When Camilla Bonetta Cornelius returns to her home town she discovers that a lot more than a few extra houses has changed. Meeting vampires that don't eat humans, true love between species, and a new war that will alter everyone's lives. Only Camilla Bonetta Cornelius can save the world from destruction, but she cannot do this alone. Will she seek the help of new friends and become the savior she was born to be? Or will her obssession with revenge and her depression become the reason for the enemies to win.

Follows the Twilight series.

I do not own any of the twilight characters.

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Italacized words are person speaking.



Long ago, back in the medieval era the days were dark and dangerous. There were days filled with sudden blood curling screams out of nowhere and days were people vanished off of the face of the earth. There were days were bloodied, dismembered corpses were found at dawn in the middle of the streets and there were days when the poor were found in dark alleyways completely drained of blood with silent screams still coming from their mouths.

Yes, these were dark days indeed. In fact there came a point where people were starving because they were too afraid to come out of their homes for fear of being exposed to the plague that was going around. Well, that's what they believed was happening. Only a small group of people really knew what was going on. Only the few groups knew why there was talk of giant mutant wolfs the size of huge bears were coming out during the full moon eating humans and animals alike. Why beautiful pale red-eyed creatures (who were too fast to see unless it was too late) drained the people of their blood red life force, and why Glaida's Children (dark spell binders) stole young children and putting deadly curses on the men and women. Not only was it a time were evil ran amuck but due to the fact that none of the fiends above were fond of each other they fought against each other. The underworld's war rose to the surface.

There were very few who could and would fight for the safety of the human race and the protection of out world. The leaders of this small group of people were royal members of the court who turned down the seat for politics and gave their lives for the human race. These leaders were Steven and Bonetta Cornelius, the 2nd Prince (Brian) from the Clan of Daldria, the Joseph Breheny, the Juliana Valvalis, and Lenora Castus, Herald and Rose Byzantines, and Giana Andalusia, Jim Pliny, Edmund Lonicer. With the help of the good and the strength of other families these twelve people drove the demons back to the dark shadows and have continued to keep the dark creatures in line.

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