Mark knew that he was going to regret getting talked into coming out to the bar after the show. He was sitting alone at the table he and the others had all grabbed to begin with, and he was already regretting it. He was the only sober one out of the entrie group and that meant that any attempts he made to reel everyone in were surely going to be met with resistance from all sides. Normally he just accepted it as being "Poppa Mark", but tonight he really wasn't in the mood to deal with it.

"Come on Marky, drink up," Glenn slurred out. He slid the bottle of tequila across the table, spilling some of it in the process. "You can't be the only sober one here. What fun is that?"

"The fun will be us actually getting back to our hotel rooms sometime tonight," Mark replied, taking the tequila bottle only to make sure it stayed out of Glenn's reach. His little half brother had had more than enough for one night. "One of us needs to be the designated driver."

"The what?" Glenn said in confusion. He shook his head and wagged his finger at Mark. "You need to lighten up Marky. This serious stuff is not good for you."

Mark sighed impatiently. It wasn't that he was trying to stop everyone from having fun. If he had wanted to do that, he would have hit them all over the head and then tied them up so they wouldn't have been able to go out and party. But Phil had refused to come along and be the designated driver, so Mark was stuck in that role. If he didn't take care of everyone, there was no telling where they would all be waking up in the morning. "I am light," he finally told Glenn. "I'm light as a fucking feather."

Glenn snorted. "Don't flatter yourself fat ass."

Mark glared at him. "Excuse me? I'm a fat ass? What have you been smoking lately you tubby shit head?"

Glenn shook his head and looked around the club. "Look at Legacy," he said with a laugh. "They're a bunch of sluts."

Mark looked to where Glenn was looking. How could he not with a statement like that? He sighed when he saw that Legacy were basically dry humping each other out on the dance floor. "Oh good God," he muttered. "I did not need to see that."

"They're going to rape each other," Glenn announced happily. He tipped back in his chair and would have fallen over if Mark had not caught him.

"Okay, that's it," Mark said. He hauled Glenn up to his feet. "When you're falling over drunk, that means everyone else is even worse off than you are. We're going back to the hotel."

"No!" Glenn whined. "That's rude to the other peoples in the club."

"Glenn, you are drunk. You don't call the shots here. I--" Mark stopped talking when he caught sight of something all the way across the club. "Oh crap. That's going to cause a riot." Jeff was up on the bar, his shirt missing completely and from the way he was dancing, it was apparent the jeans were going to be lost soon enough too. "Glenn stay here," Mark ordered. "I need to save Jeff from getting raped by oogling onlookers."

"Okey dokey then," Glenn said happily. He was so out of it that he was just going to go along with whatever Mark said. "Rescue your lover boy and leave me here all alone. I see how it is."

Mark rolled his eyes as he pushed his way through the crowd. Jeff was not his lover boy. Sure he was aware that Jeff had a crush on him, but nothing had ever really happened between them. It wasn't because Mark didn't necessarily want to; it was just that he didn't think it was wise for him to act on an impulse when he had a psycho boyfriend at home who had more issues with sharing than a five year old with a new toy. Besides, Jeff is better off not with me, he told himself. It saves him from James and it saves him from all of my baggage.

"Out of the way!" Mark yelled at the crowd gathered around the bar. He roughly shoved the people who would not get the fuck out of the way. "Coming through! Move it or lose your heads!"

"Mark!" Jeff yelled happily. He waved his hands eagerly. "Come dance with me Mark!"

"I'm not going to dance Jeff," Mark replied. He reached out towards Jeff. "Come on down from there. We're going back to the hotel."

"But I don't wanna!" Jeff whined.

"I don't care. Now get down from there! You're making a scene."

"Hey, if the boy doesn't want to go, let him stay here and finish his little show," one of the onlookers said.

Mark gave that man such a murderous glare that the guy and everyone else quickly backed the hell away. James would be so proud right now. "Jeff, you've got one more chance to get down from there on your own," Mark warned the younger man.

Jeff shook his head. "I wanna dance more!" he insisted. "I'm all sexy and pretty and I'm gonna show my body off! So there!" He stuck his tongue out childishly.

Mark shook his head. He couldn't deny that Jeff had a tight little body on him, but if he let Jeff keep this up, Jeff was going to find himself being raped before the night was over. Despite the protests from everyone around him (and that did include Jeff), he snatched Jeff off the bar and began carrying him away. "Matt!" he yelled as he spotted the older Hardy nearby with Jay, Adam and Evan. "We're going! Get your asses in gear!"

Jeff whined and pounded his fists into Mark's back. "Let me go!" he whined. "Mark this isn't fair! I want to dance and get attentions from people."

"Those people you were trying to get attentions from are dirty whores who will give you a disease if you're not careful," Mark replied. He motioned for Glenn to follow him out of the club as he approached the door. "Those are not the people you want attentions from."

"Well then who should I want attentions from?" Jeff asked. He stopped hitting Mark and wrapped his arms around him. "Do you want me to want them from you Mark? Cuz I can manage that."

Mark sighed. Jeff had the tendency to get affectionate when he was drunk and tonight wasn't going to be an exception. He got them outside before setting Jeff down on his own two feet. "The only thing you need affections from is your pillow," he replied. "I'm taking you back to the hotel so you can sleep this off."

"Don't wanna sleep," Jeff protested. He stretched his arms out. "The night's young Mark! There's still time to party!"

"Jeff, it's two in the morning, you've lost your shirt, your pants are undone and you're so drunk that you don't even know where you are," Mark said gently. "It's time to go to the hotel and sleep."

"No no no no no."

"Yes yes yes yes yes yes."

"No no no no no no."

"Yes yes y--wait, what am I doing? Jeff, you're going back to the hotel whether you like it or not and that's final."

Jeff pouted and kicked him in the shin. "Meanie! I don't like no more!" He kicked Mark again and then began storming off into the street.

Mark stood completely still, actually kind of shocked that those kicks hurt a little bit. But he quickly shook that off and went chasing after Jeff. "Jeff get back here," he said. He caught Jeff in the middle of the street and turned him around. "I--"

Jeff practically jumped up and kissed him, taking him completely off guard. For a moment his lips barely reacted at all and he thought about pushing Jeff away. But Jeff whimpered and held on to him even more tightly, which just caused him to give in and start kissing Jeff back. Mark started getting lost in the kiss, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw this car coming out from absolutely nowhere. It was going as fast as a car could go and his mind barely had time to process that the driver was probably drunk. Without even thinking, he shoved Jeff as hard as he could. Jeff stumbled back and fell down and there was a good news/bad news situation. The good news was that Jeff didn't get hit. The bad news was, Mark did. His first instinct to protect Jeff cost him dearly. The car hit him full force and not only did his newly replaced hip hit the bumper, but his head smashed up against the windshield and then he was flying through the air. It all felt like it was going in slow motion and while he was out cold before he hit the ground again, one final thought did manage to make it into his brain.

James was going to kick his ass for being dumb enough to get hit by a car.