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WARNING: This chapter gets a bit rough towards the end. I don't think this warning is necessary, seeing as how you have gotten this far in the story already. However, I felt that you should know that this chapter gets rougher than usual and should just get a heads up...

Chapter 15

In a dark bar in center of Middleton, a few of the regulars were gathering to share the same old stories, watch the big game on TV, and drink the night away as they normally did. However, tonight was different than most nights. Every channel was showing the exact same thing, the news. The past few weeks have been riddled with events that could change the world, and it becoming impossible for those in charge to keep the press ignorant any longer.

"Good evening." The news-anchor started. She was a young woman, maybe in her mid thirties, with short blond hair and delicate glasses that framed a fairly attractive face. "We have to interrupt your normal programming for a few special announcements." She paused briefly, taking a deep breath before continuing. "This is one of the biggest days in recent history as far as news is concerned. Some of it is good, most of it not. As you all know, the evacuation of Go City is well underway. As you also know, GJ is not giving any statements as to why they have declared this state of emergency, or for that matter, let any press into the city at all." At this time, the camera cut to footage of a field reporter trying to get through the GJ security that was guarding the bridge to Go City. As soon as he seemed to have gotten past them, the camera fell to the ground, showing the cameraman being held to the ground and arrested, followed shortly by two men in GJ uniforms arresting the reporter.

At this point, the camera cut back to the news anchor. "Everything you have heard about Go City is speculation, and will remain so until Global Justice, or the Union of Civil Nations can finally explain what is going on. GJ has taken the time to say that they have the situation under control, and they would appreciate complete cooperation." The reporter then took a deep breath as she started to read off the next story.

"On a different note, The Identity of the Middleton Superhero has been discovered. She was reviled to the world through a photo of her in the outfit she was wearing the other day. We went to her home to try and get a comment…" At this point the reporter stopped and squinted a bit. "That can't be right. Can it?" She asked someone off camera. "Really? Alright, if you're sure it's right." She looked back into the camera. "Sorry about that. When we went to get a comment at her home, our camera was destroyed, and it would seem that we cannot repeat anything that was said to our reporter on the filed, on television." At this point the photo of Kim in the battle suit popped up on the screen. "Her name is Kimberly Ann Possible, and if anyone out there knows any information about her, we would like you to send us an e-mail, depending on the info, a compensation could be in order for you."

"Our third story is another strange one." As she said this an image of the Harris family popped up on the screen. "The Harris family, most commonly known for their role in the power industry, has yet to be found. The family disappeared a few nights ago, and the police have yet to find anything that would help with their investigation…." At this point the bartender shut off the TV.

"The world is going to hell in a hand basket." He said to a rugged old man sitting on one of the barstools. The old man just slammed his shot glass down on the bar and whipped his lips with his sleeve.

"Take it from a man who survived through one world war already, I can smell something big happening." The old vet did not speak much, but when he did the bartender listened. "The world thinks that all this shit is happening at the same damn time by coincidence! Well, I can tell you that this is all part of something big, everything! The events that have been happening are too big, too important to be random." The old man paused to rub his chin before continuing. "No, this is all planed, all of it!" At this point he tapped the bar next to his empty shot glass to signal the bartender to poor him another.

"There is someone pulling the strings, someone making the things happen that they want to have happen." The old man said as he took his shot and slammed the glass against the table again. "The destruction of the largest medical facility in the world, the compete evacuation of one of the most densely populated cities on earth, the falling apart of an organization that is supposed to keep the world in tact." The old man let out a laugh. "And that is just the last few weeks, I'm not even talking about that lunatic over in Scotland causing fanatic rebellions to spring up all over, the Chinese and Americans looking for any chance to start shooting at each other. Yup, this is all part of a plan, and it's a plan that is leading to something big."

The bartender looked at the old man with a smirk. "Well," he started, "I won't argue that something big is going to happen, but I'm not sure I believe that one man is behind it."

"Believe what you want, I don't care." The old man said in response. "As long as you understand that a storm is coming, a big one, and if we don't prepare we are all going to be washed away."

Solomon was trying to get some much-needed sleep in his office when he heard a knock on the door. At first he told himself to ignore it, but as the knocking continued, he decided to answer it. "Come in." He said as he opened his eyes and looked around the room. It was still a mess from before when he flipped his desk over, but he was too tired now to do anything about it.

He watched as Derrick walked into the room, and he let out a deep breath as he prepared for bad news. Solomon did not want to admit it, but he did not have much faith in the young agent. He knew it was unfair, but he could not help but feel like he had to hold Derrick's hand, and help him through every minor problem.

"Sir," he started, "I have a few questions for you if you don't mind?" Solomon rubbed his face with his hands as he tried to wake himself up.

"If you must." Was all he managed to say.

"Why did we stay here, why didn't we just move the Harris family, or let them go?" Derrick had a valid question, it did seem like it would be easier to move them to an unpopulated area, or just release them into protective custody.

"It is not that simple." Solomon responded. "Knowing what I know now, I would have considered those, and other options. At the time however, I was expecting an immediate retaliation from Project Ego. I did not think I would have time to react. If I would have known it would be almost two full days without any kind of response from her, I would have acted differently." Derrick nodded at the response, then continued with his next question.

"I think we should let the media know what is going on, the world is going to hell out there, we need to give them an idea of what's happening."

"Is there a question in there?" Solomon asked as he raised an eyebrow at the young agent.

"I was wondering if maybe I should put together a press release…"

"Absolutely not!" Solomon shouted. "The last thing we need is more panic out there than we have right now!" Solomon stood up. "The people only need to know enough to keep them safe, nothing more! If we start worrying them with stories about what is really going on, they will become paralyzed with fear!"

"They are already paralyzed! We need to let them know what is going on!" Derrick shouted as Solomon walked closer to him until they were face to face.

"You will not tell the press anything, I do not need a global panic on my hands right now. Do not let them into the city, do not give them even the slightest idea of what is really going on. Do you understand?" Solomon was talking as calmly as he could manage, but his gaze was so intense that Derrick was shrinking beneath him. "I said, do you understand." Derrick nodded and slowly turned around, leaving through the door.

Solomon sat down and rubbed his eyes, he was determined to get some sleep. Before too long however, he was disturbed once again. This time it was not by a gentle knock at his door, but instead by an incredibly loud buzzing noise. Someone had sounded the alarm, they were under attack.

15 minutes earlier

Shego Slowly approached the GJ compound, getting ready for a full on offensive against the people she thought were responsible for ruining her life. On her way, she managed to steal a few useful things, like black boots, pants, and shirt that she ripped the sleeves off of to prevent it from starting on fire, along with a black nit cap. She was standing just a few blocks away from what looked more like a medieval castle than anything else. Tall walls shot up surrounding several large warehouses. Watchtowers with lookouts and searchlights where posted every 200 feet or so, all this mixed with a city completely surrounding it on all sides made it nearly impossible to sneak in. The light pollution from the city kept the entire area well lit, and Shego was sure she could see pressure sensitive plating in the ground all around the perimeter. These would sound an alarm if anything were to step on them, or disturb them in any way. Having worked in law enforcement in Go City before, she knew a lot about security, and she also had heard plenty of horror stories about the people who were stupid enough to try and sneak into the GJ warehouses. She also knew that the pressure plates could easily be rigged to be heat sensitive as well, so using her powers would not be a good idea until she was well within the heart of the complex.

