Author: Selly (Selly87) & Bru (dracosoftie)
Title: The Proposal
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry / Draco
Rating: Definitely Adult
Summary: Interesting things happen when one is drunk and is forced to spend time in the presence of his arch-nemesis… Secrets are discovered, mysteries unveiled and could the impossible be possible after all? There is only one way to find out…
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe is owned by J.K. Rowling, various publishers and Warner Bros. This story is based on characters and situations created by the amazing J. K. Rowling, however no money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is written for fun and all we own is the plot idea which is part of our very warped imagination.
Warning: Explicit language, Smut, Bondage
Author's Note: Written in 1st POV. One scene makes up one chapter. Please note that the first few chapters are rather short; however let us assure you that this changes as the story progresses. Selly (Selly87) wrote Draco's POV, whilst Bru (dracosoftie) wrote Harry's POV, which considering that Bru has a soft spot for Draco, did not cause a brutal catfight between the two authors. The decision as to who writes which character was a mutual one and if you check the records of St Mungo A&E you will find none, unless of course you check for the records of one Harry Potter and one Draco Malfoy.

Chapter 1:

~Draco's POV, a ministry function~

There he is. Looking all smug and smiling for all that he's worth. Merlin, I just want to draw my wand and hex him off that podium. He makes me sick. So very sick. He and his little vermin Gryffindor friends. All of them. I can actually feel my stomach turn as I listen to him, standing there in his black robes, reading out the speech Kingsley wrote for him. They aren't his words and all those idiots in the room here are too damn stupid to realize that. They're hanging to his every word, like he's a god! Can't they see that he's just a stupid Gryffindork with even less of a brain than a flobberworm? Obviously not.

Those twats have no brains – they couldn't even think for themselves even if their lives depended on it. The war showed that quite clearly. And now they're making him their hero – they're even talking about a Harry Potter Day to honor him. Merlin, if that happens I think I will actually end up being physically sick, possibly all over him as well. I don't know how much more of this farce I can take. If it wasn't for my mother's iron grip on my shoulder, I'd be out of here already. But as it is, I've got to stand here and listen to the nonsense that's coming out of Potter's mouth. Ugh! Someone please Stupefy me – this is too much for any sane person to bear.