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Emily's Question

Mark Sloan's wife was working tonight and so his job was to get their daughter Emily to sleep. Emily Marie Sloan was five years old and she adored her father. From the time she was born she had been a Daddy's girl. Even now, five years later Mark could still remember the day she was born and the screams of his wife. After 18 hours of labor Emily Marie Sloan was born to Lexie-Grey-Sloan and Mark Sloan. Mark was sure that that day his daughter was born was the best day of his life. Emily had been a small baby at 6 pounds 1 ounce and nineteen inches long. She had been born with dark blown hair like her mother's and blue-grey eyes like her father's.

Emily had just gotten out of the bathtub after a bathtub full of bubbles. She had run into her pink and purple bedroom and climbed into the white bed with pink sheets and a purple comforter. Pink and purple were Emily's favorite colors. Mark had been changing into navy blue sweats which he now wore at bedtime. He never slept naked anymore unless Emily was over at Meredith and Derek's for the night. Even if he and his wife had sex, he took great care to make sure that he got dressed again before he went to sleep. It was something that he felt he had to do, especially since Emily was prone to nightmares.

He finally walked into his daughter's bedroom. Emily was sitting up in bed clearly waiting for her beloved Daddy to come into her room and read her a story. Mark or Lexie read her a story every night and since Lexie was working the task fell to Mark to read his five year old a story. Emily look at her Daddy as Mark reached for a Magic Treehouse book. It was the 5th one in the series and he and Lexie had been reading her the books from the beginning. Just then, Emily spoke "Daddy can I ask you something?" Mark put the book down on her nightstand and looked at her "Sure princess." Mark answered as he sat down beside Emily. Mark had no idea what Emily was about to ask him. She looked at him with her blue-grey eyes and asked "Where do babies come from?" Mark had to make sure that his face didn't show the shock he was feeling at being asked this question. He had no idea where she had even heard this. She had no idea that her Aunt Meredith was pregnant with her second baby. Mark was also confident that she had no idea that she was going to be a big sister because he and Lexie hadn't told her yet "Why do you ask princess?" Mark asked his daughter. Emily was quick to respond "I heard Mommy and Aunt Meri talking. Aunt Meri and Uncle Derek are gonna have a baby Daddy." Mark didn't know what to say to his young daughter. Mark was hoping that he wouldn't have to talk about the birds and the bees for a long time. So now Mark had to figure out what to say to Emily. Lexie would kill him if he gave their five year old too much information. Mark looked at his daughter and said "When Mommies and Daddies want a baby really badly, they close their eyes and wish really hard while they give each other hugs." Emily rolled her eyes and shook her head "I am not a baby anymore Daddy." Emily reminded her father. Mark sighed heavily. He had no idea what else to say "Daddy, Ben told me that Mommies and Daddies wrestle to make babies." Mark groaned and buried his face in his multimillion dollar hands. Ben was Molly and Eric's second child as well as Emily's cousin "Don't listen to your cousin." Mark told his daughter firmly. Mark was really trying not to bad mouth his 8 year old nephew. Emily pouted the same pout that her mother had and Mark knew that he couldn't resist it "Tell me the truth Daddy." Emily pleaded. Mark, managed to suppress a groan and said "Mommies have eggs inside of their bodies and they meet up with things that look like tadpoles." Mark tried to explain a little better. He really wished his wife was here to handle these questions. She was much better at them then Mark was. Emily looked like that had answered her questions, but then she looked confused once again "But how do the eggs get inside Mommy and where do the tadpoles come from?" Emily asked. Mark thought for a moment before he answered "Well the eggs live inside the Mommies from the time they are little girls. And the tadpoles come from daddies." Emily was ready with another question" But how do they make a baby?" Emily wanted to know. Mark was about done with this conversation but he knew that Emily wouldn't let it go until she was satisfied "Well the tadpoles swim up a river until they find the eggs and then the tadpoles go into the eggs and then a baby is made." Mark explained. He hoped she wouldn't want to know how the tadpoles got from the daddy to the mommy, Thankfully Emily looked as though she was satisfied. She looked at her Daddy and asked "Daddy will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" Mark nodded and smiled as he wrapped his arms around his five year old daughter and kissed her forehead "Good night princess." Mark told her. Sleepily Emily mumbled "Night night Daddy." Mark watched his daughter fall asleep in his arms and he waited until she was asleep.

An hour later Mark was in the master bedroom when his wife walked into the bedroom. Lexie had already kissed her daughter good night before she had come to the master bedroom. Mark smiled at her and put his medical journal down that he had been reading. Lexie came into the bed and Mark ran his hands over her clothed shoulders and said "Get naked and join me in bed." Lexie giggled and then went to the oak wood chest of drawers and shed her work clothes. She put on a red lace camisole and a matching pair of panties. Mark grinned as his wife joined him in bed. She looked sexy to him. Lexie smiled and said "I know you said you wanted me in bed naked but I knew you hadn't had the pleasure of ripping this off of me yet so I thought I'd wear it for you now." Instead of being incredibly turned on, Mark said "Emily knows about Meredith being pregnant." Lexie looked hurt and surprised that Mark didn't seem interested in her sexually but when she realized what Mark said, Lexie groaned "She doesn't know…"Mark cut her off immediately and said "No she has no idea that you are pregnant. She just asked where babies come from" Mark explained. That wasn't what Lexie wanted to hear "She's five Mark ."Lexie pointed out with a frown. Mark sighed and nodded. That had been his reaction too at first "I didn't go into detail Lex. I just did an overview of tadpoles and eggs and the fact that the tadpoles have to swim to reach the eggs." Mark explained. Lexie's frown erased from her face "Thank you for handling that." Lexie told him sincerely. Mark smiled and added "Your nephew told her that babies are made by wrestling." Lexie smirked and said "Well Ben's right isn't he?" as she rubbed her small bump. Mark knew he was right, but he didn't want his five year old to know that yet "Yes but Em doesn't need to know that. Talk to Molly okay?" Mark told his wife. Lexie nodded and said "Now I have been waiting all night for sex from my hot husband. Forget the kids and ravish your wife." And that is exactly what Mark did for the next several hours.