Pairing(s): Kaito/Shinichi, Kurobas, Kudous

Characters: Lots of Kudous and Kurobas.

Rating: M

Warnings: Heavy petting, alcohol, language

A/N: My Christmas gift to you is to share the small collection of scenes I have had moldering on my hard drive for over a year from my defunct story idea "Deadly Game", first in the Gameverse series. Maybe one day I'll come back to it, but for now... Well, trying to work out the timeline would give me a headache.

For those of you not in the know, in this universe basically the Kudous and Kurobas have been super criminals for years. They run the Black Org, and Toichi already found Pandora.

Once again, this is over a year old, and I find it to be terribly written but... I wanted to give you all a present. Enjoy.

Deadly Game Scenes

words: 4026

"This is boring," an annoyed, childish, voice piped up. "Can't you get something more challenging?"

Yuusaku lifted his head as a small, plastic, multi-colored cube slammed down on his desk atop the blue prints he was busily studying. He blinked again, and reached behind his glasses with one finger to rub his eyes, then squinted. His brain quickly confirmed that, yes, the Rubix Cube he'd given to Shinichi no more than a thirty minutes ago was perfectly aligned.

Reaching out Yuusaku scooped the cube up, and slowly turned it over, examining it inch by inch while the small boy scowled up at him.

He hadn't gotten annoyed and peeled the stickers off either.

Looking down at Shinichi he blinked once then set the cube back down. Yuusaku nodded his head in satisfaction, and Shinichi grinned sharply in response to the unsaid praise.

"I'll see what I can find."

This time, it was the little boy who nodded in satisfaction. Yuusaku watched his son trot off to find something else to amuse himself. He could already tell the boy was going to be a handful...


Guiltily, the man in question slowly lifted his head from where he was tinkering with a bunch of razor edged playing cards and what had, at one point, been a gun. Said gun was now in pieces. Slowly, carefully, as if the world were about to explode, Toichi put the tiny screw driver he held down.

Hesitantly the great criminal mastermind called, "Yes dear?"

"Come here at once!"

Oh no... He knew that tone. It was the tone his lovely jewel of a wife used when she'd take no dallying or arguments. He stood up fast enough to nearly topple his chair, and took off at a quick clip. After nearly tripping down the stairs he found Nyoko standing sternly in the middle of the living room. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and her gaze was directed pointedly at her feet.

Toichi was almost afraid to see what awaited him.

Cautiously he walked over to join his wife, and almost groaned at what he saw. She was going to kill him for this, but... It was kind of funny. Their tiny son's head fell backm and he stared at them with wide, violet, glassy eyes. Beside his little foot lay an empty vial. A vial that used to have some of the liquid the scientists in the organization had extracted from Pandora, and were attempting to refine.

Kaito giggled and held his hands up, tried to grab his mother's leg and missed by a mile. Toichi watched the unsteady toddler topple over onto his face and burble cheerfully into the carpet.

"How," Nyoko growled. "did your son get a hold of that, Toichi?"

Kaito rolled over to point and giggle at his annoyed mother. Toichi stifled a chuckle. "He's just showing how talented he is already."

After all, Toichi had kept those vials in a briefcase that was kept locked in a safe within his study. Kaito was going to make a wonderful Kaitou Kid someday!

Nyoko smacked him upside the head.


"Go get the camera then help clean this up. You're going to deal with him when he wakes up screaming tomorrow from the hangover."

Toichi sulked for a moment, after all, it was his fault that the current version of the Pandora Extract turned out to be a highly potent alcohol? Then, brightening at the idea of embarrassing pictures to share at a later date, he meandered off to fetch the camera for his wife.

Poor boy wouldn't know what hit him when he tried to bring a date home!

Shinichi gave a proud smirk to his sand castle. Other little kids his age could barely make towers that looked more like towers than lumps. Shinichi, however, being the perfectionist he was even at this age had spent hours calculating the water vs sand variables he needed for the right consistency, then carefully working it so it was perfect.

And, now it was.

Twisting his torso around Shinichi raised a little hand to wave to his parents, "Kaasan! Tousan! Come see!"

He'd show them how much better than his sniveling peers he was!


