I can hear them. Her. Them mostly, but her...enough.
Enough to make me clutch my camera closer as I run. My camera. The only part of me that I have left. Small and insignificant to an outsider but a part of me.
The rest is nothing but a shell. An empty nothing.

The acceptance of it is the worst part.
It's a strange feeling to know your going to die. To feel and believe it, with every fibre of your being.
Everyone will die of course. Nothing is more certain. But to actually know death is coming for you imminently.
That's something else entirely.
To be hunted, in an ever changing environment. Circling your own tracks. Same paths. Same tree's. It's all the same in the end.
It won't change. We...I pause at the thought. We. Me and Josh and Mike. Widdled down to just me...now. Just me. Alone. Hunted. Dead already perhaps?
We could have walked for 10 days solid and still wound up in the same place. I only understand that now. At the end. My end. How fitting.

To know that death has marked you with an 'x' or as is more accurate for me a haunting stick figure that watches over me. For Her.
To know a few scattered rocks held my fate, our fate, is a truly horrific prospect.
No words can ever describe it.

I don't know how much longer I can hold on. I know for definite not long.
I know for definite soon.
I know for definite now.

These are my last thoughts. As I run frantically. With fear and panic and dread.
But I have some small comfort.
Some small pride that I am no longer running from the thing I fear most, but in fact towards it. Or Her...

I run down to the basement.
I can hear Josh and Mike's voices. I register that noise only. I ignore with what little will power I have left Her noise.
I know She will be there just as She knows I will.
I take the last bounding steps down, to my horror I see Mike staring at the wall.
I know It's coming. I know She's coming. I know She's here.
Strangely I find slight comfort knowing that I can finally close my eyes. I wouldn't call it peaceful exactly, but there's something reassuring about knowing the nightmare is over for me. For us. If nothing else.
I can can only pray that our nightmare will not be found. It will only encourage others to come. I don't want that for them. For anyone. Ever.
I smile bittersweet in realisation as I fall to the ground now.
What once was the only comfort to me, the only thing I had left, the only part of me that will be left behind and will be the undoing of so many lives, will now haunt me to my last breath and beyond.

The Blair Witch Project...