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Summary: The Greek King Lucius is fatally ill and has gotten word of the untameable wood nymph that lies in the heart of the forest. Rumour has it that this nymph carries great beauty and immortality and, once mated with someone, will turn them immortal HPLM

The Warrior and the Nymph

Bolting up in his bed, Lucius spluttered and gasped for breath. He coughed up blood and wiped his mouth before deciding he couldn't very well sit in bed and wait for Death to claim him; he would beat this illness.

LM* * *HP

Lucius sat at the head of the long table with his soldiers around him. He'd brought them here to make an announcement of their newest hunt.

"Good evening, gentlemen," Lucius boomed. "I'm sure many of you are wondering why I have called you here at this time of night."

There were murmurs of agreement around the table.

"There is a rumour of a wood nymph that lives in the forest just outside the castle." At once the men began talking excitedly to each other. Everyone knew of the great powers nymphs hold – immortality; every mans dream.

"I intend to catch this nymph in order to cure the illness I possess, yet also to ensure my eternal reign as sovereign."

"Well put, my liege!" called Barnabus – one of Lucius' most faithful soldiers and also his best friend.

Lucius gave an acknowledgeable nod and carried on.

"I am determined to seize power over this little sprite and make it mine! Though in order to do this, I will need loyal warriors with me; nymphs are extremely hard to find, let alone catch."

"We would be honoured to help you, sir!" barked one of the men at the end of the table.

"I thank you," Lucius said before falling into one of his coughing fits. Pulling the hanky out of his sleeve he coughed into it, not surprised to find blood stains afterwards.

"I would like to start searching this evening; I don't wish to waste time dying when there is something I can do to prevent that. Also, nymphs are known to be nocturnal so it will be easier to find if it's out."

The room was suddenly filled with comforting and brave voices, each person saying they would go. However, Lucius knew some of the men in his group to be devious and unreliable so he cast the following warning:

"Any man who finds the nymph and decides he would suit immortality more than I will be punished and placed under penalty of death for treason." Lucius took his time to stare each man in the eye before continuing. "That is all. I will meet you at the oak doors in ten minutes. Gather your nets, weapons and armour – we do not know what else lies in the forest."

Lucius watched his men go and smirked; this wood nymph would be his cure as well as the answer to his loneliness.

LM* * *HP

"We shall split into two groups," Lucius announced to the ten most trusting soldiers he owned. "Half will go with Barnabus, the other half with me. We shall meet back here at midnight if all goes unsuccessfully. If, however, one group manages to find the nymph, report back to the castle and toll the bells. On we go!"

A loud cheer told Lucius each man was eager to get going and so they set off, one group heading west, Lucius' group heading east.

They crept through the undergrowth and pushed back wild branches as they stumbled ever deeper into the woods.

It wasn't until they'd reached a clearing when there was the sound of light footsteps up ahead.

Lucius raised his hand indicating for the other men to halt even though he was fairly sure the footsteps were from an animal.

Lucius gazed around the dark trees and tried to make out any movement. Of course his attempts were fruitless.

He moved onwards, making sure not to tread carelessly. He would find that nymph tonight.

LM* * *HP

The nymph was in one of the highest trees in the western side, overlooking the forest. He could see very clearly through the woods and had no trouble spotting the intruders.

The men looked dangerous; armed with weapons and nets. What other innocent animal would they be hunting today? For the nymph had seen these men before, preying on defenceless animals for fun.

But to hunt at night was odd... unless they were after a creature of the night?

He stayed silent as the men past under his tree hoping they would not succeed in catching whatever they were pursuing.

After he watched the five or so men disappear further into the woods, he climbed down the tree and made for the east side of the woods. Besides, his favourite lagoon was there and he felt like a bathe.

LM* * *HP

Lucius felt like giving up; it had been more than three hours and there was neither hide nor hair of his saviour nymph.

"My lord?" one of the men whispered.

Lucius glared at the imbecile making noise. The foolish man nervously looked at his feet, ashamed and frightened.

Deciding that if they couldn't find that nymph tonight, Lucius would be forced to tear the forest down during the day and bring out the night-time sprite.

However, a small splash of water made Lucius' ears prick up. It could just be a fish emerging from the water but then it could also be the nymph... Lucius gestured to his men to follow again.

They sneaked through the trees to the sound of the water and stopped when they seemed to reach a clearing.

And there it was.

There he was.

The nymph was a boy! He was swimming in the lagoon, a small pile of some sort of clothing besides the water.

Lucius faced his men and pointed to the clearing. His men nodded wisely and spread out round the trees. They'd planned that, when spotting the nymph, they should spread out and surround it.

They waited until the creature had supposedly finished its bathing. When it got out, Lucius was even more sure the nymph was of the male species. However, Lucius was not put off; even from this distance he could tell that this nymph was of feminine physique – a slim waist, dark tresses of hair, a short height and very skinny. Lucius felt slightly annoyed when the small, green baggy shorts were put back on, covering up the pale, moonlit skin.

Yes, Lucius could work with it. With him.

Lucius stayed where he was, waiting for his men to do the attacking and, sure enough, at the same time, the five men jumped out from each angle circling the nymph.

The boy-like nymph jumped and began eyeing each warrior carefully.

Lucius watched on slightly nervously; he needed that creature so his men had better not fail.

"Get over here you little pixie!" a soldier called Johan shouted. He dived for the creature but it was too quick for him. The nymph had jumped out of the way and was now making for the free exit behind Johan.