The shrieked word was followed shortly by a brightly colored, dark haired, something belly flopping on Shinichi's carefully constructed sand castle.

The tiny castle builder's initial reaction was, "It's Banzai, stupid."

"So? It's more fun this way!" The kid laying, belly down, arms forward like he was some flying super hero, quipped back.

It was then, that Shinichi realized he'd been thoroughly covered with the debris from his ruined creation, and let out an enraged yelp.

Yukiko arrived on scene just as Shinichi went to launch himself at the boy who was now rolling around and laughing in the remains of his castle. She caught him around the waist, and hauled him up even as Shinichi kicked and screamed, tiny hands flailing as he reached for the offender. It seemed rather like he wanted to strangle the other child.

"I'm sorry, about that..." an amused, but gentle voice commented.

Yukiko looked up, and beamed at the pair who had just walked sedately over in the wake of their vivacious son. "Nyoko-chan! Sensei! I was wondering when the two of you were going to arrive. It seems the boy's have already introduced themselves!"

"I'ma kill'em! KAASAN. LEMME GO!"

Kaito lay on the bed, on his back, head dangling over the edge so he could see the game upside down while Shinichi sat on the floor, leaning back against the bed. Despite this fact, Kaito was still managing to completely clobber Shinichi in the fighting game they were playing. Shinichi scowled a little harder at the screen, and fell to mashing the buttons at random instead of trying to use the combos he'd memorized.

The game declared a resounding GAME OVER: PLAYER TWO WINS! much to Shinichi's disgust. With a huff he tossed the controller to the ground, then kicked it away with a sock clad foot.

"I don't want to play anymore."

"Booorrrring!" Kaito sing-songed. "Shin-chan's so boooorrrring!"

"Don't call me that!" Then, almost as an after thought he added, "If I'm so boring go find someone else to annoy. Isn't Hakuba here?"

Kaito perked up at the thought, but discarded the idea of annoying the quiet half-brit child as soon as it came. "We can do that later." Rolling onto his stomach Kaito grinned right in Shinichi's face. "Gimme a kiss and I'll let you win the next round!"

Shinichi's face immediately scrunched up in disgust. "Ewww! Kissing is disgusting, idiot. Why would I give you one, anyway?"

"'Cause I'm gonna marry you someday."

Giving the other boy a perfectly deadpan look Shinichi pointed out, "Stupid, boy's can't get married."

"Says who?"


Kaito laughed, obnoxiously. "Well, what I say is what matters. If they disagree I'll just have Gin or Vermouth-obasan knock them off."

"I'm still not gonna marry you."

"I'll change your mind someday!"


Shoving his hand in Kaito's face Shinichi sent the other boy off balance and, as Kaito fell to the floor with a yelp, took off running from the room. A second later Kaito was up and giving chase.



Kudou Yuusaku pushed his glasses back along his nose and sat up, bracing himself on his elbow so he could see over the person laying on the loung chair parallel to his. The two of them were situated in a rather nice cabana on a long stretch of beach located on the island of Moloka'i. The breeze off the sea was fantastic, rustling in the thick palms, and jungle-esque foliage that surrounded the secluded spot. He had an admirable view of the beach, stretching on for miles in either direction, and the blue, blue ocean unfolding before him.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky. It really did seem to be the perfect day for this.

Beside him his companion lifted their hand, and reached out lazily to pick up the tall glass of some fruity smelling cocktail from the woven plant fiber table between their lounges. Droplets of water beaded the thin glass. The half melted cubes of ice hovering in the liquid clinked lightly as the object was lifted and drawn toward the owner of the hand.

Twisting around Yuusaku checked the path that lead to the low, rather expensive looking home that sat huddled in the thick greenery behind them. Faintly, he could hear the sounds of feminine laughter floating down to them.

"Sounds like they're on their way back," Yuusaku commented blandly.

Toichi gave a muffled laugh and sat up before setting aside his glass again just as Nyoko and Yukiko stepped into view. Both of the women were bedecked in clothing as brightly colored as the tropical blossoms around them. Yuusaku dropped back onto his lounge chair, and settled the book he'd been reading on his chest.

