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Neither A Fairytale Nor A Tragedy

Eleven years from when "Sent From Heaven" ended


I can't believe it's been ten years since I graduated from Chilton. I can't believe I've known Rory for thirteen years. I can't believe we ended up best friends. Of all of the things I can't believe Tristan is the biggest one.

I can't believe that the guy I always dreamed was hiding underneath that show that Tristan put on was actually there.

He was the reason I hated Rory, I knew the moment I saw his reaction to her and her complete confusion to him that she could break down that wall that every girl tried to. The change was remarkable; his grades had always been good, incredibly good especially considering he did nothing. When he came back for senior year though, everything about him shot through the roof, he not became the favorite student of the students, but of the teachers and staff. There was a side of him that was only brought to light because of Rory.

It was only brought to light because love had melted the ice that entrapped most of our hearts at Chilton. We were children of the elite, we had been given everything that life had to offer except for love and attention. Most of us spend our whole lives looking for that one thing that heals that whole. They both got lucky, they may have almost lost it once, but when they were given a second chance, they latched on with all of their might.

So here we are at our ten-year reunion, it was just ten years ago that Rory, Tristan and I got into Harvard. I smile remembering our time in Boston together. I remember the frat parties they dragged me to, the clubs on Lansdowne. The hours we'd spend just relaxing and talking out on the lawn or in a coffee house. I remember how we'd go out shopping and spend hours in Urban Outfitters reading from all those weird sex books. I remember how much some of those sex book helps once they'd relaxed me enough to date.

They've both comforted me through a few break up, they listened to me curse out the entire male gender.

Who would have thought it?

Who would have thought that I would be best friends with the boy I'd loved from the age of five and the girl who won his heart?

I was a bridesmaid at their wedding six years ago. They were married out of the lawn behind her mothers in, her mother's dream project that had finally become a successful reality. I think all of Stars Hallow and Hartford watched them say their vows. It's funny, I can still hear them today, maybe because they say everything I've ever dreamed of, they were so short yet so to the point.


I was reborn, revived if you would, when we first kissed. I'd kissed dozens of girls before that, but the moment our lips met, there was suddenly this new breath of life inside of me and I knew there was a reason to living. Then I watched the tears form in your eyes and saw you disappear from my life and I almost lost you for good. Pride truly is such a foolish thing, but you saved me from myself. You said stop. That was all you needed to say. It didn't matter that I had to leave you, what mattered was you didn't want me to and it saved me. It saved me from myself. I may have sat in my room and cried more than a few nights when my roommates would be out, I may have cried in the showers every once in awhile, but you said stop and you gave me a reason to go on. I can't help but quote from Romeo and Juliet "Love from one side hurts, but love from two sides heals" I was dying when I was just watching you, when I was loving you and thinking you hated me, but the moment you said stop, from the moment you said you'd miss me. Rory you healed me. You…well you just amaze me. I'm amazed as how much love you give me, I'm amazed at how easy it is to love you. I'm just amazed at how much love is truly possible for a mortal to experience. If you didn't get what I was saying it was that I love you, more than anything, I love you.


The crying wasn't my fault. I cried for our first kiss because I realized that all of those mushy stories that my mom always made me watch, the songs on the radio, all of the books I've read. I found out that they weren't lying. That this amazing, all consuming love really did exist. That soul mates weren't only real, but that I'd found mine and it scared me to a point most couldn't even imagine. Our second kiss brought me to tears because I realized how badly I'd destroyed any chance we had. Our third kiss brought me to tears because I was losing you and it was all do to my own foolishness. Our fourth kiss though (she smiles)…God it moved me to tears because I knew we'd never be apart again. I'd found love, I'd lost it, but it was given back to me and I knew I'd never be foolish enough to ever let it go again, not even for a split second. Do you want a stupid cheesy line back at you from Shakespeare? How about "For where thou art, there is the world itself, and where though art not, desolation." When I thought I lost you Tristan, it was worse than anything I could have ever imagined and I won't let that ever happen again. This isn't just till death do us part mister, this is forever, for all eternity we belong to each other.

I wipe away my tears as I'm brought back to reality. In the present moment, I'm watching as Tristan goes over to Rory, who is talking to Madeline as she shows off her engagement ring, it was already her second. Tristan just came over and wrapped his arms around Rory letting his hands rest on their unborn child.

Once again I can't believe that in six months they're going to be parents for the second time around. I still remember when their was born three years ago and they announced that his name would be Janlen Edward DuGrey and Lorelei being Lorelei declared that there was no way she could in good conscience call her grandson Jan, after all that was a girls name. Which led to a big old rant from her on how Jan was the middle child on the girl's side of the Brady's not the boys. Luke of course started in on his lecture of her; after all she'd named her daughter after herself and then their son after Leonardo's character in Titanic. Which led to things I didn't need to know as she defended herself saying that it was the movie that they were watching the first time they made love and that was when their son was conceived so she felt the need to honor it for it's making her mushy, yet bored which led to…Ah why am I thinking about this? Something's are better left forgotten. Hmm what was I thinking about anyway? I smile to myself, oh yea how JD got nicknamed JD. God Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore are still annoyed about that one, but oh well, it definitely suits him after all he is Tristan's kid.

"Paris" I hear my name being called

"Huh?" I snap back to reality

It's Rory laughing at me "Where the hell were you just then? And why on earth are you standing over there? I thought we'd fixed the antisocial problem?"

I just laugh; I have no desire to think of a witty comeback. I walk over to them "Sorry, were you saying something?"

"I was just asking what do you think of the name Juliet for a girl."

"Oh god"

"Too cheesy?" Rory says laughing

"Yea definitely something your mom would do."

"Hah told you" Tristan says as he kisses her neck.

"Oh please, you suggested it last time only I vetoed it."

"I've grown a lot in the past four years and did you have to mention that? You know we could just name her Lorelei and keeping the tradition going."

"Um no" she says seriously then laughs, we all join in with her.

Life's good, and as I watch them crack on each other, I just pray to find a love that is an eights as true and pure as theirs. Luckily I'm still young enough to just be happy to know that it's real, that there is a love as strong and real as I always hoped for, that love really does exist and it wasn't just a fairy tale and it doesn't have to be a tragedy either.