She decided that she should get a better vantage point on the situation, so she backtracked to a rather tall building that would give a decent view of the entire complex. She wandered around it until she found a fire escape on the back side, then she started to climb. Within moments she had one hand on the roof, and she was peeking above to see if she was alone.

What she found was a sniper team waiting for her. One with what looked like a small rail gun, and another with a set of binoculars. They were watching the streets below and talking quietly to one another. This told Shego something very important. They were definitely waiting for her, however, the fact that they were talking told her that they were probably not very focused at the moment. Then she took a closer look at the roof itself. It was recessed with a two-foot ledge that shot up on all four sides. To her left, there were three massive air conditioning units, and to her right, there were two large generators. The snipers were on the other side of the roof, directly in the center between the huge objects.

With a quick yank of her right arm she propelled herself into the air, and kicked her legs above the top of the ledge and made a graceful landing on the top of the building. The maneuver made a bit more noise than she would have liked, but the two agents did not seem to notice it. At this time she slowly started to make her way up to the two.

She took a closer look around, and noticed that the top of the building gave her many blind spots. The air conditioner units, along with the generators, were blocking most of her view of the roof. For all she knew, there could be more agents stationed up here with her.

With quick precise movements, Shego made her way to her left to get a better view of what was on the other side of the air conditioning units. When she finally got there, she found it to be empty. She quickly took cover out of the view of the snipers, and thought about how to proceed. She did not like spending too much time up here, when she knew that ether one of them could turn around and see her any second. But if she made a move and someone was on the other end of the generator, he could alert them before she got in close enough for a kill, and getting shot by a rail gun was not something that she wanted to do.

Before she had to decide what to do however, one of the men said something unexpected. "Hey, I gotta take a piss." This was understandable, peeing was something that people do. It was the next comment form the other guy that took Shego off guard.

"The dumpster in the back ally is open, just pee off the roof into it." Then Shego heard something that made her heart race. "I don't think this Ego chick is ever even going to show up."

"I hear that." The next one replied. "It's been two fucking days! If I were her, I would've just cut my losses and ran. I bet that is what she did." This was music to Shego's ears. If all or most the agents felt this way, then no one would even be paying all that much attention. The night could go much more smoothly than she expected. Then she heard one of the men stand up and start walking towards the end of the building that she used to climb up.

As he did this, she looked around the edge of the air conditioner unit she was hiding behind and caught a glimpse of him. As he approached the edge and stood up on top of the ledge, she snuck back around and out of his view.

The man with the binoculars was still looking down at the streets below, so she decided to take the opportunity to attack. She leapt at the man on the ledge, covering his mouth with her left hand and hitting him in the back of the neck with her right. The action killed him immediately and without much noise. She then simply let his body fall off the side of the building.

This however, made a lot of sound, so she quickly made her way towards the generators and hid. She took the opportunity to check to see if there were any others on the roof, and was relieved to find that there were none.

By this time the other man looked behind him to check on his partner, but found that he was missing. He quickly ran over to the edge and looked over to see that his partner had fallen into the dumpster about 40 stories below. Before he could react however, he received a quick kick to the back of his right knee, knocking it forward into the ledge, dislocating it. The man's mouth was covered and his screams of pain where muffled.

Shego quickly slammed the man onto the rooftop and placed her knee on his chest knocking the air out of him. Then she grabbed onto his right arm, and squeezed it until she heard both the radius and ulna snap. She looked into his eyes and watched the fear drain out of them as he slipped into shock. Once he was defenseless, she picked him up and threw him off the side of the building landing him in the dumpster next to his partner.

At that time, she made her way over to the side of the building and picked the pair of binoculars off the ground. She stayed low and looked through them to get a better view of the compound, and she did not like what she found. The inside was lit up unlike anything she had ever seen before, guards were posted everywhere with dogs, and she could see at least four other sniper teams on rooftops. Luckily for her, she was on top of the tallest building in the area, so while she could see them, they could not see her.

She counted 54 agents, give or take, and it was impossible for her to see how many more where inside of various buildings on the compound. She also noticed that some of the men were United States Military. This meant that reinforcements could not be too far behind. As she watched the agents and soldiers march around like a well oiled machine, she decided to give up any notion of getting in without being seen, especially once inside. As far as she could tell, there was not one square inch of the entire complex that was not under constant surveillance.

Shego set down the binoculars and sat down with her back against the ledge to think. It would not be much longer before someone notices that one of the sniper teams has gone missing, she needed to act quickly. Then she thought of a plan, something that would give her the upper hand, and keep her location a secret. It would definitely set the alarm off, but it would get everyone running in the wrong direction.

She picked up the rail gun looked it over. It looked like it worked, more or less, like a normal rifle, and she was pretty sure she could fire it without too many problems. She looked over the compound through the scope and zeroed in on one of the pressure plates on the opposite end of the compound. The gun would be loud, but she figured that the bullet would hit the plate and set off the alarm before anyone would even hear the noise. By then, it would be drown out in all the confusion.

She slowly steadied her aim, and took a shot, nailing one of the pressure plates directly. The alarms went off with a deafening scream, and the agents went into a panic. This was her chance, this was when she would get into the complex.

Later that night

"Not everything is as it seems. Karma catches only those who wait. The fall of humanity is a blessing, brought to them by the Selfless Action. The world is old, and in need of new life. No one will realize the Miracle until it is too late." Ron's eyes were closed as he uttered what sounded like nonsense. As far as the brain scans were concerned the young man was still asleep, and as far as the doctors were concerned, there was nothing physically wrong with him. They just listened to his ramblings, trying to make any kind of diagnoses for him.

Down the hall, the Possibles were looking after the twins. They were both conscious, and they had explained that they had taken a picture of Kim with the super suit, and planned to use it to blackmail her. Then they explained how men in orange and red body armor came to the house and burned it to the ground after taking the picture from them.

"How could they have possibly known that you had a picture of Kim in your room!" Mr. Possible yelled from a chair stashed away in a corner of the hospital room as he tried to comprehend what was going on.

"We don't know." Jim said from his bed.

"Yah, we only showed it to a few of the kids at school." Tim continued.

"You two need to be quiet now, you're walking on thin ice." Mrs. Possible said to the two boys before turning to Kim. "I'm going to go check on Ron, did you want to come with me?" She asked. Kim nodded as she followed her mother out of the room.

The twins were now alone in the room with Mr. Possible, and they knew they were in trouble, and would probably have to listen to a big speech about how angry he was. They sat silently waiting for him to start, growing more and more nervous by the second. Then finally, their father spoke up.

"I don't even know what to say. Not only did you two take this picture, but then you lie to me about what you did with it." The twins looked at each other when they heard this, then Mr. Possible continued. "I'm going to give you one chance to tell me how this picture got out." He waited for the twins to respond, it took quite a while, but they finally looked at each other and nodded.

"We uploaded it to the computer in our room." Jim said.

"Then we sent it to our friend in an email so that he could edit it, make it brighter." Tim followed. "We didn't think it would hurt anyone."

Mr. Possible just starred at the two boys silently for a while not really knowing how to react. Part of him was just happy that they were going to be okay, but part of him was furious because they were so careless with something that was so important. Not only that, but his house was destroyed along with all of his belongings. He slouched over in his chair trying to think of what to do.

"I guess there's nothing I can do about it now." He said as he stood up after a long while. "Needless to say, you are both grounded until I have a new house." Then he started to walk away. "I'm going to go get something to eat, I'll be back in a while to check on you two." With that, Mr. Possible disappeared.

