"Any sign of the boys?" Sandy asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee and enjoyed the sensation of drinking it while still wearing his pajama bottoms.

"No, but I just checked on them. Ryan's fever is down but Seth's is up."

"How high?"

"101 or so, nothing too alarming, but I called and left a message for the pediatrician to try and get them an appointment today."

"How are they feeling?"

"Well, you know Seth, he was ready and waiting with the pathetic sick act in case I decided to try and send him to school. I've never seen anyone so excited to have a fever." She sighed, "And Ryan is a bit miffed at me for insisisting he stay home today."

Sandy sighed and shook his head and took a sip of coffee. A sip, not a gulp, it was a refreshing change.

Just then the glass door slid open and Ryan appeared.

"Hey kid, how are you feeling?"

"Fine." Ryan said, as he made a bee line for the coffee pot.

"Oh no you don't-" Kirsten stopped him. "Tea. Caffeine's bad for colds."

"Tea has caffeine." Ryan pointed out, his eyes still locked on the enticing black liquid.

"I'll make you some that's decaf. Now sit." Kirsten put her hands on top of his shoulders and marched him into the living room and pushed him down on the couch. He coughed a few times and Kirsten felt his shoulders heave under her hands.

Once he was safely on the couch, Kirsten pulled an afghan down on top of him and tucked it in around him and then felt his forehead.

"Are you feeling any better?" Kirsten asked. She had given him some Tyelenol when she'd woken him up that morning, she was hoping his fever might have dropped a little by now.

"A little," he shrugged.

"I made a doctor's appointment for you and Seth later today."

Ryan groaned but was interrupted by his own cough, "It's just a cold." Kirsten was pleased that he seemed less congested this morning, at least his voice was less nasaly and he could actually say the letter's l and d.

"You're fever was pretty high last night,"

"But it's lower today..." He protested.

"Ryan, you're going, and that's final." Sandy decided to step in.

"Don't need ACHOO a doctor..." And then his voice dissolved into a fit of thick, wet sounding coughs. Sandy's lungs hurt just hearing the kid cough like that. When he finished he looked up at Kirsten. "Alright... I'll go."

Kirsten just smiled and patted his shoulder. "I'll make you some tea. Do you want anything to eat? Maybe some toast?" Ryan thought back to yesterday's toast experience and almost shuddered.

"No, not hungry."

"Alright," Kirsten said, but Ryan and her both knew the battle wasn't over.

As Kirsten set about boiling more water for tea, Seth made his entrance into the kitchen with an explosive sneeze.

"Bless you. Cover your mouth Seth." Sandy said from behind the paper.

"Such concern for my health dad!"

"Sarcasm's intact... Can't be too sick!" Ryan called weakly from the couch, and then coughed.

"Look who's talking!" Seth said, and then sneezed.

"Come on, go sit down," Kirsten said, she took Seth by the elbow and herded him onto the love seat in the living room.

"How come he gets the couch?" Seth complained.

"Early bad catches the couch," Sandy said, flipping through his newspaper.

"I'm making tea," Kirsten said, as she tucked Seth in with a blanket and kissed his forehead.

"And toast?" Seth asked hopefully. "And..." he sneezed, "Orange juice,"

"Sure," Kirsten agreed. "Ryan, do you want some orange juice?" He started to shake his head, "I'm going to make it fresh..." She teased.

Ryan smiled a little, "Alright, thanks."

"You're welcome." Pleased to have both her patients settled where she could keep an eye on them and settled for making a breakfast fit for a sick king.