Chapter Eight :D

It had been a long trek over to the next village, in which Mello used every creative combination of curse words that he knew, and even a few of his own, to swear that man up into the clouds every few feet, but they had made it. Mid had awoken a few times, staring blankly around before cringing and passing out again, but those moments only let Mello know she was at least alive.

Currently, they were lounging in a motel room. Or, in Matt's situation, flopping haphazardly on the ottoman. Mello, for his part, was stretched out on an awkward vinyl couch, watching Mids face as she stared intently out the small, greasy window. His eyes drifted down to the bandage covering the wound. A few stitches, some whining from Mid, and some fresh bandages, and everything was okay. Had he been too worried?

"Quit staring, you're freaking me out," Mid mumbled now, not bothering to look over at him. Matt lazily turned his head to Mello, who glared slightly at the girl.

"I'm not staring," he mocked her voice. "I was-"

"You were staring," Mid stated flatly.

"Shut up, I was not. Don't flatter yourself."

"Buddy, I had enough sauce on me pizza this morning," Mid said, hardly able to suppress a giggle.

"What the fu-" Mello sputtered, utterly bewildered.

"What, were you brought up in a barn? What kind of grammar is that?" Matt drawled.

Mid sighed, shaking her head. "No, it was joke..."

Matt laughed, albeit it was obviously forced and fake. "OH YES, that was so funny!" He slapped his knee, still mocking.

"Oh, shut it," Mid muttered.

"As interesting as that was," Mello said, "We should probably get to bed."

"You are aware that it's about seven, right? In the evening?" Matt glanced at his watch.

Mello shook his head. "Well, I wasn't.. I just figured we had a long day, that's all."

"Doesn't mean I'm ready to go to bed at seven. You might as well tell me to put on my jammies and drink some warm milk."

"Hey now, warm milk actually works," Mid quipped.

"When you're four maybe. I'm a big boy now, I think I can handle staying up past eight."

"It's seven, Matt."

"I was just saying! Good Lord."

"You didn't sound like a big boy when I was bringing Mid to the infirmary, and you were whinging about the basketball teams," Mello joined the argument.

"Hey now, that was different."

Mid smirked. "Is the big boy tired now? Is that why he's so cwanky?" She used her best baby voice, pretending to coo as if at a young child.

"Mello, control your woman!"

Mid fell over laughing, quite literally.

Mello smirked at Matt, and then proceeded to cluck his tongue. "Now, now children. Behave. Beddy time is soon, there will be no tolerance for such silly behaviour."

Matt cracked a smile, suppressing the urge to laugh.

Mid straightened up, still smiling. "I wonder what Mile is doing right now?"


"You know... brown hair, she was..sort of.. friends with Near?"

Matt lurched forward suddenly, "Oh, her!" Then he roared with laughter. "I bumped into her once, and she almost fell over.. I caught her, and she turned so red. She kinda mumbled at me and then ran off. Strange girl."

Mid smiled fondly. That sounded like Mile.

There was a sudden knock on the window, causing Mid to jump. She squeaked, turning her widened eyes to it. Outside, in the dying daylight, was a rather dishevelled looking pigeon. It was lying on the grass just below the window, its feathers ruffled.

"Stupid bird, can't even tell dirty glass from air," Matt mumbled, before turning his attention back to Mid. The latter sighed, then then flopped backwards onto her back, feeling the tension ease out of her shoulders.

"God, I'm so bored," Matt mumbled.

Mello grunted in response, choosing instead to lie back on the couch. He draped an arm over his face dramatically. So Mid was safe. And now Matt had joined him. He had all the companionship he needed. He was satisfied. The only thing he needed was a plan. Where was going to go? Where was he headed, really? Should he go after L's killer?

"Ugh, this place is so boring," Matt sighed again.

Mello ignored him completely. Should they leave and start journeying again? He peeked out from under his arm at Mid, who was twiddling her fingers and tapping her foot to a non-existent song.

"I wish there was something to do..." Matt said.

"Oh gees, shut up," Mid finally grumbled, sitting up. "You complain so much."

"Why are you being so whiny?" Mello asked, still staring into the blackness that was the back of his eyelids.

"I'm not being whiny..."

"Go to bed," Mid said lazily now.


"CHILDREN!" Mello bellowed. "Both of you! To bed! Now!"

"Yes, mother," Matt grumbled.

"Aye, aye, captain!" Mid saluted.

Mello grinned, an unusual feat, he admitted.

This would be interesting...