazement as she accepted the gift. "Thank you... both of you."

Sena's smile was radiant, Kagome noticed, making the two men preen with pride.

She felt like a witness of something ... beautiful. Clearly, Sena ws the sun both of men gravitated around, and yet, Sena still made each od them feel as if they were her sole focus in universe.

"Um... Sena?" She asked timidly. "How did you three... um, meet?"

Sena blinked at the question, and then flushed. "Oh, er...It's rather embarrassing story," She said meekly.

Shin smiled a small, warm smile, deep gray eyes softening a little, as he looked at his embarrassed girlfriend. "At American football's match, in high school. Unknowingly, I chased after her ever since."

Sena smiled at him. "Same for me., If it weren't for him, I would've given up on American football."

Marco made a horrified noise at the revelation. "Then it's a good thing the big lug was there, then," He snarked out, evading Sena's playful swat.

"Oh?" Kagome blinked owlishly. "You were a cheerleader?" She inquired, curious. Sena groaned.

"She was a manager for Deimon Devilbats," Shin took mercy on Kagome's tortured curiosity.

"Shin!" Sena whined out, embarrassed.

"Ohhh..." Kagome nodded in understanding. "And you, Marco-san?"

Marco smiled an innocent smile. "Oh, it was at the tournament gathering. Y'know, one I wanted to switch a ball..." His eyes widened as he remembered the terror when he found out... "Good thing I didn't manage to,otherwise we would have been screwed, I'd say. "

"Screwed?" Sena blushed at Kagome's parroting of that particular word. "Well, they would have gotten Shinruuyi Nagas for opponents, instead of Taiyou Sphinixes..." Her voice trailed out, as she remembred that particular event.

Shin blinked. "You tied to switch balls with Deimon?" He asked, incredulous.

Marco nodded. "Yup. Luckily for us, Eyeshield-kun held onto their ball," He grinned rakishly.

Sena nodded, blushing.

Shin sighed. 'That Sena...' Shaking his head in fond disbelief, as he messed the girl's hair. Earning a mock – indignant squawk in return.

"Didn't save you from meeting them, anyway," Shin snarked back.

"Oh yeah," Marco grimaced at the memory of involuntarily 'mooning' his behind. Sena just blushed.

Kagome watched them curiously as they reminisced. The story of Shin and Sena seemed to be typical Romeo and Juliet, but with happier ending, but Marco and Sena... It confused her.

"I understand that Sena – chan was a manager for Deimon Devilbats..." She slowly forced out. "But I still don't understand when Marco – san begin to chase after her. "

Sky blue eyed blinked. "Oh, that...?" Marco trailed off. "In America. "

Kagome blinked, stunned. "Huh? You chased her off to America, and then you chased after her?"

Marco choked . "Definitely not!" He yelped out.

Sena giggled at his horrified expression. "You misunderstood, Kagome," She managed to day between her laughing fit. "After the Christmas Bowl, my family had to relocate in USA, due to my father's job. We moved, and then there was a World Youth Tournament in American Football. The Team Japan also participated – and that was how we met again."

She leaned back into Marco's embrace. "After they won, Marco and Shin had to go back in Japan, while I stayed in America, to finish the school."

While she narrated, the two men sobered at the memories of them being separated. "However, this year, we came back to Japan. Coincidentally, Hiruma-san and Mamo – nee prepared a get – together for Team Japan and of course, I came to see my old team mates and rivals. However, they didn't know I was a girl..." She sweatdropped at the memory. "Well, Hiruma-san did, and my boyfriends did, too..."

"I still can't believe that both monkey and idiot proposed to you..." Marco growled out.

"Don't forget the Huh – brothers and Kaitani," Shin added darkly.

"Monkey? Idiot?"Kagome's was becoming dizzy with all the information she received. It seemed that Sena had even more suitors than she did!

"Guys..." Sena pleaded, embarrassed. "The monkey is Raimon Tarou – Monta, and the idiot is Natsuhiko Taki," She explained to the dazed Kagome sheepishly. "Hiruma-san gave them their nicknames and well, they stayed. "

"And what then?" Kagome asked eagerly.

"Bloodhunt," Marco answered grimly. "We refuse those trashes claiming our girl!" He growled out, a steely gleam flashing in his eyes.

Sena sighed. "Marco... You spend too much time with Agon – niisan," She eyed him, defeated.

"Oops... Sorry, Sena – kun," Marco answered her sheepishly.

Sena shook her head at his antics, amused. "What happened was," She turned to stunned Kagome, "That my boyfriends began to chase after... well, my suitors. I haven't seen Hiruma – nii laughing so hard since... ever. " Her two boyfiends had the grace to blush. "It was a total mayhem. If Hiruma-san and Agon – niisan hadn't corralled them in..." Sena shook her head in fond exasperation.

"Would be a total bloodbath." Shin nodded an affirmative nod, as he finished her sentence.

"Hell, yeah," Marco sighed. "It's just a shame we had so many linemen here... Kurita-hammer... Scary." He shuddered. Shin looked faintly sick. "Yeah. Yamato and Akaba were lucky bastards, getting Gaou. Agon got down Taka, and Kakei had to be held down by Takami and Sakuraba."