"Oi!" came another voice. "Get back here!"

This man – Theodore – cut the nymph off and was now blocking the space between the clearing and the woods.

Immediately the nymph backed off and ran towards Theodore's now unguarded exit. Lucius groaned at the unorganised plan he had cooked up.

Lucius' heart nearly stopped when it looked as though the nymph was going to escape successfully, but it was soon trapped under one of the strong, thick-roped nets.

Lucius applauded his men as he stepped out of the bushes.

"Bravo, men," he said walking towards the quivering bundle of netting. The nymph was shaking so badly that Lucius found it quite disconcerting.

"Shush, now," he cooed. He bent down in front of it and gasped; this boy had the most dazzling green eyes he'd ever seen. "What is your name, nymph?"

"Let me go!" demanded the boy, speaking for the first time. Lucius found the voice to be soothing and soft, even though it was angered and enraged.

"I can't," Lucius said smirking and fingering with the net. "I need your immortality you see."

The green eyes widened to the size of saucers. "No!"

Suddenly Lucius felt a sharp pain in his fingers that had been fiddling with the net and noticed they had been cut.

"What the...?"

The nymph had slashed through the ropes with what looked like a hand-made knife and was now running out of the clearing and into the woods again.

"NO!" Lucius bellowed. He turned to his men. "Spread out! I'll go after it, you try and corner it again! GO!"

Lucius was sprinting into the woods the way the nymph had gone. He took out his crossbow and held it ready; he could still see the back of the boy and so chased wildly after it.

After years of training and after many battles Lucius was in extremely good condition and had powerful legs; it was only his illness that slowed him down now.

As he ran after the creature he realised that if he wanted to successfully catch it, he would have to make it easier. So, hoping his aim was still as perfect as it had been a number of months ago, Lucius released the arrow.

LM* * *HP

The Nymph was tearing through the trees, hoping to escape the lunatic after him. He thought he was losing him until he felt the most agonising pain in his thigh.

He collapsed to the ground and whimpered as he felt the arrow that was lodged in his leg.

What was happening?

Even though the nymph was in excruciating pain, he still tried to pull himself away from the heavy footsteps that were getting louder and louder.

Finally, however, he gave up and covered his head with his arms in a protective position and waited for the human to catch up.

He felt the earth next to him stir and he slowly looked up to find the blonde haired man standing above him.

"Don't ever try and run from me," the man hissed bending down to his level. "It gets you nowhere."

Again, the nymph cowered away from the man's touch and tried to wriggle further away. However, he got nowhere, only a stinging sensation up his leg as the arrow was wedged in slightly deeper.

The pain was making him feel queasy and faintish so when the feeling of darkness came there was nothing he could do to prevent it.

LM* * *HP

Looking at the nymph up close made Lucius realise he had really got a bonus. This nymph was perfect for him – where he was dominant the nymph was submissive, where he was strong the nymph was fragile, where he had muscle the nymph had nothing.

When the green eyes fluttered shut Lucius found it easier to study his captive. The skin was as smooth as it looked and the hair was a perfect midnight black. He also had pointed ears that pierced through the dark locks. However what was most odd was the curious lightening-bolt scar on the nymph's forehead. He ignored this for now and whistled for his men.

In moments they were with Lucius, tying up the delicate-looking boy. Johan had pulled the arrow out of the thigh and had stopped the blood flow with a rag of cloth.

"Bring him back," Lucius ordered, and they made their way out of the forest, the nymph in the burly arms of Lucius' men.

LM* * *HP

"Put him in here," Lucius snapped as they reached the dungeons. He didn't really want to keep the boy down here but it was the safest place after seeing how he had escaped from the net.

However, before the barred door could open, the nymph had woken up and was trying to pull his arms free from the two soldiers.

"Stop that," Lucius said coldly, and immediately the boy stopped moving.

Slowly Lucius moved towards the scrawny little thing and lifted his head up.

"You'll save an old man from a slow and painful death, won't you?" he whispered.

The nymph said nothing and Lucius let go of the boy's chin.

"What's your name?" Lucius asked. "You will do well to answer me this time."

"I... I don't know," the nymph said quietly. Lucius felt like he could melt under that voice.

"You don't know your own name?" he asked, and then smirked. "I suppose I could give you a name..."

"I don't need a name! Names are for humans!" he shouted, and began struggling again.

"Stop moving, brat!" growled Johan, and shoved him into the cell where he landed on his bum.

"You just need to cooperate," Lucius whispered. "All I'm going to do is name you."

He thought of all the names that came to mind... Arthrax after his father? Draco after his Grandfather? They all seemed too obvious; for years the Kings had named their sons after each family member, but this nymph was not his son...

"Harry," he said suddenly. "I like Harry."

"I don't!" the boy snarled, poking his arm through the bars to try and hit Lucius.

Lucius merely chuckled and grabbed the bony wrist and yanked it hard.

He leaned in towards the cell where his Harry was pulled against the bars and whispered, "Get used to it, Harry."

"You're hurting me!" the nymph cried and Lucius immediately let go. He'd never heard such a beautiful voice in his life and the pain that resonated through those three words made it all the more childlike.

Lucius cleared his throat and brushed his robes down.

"You will get used to that name and, when you do, you will be allowed out of here."

The nymph now named Harry backed up against the back of the cell wall and glowered at Lucius.

"I'll be seeing you soon," Lucius muttered and he walked up the stairs leaving the young sprite in his confinement.

He won't last long – he's too wild, Lucius thought to himself.

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