I do not own Kim Possible or any characters or locations in the story. They are property of Disney, not me.

Before you start reading you must understand, I am rewriting the Kim Possible story from the ground up; I am using the characters and events in the show as inspiration. I am taking the story and themes in a more serious direction than in the show and will deal with more adult material. If it were a film, it would most likely be a darker PG-13 movie (think the Christopher Nolen Batman movies).

Kim Possible:



It was the year 2325, and the world was a much different place than the one we were familiar with. The entire American east coast has become one large city divided into three parts, Upperton, Middleton, and Lowerton. With its population in the vicinity of 900,000,000, it was now the world's capital city. This would be common knowledge to anyone alive at the time, but to the west however, an event is going to happen that is going to change the world in a way never before seen. In the rural Mid-West, a meteor is going to fall from the sky, and bring to this earth a fear it has not known in a long time.

As it entered the Earth's atmosphere it crashed on the outskirts of the Wisconsin town of West Bend. Dirt flew into the air as the massive rock crashed into the Earth with tremendous force; a loud crash could be heard for miles around as a farm field was completely decimated by impact. Then all was quiet, all that could be heard is the quiet cracking sound of crops dying near the newly created crater in the ground. The crops slowly turned darker until they where pitch black before setting on green fire and falling to the ground as a pile of ash. Deadly radiation was emanating from the meteor, and everything around it was dying.

In England half a world away, in a massive castle overlooking to ocean someone was watching a computer screen. The screen showed a map of the world, and in Wisconsin a small blip was radiating. A wide smile comes to the man's face as he watched the blip.

"Finally, it has happened." He said to himself as he zoomed in on the blip. "I think it might be time for me to go to the United States for a visit." The man let out a high pitched laugh that sounded just a bit like a primate.


Writers Comments:

It is a short chapter, but the story is going to be long. I just wanted to get you started with something small. I hope to get an average of one chapter up a week, but I don't know if that will happen. Hope you enjoy, reviews and constructive criticisms are always welcome. This is the first story in a planed series of four, so events that occur in the first part may not be resolved until the end. Kind of like LOST, but not to the same extent, I already outlined the entire story from start to finish, but comments on how to improve it are always welcome.