Kagome eyed the duo incredulously. She had seen Gaou, and those two said that Kurita was scarier than him? "Uh... Why is that... Kurita-hammer so scary?" She asked, confused.

"Want to be buried under 250 kilograms?" Shin asked her dryly.

Kagome gulped. Yup, scary, indeed.

However, something was nagging at her...

"Wait a minute," Kagome said slowly. "You said that... Yamato, Akaba, Taka and Kakei also had to be held down, besided you two?"

Marco nodded. "What can I say," He spoke cheerfully, "Our Sena – chan is rather captivating, isn't she?" He smirked along with Shin. Sena's cheeks were red with embarrassment. "Maarco"« She moaned, mortified.

Kagome's eyes bulged out at Marco's admission. "Don't tell me you..." She turned to Sena –"Are dating them all?" She squeaked out, Marco and Shin wincing at the high sound.

Sena looked like a deer caught in headlights. "I –I won't?" She offered meekly. Kagome was still staring at her, gaping incredulously. Sena sighed, exasperated. 'Here we go again,', she thought to herself.

THAT was the reason she didn't have female friends.

"Yes, I am dating all of them, and I am proud of it!" She grumbled out annoyed, as she put the bouquet into the vase she had prepared for the occasion. "I love them, why wouldn't I date them?"

"But – But - !2 Kagome spluttered out helplessly. "So many guys? Have you no shame?" Her voice became shrill.

"We all know about each other," Shin interrupted her. "When we found out that Sena is actually a female,we all wanted to date her. We also agreed that we'd rather to share Sena than not date her at all."

"Besides," Marco continued "We've known each other since high school. We respect Sena, not only as a girl, but as a person.. She had gone through hell and high water to prove she was worthy of her title. She had to train more than anyone else, to become the pillar ot Team Japan." His voice gained a steely undertone.

"Marco, please..." Sena pleaded with him.

Marco only hugged the embarrassed girl. "Sshh, Sena – chan. Don't worry. I've become fed up with listening to the guys' whining about how people treat you when they find out that you are dating more than one of us." He growled out protectively, Shin nodding at his words.

Sena blinked. "But Marco... I don't care about those people. I have you, guys, and that's enough, don't you see?"

Sky blue eyes softened at Sena's plea as Marco stared at the petite girl in her embrace. Truly, Sena was one in a million. And Marco felt honored that he was one of those Sena cared for more than her life itself. "I know, love," He murmured to her, his voice gentle. "Just, let me rant a little bit more?"Sena sighed, but nodded her assent under his hopeful gaze.

Marco looked back at the brown-eyed girl. "You've heard about Team Japan's victory over the Pentagram, right?" Kagome nodded, confused. "But what does it have to do with her?" She pointed at Sena.

"Everything." Marco smiled a mirthless smirk. "Without her, Deimon wouldn't have won all the matches the had. Without her, Team Japan, as we know it, wouldn't have been built. Without her, Shin wouldn't have evolved his Spear Tackle into Trident Tackle. Without her, Kakei wouldn't have found his path back to the true meaning of football. Without her, I or Akaba wouldn't have reached across our abilities to achieve the impossible. Without her, Taka wouldn't have had his rival. Without her, Yamato's dream about conquering the strongest of America, would have been only that - a dream."

"And without all of you," Sena said softly, "I would have been a scareld little girl still, terrified of smalles t pain unable to reach for my dreams, unable to bet my all for something I believe in." She smiled at her stunned boyfriends softly. "And I am thanking Kami every day that he allows me to be with you all."

Kagome was silent. She was speechless at the passion in Marco's voice, as he defended their relationship with Sena. They truly thought that they belonged together, no matter how... inconvenient the relationship may seem to be. But really, six guys sharing one girl? Mentally, Kagome's mind boggled. Even in youkai societies that would seem preposterous. It was simply too complicated to work. But seeing Shina dn Marco with Sena and not minding having to share her one bit, even with so many of them – Kagome could easily believe Sena's claim of having six boyfriends now – she could only wish that someday, she. Kagome would find such an unconditional love the three of them shared.

Sena chuckled. "Well, shall we go?" She inquired. Shin nodded, snatching her away from Marco, making him yelp with indignation. "Hey!" He called out, mock – affronted.

"Slowpoke." One word from Shin's mouth practically froze the teen, while Shin hauled Sena into fireman carry and strode to the door.

Kagome watched how Marco wordlessly moved his jaw, in an attempt to formulate appropriate response.

Only when the door slammed shut behind the pair, Marco got his wits back.


Sena winced at Marco's loud... response. "Shin... Was that really necessary?" She asked the smirking man who still carried her. Shin snorted. "Necessary, no. Useful, yes. And, Sena..." He let her down, looking into her eyes seriously. "Call me Seijuro, please."

His heart thumped loudly as she smiled at him, her cheeks flushed. »Okay... Seijuro-kun.«

The moment was interrupted when Marco joined them, huffing. Blue eyes looked at the stoic linebacker with irritation. "You are a bastard, Shin." Marco growled out, glaring.

"My parents were married." Shin returned the jibe, making Marco choke, and Sena giggle.

Shin smirked slightly, as he squeezed Sena's hand lightly. This... would be their little secret.

/The End/Owari/