In Ron's room, doctors were looking over many different test results to see if they could pinpoint what was going on in the boy's head. However, every scan, every blood test, every biopsy came back negative. Kim was outside the room, looking through the glass wall at her friend. He did not look like he was in pain, but he was definitely not healthy. He rambled on and on about things that did not make any sense, and the few lucid moments that he did have, where way too short. It took almost everything Kim had to hold back her tears as she watched the doctors put needle after needle into Ron. After a few moments she decided she had had enough and went downstairs to get something to eat.

In the cafeteria, Kim noticed that her Father was sitting at a table by himself drinking a cup of coffee. She slowly approached him and then sat in the chair across from him. It took a while for him to acknowledge that she was even there, but he finally looked up.

"I just can't believe everything that has happened." He said solemnly.

"I know." Kim replied. "It seems like we just cannot catch a break! I don't know what wrong, it seems like the entire world is falling apart."

"It is falling apart." Mr. Possible said matter of factly. "It's partially my fault too." Kim opened her mouth to speak when she heard this, but was interrupted immediately. "We need people in this world who are not afraid to do the right thing. Somewhere along the line, humanity lost its backbone! We are all too afraid to do what needs to be done! People need to stop worrying about themselves, and think about other people for once. This world wouldn't be so screwed up if everyone wasn't so worried about what was best for themselves, and started to think about what was best for humanity as a whole."

As Mr. Possible grew silent, Kim thought about what Dr. Director had said to her earlier. About how thousands of innocent people could get seriously hurt, or killed if Project Ego was not stopped. She tried to shake the thought from her head, but found that she could not. It was almost as if Mr. Possible were talking to Kim directly about what she should do. She just stared blankly at her Father as she drifted away in thought. Then, Mr. Possible noticed.

"Is there something on your mind Kim?" He asked calmly. "I'm sorry about ranting, I…" Kim cut him off.

"Dad…" She said, thinking about how he would react if he knew what was on her mind. "You know, don't worry about it." Was all she said before standing up. She figured that he already had more than enough on his mind at the moment, and didn't need to be worried any more than he already was. "I think I'm going to go check on the Tweebs one more time, then I'm going to find Mom." The older man just nodded and then Kim ran off. Mr. Possible just sat still, and looked at his coffee and took a deep breath.

As Kim made her way through the lobby, she noticed that the news was on one of the television screens. She also noticed that a picture of her was in the background. A large mass of people prevented her from getting too close, but she could make out what was going on and what was being said.

On the screen was footage of her Father grabbing the camera and throwing it to the ground. With "Violence Stops Reporters in Their Tracks!" Plastered across the top. It made Kim sick to her stomach when she saw how the media was treating the situation, so she decided to get away. Keeping her head down so that no one would notice her, Kim wandered the halls until she found a small sitting area with a TV that she could watch in peace. The news was already on, but they were no longer talking about her. Instead there was an image of smoke rising from Go City. Kim quickly turned up the volume to hear what the reporters had to say.

"It would seem that the reasons for the recent evacuation of Go City have finally been uncovered." Said a tall blond woman who was standing in front of a camera, with a smoking Go City behind her. "Just moments ago, a blast could be heard for miles, as smoke rose from the very heart of one of the worlds largest cities. Thousands of people are still confined inside of its boarders, and from the look of it, the damage could be astronomical." She then paused as a man off screen handed her a piece of paper, after reading it quietly to herself, she began to read it aloud. "As it would seem, we are still not being allowed into the city." She then paused for a moment and took a deep breath. "Apparently, the city is under attack. The loud noise and explosion that we heard was from a round fired from the Battleship Zeus, orbiting above us in the atmosphere. It is clear that we are under attack, and we are now trying to defend ourselves, we do not who is attacking, but in this recent political climate, it seems obvious to us that it is the work of Chinese insurgents. We have no way of confirming that, of course, but it is what seems to be most likely."

At this point Kim could feel her heart pounding deep within her chest, her entire body trembled in fear as she watched the images on the TV screen. She felt helpless, but at the same time she knew she was the only one who could do anything to stop what was going on. She fell to her knees and brushed her hair back with her fingers as she tried to figure out what to do. She knew exactly what was going on. She knew that this was the Project Ego that Dr. Director had told her about. It was the same person that destroyed GJHQ, and the same person that put Dr. Director in the hospital.

At that time, the screen turned to static for a moment, and then cleared up. It was then that Kim witnessed something unbelievable. A shockwave spread throughout the city. It was a visible blast of air that shot out in all directions, it caused the buildings to sway back and fourth like a massive earthquake was shaking them. The water surrounding the island exploded as a massive waves started to form and shoot outwards.

At this point the reporter turned around and was enveloped by the blast of air. It knocked her, and her cameraman to the ground and the screen went to static again. When it cleared up, the camera was pointing at Go City, and a massive column of green light was emanating from its center and shooting straight up into space. Everything in the area had a green color to it, and Kim could tell that it must have been extremely windy where the cameraman was. Garbage cans where flying through the air, and the reporter was hanging on for dear life. Then, off in the distance, Kim watched as the green light started to pulse and then grow larger. Then the camera went off.

Kim stood up and walked out of the hospital and towards the family vehicle. She opened it up and found the battle suit inside and carried in into the hospital. The news was on every TV, and they were all playing the footage of what had just happened over again. She went into the bathroom, and stripped down into her underwear, and then put the suit on. Kim needed to do something, she could not just sit by and let an entire city be reduced to ashes.

As she exited the bathroom, she ran into her Mother.

"Kim, what the hell do you think your doing!" She yelled as she noticed the battle suit.

"I need to stop this, I know I can stop what's going on in Go City!" Kim yelled back. "People are dying Mom, I need to do help!" Kim's mother looked down at the ground and clenched her fists.

"You are not going Kim! I am not loosing my daughter to this, I am not loosing you!" She shouted. By this time, people in the hospital were starting to take notice of the argument, and pictures were being taken of Kim in her battle suit.

"You are not going to loose me!" Kim shouted, "I know I can do this!"

"Based on what?" Her mother shouted back. "You have no idea what you are going to be up against if you do this!"

"I have a better idea than you might think!" Kim protested. "Dr. Direc…." Kim stopped herself right there, but it was too late, all Kim could do was watch as Mrs. Possible's face turned beat red.

"Is that bitch behind this? Is she the one who's been filling your head with impossible notions of what you're capable of!"

"Mom, I need to do this, I need to help this time!" At this moment, the world seemed to freeze. Kim thought of the words her Father had said to her not long before. "The problem with this world is that people are too afraid to do what needs to be done! Humanity has lost its backbone! We need to stop thinking about ourselves for once, and think about what needs to be done for the greater good of humanity!"

"Not at the cost of my daughter!" Mrs. Possible yelled, throwing her charts to the ground, causing papers to fly everywhere.

"It's gotta have some cost somewhere Mom!" Then Kim took a deep breath and tried a different rout. "I'm the best chance we have of turning this around. This, Project Ego, needs to be stopped. You know as well as I do that I am the best chance of doing that without…." Kim was cut off.

"No Kim, take that fucking suit off right now!" Mrs. Possible yelled.

"No." Kim said calmly. "I need to do this so that hundreds of others won't die. Maybe even thousands. I need to do this so that as little life is lost as possible." With that Kim started to walk through the horde of people that had gathered around her and her mother. They slowly cleared out of her way, as she walked towards the door, she wondered if her Mother would ever forgive her for what she was going to do, and above all she wondered if she would even get back alive. All she knew for certain, was that it would be worth it if she could save innocent lives.

