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Good Bye

Cold as ice. That was how Emily Sloan-Karev felt right now. She couldn't move or speak. All she could do was stare at the rectangular shape in front of her. The mahogany rectangle that held the deceased body of her beloved father. Emily was pretty sure that she had cried all the tears that she had already so she sat in the first row of seats, holding on tightly to her mother's hand and to Logan's hand. Their beloved ten year old son sat solemnly on Logan's other side. Emily couldn't believe that her father was gone. All she wanted was for her father to hug her and call her princess again. She may have been forty years old, but right now she wanted her daddy more than anything in this world. She had thought that she had no tears left, but she was wrong. A fresh batch of tears flowed down her cheeks as she looked at the coffin in front of her. She felt guilty crying this much when her mom wasn't crying as much. Lexie had already cried for her husband away from anyone else. It was her turn to be strong for her family. Mark had been the strong one since he had married Lexie all those years ago.

Emily remembered the phone call she had gotten just three days ago. She had been roused from a good night sleep to hear the house phone ringing right beside her head. When she answered it her mother told her that Daddy had died in his sleep. Emily had been stunned. She had spoken to her father the night before and his last words were "I love you Em." Her father had been in good health ever since his heart attack seventeen years ago. Tears had streamed down her face and Logan awoke when he heard his wife crying. Emily had told him what had happened and they immediately woke Mark Nicholas and then left for Lexie and Mark's house.

When she had reached her parents house the first thing she had wanted was to see her father's body. Emily went straight to her parents bedroom and she saw him lying in bed, wearing the pj's that Sandrine had bought him last Christmas. Emily had completely broken down and it took two hours plus Sandrine to get Emily out of the bedroom.

Emily sat by her husband and mother and listened to her Uncle Derek talk about her dad's childhood. Uncle Derek was still in good health and that was a relief for the family. They couldn't even fathom the idea of losing another member of their family anytime soon. When they were making funeral plans Lexie had asked Emily to give the eulogy. Lexie knew that she would be unable to do it without crying all the way through it. Emily knew that there was no way she would get through it without sobbing. She finally agreed to do it though as a favor for her mother. She heard Uncle Derek finish with the words "He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather uncle and friend. He will be missed by all of his family and friends." Derek's voice was wavering as he finished his comments about Mark. Emily could tell that he was extremely close to tears as he walked back to his seat. Meredith met him halfway and she wrapped her arms around him and she hugged him tightly. It was heartbreaking for everyone to see Derek Shepherd say goodbye to his lifetime best friend Mark Sloan.

Emily stood up next and she made her way to the front of the gathering. This would be the first time she would speak in front of a lot of people without her father in the audience. She bit her lip realizing that her beloved daddy wouldn't be in the audience for her to focus on like she did in the past. She chose to focus on her son, her father's namesake. She opened her mouth still not quite sure what to say. The words just seemed to pour out of her" My dad was more than the best Plastic Surgeon on both coasts. He was the best husband to my mother, the best father to me and my sister and brother. He was the best grandfather that anyone could ask for to my son. When I was down he lifted me up and when I had successes he rejoiced in them with me. He was there when I graduated from high school and college and med school. He was there when I married the man of my dreams and he was there when my son and his first and only grandson was born. My dad was there for every milestone in my life and I am so lucky that he was my father. I will always love him and miss him but I know he wouldn't want me to dwell too long on his death. He knows that I loved him very much and I know he loved me as well as everyone who is here today. He wouldn't want any of us to dwell too much on his death. He would want us to move on with our lives. He once told me when I lost my first pediatric cardiology patient that everyone dies and while it is hard to deal with that, it's part of life and dwelling on a death wouldn't change the actual death. That is going to be my saying for the next several weeks and months and I hope to someday understand why my dad was taken from all of us so suddenly." Tears were now streaming down Emily's face as she walked back to her seat. She buried her face in Logan's shoulder and whispered "I miss him." Logan kissed her hair and whispered "I know you do Em. We all miss him."

The next part was the part that Emily was dreading. She was about to watch some people she didn't even know lower her father's body into the ground. First they had to throw flowers on the coffin and then dirt. Emily waited quietly until it was her turn to put the white long stemmed rose on her father's coffin. When it was her turn she put the flower on the coffin and bent and kissed it "I love you Daddy." She whispered tearfully. She moved aside so Sandrine and Liam could say their goodbyes as well. Once her sister and brother were done, they exchanged hugs.

Her sister in law Allison came over to them and hugged both Sandrine and Emily before she squeezed Liam's hand. Liam had been married to Allison for 5 years, but they were unable to get pregnant. Sandrine never married, but she had grown tired of being childless so she had adopted a Russian baby girl who was now three. Her name was Nadia and she had been grandpa Mark's little angel. Finally Lexie joined the rest of the family and Lexie looked at each one of them in turn "Your father was so proud of all of you." she told them softly. Emily had to force herself not to break down again. She looked at Logan and said "I want to go back to Mom and Daddy's house." Logan bent and kissed his wife and said "Let's go."

So Logan drove Emily and Mark Nicholas over to the house that Emily had grown up in. Sandrine and Nadia met them there as did Liam and Allison. They all felt like they needed to be at home tonight. Lexie sat on her husband's usual armchair feeling quite certain that she would never recover from this. She loved her husband despite everything they had gone through. Being with her family helped with the feeling of loneliness that was already starting to creep in. Without saying a word the kids all decided to stay the night. They all wanted to feel closer to their father and they knew that this was the best way to do it. Finally the Nadia and Mark went to sleep and Emily, Sandrine, Logan, Allison and Liam did too. Lexie was alone for the first time in forty years. She stood by the same window that she and Mark had looked out of countless times. She looked up at the stars and said "I love you Mark and I'll see you soon." Lexie went up to bed and for the first time in four decades, fell asleep with no one there to hold her.

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