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Epilogue- Five Years Later

It had been five years since Mark Sloan had gone down on one knee in an airport surrounded by people and proposed to the woman of his dreams. From that day on they had remained as much in love as they were on that day. Neither of them wanted to wait long to be married so Addison had managed to plan a small-ish wedding in three months. They said I do in a garden surrounded by only their closest friends. The biggest surprise for everyone was that Derek was Mark's best man. The childhood friends had made up and now that Meredith and Addison weren't rivals, they had forged a friendship. That had been surprising. Not only to Mark and Derek but to the rest of the hospital as well. Neither set of parents showed up but Mark knew his parents wouldn't show up and he had a feeling that Bizzy and Addison's father wouldn't come either. Bizzy saw too much of her husband in Mark so she was not happy that her daughter married Mark. Archer walked his sister down the aisle because Addison had asked him to do that for her. Addison's wedding party had consisted of Callie as her maid of honor, Miranda and Meredith as bridesmaids. Mark had only Derek and Richard standing up for him. He still hadn't made a whole lot of friends at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Soon after they had gotten engaged, Mark had insisted that Addison do the fertility tests all over again and this time they had shown that Addison was still fertile. Naomi blamed the low numbers from the first time on stress. Now they had three kids with a fourth one on the way. They lived in a beautiful two story mansion that was about 4500 square feet with a backyard the size of Montana. Addison had informed Mark that she wanted a pool back there so he had gotten one built just for her. Meredith and Derek lived about five minutes away in their own mansion sized house for their three kids.

Right now they were all hanging out in Mark and Addison's Montana sized backyard. Derek was barbequing while Mark taught Ethan Nicholas Sloan and Noah Benjamin Shepherd how to play baseball. Both boys were four years old. Ethan was a carbon copy of his daddy and Noah was a carbon copy of his daddy. Both couples had a set of twin daughters who were now two years old. All four girls were playing in their wading pool right beside Addison's lawn chair. Chloe and Jillian Sloan could not have looked more different from each other. Chloe was the oldest twin by two minutes and she had her dad's sandy brown hair and her mom's blue eyes. She had an acute sense of fashion even at two years old. Jillian had her mom's bright red hair and her dad's blue-grey eyes. Her smile was already so much like her father's it was scary. Addison was six months pregnant with a boy that she and Mark planned to name Ryan Skylar. Meredith and Derek's twin daughter also looked as different from each other as night and day. Samantha Shepherd had her mom's blond hair and her dad's blue eyes. She had developed a taste for healthy food already thanks to her father. Grace Shepherd was her father's child in every way except for her eyes. Her eyes were her mother's exact blue-green shade. Meredith was five months pregnant with a boy that they planned to name Jacob Andrew/

Both Meredith and Addison were not happy that Derek was the one at the barbeque. So Addison called over to her husband" Mark honey watch Derek with the hamburgers." Meredith giggled before she said "Yes we don't want a repeat of last year do we?" Last year Derek had undercooked the meat and everyone had gotten sick because of it. Derek glared at his ex wife having heard what she had told Mark. Mark dropped the baseball and the glove on the grass and Ethan and Noah ran over to Mark and jumped all over him, almost knocking the 6'3 man down with their eagerness "Uncle Mark, Daddy" both boys cried eagerly. Mark carried the boys over to where Meredith and Addison were sitting. Noah hugged his Uncle Mark and then wiggled out of Mark's grasp and ran to his mother. Ethan hugged his daddy and then jumped down and ran to his mother. Mark went over to Derek and hovered around Derek. He didn't want to get food poisoning again like last year. That had not been fun.

Finally the food was ready and Mark and Derek put it on the table as Addison and Meredith gathered the children and got them to sit down. As Mark took his seat at the head of the table, he looked around and smiled. He was so lucky. He had a wife who loved him and he had his health and the health of his kids and closest friends. After over forty years he was finally truly happy. He looked over at his wife and whispered "I am so in love with you." He put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it softly. Addison looked at Mark and whispered "I love you too Mark." before she kissed him lightly. Derek looked at his own wife and smiled before he kissed her. He had his best friend back and he had his wife and three amazing children with another one on the way. Smiling his McDreamy smile he said "I love you Meredith Anne Grey." Meredith giggled and whispered "I love you too Derek." Finally everything was as it should be and both Addison and Derek were with who they were meant for and everyone was happy.