Kim put her helmet on and called Wade. Within a few seconds, his screen was up. He was sitting at his computer, when he noticed that Kim was trying to talk to him.

"Wade, I'm going to need all the help I can get."

An hour Earlier

Shego watched as all of the agents moved to the opposite end of the compound in search of what could have caused the alarm to trip. She took this brief opportunity to scope in the other sniper teams that she had found, and started to drop them one by one with her new rifle. The agents exploded into a red mist as the rail gun blasted molten hot metal through them at many times the speed of sound. As soon as she was satisfied, she jumped down form the 40-story building and gracefully landed on the ground with a slight thud.

She advanced toward the complex, and held her hand against the outer wall and started to build up energy. In no time it started to melt away and crumble, giving her passage to the other side. Once there, she noticed that she was all alone. Her plan had worked, all the agents had moved to the other end of the complex. She ran through the facility at a brisk pace, keeping an eye out for pressure plates, and quickly came upon the first warehouse that she was going to search. She had noticed when she was looking through the scope of the rail gun that it was the most heavily guarded, and therefore, her top priority.

When she got to the outer wall, she just plunged her fingers through its sheet metal walls and ripped a hole in its side just big enough for her to wiggle through. Once inside, she looked around. It was a very large structure, and inside, crates were stacked on top of one another to the ceiling. About 10 feet down from the ceiling, metal beams ran along the length of the massive building, Shego eyed them up and decided that getting up to them would help her get around without being noticed. On the other end of the dimly lit area, she could make out a group of about five men. One was tall and gawky looking, Shego figured he was a pencil pusher, and four more athletic looking young men.

Shego snuck up to one of the pillars of crates and started to climb. Within moments, she had made her way to the top. Once there, she found that she could easily reach the steel rafters that ran along the ceiling, so she pulled herself up and started to silently move across the massive structure high above anyone's sightline.

When she was perched directly above the small group, she readied herself for a strike. She tensed herself up, and thought about how to proceed. Before she had too much time to think about it however, a voice came over the loud speaker.

"This is Solomon Animus speaking." It began. "Moments ago, this facility came under attack by what I believe to be Project Ego. Our entire sniper team is confirmed dead, and a bullet was found to be the cause of the alarm. Everyone is to report immediately, and keep a lookout for Project Ego. I repeat we are under attack, this is not a drill." The recording ended and the sirens started back up.

At this moment Shego decided to pounce on the five men below her. It would be easy, she figured she could take them all out before they even knew what was going on. She stood straight up on the rafters and stepped over the edge and started to fall. As she fell through the air, she extended her right hand and took aim for one of the agents. Right before she hit the ground, she grabbed on to the agent's head and slammed him down to the floor hard, snapping his neck and crushing his skull against the ground. When the others heard this they started to turn, so Shego ignited her right hand with fire. She used her left hand to grab the taller awkward man bending him over. Then she rolled across his back to gain quick access to the others. As she finished the roll, she punched one of the agents across the face with her right hand.

The plasma that surrounded her fist burned the man's skin, and started his clothing on fire. When Shego had two feet firmly on the ground, she ignited her left hand and gave another one of the agents an uppercut. She felt his jaw dislocate as he lifted up off the ground. His head snapped back making a horrible crunching noise that echoed through the warehouse. His body landed motionless on the ground. The final agent had his rifle at the ready, but before he could pull the trigger Shego kicked it out of his hand. He tried to punch her, but she grabbed his fist with her right hand. His hand started to melt right in front of him as he let out a scream of pain. Then Shego grabbed his clothing with her left hand and lifted him off the ground. Her black lips opened up to reveal barred teeth as she made the fire around her hand more intense until the man vanished into thin air.

Then Shego turned to the last man, extinguishing the plasma around her hands. The man was visibly shaking in fear, like a dog that had just been punished by its master. Shego approached the man, and he fell to the ground in a desperate attempt to get away. Shego just grabbed his leg and pulled him closer to her, and the man let out a scream for help. Shego raised her fist to strike at him, but the fear of being struck was more than enough to silence him. Shego took a quick glance at his nametag, which read "Tom."

After he quieted down, the green woman grabbed him by the shirt collar and lifted him to his feet. "I need the suits that Dr. Lipski had made for him." She said in a calm manor trying to keep him from calling out.

"I need more information than that," The man said in a deep voice. "We made a lot of things for him." Shego then pulled him closer so that his face was right next to hers. He could feel her breath as it exited her nose.

"Don't fuck with me." She said in an angry tone. "You can ether die a dumbass hero, or live as a coward, I'm going to find what I want with, or without you." Shego let go of him with her right hand and lit it on fire. Green light filled the room, and Tom started to panic.

"Alright! So you want the armored, heat resistant suits." Shego pushed him to the ground.

"That's better." She said, extinguishing her hand. At that moment one of the communicators on the dead agents turned on.

"Red team, do you read?" A voice came over. "We have a report of some weird light coming from inside your station." Shego gave Tom a look that told him to handle it without raising any suspicion. Tom picked up the communicator.

"Everything is good here." He said in a shaky voice. "The flash was my bad. I… I was trying to get the Tesla Gun online." Shego nodded in approval at his story.

"We are sending a team anyway to check." The voice continued. When Shego heard this, she ignited a small sphere of energy that floated above her right hand.

"That won't be necessary." Tom said as convincingly as he could manage. "You should keep the agents where they are needed." There was a pause on the other end that seemed to last for an eternity.

"Sorry." The voice said, "Direct orders from Mr. Animus himself. Over and out." When Tom heard that he smiled at Shego.

"Looks like your time is running out." He said in a slightly cocky tone.

"No, it just means that you have far less time to get me what I want, or I am going to fucking smoke you!" Tom shuddered as the air in the room started to heat up, sweat poured down his face and his skin felt like it was going burn away.

"Alright!" He yelled, "Follow me!" He started to quickly walk to the other end of the massive structure and Shego followed behind him. She could hear the faint sound of agents entering on the far side of the room, so she gave Tom a push to tell him that he needed to get a move on.

Soon after, Tom stopped at a massive pile of crates. "This should be it." He said. "Lipski ordered hundreds of them." Shego walked up to the closest one and ripped the lid open. Inside there were many components to what looked like a green and black suit. Then she looked up to Tom.

"Stall them." She said as she started to unload the box.

"Can't you just let me go?" Tom asked hopefully.

"Stall them right fucking now, and then start running. This is going to be biblical." Tom ran off and Shego stripped down naked. First she put on something that looked like an armored wetsuit. It was green and black checkered like the one she had wore earlier. It was skin tight, but felt a bit stiffer than the old one. It had padding that surrounded her breasts and shoulders. Along her back were small, overlapping, green and black plates that covered her spinal column, and her shoulder blades had thick pads protecting them. Her arms had small pads covering her biceps and triceps, while her legs and hips had thin pads running all along them. A normal person would have much trouble moving in such a suit. The entire thing was made of a bulletproof weave that, while very thin, was stiff to the touch.

She also found a set of gloves, one green and one black in the crate. She slid them on, covering her arms up to her elbows. They had padding on the top of the hands and along the fingers, but remained easily flexible. Only two things remained in the box, a pair of combat boots, one green and one black that she slid on. They were large and tight fitting, going all the way up to her knees. The final thing was an item that looked like a green and black police utility belt.