As Nyoko neared her husband's side Toichi reached out, caught her hand, and drew her closer. Bringing her hand up the former phantom thief brushed a kiss over the back of her knuckles, mischievous gaze turned upward to watch her. His other hand produced one of the large brightly colored blossoms for her.

Smiling, Nyoko inclined her head so that he could tuck the bloom behind her ear, and allowed herself to be drawn farther forward before perching on the edge of Toichi's lounge. Leaning over she brushed a kiss across his cheek, making the man grin. Drawing her hand up he feathered another kiss across her knuckles. "So, what could cause my most precious gem to come see me so soon?"

Toichi gave a sad sigh as Nyoko drew her hand away from him. Amusement laced her voice as she replied, "I thought you would like to know what your son has been up to."

Reclining back on his lounge, Toichi sent a sidelong glance to Yuusaku. "She said 'your son'. She only says it like that when Kaito's done something particularly atrocious."

Yukiko laughed cheerfully, leaning over Yuusaku to procure the man's drink. Grinning mischievously over the rim of the glass she said, "It's not just Kai-chan who's been up to his games again."

Toichi brought his hand up, dropping it down to lay theatrically, palm up, against his forehead, and closed his eyes. "I knew that they were getting troublesome. The pair of them would hardly stop arguing the last time they were here. How bad is it?"

"We decided to give them a larger game board to amuse themselves with," Yuusaku deadpanned.

Cracking one eye open to take in the amused trio, Toichi asked, "I'm afraid to know, but... how big?"

"All of Tokyo! Possibly all of Japan if you think about it," came Yukiko's chipper reply.

"Oh no."

"Oh yes, and you know the first thing those boys did?"

"I'm sure I can guess, but why don't you tell me anyway?"

Shinichi stood on the edge of a skyscraper's roof, wind whipping around him, and sending his fringe and the cowlicks of his hair to dance in a wild frenzy. In one hand he idly tossed a rather large blue hued stone, the delicate chain it was attached to swaying too and fro with every rise and fall. His other hand was occupied with keeping the binoculars to his eyes. High above him a waxing gibbous moon hovered in the sky. It was, as of now, nearly midnight.

It had been so easy to set the whole thing up. Drop a few rumors in a greedy man's ears, direct him toward one annoying idiot bastard with a penchant for reptilian names, and watch the sparks fly. Blue Birthday was a pleasant weight in his hand, and he couldn't wipe the smugly amused smirk off his face. Pocketing the binoculars now, as the show was out of sight, not to mention coming to an end, Shinichi let his gaze rake the dark city below.

Maybe he'd even let Kaito have the prize for playing along so well. Then again, he was still pissed off. If the idiot hadn't decided it was more fun to play with Nakamori's daughter than him...

Shinichi scoffed in annoyance, he wasn't jealous he just thought the silly girl was a waste of time. He turned his back to the immense drop of the building; a building that loomed over all of those around it. It had provided a wonderful spectators seat to the show, but now its purpose was served.

Hefting Blue Birthday aloft he looked through it, the crescent moon broke up like scattered puzzle pieces across the facets. The gem coruscated, sending off gleams of blue rainbows to dance in the air around him. Shinichi was unsurprised by the lack of red glow, he knew very well that Blue Birthday did not contain the Pandora gem.

Still, it would have been such a shame to leave Blue Birthday in the hands of proper authorities, which was why he'd sent Raccoon and Magpie to collect and replace it as soon as Kid had sent out his heist note. The fake was good enough to fool most people, after all they'd been taught by the best. It wouldn't, however, fool someone of Kid's caliber. Either of them, really.

The sound of clapping startled Shinichi from his thoughts, his head jerking to the side to watch Kid walk across the expanse of the roof still applauding. Dropping his arm Shinichi pocketed the jewel, and turned to face the thief with a brow raised.

"Nicely done, Shin-chan!" Kaito crowed. "Very well orchestrated."

Kaito stopped within a foot of him, leaning forward until they were very nearly nose to nose. Shinichi didn't even bother to twitch, eyes locked on the gleam of a monocle, and the glint of Kaito's uncovered eye. Kaito's gloved hand shot out, grabbing hold of the utilitarian black tie Shinichi wore to go along with the trim black suit coat and slacks. Shinichi allowed himself to be tugged forward, stubbornly refusing to shiver at the feel of warm breath fanning across his lips and cheeks.

