Chapter 6

When I got home, I neglected to remove my armor and return my weapons to the armory. Instead, I went straight into the office. Inside the office there was a secret room that contained all of the Cornelius's most precious items and history and farther down there was another locked room that was the computer study. The only way to enter either room was to enter a glass tube that was so thick even vampires had trouble breaking through and punch in the pass code, have laser eye scanning and to apply fresh blood sample, have a finger print scanning, know the security question that was never the same and changed every decade. The entire process only took a moment but if even one thing went wrong the machine shut down and the person inside died of gas poison. The only way that anyone other than family could enter the room was if the family member gave the okay and stood still to allow the scanner to go into lie detector mode.

Upon entering the computer study I sat in the plush chair and plugged in the tracer into the trace monitor. As I waited for the tracer to download I studied a map of Forks that was on the screen and pulled up the records on the goings on in dreary old Forks.

Before I go on, let me describe the office. It consisted of record books and many large computers. The record books in this room held information that contained important but not vital information. Just a bunch of numbers on the occupation and the people's history, reports on the happenings of Forks. Each person who lived here or has lived here, them and their ancestors were recorded and watched. Just in case something happened that involved the humans and the war that was invisible to them.

The computers, they were all next to each other so that I had better access to each one. It's similar to the ones that security guards are always known for watching. I had a computer for just every day things such as going onto the internet to look up fashion to going on Google to find out who William Wellsford is. There were computers that contained files on the Valagran history and the ability to access government top secret files; we only look at those if we believe that the government has information on anything that involves us and the war that even they aren't totally clear on. Then there was the TV. The TV is this machine that allows me to track everything that is going on in the world as clear as if I was actually there. This machine is very expensive, very valuable, and a major necessity to all Valagrans.

TV was made to focus only on vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, Valagrans, magicians, and humans of course, identifying them by their blood. See, the satellite that we have up in space looks down upon the world and analyzes everyone and everything's blood and genotype. Sending the information to another satellite in space and this satellite takes this information that is jumbled up in codes and takes what its main priority is and catalogs it into different categories. These categories are labeled as vampire, werewolves, magicians, Valagrans, shape shifters, and humans. Once that is settled the information goes to a giant computer at a headquarters in Russia where they send the list pictures out to the computers that are registered to obtain this information, showing the information in colors. The only problem is that we can't see the people we look for we only can tell what species each colored dot is. Not that we really need to see their faces. We Valagrans only need to see what species are in the area in order to trace and record them. If we try to push the machine to get a visual picture the TV will overload with the data and will crash. No one has ever tried this before and with good reason, we don't have to. It's is not necessary.

Anyways, the color coding for the different species are… for vampires its blood red, werewolves a neon green, magicians are and icy blue, shape shifters a black, and humans an orange. Valagrans are the only ones without a color. We are labeled by the Valagran symbol that is branded on our bodies. Depending on the family name and skill level our symbol changes colors. If we are from a royal member (pure blooded Valagran from high status) then the color is bright gold, if it's a pure blooded Valagran (a Valagran from a Valagran family who is not royal but pure blooded) then the color is a brown, a middle class Valagran (a person from a mixed family) is a dark green, and a lower class Valagran (a member who was not from a Valagran family, had chosen the life of a hunter) is a peach color. The lower Valagrans are rare, Valagrans tend to stick to themselves and hardly delve into the Valagran society. The lower class Valagrans tend to have a very hard time getting by, because even though they may have passed the test of trustworthiness to get into the society they aren't trusted and are believed to be easily swayable. Only one in known history has ever earned the majority of the Valagran societies appreciation and because of him our society has become more…'merciful' towards the lower class.

A Valagran who is a mere beginner and has low skill abilities (these are usual young children) then the Valagran symbol will appear with just a V. If the Valagran is a decent level, then the symbol will have a circle around the V. And if the Valagran in question is of a higher rank is given the symbol with a sword going through. And only the highest ranks, Valagrans with superb abilities or captains are shown with the complete symbol. The V with a circle around it, the bat, wolf, or stars and a sword across it. Depending on what the Valagrans specialty is, the bat (vampire) or wolf (children of the moon) or stars (magicians/witches/warlocks) will be larger than the rest.

Back to the present.

Staring at the screen I watch as the gray dots began to become surrounded by light red dots, proving my theory that the vampires were young and chaotic. Studying the screen I watched in shock as a true phenomenon occurred. The grey dots were becoming surrounded by the red dots and one grey dot was even jumped by a red dot. But what really stunned me was the fact that one of the red dots moved away from the humans and the others ran away. Some of the red dots were running away from the humans while another set was chasing them. But that's not the really weird part. The ones doing the chasing were from the same group! Then suddenly the group stopped simultaneously as if they had met some obstacle. Then they all just disappeared! I stared at the computer and watched as the red dots just simply disappeared. Of course that only means that they are dead but that's beside the point. The point is that the vampires had been killed by something that I could not see. On the computer it looked as if the vampires just dropped dead, but I know that someone or something had burned them!

I gawked at the screen, nothing was there. No matter how many times I repeatedly rubbed my eyes I couldn't see anything! Not even a speck or a different colored dot that I had never seen before! It's like the satellites couldn't pick up what was out there. But that's…that's impossible!