On the other end of the warehouse, Tom ran up to the agents with a panicked look on his face. "She is right over there." He said as he approached them. "She is not paying much attention to us now, and I think that we have a little time." He paused for a moment, turning around and signaling the agents to follow him. One of them called in for reinforcements while Tom led them over to a particularly large crate, then he opened it up.

Inside there was a strange looking object that looked more like a massive eggbeater than anything else. Tom lifted it up and handed it to the nearest agent.

"This is a A-136 Tesla Gun." He said as he pointed to it. "All you have to do is flip the switch here." He pointed to a red switch on the back of the object. "And pull the trigger. Whatever is in front of it will be hit with a stream of lightning." The agent looked at it and a smile crept onto his face. Then Tom started to run towards the door.

"Where are you going?" One of the agents whispered in a gruff voice as Tom ran off.

"I have to help Sol with the Centurion." He said as he ran out of the warehouse.

Solomon was in the smallest warehouse on the complex. He was looking at the Centurion suit that he and Tom had set up for him the previous day. It was sprawled out on the floor, in about 20 pieces, and Solomon did not really have any idea how to put it all together. As he picked up the first piece, which he guessed was pauldron for around his shoulder, Tom burst through the door.

"I know where she is!" He yelled, "We need to get you in this suit." He grabbed the piece Solomon was holding and placed it back on the ground.

"Where is she?" Solomon asked as calmly as he could.

"In the main stock warehouse." Tom responded. "We have all of our men making their way there now."

"Good, now lets hook me up to this thing so that we can end this."

After Shego finished putting on the suit, she flexed and stretched a bit. It would work for her, it was just a bit restricting, but it was definitely worth it. A smile spread across her lips and her eyes lit up as she thought about not having to worry about getting shot anymore, or her clothing burning away if she got angry. She did not have too much time to celebrate however, as the agents in the room finally found her.

Before Shego knew what was going on, she fell to her knees. All her muscle control was gone, and she fell to the floor, twitching and writhing in pain. She let out a scream as electricity coursed through her body. She welled up with anger as she lay helpless on the ground, unable to defend herself. She could hear exited hollers from the people who were assaulting her, only making her grow angrier.

After several moments, she managed to gather enough anger and willpower to take back some control over her body. She managed to get back up on one knee and briefly look at the men who were attacking her. As her muscles tensed up, the air became warmer. Then finally, her body erupted in flame.

The concrete beneath her blackened and small bits even briefly liquefied in the immense heat. All the moisture in the air instantly disappeared as she finally got to her feet. Her eyes glowed a bright green, as the fire got even more intense. The agents around her found that it was getting hard to breath, all the oxygen in the area was being consumed by the fire that was surrounding Shego. The agent that was holding the Tesla Gun dropped it as he felt panic swell inside him.

Shego let out a feral scream as she started to walk toward the agents. Most of them ran, but the man who was shocking her was frozen in fear. As Shego approached him, he felt his skin dry up and start to break apart. He fell to the ground as the fire around Shego started to die. By the time it was gone, the man in front of her was still alive, but even with the best medical attention he would not last long. Shego looked at him with pure hatred as she lit a ball of plasma that floated above her right hand. The man watched in agony as the green woman in front of him threw the sphere at him, erasing him from existence.

Shego took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself down. The pain from the Tesla Gun had completely gone, and she was beginning to get her head on straight again. After a few short moments she took a quick look around the room she was in. As far as she could tell, no one else was inside with her. A welcome relief that gave her a much needed break in the action.

As the temperature of the room dropped, she started to relax a bit. She took a moment to look over the black char mark in front of her that was once a GJ Agent. She thought that she should feel bad about what happened, but she could just not bring herself to pity him. In the recent past, GJ had taken away Shego's ability to feel sorry for anyone. She had been shot countless times, ripped in half, lied to, burned, humiliated, hunted, and now electrocuted. She felt that nothing could make her want to forgive them for all that they have done.

Shego ran her hands through her hair and thought about what to do next. There was no way that the GJ agents did not have her completely surrounded by now, and she figured she was going to have to confront them head on. However, this was not ideal. She wanted to get her family out of the area so she could attack without fear of hurting them. As she thought, a voice boomed over the complex. It was a deep gruff voice of a man, and he did not sound happy.

"Project Ego!" It started. It was a different voice than the one that came over the loudspeakers before. "This is General Jacob Kelley! We have you completely surrounded! We also have an Orbital Battleship targeting your location as we speak! There is no escape! Surrender now, and we can insure that you will receive a fair trial! Resist, and you will be killed!" The voice paused for a moment, giving Shego some time to think about what they were saying, and then it continued. "You have 30 seconds to surrender before we open fire!"

Shego had no intention of surrendering, so she looked around for some kind of escape. It was at this point that she found a small drain not too far from her current location. She quickly ran over to it and inspected it. It was way to small for a human to fit through, but the sewer below it that it drained into looked quite large. She quickly created a ball of plasma and threw it at the drain, blowing a hole in the floor big enough for her to easily fit through. She had a few moments left so she grabbed a crate of green and black uniforms and dove down into the sewer below.

It was a deeper hole than she thought, letting her fall a good 15 feet before she made contact with the bottom of the sewer. It was also much dryer than she thought, only having a small stream about ankle deep running along the bottom.

As soon as her feet made contact with the pavement below, she took off running, and after she reached a good distance from the hole, the earth shook. Shego looked back as the tunnel started to cave in behind her. She could hear the sound of explosions on the surface, along with the sound of gunfire from directly above her. She stopped for a moment in awe of what had just happened mere feet from her.

A few moments earlier

Floating high above the earth was the pride of the U.S. military. The Orbital Battleship Zeus, able to pinpoint and strike any location on earth within moments of receiving the order. Its massive cannons were so accurate that they could send a salvo down the chimney of a small house from orbit. The massive ship cost more than $1.6 trillion to build, but has since saved so many lives that no one seemed to care. Its very presence, circling above earth like a massive shark, was enough to keep people wary of starting any major conflicts. Fear of having fiery death rain down from space was enough to ensure that America was safe from attack. To put things in perspective, the Blitzkrieg, owned by Germany was the second largest ship orbiting the earth, and yet Zeus dwarfed it nearly tripling its size. After all was said and done, Zeus was just a little over a mile and a half long and moved fast enough to be above any point on earth within hours.

At this very moment, Zeus was orbiting above Go City waiting for the order to fire on its target below. It did not have to wait long, as General Kelley told its Admiral to open fire. As soon as the order was given, one of its many massive 700mm cannons emerged from its hull and fired. It made no sound in the vacuum of space, but as its round entered the atmosphere of earth it made a thunderous crack.

The blast of hot metal collided with the warehouse that Shego had just narrowly escaped from, causing a tremendous pressure fluctuation. The building imploded slightly before going up in a hail of fiery debris. No one could have possibly survived the blast. All the agents and soldiers in the complex watched as the building disintegrated in front of their very eyes. As soon as the shock from the impact wore off they were ordered to open fire as they sent thousands of rounds into the massive dust cloud.

As bullets screamed and hissed through the air, military drop-ships landed unloading dozens of reinforcements to help add to the chaos. All of Go City was coming to life, as military vehicles moved in on where they thought Shego would be. No chances would be taken, no opportunities for Shego to escape would be given. They were going to end this right now, at any cost.