Nor did he let his mind carry him away with how disheveled Kaito looked at this close a distance. Kaito always managed that: To look so put together and pristine, and yet just beneath the thin veneer was untempered wildness.

The thief gave a sharp tug on his tie, and Shinichi swayed forward slightly, balance knocked off just the faintest bit by the abrupt pull. That was all Kaito needed, and the next thing Shinichi knew he'd been spun around and Kaito was determinedly backing him up. His arm came up, clamping around Kaito's wrist hard enough to dig into the muscle through the slippery fabric of Kid's white suit coat. His back thumped against the door, and Kaito pressed close, pinning him there. A wicked grin greeted him in the shadow of the top hat's brim.

Shinichi scowled, glare fully in place, and squeezed harder. "Let me go."

Kaito's grin widened a fraction further. "Why ever would I want to do that when I've got you right where I want you, Shin-chan?"

They both knew Shinichi could have put up more of a fight if he really wanted to, but neither of them would bring that knowledge to the surface. Shinichi because he refused to admit to it, and Kaito because he knew Shinichi would have to fight back if he brought it up. It really was just the principal of the matter. Instead Kaito merely closed the distance and sealed it with a languid, but fierce kiss.

The brim of Kaito's top hat knocked against Shinichi's head, and with an impatient movement Shinichi knocked it off. Neither cared as it rolled away. Shinichi's hands threaded into the wild mess of Kaito's hair, indifferent to the sweat that dampened the locks and made them pricklier than usual. Tightening his hands into fists he gripped Kaito's hair and pulled him back roughly, teeth catching and biting down, hard, on the thief's lower lip. Giving a sound somewhere between a groan and growl, Kaito pressed back for more.

One white gloved hand weaseled into the small space between them, deftly undoing the buttons on Shinichi's suit jacket before shoving the two halves aside. Kaito brought his hand up to join the other at Shinichi's tie and began to work it loose. Leaning down, Kaito nuzzled against Shinichi's jaw to get him to tilt his head back. With another small sound the other teenager complied. Kaito grinned and rewarded him with a sharp bite to the underside of his jawbone. He could feel the hum of approval in Shinichi's throat.

Really, once you got him to give in to the inevitable pleasure Shinichi really was a great lover. Glancing at his watch as Shinichi's tie came loose, Kaito grinned wickedly against his lover's neck. He could feel Shinichi tensing, and latched onto the fluttering pulse point, scraping his teeth over the skin there in a way he knew made Shinichi purr.

Shinichi stretched, arching his neck and pushing his hips forward. Kaito complied with the unspoken demand and stepped forward to press himself flush against the other boy.

Dragging his lips up, he cooed into Shinichi's ear, "My... You were missing this just as much as I was, weren't you?"

"Fuck you," Shinichi snarled.

"That is the idea. ...After a fashion, anyway."

Leaving off the tie to settle loose around Shinichi's neck, Kaito stepped back, running his hands down Shinichi's torso. Catching handfuls of fabric he tugged Shinichi's shirt loose from his slacks. Shinichi's hands pulled roughly at his hair again, dragging him into another frenzied kiss that made him moan from the feel of teeth turning his lips tender.

Shinichi's belt was easily dealt with, and Kaito plunged his hand straight into his pants. A squeeze, a stroke, and the contrast of glove on sensitive skin was enough to make his lover's knees buckle. Shinichi's back slid against the metal door as Kaito carefully guided him down, and dropped to his knees with him. Kaito's white cape pooled around them.

Pressing his advantage the thief leaned over Shinichi, taking control of the kiss with a heady shift of his head. Shinichi's, head fell back with a thump when his skull met the door as he allowed Kaito his control. Drawing his free hand up Kaito cupped the back of Shinichi's head, raking his fingers through his hair to give it that lovely tousled look, before snatching the tie from around Shinichi's neck. Breaking off the kiss he ducked his head down to suckle at his lover's bared throat.

