Candle Light

Chapter 1

The scent of the man's fear as he ran through the dark and damp alley was delicious. It drove my instincts to the surface as i stalked him from the shadows. I was a predator, he was my prey. Thats just the way it is. I had been watching this man all nigh at the Wolf's Den. He was not a regular at the night club, so I kept an eye on him, watching him as he eyed the other women. He had a predatory look in his eye and it wasn't hard to imagine what he wanted. But this was my territory, and I wasn't going to permit another hunter nearby, even if he was just a weakling human.

When I'd had enough of his presence I caught the fools eye and headed for the back exit, reaching into his mind to ensure that he hd taken my bait. When I was sure he was lost in the many alleys of the city I began to make my presence known. I allowed him to hear my breathe and my footsteps, to catch glimpses from the corner of eye of my swirling cloak I had donned for the hunt. He realized something was tailing him and began to panic, breaking into a run and releasing the rich aroma of fear into the air. As I caught the scent I felt my long fangs grow in my anticipation of a kill. But first he had to know what it felt like to be prey.

After about 20 minute of pursuit, he finally reached his limit. His pace slowed to a walk and I began to close in. With my hood lowered I reach out from behind him to twine my fingers through his hair while my other hand wraps around his waist. He has enough time to gasp before I pull his head back and sink my fangs into his neck. Im disgusted when I hear him moan from a mixture of agony and pleasure. That is what the victum feels when bitten by a vampire. The sweetest pleasure and the worst agony imagineable.

When I am finished feeding I teleport to a dumpster behind a deparment store and carelessly drop the lifeless body in it. I quickly make sure their is no trace, fingerprints, or DNA left behind before I teleport to my favorite clearing in the forests near one of my houses in North America. As I settle on the ground against of a lone apple tree, I gaze at the moon, thinking of the past. At some point I dozed off, and my memories turned into the endless black abyss called sleep.

I never used to be like this. Before I was changed I was a brilliant tactictian for a famous king. I used to be the reason he won half the battles he fought in. Its a shame his name is gone from my memoryy,erased by my many millenias of age. Yes I was on my way up. At least, until i met him... Thanks to him I am now a churning mix of violence, hatred, loyalty, protectiveness, and dark humor. Most of all though, I now distrust and dislike the male gender with few exceptions. And its all because of him.