Miles from the chaos at Go City, Will Du was organizing a plan. He was on his way to the Go City warehouse in his private chopper, and he had no intention of killing Shego. In fact, he was dead set on finishing the prison that Dr. Director had started talking about. Construction of it was already underway, and he was pouring millions of dollars into the project by the day. He needed it finished, and he needed to make sure that there would be no possible way for Shego to escape.

As he looked over the blueprints, he thought of all the things he could learn from studying Shego. All the medical advancements that could be made by studying the way her body repaired itself. All the injuries they could cure by replicating the way she regenerated body parts. He could make people stronger and faster, she could be at the center of the next stage in human evolution. There was one massive problem however, he had to find a way to subdue Shego until the prison was finished. On the bright side, he thought that he might have a way to do that. However, he needed to stop Solomon from killing her first.

Shego was frozen with fear as everything collapsed behind her in the drainage tunnel. All she could think about was what would have happened if she had stayed in the building instead of running away. After a few short moments she managed to look around. What she noticed was that there was way too much dust in the air to see anything that was going on around her. She ignited her right hand and raised it in the air, trying to light up the area, but it did not help. She was completely blind.

She stumbled her way thorough the darkness, looking for any way out of the tunnel that she could find. However, she was out of luck, the dust was too thick and it was far too dark. She tried lighting her hand up again, after some of the dust had settled, and this time she had minor success. She could see a few feet in front of her, not much, but just enough for her to know if she was going to walk face first into any walls.

She stumbled and fell her way for several hundred feet before she found any sign of the outside world. She could make out a faint light coming from the ceiling above her, and as she made her way closer to the light she could tell that it was another drain in the floor of what she assumed was another massive warehouse. She could not tell if anyone was inside, and there was far too much noise for her to hear anything so she just watched through the tiny baseball sized hole. After a short while of seeing no signs that anyone was above her, she decided that she needed to take action.

Shego's hands began to warm up with an intense heat, and once she got them as hot as she could manage, she jumped into the air. She slammed her left hand into the ceiling, tearing her fingers into the concrete above her. Once she was suspended in the air, she placed her right hand against the drain above her and gently pushed her fingers up against the thin metal. After just a few short moments her fingers were starting to melt the small metal grate above her. Molten metal dripped onto her gloves and ran down her arms, but her new suit was not even singed in the slightest. Shego could feel the heat pouring through the sleeves, but it was nothing more than a minor annoyance.

After the grate was melted away, Shego waited patently for a few moments to see if anyone had noticed. After nothing happened, she took the next step. She reached up and grabbed the edges of the hole in the floor with her right hand and pulled. A small chunk of the floor broke out, making the hole large enough for her to squeeze her head out and have a look around.

She reached up once again with her right hand and pulled herself up to have a look around. She found that the room was dimly lit and completely empty. After looking around, she lowered herself down and started to break away more and more of the ground around the hole. Eventually it was large enough for her to squeeze her way through.

Once topside she took a closer look. The room was small, with a tipped over desk and smashed computer. There were plans and schematics everywhere, and medals hanging all over the wall. One side of the room was covered with a massive mirror, a feature that she found quite strange.

One thing was certain, whoever belonged in this room was obviously important. Shego looked around the room for something that would tell her were her family was being held. She looked at a few dozen different papers, but none of them reviled any information. Then she found a map of the compound. She unfolded it and looked closely at it.

She recognized the layout from when she looked over the compound from the roof. However, without any references to look at, she had no way of finding out were she was. She quickly became frustrated and burned the map in her hand. Then without thinking grabbed onto the doorknob to get out of the room. When she slowly opened it, an alarm buzzed above her.

It was deafening, and the flashing lights made it difficult to see much of anything. She reacted by throwing the door wide open, knocking it off of its hinges. As she ran into the hallway, an automated gun lowered itself from the ceiling and opened fire at the green woman.

Shego could feel the ammunition hitting the bulletproof weave of her suit, but instead of the intense pain she was expecting to feel, the impacts hardly caused any discomfort. Shego stopped for a moment and turned around, and looked at the gun. Her hand heated up and she clenched her fist, and fire surrounded her hand and she jumped in the air. Bullets hit her suit and fell to the floor harmlessly as she advanced towards the gun. As soon as she came within arms reach of it, she swung her fist, slamming it into the mechanical guardian with tremendous force.

The gun ripped from the ceiling and flew across the hallway into a nearby wall, shattering into a dozen or so pieces. Shego landed on the ground with a cat-like grace, making no sound whatsoever. Then she felt something strange, a cold wet sensation on the back of her head. She did not feel any pain however, in fact it actually felt refreshing. She looked up and noticed that her little stunt had set off the fire alarm, and the automatic sprinkler system was now showering down on her. Shego needed to move fast to avoid any more confrontations, so she stood up and started to run down the hall, anxious to get as far away from the office she had come from as soon as possible.

However, she did not get very far, when she looked through a small glass window on the door next to the office she stopped dead in her tracks. Inside she could see the screaming, panicking forms of her family. They did not look beaten or abused in any way. In fact, they actually looked like they were in relative comfort, or at least they were until Shego showed up.

Before Shego could open the door however, she felt more impacts hit her from her right side. She looked to find several agents shooting at her, but now that she knew were her family was, she did not have to worry about accidently killing them. As she sized them up, she caught a bullet in the cheek, and another in the forehead. She healed quickly, but the pain was enough to give her a reason to fight back. Shego charged up a blast in her right hand unleashed it at the unlucky guards in front of her. The blast hit the ground right in front of them filling the hall with green fire, and when it cleared the agents were gone.

Without any more delay, Shego ripped the door ajar that kept her family concealed on the other side. Once the door was open they looked at her, some in shock, others in horror. Then her father stood up, and with a look of pure hatred spread across his face walked toward his daughter.

"You!" He screamed.

24 years ago

Grace Harris let out tears of joy as she held her first child in her hands, a daughter by the name of Sarah. She had never felt such love or affection for anything before in all her life. She was exhausted, having just endured hours of labor, and the fact that she was confined to a tiny hospital room with her husband was not helping her get her strength back. As the child squirmed in her arms, just hours after being born into the world, Richard Harris stewed in the corner.

"I wanted a son." He said coldly to his wife after hours of silence.

"Well, that's your fault now isn't it." She responded. "And how could you be so heartless, you have a daughter now, this should be the best day of your life."

"This family has a long tradition of handing the business over to their firstborn son." He said turning to the window in the room.

"You should quit this medieval way of thinking that you seem to be stuck in. We have a daughter now, she is your first child and you should be celebrating." Grace kissed the baby on the forehead and smiled.

"I don't think so." Richard responded. "I'm going home…" With that Richard picked up his jacket and left the room. Not once since Sarah had been born, had her father so much as smiled. Grace was honestly worried that he truly did not love their daughter.

The present

Shego froze in front of her father, She felt helpless. She was not a child anymore, but the man still could send shivers down her spine just by looking at her.

"You little ungrateful bitch!" He screamed at her as he slapped her across the cheek, knocking her out of her trance. She focused on her fathers face, it was so full of hate. Then she looked to the rest of her family and noticed their looks of horror and shock. "What have you done!" Her father yelled again.

"I didn't…" Shego tried to fight back, but was frozen. "I, I don't know…."

"You killed innocent people! You murdered civilians! You tried to kill the head of Global Justice! You blew up no less than two medical facilities! That's what you did!" Shego shrunk as her father yelled at her. She felt young again, helpless.

