Chapter 5

I picked my cell to make a call, dialing numbers that I knew all too well. I had made the conclusion that the satellites weren't working properly. Though this could never happen, there was always a first. Whatever the reason was I needed it fixed. I needed to figure out what happened tonight in the woods, who or what killed those monsters.

The phone rang a total of six times before the idiot picked up. "Hey,--"

"Ed, the satellites busted I need you on it, now. I'm working a case and I need that damned satellite fixed." I growled agitated.

"Well hello to you too sweet heart. Long time no see. Though I have heard from you but it's always over the phone or instant messages, and though I love the fact that still remember me and all, but every time you contact me you never sound the least bit happy to ---"


"See? That's what I mean. I mean every time you call it's always about work and Valagran stuff. You never chat with me, or want to come see me. Don't you love me anymore? Don't you care? Darlene as done nothing but asks about you, you know? When is Milla coming? Have you talked to Mil today? How is Mil doing? I'm being dumped for my best friend. Oh, I feel so alooooonnnnnnneeeeeee!"

"Edmund! I…need…you…to…check…the …damned…satellites! Now!" I practically screamed the end, irritated beyond belief. I do not know what's going on and the damned satellites to blame, and now I have to deal with Ed being Ed? I don't think so.

"All right! Alright already. There's no need to scream Mil." I could practically taste his amusement. Ed has always been the one who loved to annoy me the most out of all of my friends. They knew that I had a very short temper and that I liked to know things and get things done immediately. I am a workaholic but only because I have to be, if things were different, if that night never happened, then I would be more like my brother. Always cheerful, training hard but enjoying every bit of it and known for partying.

I felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach.

Stop it Camilla. Stay focus.

"Mil? Are you there?"

"Yeah. The satellite working, now?"

"Wait now? The sat has been working. What's wrong? Your computer not working well enough to your liking?"

"No. You sure? I got an error on my screen. The picture of something wouldn't show up."

"It must be your computer Mil."

"It's not Ed. I think that I have been around computers long enough to know when my computers out of whack, Ed. It's got to be the satellite…"

"Sorry Mil. It's not."

"No glitches? No screw ups on your end?"

"Hey! We don't ever screw up!" he yelled playfully being indignant.

I ignored him and continued. "No bugs? Dimmit Ed, there has to be something because I got nothing on this freakin…"

I stopped talking immediately, consumed by what I saw through the corner of my eye. On another computer I had played what happened out in the woods today. It's a lot less accurate than the TV and the screen gets really fuzzy when dealing with a lot of vampires and seeing as this the case I didn't bother with this footage. But what I saw stopped me, and I became entranced by what I saw.

The footage showed the vampires being chased by something. The vampires showed up clearly because as with the TV these footages recognize the DNA make up of vampires and use that to identify them. But the problem was that whatever was chasing them was not clear at all. They were more of a blur than the background. But they were fast. Fast enough to catch the vampires and kill them.

I felt my mind go into temporary shock mode. The satellite was just fine. It wasn't the satellite that was making the unknown predators of the vampires invisible, it was themselves. Whatever it was, whatever was in their genetic makeup (or alteration), the computers, the satellites, the monitors couldn't pick up. Whatever the mysterious 'X's were giving off is completely new, something unheard of.

Only vampires, werewolves, and Valagrans could run at that speed. If these mysterious 'X's weren't the latter, then…

"What the hell are they?"