Chapter One


Mid sat on the concrete step attached to the School, as she always called it. It was really Wammy's house. Which was basically an orphanage for gifted children. An orphanage. She still shuddered at the thought of that. That night...

No, no. Better not start thinking about that again...

She started watching them again. Well, not them, per se, but him. She didn't know why, but he fascinated her. She knew that she loved him. But, really... what was the point? She didn't want to get her heart broken... not again.

Not that she wasn't already heartbroken because of him. He didn't turn her down or anything, he just... ignored her. Which was... kind of worse, wasn't it? She didn't want to be completely heart broken by being turned down, is all. That's smart, isn't it? Stay away and she wouldn't get hurt.

Maybe if I stop watching them, and just stay away, I won't get hurt anymo-

Well, too late for that. Just as she was thinking this, his basketball bounced out of his grip, and hit Mid in her face, and she heard something crack. Her nose? She just sat there, startled and surprised, when she felt the first prickle of pain. Her eyes filled with tears, but she promised herself she wouldn't cry. Not in front of everyone here. Not in front of him.

"Oh, gees... are you okay?" Mid looked up to see him, Mello, looking down at her.

She slowly nodded, not trusting herself to speak. He kneeled down in front of her and looked her straight in the eyes. He then reached out a hand, and very gently touched her nose. She flinched and drew back, away from his touch.

"I don't think you're okay..." he murmured, looking genuinely concerned. This surprised even Mid, since he rarely paid attention to any other kids here.

Also to her complete surprise, he suddenly picked her up, bridal style, and started to carry her to the nurses office, inside Wammy's house.

"Oh... um, I can, you know, walk..." Mid mumbled, slightly embarrassed to be held in his arms like this, with everyone staring at them.

"Now, why would I make you walk, when it's my fault you got hurt?" he stated, looking at her as if she had asked a stupid question. But then, he smiled at her.

"Um...well..." she clumsily mumbled, "I dunno..."

He just sweetly smiled at her, which was out of character for him. As they passed by a room, she looked in to see her friend, Mile, sitting down with Near. Well, that's strange to see, Mid thought. Although, she was fond of Mile and was glad she was becoming Nears friend.

Mid shifted in Mello's strong arms, and he looked down at her. She blushed and looked down at the floor, and she could hear him chuckle.

Just then, Mid heard footsteps coming up behind them, rapidly. She looked beyond Mello's shoulder, and seen one of his friends, a red-head boy called Matt, running down the hall after them.

"Mello! Mellooo!" Matt called.

Mello stopped and turned, Mid still in his arms. She blushed and looked down, in hopes of seeing something interesting, like a bug...or a rock... or nothing at all, since there was nothing down there .

"Mello, man, where are you goin'?"

"Bringing my friend here to the nurse."

"Yeah, but, why?"

"Well, it is my fault she got hurt."

"I'm sure you never broke her legs, Mello..."

Now would be a good time to disappear, Mid thought.

"Well, no, but... I wanted to make sure she got to the infirmary alright..."

"I'm sure she can walk herself." Matt stated, rolling his eyes.

"Why does it even matter to you...?" Mid could tell Mello was starting to get annoyed.

"The teams aren't fair in the game, Mello!" Matt said this as if it was the end of the world.

Oh, well, God FORBID the teams would be un-even. Who cares if my nose is broken, as long as the teams are FAIR, Mid thought bitterly.

"Big deal. Suck it up." Mello said curtly.

"Yeah, but..." Matt whined.

"But nothing. Go play again, I'll be back out later."

"But, Mello..." Matt said in a very whiney voice. Mid had to hold back a giggle, Matt sounded like Mello's girlfriend.

But then she sighed. "If I'm creating such a problem," Mid started, "I'll walk myself to the infirmary." She struggled to get out of Mello's grip, but he held her tightly.

"There won't be any need of that." Mello stated matter-of-factly.

Matt huffed and stormed off down the hall again.

Mello chuckled, "He can be so whiney."

They finally made it to the infirmary, where Mello sat in a chair, and laid Mid on his lap.

"I can sit on my own chair, you know..." Mid said.

"You don't like sitting here?" Mello said, with a knowing look and smirk.

Don't fall for it...Don't fall for it, Mid chanted to herself. It was useless to sit here, on his lap, when he so-obviously didn't like her, and she loved him. She could almost feel her heart breaking with each passing second.

The nurse came out then, and seen Mids nose. She made that annoying clucking noise, followed by that very annoying "tsk tsk" because she was sitting on Mello's lap.

A half hour later, Mid was still lying on the lumpy stretcher-bed in a dark room. She had a bad head-ache, so the nurse made her stay. She also had an icepack over her nose, which was turning blue and had a big white gauze over it.

The door opened, and Mello walked in, "Hey there," he said softly.

Mids heart rate spiked, he sounded so sweet when he spoke softly.

"How's the nose?"

"G-good..." she stuttered.

He chuckled and stood at the side of the bed. He was looking down at her, and Mid thought she felt her heart break completely. Why couldn't he like her? Like-like her, the way she liked him? Why was he doing this to her? Did he know she loved him, did he want to break her heart?

"That's good!"


"Listen, Mid... I know I can be a jerk, and that I've always ignored you. Don't think that for a second, though, that I don't notice you. Because, I do."

That's it. There will be no fixing my heart now; permanent damage has been done... Mid thought sadly.

"I see you around every day, watching us..."

Dear God, he knows I like him. I may need a new heart after this... Mid could feel the tears building up on the inside, and it took every bit of strength in her not to let them flow down her cheeks.

"And, I don't mean to sound...blunt..."

What is he getting on with?! Mids mind was racing, thoughts careening with each other, creating pure chaos in her brain.

"But... Do you love me, Mid?..."

OH. MY. GOD. OH. MY. DEAR. SWEET. GOD. OHMIGOD... Mid thought she must surely be hearing things, she must be going mad.

"Do you love me?" he asked again, after not getting a reply the first time.

Is he testing me? Does he know how fragile my heart is, after losing so many people... no, don't think about that night...

Before she could catch herself, she was answering him, "Y-yes, I d-do.."

I did NOT just say that, did I!? Mid silently screamed at herself.

"Good..." he leaned down over her, and she thought for sure he must hear her heart hammering in her chest. He gently took the ice pack off her nose, and ever-so-gently, he kissed it.

"Because, I love you, too."

He smiled, and kissed her, very gently and softly, on the lips. Nothing more. She smiled herself, too, despite everything. After losing so many people you love, it was nice to find someone who actually loves you, who won't be going anywhere, any time soon.