"It wasn't my…" She was interrupted.

"Story of your life, huh! Wasn't your fault!" He slapped her again. This time Shego took a step back, rubbing her cheek. It did not physically hurt her, but she was shocked by her father's reaction.

7 years ago

Sarah pulled into her driveway. It was 2:00 a.m., she was out way past curfew, and knew she was in trouble. She just hopped that her father was in bed, he was not as merciful as her mother on such matters, at least not with her. If one of Sarah's brothers were out late, he would most likely ignore it, but as soon as she stepped out of line just the smallest bit, she was put on the spot.

She made sure to turn off her headlights as she pulled into the driveway so she could attempt to sneak in unnoticed, a tactic that worked on rare occasion. After she parked, she slowly opened her car door and slid out, closing it silently behind her. She then proceeded to run across the lawn to the backyard.

Sarah always wore the same clothing when she knew she would be out late, a black leather jacket, with a black t-shirt and pants. She thought it would make it easier for her to sneak around at night. It probably did not do much to hide her, but it made her feel like she was being sneaky.

As she made it into the backyard, she located the second story window of her bedroom illuminated high above her. It would normally be impossible for someone to get in and out, but she had a way of getting past that. The house was made out of stone, and it was she had gotten incredibly skilled at scaling the wall, even in the pitch black of night. It took a little bit of practice, but she had mastered it over the years.

When she got to her window she noticed that it was locked. Her heart raced as she looked inside and noticed her younger brother, Henry, sitting on her bed. She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes and knocked on the window as lightly as possible. Henry grinned and walked over to the window, letting her in. As soon as she got inside, her brother started with the questions.

"Where were ya?" He asked playfully.

"You know where I was." She responded quietly. "I was at Ashley's house."

"And what were you doing there?" He asked.

"None of your fucking business." Sarah responded. "What are you doing in my room anyways?" She asked after sliding her jacket off onto her bed.

"Oh, dad seemed to forget that you were out tonight, so I thought I would take the opportunity to blackmail you." He said simply. Sarah's muscles tightened when she heard this.

"You wouldn't." She said in response. "You know that he won't let me get away with it! He is way more strict with me than with you boys!" She tried to keep her voice down, but she was getting angry.

"I know." Her brother responded. "That is what makes it so fun."

"You are a horrible little…" Sarah was cut off mid-sentence.

"Dad!" Henry yelled as Sarah shrunk back.

"Why the hell did you do that!" She screamed grabbing her brother on the shoulders. "He is going to be pissed!" Henry just laughed and ran out of the room. Sarah could hear him yelling all the way down the hall. It would only be a matter of moments before her father would show up.

Sarah scrambled, trying to think of something to do, somewhere to hide. Anything to get away from the tongue-lashing she was going to get. It was too late however, and moments later she recognized the form of her father standing in her doorway. He looked angry, not only did Sarah stay out too late, but she was the reason that he had to wake up and get out of bed.

"Sarah!" He yelled as loud as he could manage. "Henry told me you were out late again!"

"I, I…" She was cut off.

"Where the fuck were you, and why the hell didn't you tell me you were going to be out!" He was red in the face, and visibly shaking. Sarah's father was an impressive man. He was about 6'2" and built like a comic book character. He could scare anyone witless if he tried.

"I did tell you I was going out!" Sarah responded. "You probably just ignored me like you always do!" Her father entered her room when she said this.

"You ungrateful bitch!" He yelled. "I put food on the table, I work my ass off just so you can live this pampered life that you enjoy so much!"

"I told you I was going out!" Sarah yelled again. "I can't help it if you didn't remember."

"Yah," Her father continued. "Well where the fuck were ya'?"

"I was at Ash's." Sarah said quietly knowing what was coming.

"I told you were not to spend any more time with that little whore!" He yelled. "I don't need my daughter running around with that tramp!"

"She is not a tramp!" Sarah yelled back. "She's my friend!"

"Oh she is, is she!" The older man yelled back.

"Just drop it!" Sarah said trying to calm him down a bit. "Just let me go to bed!"

"No!" her father screamed at her. "You are going to sever all ties with this girl, and make something of yourself!"

"Like hell I am!" Sarah retorted, covering her mouth when she realized what she said. Her father was standing in front of her, shivering in anger. Then he raised his right hand and gave Sarah a hard slap on her cheek, then left the room.

The present

Shego finally got rid of the shock and decided to fight back against her father. "Shut the fuck up you horrible, ignorant, bastard!" her father froze, he did not expect his daughter to speak to him like this. "You are incredible!" Shego continued. "You are the worst human fucking being that ever existed!" Shego walked up to him and grabbed him by the neck, and he dropped to his knees.

"Sarah, what are you doing!" Her mother screamed.

"Giving this bastard what he deserves." Shego responded calmly.

"Sarah, Stop!" Her mother cried out. "Don't do this!"

Shego stared into her father's eyes. For once he was the one with the look of desperation on his face, he was the one who was scared, he was the one who was going to be sorry for everything that he did. After a short while she let go of him, letting him fall to the ground. He coughed up a bit of blood and tried to stand up.

"You are an insult to humanity." He continued in a raspy voice, without missing a beat. "You are an insult to this family!" He said as he got some strength back. "Nobody wants you! Nobody cares about you!" Shego turned around at this point.

"Shut! The! Fuck! Up!" She screamed.

"No!" Her father cried out. "You were a curse to on me from the moment you were born! Your very existence and life is an affront to evolution itself! You are allowed to live while others better than you die! And what makes this worse! You are the one killing them!" He was now standing over Shego, pointing his finger at her face. "You had your shot at redemption! But you blew that too!"

"Don't go there…" Shego said in a stern voice.

"Oh yes, remember that bastard. Remember him, remember Jac…" He was cut off mid sentence as Shego grabbed his neck once again.

"I told you not to fucking go there." Shego was looking her father in the eyes. She wasn't yelling anymore; instead she was talking just loud enough for the man three inches from her face to hear her. She wanted nothing more than to kill him right there.

At this moment she could hear the sounds of GJ agents and Military personnel making their way down the halls. Her mother ran out, with her three sons, trying to find someone to stop what was going on inside.

5 years ago

Sarah was in the hospital for nearly a week, she had been badly beaten, and rushed to the ER. Her mother and younger brothers visited her on a daily basis, but her father never showed up once to check on her condition. Her mother tried to assure Sarah that he was worried about her, but was too busy with work to make it to the hospital. It was a nice thought on her mother's part, but Sarah new that she was just covering for him.

After six long days, Sarah was stable and getting ready to go home. She was sore all over, and had no recollection of what happened. However, the doctors did inform her that, along with the physical beating that she endured, she had also been violated. When she heard the news, she was broken. She felt desecrated, week, and helpless. She cried for days after hearing the news, and wondered what she had done in her life to deserve this, and if that were not enough, on her way out, one of her doctors ran up to her with a serious look on his face.

"Miss Harris!" He yelled after her, getting Sarah's attention. "I need to talk to you in private." He said quietly as he got closer. He led Sarah to a secluded corner in the lobby, and then motioned to a nearby chair and Sarah sat down.

"Well?" Sarah asked. "What is it now?" She did not want to sound rude or anything, but she had a need to get out of the hospital and end this chapter of her life

The doctor took a deep breath. "Sarah, I'm afraid that your condition is a bit different than we originally expected." He paused and looked Sarah in the eyes. "You're pregnant."