It was easy to coax Shinichi to lift his arms up, and in his distracted state even easier to swiftly bind his hands around the door handle with his own tie.

Grinning wickedly, Kaito scampered back to take in his handy work. Kaito dashed the back of his gloves across his lips to wipe away the saliva there. Shinichi looked absolutely amazing: From the disheveled cloths, his white shirt rumpled and partially twisted around his torso, the black suit jacket hanging open, pants undone and showing just a hint of skin, to his hair that was wild in a way Kaito only got to see in moments like this, and the deadly scowl that was on his face, warring with the heavy lidded, half drugged look of pleasure in his eyes.

Kaito chuckled darkly. Oh yes, that certainly was a pretty sight.

Humming cheerfully, because there was nothing better than having his Shinichi tied up and at his mercy, Kaito retrieved his hat and sauntered toward the edge of the roof. "Now you just sit tight, love, and I'll get back to you in a moment. I have to send a message first."

Ignoring the stream of swears and death threats behind him, Kaito absently spun his top hat, balancing the brim on one finger. Pushed it into the air, then caught it by the very same brim. Holding it before him, every inch the magician, he rummaged around in it and 'pulled' a number of large fireworks out with small puffs of smoke to accompany them.

Arranging them on the rooftop, he could feel Shinichi's gaze drilling into him. Quickly he lit them then pulled his cellphone out of his pocket Kaito dropped down to sit cross legged on the roof and punched the button to speed dial Aoko's number. Tapping his fingers impatiently on his thigh he waited for the girl to pick up. Finally, he heard a tentative hello.

"Aoko, I'm sorry. I don't think I'll be able to see you by midnight!" Shinichi's glare hardened at the name of his 'childhood friend' and Kaito winced slightly. Oh well, he really didn't want to put up with her getting all weepy and testy. Besides he'd make it up to his lover in a little bit. Lifting his arm he shook his sleeve back and checked his watch. "Oops! Only one minute left!"

The screaming that started then was expected, and Kaito quickly held the phone away from his head until she'd run down. Once she'd stopped yelling he quickly said, "Just look out the window!"

Aoko's murmured echo was all the confirmation he needed. Just a little bit longer and he could get back to the real fun.

"That's not the end of the show yet," he said cheerfully. "Look!"

Right on cue the fireworks went off, shooting into the air to explode in a variety of shimmering colors. Bouncing nimbly to his feet he spun away from the verge and grinned wolfishly at Shinichi, the array of colors playing over the white of his Kid regalia. Shinichi's face was the picture of aggravated threat.

"Tonight's view is my gift to you. Happy birthday, Aoko."

Of course, if she knew the truth she wouldn't think he was being sweet.

Her thanks went in one ear and out the other while Kaito quickly made his excuses. Snapping the phone shut once he'd brought the conversation to a close he slid the it back into his pocket. Kaito focused on Shinichi once more, and began a slow prowl toward his lover.

Reaching up he pulled the monocle from his eye and tucked it into the inner breast pocket of his jacket. "Yes, the view may be for her benefit, but this..." he paused, gaze turning a bit dark, and absolutely possessive. "This is all mine."

Shinichi turned his head aside, effectively snubbing him. Kaito came to a halt, standing over him. Slowly Kaito began to pull his gloves off before letting them fall, one at a time, to the concrete beside Shinichi's hip. "Now don't be like that. I need to claim my prize!"

"Why don't you go claim your 'prize' from her," Shinichi sneered.

Kaito dropped down, knees landing either side Shinichi's thighs, to straddled his lover's lap. "Mmm... She's nowhere near as pretty as you are." Leaning forward, Kaito braced his hands against the door to either side of Shinichi's upraised arms. The metal was cool beneath his palms. "Besides, I've told you before Shin-chan. You are mine." He brought one hand over, and forced Shinichi's head around until they were looking directly at each other. Kaito leaned in close, lips brushing against Shinichi's as he whispered his promise, "And now I'm going to screw you until you're panting, and writhing in the way I like you best."

His hand slid back to grip Shinichi's hair, and Kaito drew him into another forceful lip lock. The thief made sure Shinichi was in no condition to argue after that.