I have the weirdest science teacher ever, and this is some of what me and my friends April and Becky get up to. i had to invent it a bit to include Gazzy and Iggy, but its nearly the same. seriously. :) anyway, have fun :) xx peoples xx

r&r iff possible. appreciated :)


The Pyromaniac's Bible.

Hey. I'm Iggy. Yeah. The blind pyro. And I decided to write this thing for all those other pyro's out there. Admit it! You know you are one. Anyway, enough from me.

Explodeth Everything Ye Can – If Not, Maketh It Throw Gunk Everywhere.

Me, Fang, Max, Gazzy, Angel and Nudge had decided to go back to school. Ella's school (ahh… Ella). Not the school. Normal school for normal kids. Huh. Ironic that. Anyway, Gazzy and I were in our science class ('Cause we're smart) and Mr Ciampa was explaning Ammonium and something-or-other tests. We didn't need to listen – it was old school for us.

"Right," he said, in the middle of his "short" explanation. "You put a little," he glared at Gazzy, "bit of Aluminium powder in. It acts as a bully-boy and should make it work."

I grinned evilly at Gazzy. We had a mission going to try and get Mr Ciampa sectioned; we drive him mad. Hehe.

So we got out test tubes, and did our first experiment – the ammonium one. That went smooth as pie. Is pie smooth? Who cares! You guys know what I mean… right?

Anyway, Mr C gives us a confused look. In every lesson we would either a) blow something up, or b) give him such hell with his precious chemicals. Everyone knew us as the maniacs, and he'd even tried to ban us from practical's. But we'd learnt where he kept his copper stuff. Basically, we made a blue paint bomb. A bit too simple for geniuses like us, but it was the hilarity we were after.


We were all in the cafeteria when we heard a bang and a shriek. Yes, Mr Ciampa shrieked. Me and Gazzy stifled laughs, and Max gave us a hard look. According to Gazzy anyway.

"If I find out you where involved in that, I'm kicking your furry butts to freaking China and back," she said, angrily. She must've given Gazzy her death glare, 'cause he stopped laughing pretty fast.

"Iggston! Gazzy! Get here this instant!" I heard Mr Ciampa yell.

I heard him thunder down the hall and blast through the doors.

"Iggston Ride!" he yelled at the same time as Max. Everyone started laughing, and Angel sent me a picture on him in my mind. I snorted, and laughed so hard I was rolling on the floor, as was Gazzy.

He had blue goop on his hair and moustache. It was running all down his face and a pulse was beating in his temple. I don't think his face could've got any more red. Hilarious. That night, Max just about murdered me. Again. But Ella persuaded her (with Bambi eyes) not to. Goddamn I love that girl.

End Flashback

Then we started on the second one experiment. It's funny really, 'cause everyone had gotten the lab benches as far as possible away from us. They edged closer, confident we couldn't screw the next one up. Little did they know they were about to get pyroed like they'd never been pyroed before.

We put the tube in the flame, and added this silver powder. A lot of it.

It didn't do anything for a few seconds, then it bubbled. Very, very violently.

Black goo spread all over the table and on the floor. Most of the girls were standing on their stools screaming we were going to kill them.

"Iggston Ride!" came a shout from the teachers desk.


But so worth it.

Yeah... funny stuff. and Ciampa is said Champa. dont ask. told ya he was weird. MORE WILL FOLLOW!!!!!