Sarah checked out mentally at this point, letting her thoughts drift away when she heard this. She stared out blankly into nothing for over a minute trying to contemplate what was just said to her. Then the doctor placed his hand on hers, and smiled.

"You have the option to terminate, if you…" He was cut off.

"No." Sarah said in a daze. "That won't be necessary."

"Miss, I don't think you realize what is going on here. You are pregnant, you were beaten within inches of your life, and you were violated." The doctor said making sure that Sarah understood the full magnitude of what was happening.

"I don't care." Sarah said. "And I know what happened, I don't need you telling me about it. Besides, I can't terminate. If my father…" She was interrupted.

"Your father never has to know." The doctor intervened. "At this stage it's a simple pill that you take, another few weeks and it's a much more complicated process."

"No." Sarah said one more time. "Just leave me alone. I'm sick of people telling me what to do." The doctor could tell that Sarah was trying to keep her composure, but he could see that she was on the verge of tears.

"With all due respect, Sarah, that is not a good reason to have this child. Besides, you say that you don't need anyone reminding you of what happened, what do you think you are going to remember every time you see your child?" The doctor responded.

"I appreciate your concern, but is not necessary. For some reason, I feel like this might be something good to come out of all this shit." Sarah said as she tried to cool herself down. "I can handle myself." The Doctor shook his head, at this.

"You can't be serious." He said in an unbelieving tone.

"Seriously," Sarah started with a small, nearly undetectable smile. "I never saw myself having a child of my own. Not because I didn't think I could handle it, I just never really considered it a possibility for me." The doctor raised an eyebrow at this statement.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"I don't know," Sarah responded. "A lot of reasons I guess. I think most of it comes from my own childhood."

"Well, I don't want to tell you what to do, but I need you to know that I think you are making a mistake, this decision will affect the rest of your life." He said calmly as Sarah stood up.

"I know it will." She said. "This decision will affect the rest of the child's life as well." She stuck out her hand and the doctor shook it.

"You know," He started. "You're a bit peculiar."

"Thank you." Sarah said in reply. "I think I'll take that as a compliment."

The present

Shego had her hand around her father's throat, and she was starting to squeeze more firmly.

"You bastard!" She screamed one more time. "I told you not to bring him up!" Her hand was starting to heat up, and the smell of burnt flesh filled the room. Then, with a quick twitch of her wrist, it was over. Her father's neck snapped and he lay dead on the floor.

Shego froze, she could not believe what she had just done. She was so angry with him, and so frustrated that she was not thinking clearly. The entire world seemed to freeze as she looked at the lifeless lump on the ground that used to be her father. She fell to her knees and a single tear rolled down her cheek. She felt both terrified and relieved at this point, and the fact that she felt relived scared her more than anything else.

Shego closed her eyes, and waited for the agents to come and take her away. She was done fighting. She was done running away. She just wanted it to all be over. She looked back at her life, and realized that it was one horrible event after another, and now she had just killed her own father.

At this point, her family entered the room again, and Shego witnessed her mother's form rush to her husband's side. She was screaming hysterically, and her younger brothers were in a panic. Grace turned to her daughter and slapped her across the cheek, but Shego did not even realize that this happened. She was miles away, in her own world. All the sound and feeling from reality were washed away. The alarms and water sprinklers had vanished in her mind, and all she could think about was the fact that she had just killed her own father.

At this point, two strong men grabbed hold of Shego and tried to drag her out of the room, jarring her back to reality. She shook herself loose and stood straight up and faced the agents behind her. Dozens of guns were pointed at her, and the men holding them looked scared to death. She looked at the nametag on the closest agent to her, it read "Derrick." Then she turned around and looked at her family one more time.

That is when Shego heard it, four gunshots coming from right behind her. She snapped her head around and noticed that Derrick was the one shooting. After just a moments pause, her eyes widened as she realized what had just happened. She turned around again, and looked at her family. They were all dead, each with a bullet hole in their temple, each of them erased from existence. Shego turned around, enraged at the agent responsible.

However, before she could do anything to him, Derrick placed his gun at his own head and pulled the trigger. Shego was too angry notice, but more than just blood poured out from Derrick's wounds, but also a bit of metal and wires. He was nothing more than Gemini's pawn, and his mission was now complete.

All of the other agents and soldiers knew that this was not a good thing. They all knew that they were in trouble. "Fire!" one of them shouted as they all pulled their triggers, unloading thousands of rounds at the green woman in front of them.

Shego did not even acknowledge the bullets pelting her body and the world around her, the new suit blocked most of them, and she healed from the rest. She was only concerned with one thing. She slowly made her way over to her family and looked them over. They did not look peaceful, not at all, they looked horrified, scared, and betrayed.

Shego felt rage build up from deep within her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before. She hardly even realized that thousands of rounds were making everything around her fall to pieces. She was in the center of a warzone, and she did not care. All she did care about was that her family was dead, and she knew who was to blame.

At this point, the young woman let out an unnatural scream. Fire consumed her body, and everything in the area started to burn. She fell to her knees as the bodies of her family members started to turn to ash in the immense heat. The agents started to flee as they realized that their weapons were having no effect on the woman at all. Shego let out another scream, loud enough to be heard all over the complex. The fire that was previously consuming her body was now spreading to the entire building that she was in.

Then she stood up, and let out yet another scream, raising her hands in the air, sending a green pillar of light straight up into space. The heat was immense, and floor beneath her stated to melt and crumble away. The building she was in erupted into debris and ash as if a massive bomb had gone off inside of it. Shego tried to contain herself, but found it impossible. She knew what she had to do, she knew who was responsible for killing her family, and ruining her life. She was going to kill everyone inside of the complex, and she was going to do it without mercy.

Shego let out one more feral scream, sending pulses up along the pillar into space. Then the floor beneath her finally gave way, causing her to fall into the tunnels below. The impact rattled her enough to cause the beam of light to fizzle out abruptly, however her body was still consumed by flame. When she hit the floor, she lay motionless for several moments, hyperventilating in anger. She decided that she needed to take action, and she needed to take it now.

The ground shook as Solomon and Tom finished putting the centurion in place. It was a complicated piece of machinery, and everything needed to be precisely placed for it to work correctly. It took them a while, but now Solomon was ready for action, and not a moment too soon. The final piece was placed just as a massive beam of green light shot from Solomon's interrogation room, high into the skies above. He feared he may be too late, but at least now he could do what needed to be done. He decided that he needed to take action, and he needed to take it now.

Back at the hospital, Mrs. Possible was trying to calm herself down. She was shaking from the adrenaline that was surging through her body after her fight with her daughter. She was sitting in a chair in the lobby, wringing her hands together trying to think of how she should proceed with her night. She would never be able to contact Kim, and Ron was still sick in his room. She eventually decided that taking care of Ron would help keep her mind off of Kim. She slowly got up to and made the long trek to his room.

As she entered the young boy's room, she turned on the lights. His parents were sound asleep on the couch next to each other, but something was off. Ron was not in his bed. Before Mrs. Possible jumped to any conclusions she called a nurse in. He was a young man with short black hair and friendly smile.

"Danny?" She started, "Where there any tests scheduled for the Stoppable boy for tonight?"

"No ma'am." He replied. "Why do you ask?"

Ann Possible's eyes widened as the news sunk in. She then ran to the desk outside of Ron's room and picked up the phone and dialed security. After a few rings, someone picked up.

"Lock down the hospital, no one leaves. A patient has gone missing."

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