Do you think if I owned Grey's Anatomy I'd be writing fanfics?

Last Chance

For the first time ever, Mark Sloan was scared. He was scared to death of losing the only woman he had ever loved. Mark knew that Addison was flying to LA and he knew that he had to go after her. He had to show her that she belonged with him. Mark knew that he had one last chance to get her back and he was going to pull out all of the stops. He had bought a dozen calla lilies because he knew that she hated red roses and he had also bought a ring. He was ready to marry Addison.

He was driving to the airport, knowing that Addison's plane started boarding in an hour. He needed to be there at least thirty minutes before her plane was to be boarded. He still had no idea what he was going to say to her and honestly that scared him. He needed to figure out what he was going to say to her before he got there.

After what seemed like forever, Mark finally pulled into the airport parking lot. Mark parked in the first place that he saw and got out of the car. He grabbed the flowers and the ring box and ran inside the airport. He still had no idea what he was going to say to her and he figured he would figure it out when he stopped in front of her.

Mark had no idea why airport security didn't stop him, but he got to her gate in only five minutes. As if he had a radar for Addison, he saw the back of her head. He swallowed nervously before he headed over to her. His stomach was doing back flips and his pulse was racing and his fingers were playing with the ring box in his pocket. When he reached her, he took a breath and spoke "Addison?" Mark questioned hesitantly. He knew she probably wouldn't be thrilled to see him. Addison turned when she heard his voice. She had not expected to ever hear that voice again. She didn't know what to say to him so she said "Hi Mark." Mark swallowed hard before he spoke "Addison I can't lose the one woman I have ever…" Addison pressed her finger to his lips and silenced him "Don't say that." She whispered. Mark took her wrist in his hand and moved her fingers off of his lips and said "I love you Addison. Always have and I always will." Mark's voice was raw with emotion. Addison knew she had only heard that voice a few times before. Addison shook her head "I can't." Addison whispered, tears pooling in her blue eyes. Mark looked right at her, his blue-grey eyes blazing with love, desire and longing. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything else in the world ."Addison I know that I have messed up in the past but I still think that we can make us work." Mark told her as he brushed his thumb across her cheek. Addison knew then that Mark hadn't broken the pact "You didn't break the pact." Addison whispered, her blue eyes widening. Mark shook his head "No I saw you coming out with Karev." Mark told her softly. Addison's lip trembled as she looked at Mark. She didn't think Mark had ever done something so selfless. She blinked back tears and said "I am so sorry Mark. For everything. For aborting our baby and breaking the pact." Those were the two biggest mistakes that she had made that concerned Mark. Mark smiled at Addison, wordlessly accepting her apology "I love you Addie." Mark told her softly. He just felt like he needed to keep saying it. Addison bit her lip and whispered "We can't do this Mark." She turned away from him and continued fighting her tears. She didn't want to go to LA. She wanted to make it work with Mark, here in Seattle. She was scared of trusting him.

Mark knew that this was the time for his grand gesture. He dropped down on one knee and took the ring box out of his pocket and said "Marry me Addison. "He watched her body shake with soft sobs. Her back froze when his words reached her ears. She never thought that Mark would be saying those words to any woman let alone her. With tears shinning in her eyes she turned towards Mark. She finally spoke, her voice small "I want a guy who barbeques and can play baseball with our kids." Mark sighed as he looked up at her face "Addison I played both football and baseball in high school and college. As for the barbequing, may I remind you that I was always the one to barbeque in New York." Mark reminded her. Addison knew that Mark was right on both points.

She was scared to death of accepting his proposal but she was also scared to death of rejecting him. A woman who stood near to Addison looked at her and said bluntly "For God's sake woman. Marry this man or I will." Mark chuckled softly and Addison smiled faintly. She knew right then what her answer would be. She smiled at Mark and whispered "Ask me again." Mark looked up in surprised. Was Addison really accepting his proposal? He opened up the black velvet box to reveal a platinum band with one diamond in the center and small diamonds encircling the rest of the band. He smiled again and asked "Will you marry me Addison?" Addison's lips curved into a grin as she looked down at him and she said "Yes I will." Mark was grinning as he stood up and pulled her into his arms and twirled her around in a circle. The small group that had gathered, burst into applause as Mark set Addison back down on the floor. Addison was laughing as she put her hand out for Mark to slide the ring on. Mark put the ring on her finger and whispered "I love you." Addison smiled at him and whispered "I love you too." Mark brushed his lips across hers and whispered "Let's go home." Addison nodded and took Mark's hand "Naomi can send my stuff back home." Mark finally handed Addison the calla lilies and Addison carried them in her other hand. They left the airport, eager to start their lives together.