Chapter 23: Half my Problem

The next day, Alex went to perch at the top of the substation and looked over the part of the world that she lives in. She found her common infected beating on an animal for food and a hunter jumping from building to building and then saw Dean walking around outside. She began to worry until she saw the hunter going away from Dean. Then Alex tensed up again as she saw the hunter jump onto a car and made it swerve into a light post. Alex jumped down from her spot on the building and made her way over to the person in the car and her hunter. When she got there, the general was there aiming a gun at the hunter. "What's going on?" Alex asked calmly as she stepped in front of the hunter.

"You and your zombies are you piece of filth." The general said angrily.

"What are you doing here general?" He just aimed his gun at her and got ready to fire. Alex stood her ground and then in the distance she heard her name being called. Alex turned her head and saw Dean running toward her. He quickly put himself between her and the general. Alex tried to push Dean out of the way but he refused to move. "What are you doing?"

"Keeping you safe." A shot was then heard with two more afterward and then Dean fell to the ground in pain.

Alex looked up at the general who then fired at her but she managed to dodge the bullet and push the hunter out of the way as well. Alex rushed toward the general ignoring the bullets being pushed into her skin. Alex reached him and then grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him into the ground as hard as she could and then threw him into a light post. "How dare you shoot him! He did nothing to you." Alex screamed and then ran over to Dean.

"You see that, she attacked me." Then the captain came up to the general.

"You deserved it. I now have the right to arrest you general for attacking a citizen." The captain said pulling out his handcuffs. Then he dragged the general away and many people stood booing at the captain of the army.

"Kill the zombie lovers and the zombies. They don't deserve to live." People kept spitting out insults and booing but Alex ignored it and soon a doctor was right by Alex who is now holding Dean in her arms.

"You'll be ok Dean, I know you will. You have to be ok, I…I can't…I can't live without you." Alex said through tears.

Dean had been shot in his arm twice and his side once. The doctor did the best he could without the correct stuff and then put him on a stretcher and into an ambulance that had arrived. "We'll do what we can, you want to sit next to him? Once we're done with him however, we'll help you out." Alex nodded and then got in next to Dean, tears streaming down her face.

They had just recently got the news back on T.V. but that is about it for T.V. media. Jerry and family were watching when the news of Dean being shot came on. The news lady then started to talk. "We are here in the hospital in which a young man was shot by the general of the U.S army just because he was protecting the zombie woman." The lady turned to Alex but she just pushed the camera away. "Apparently" The T.V. was then shut off. Justin stood up off the couch and Juliet and the others followed shortly after. "Let's go to the hospital." Justin said and everyone nodded.

The Russo's and Juliet got to the hospital and were then invited into Dean's room. "We lost quite a bit of medicine when this all started and so we have done the best we could, but I think he'll be fine as long as he stay's in bed for a month or so. Your daughter is with him right now and doesn't feel like having visitors. She even included family in that so until she is ready, you'll have to stay out here." The family nodded and sat down in the waiting room.

Three hours past and Alex had been crying for half that time. Dean then started to wake up. "You ok Alex?" Dean asked weakly.

"No, your." Alex then smiled happily looking at Dean. "You idiot, what were you thinking?" Alex asked.

"I was thinking that I love you Alex. I can't lose you like you can't lose me. I heard what you said, I just couldn't respond. I told you that I'm willing to get in the crossfire for you." Dean smiled and then grabbed Alex's hand.

"Then in about two months, we're getting married. Since I can't keep you out, why not be with you as much as possible. I love you too much Dean." Alex then leaned down and kissed him softly.

Three months later and the two were married by one person that didn't hate her guts, even if the rest of the populace does, not including family and friends. "Dean, do me a favor and let me take some hits as I can take them better then you can."

"Ok but if things don't involve me getting shot, I get to protect you ok." Alex nodded and then hugged and kissed Dean happily.

Shortly after Alex and Dean were married, Juliet and Justin were married. Juliet and Justin left for Paris for their honey moon and Alex and Dean, they didn't go anywhere as Alex has had to do some damage control. Just as things were getting better however, some interesting news came on. "Today, we've found that an old ship, the USG Ishimura. World's biggest mining ship in space, is still in one piece and is heading toward earth. It's been at least seventy years since that ship was heard of since the many deaths there and anyone who goes there seems to die. The only one that had survived was Isaac Clark but he has now passed on. If Alex Russo, or now known as Alex Moriarty, is out there, please help us by going up and taking care of it by keeping it up where it belongs. You are greatly needed as you don't die easily." The T.V. was then shut off and Alex looked at Dean.

"I have to go Dean, if I don't, then everyone may be in danger." Dean didn't like it but he had to agree. They gave each other a quick kiss and a hug and then Alex was off. Three hours later and Alex was in the space ship and ready for take off. After two more hours and the Ishimura is in sight. Alex took in a deep breath. "Here I go." Alex said not realizing that she is pregnant.

The End

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