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Kowalski takes out his telescope and adjusts the focus knob, turning it until the picture in front of him is as clear as it would be if he were right in front of it. He smiles excitedly as he gets his notepad out and begins to write down observations.

Mother appears to be working alone in incubation process, he writes, down reason for father's absence is unknown.

He watches the mother eagle eagerly as she settles gently over a single egg. He hadn't been able to believe that an actual eagle was really setting up her nest on top of an apartment building beside the zoo, but now that he knew that it was actually happening he felt the pulling urge to study this strange phenomenon.

Reason for location choice still an enigma.

What an odd place to settle in. Still, he wasn't complaining, this could be the key to a major breakthrough, in what he didn't know, but he was sure that it would be major.

The eagle shifts a bit to the right getting herself more comfortable and Kowalski rushes to write down a detailed description of it. He looks back over his notes not being able to help bouncing in place from excitement.


Startled, Kowalski throws his notepad into the air, hitting the telescope as he jumps into position. He turns to see Skipper in front of him with his flippers crossed. The notepad falls on top of Skipper's head with a dull "thud". Skipper glares. Kowalski chuckles nervously as he steps back from Skipper, preventing a fight that he would be sure to loose.

"What are you doing man?" He asks. Kowalski picks up his notepad and than walks back to his telescope again, motioning Skipper over.

"Do you know what that is?" He asks elatedly. Skipper raises an eyebrow.

"A telescope?"

"No," Kowalski leads him to it, suggesting for him to take a look through. Skipper places his eye to the lens and gasps revolted.

"What's this supposed to be man? Some kind of sick joke?" Kowalski looks trough the telescope again, confused at Skipper's reaction. He feels himself turn scarlet at what he sees. Obviously when he hit the telescope he had moved it to another place of focus.

"Oh, no, that's not what I meant," Awkwardly, he moves the telescope until it was back where it should be.

"Listen Kowalski, when we agreed to join the military we also agreed to not let any personal affairs get in our way." Says Skipper, "I would have thought you knew that by now."

Kowalski looks down to hide his embarrassment. How was he to know that the telescope would point to a couple at the park?

"It was not my intention to show you…that." He says pointing to the telescope, "I meant to show you this." Skipper steps up to the telescope hesitantly, giving him a quick questioning look before doing what he asked.

"Well," he says stepping back, "that's one unexpected sight." Kowalski nods feverishly.

"And once I gather enough data I might just have caught on to the exact figures that I have been searching for so long."

"Really?" asks Skipper, "How long?"

"To this exact moment; 10 minutes and 47 seconds." Replies Kowalski. Skipper nods, then the well-known "this is a conspiracy" look appears on his face.

"But how can you be sure that that really is an eagle?" He asks taking another look through the telescope, "What if this is just another one of Blowhole's attempts to take me down?" His eyes begin to narrow in paranoia that Kowalski knew would get carried away if he didn't stop it soon.

"Impossible," he says quickly, "the chances of that are 4.5%" He draws a few doodles on his notepad making sure to that they look convincing.

"Yeah?" Asks Skipper skeptically, "Johnson said that during out trip to the Arizona desert. He darn close became the main appetizer of three young chicks." Kowalski could tell that he wasn't succeeding in holding back the paranoia.

"But Skip-"

"No buts," interrupts Skipper raising his wing in the air, "You will keep watch over that eagle and her every move. I want a full report on my desk by the 0700's tomorrow." Kowalski sighs in relief. So maybe the paranoia had been useful this time.

"And make sure to stay away from that flying threat." He says turning back to him narrowing his eyes. Kowalski could feel his smile slipping.

"Yes sir." He says giving what he hoped to be a convincing military salute. Skipper seems to buy it and goes back to drink his coffee at the table. Kowalski turns flips through his notepad. Inconspicuously, he looks at Skipper over it making sure that he was absorbed in his own thoughts before beginning to write again. Part of his plan of investigation was to get a few samples of the nest's various fibers; a step that he believed to be critical.

How to get near nest without Skipper noticing, he writes across the page. He remembers smugly back for a second to the time he had spent deciphering the "older code". He was now fluent in his writing and very proud of it too. It was also very convenient that he was the only one that could, Skipper would never know what it was he was writing right now, and he was sure that he wouldn't like it if he did. Pretending to be writing down more notes on the eagle, he scribbles down what he would need to do first.

Get Skipper away from here, perhaps distract him somehow. But how long? A few days? Though I might need more time then. And how will I manage to do that?

He taps his pencil to his chin in thought. What would be the one thing that would draw Skipper away from the zoo for a long enough time?

Kowalski's eyes grow wide as an idea comes to his head. His flipper shakes a bit as he writes down option one.

He reads back over it and smiles. Skipper would be proud. Still, would he really do that to his team? Sure, no harm would come from it, and he knew that this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Still… Come on Kowalski, your father always told you that science is what makes the world go round. He wasn't sure what his dad meant by it but he was sure that he didn't want the world to stop spinning simply because he didn't watch an eagle. There you go, Kowalski he thinks, you're actually doing the world a favor…do it in the name of science. He nods to himself as he goes to his table and begins to work on his plan, making sure that the others don't notice what he was doing.

"Hey guys!"

Kowalski hears the voice that didn't belong in his group and instantly drops what he was doing, jumping into position. Skipper had taken the time to train them all especially so that they became attuned to each other's voices. With tape recordings of other animal's he had taught them to jump on guard in case they heard those not their own. By now they were all able to do so instantly. And that was why, at the moment, Marlene found herself instantly held against the wall, with three different pairs of flippers restraining her.

"Oh come on, don't you guys ever get tired of doing that?" She asks as they release her sheepishly.

"Sorry Marlene, just doing our job." Apologizes Private.

"Egh." Says Rico. Kowalski just nods. He wasn't very close to Marlene; she was more of a friend whom he could make small talk with once in a while, but nothing more. Skipper walks up to Marlene and gives her a sarcastic look.

"Don't you ever get tired of coming in without authorization?" He throws back. Marlene grimaces.

"Yeah, good one." She mutters, "But come on, I just stopped by to ask if you knew anything about the eagle that settled on the building beside ours."

"Affirmative." Replies Kowalski unable to keep the smugness form his voice at how well informed he was. Marlene looks at him not at all surprised.

"Well, I was just wondering if you guys wanted to come with me to say 'Hi'. She must be very lonely up there by herself, so…I don't know, maybe you guys could offer to help her out." She states with a smirk. Skipper's beak twitches as he remembers the little nursery job she had left up to them last time.

"Negatory Marlene." He says turning her so that she faced back to the door, "We have no intentions on taking on another little prissy welcoming parade of yours. Besides, I already have Kowalski as a look-out in case the mother's a spy." Marlene digs her heels onto the ground as Skipper tries to push her out the door.

"Wait? A spy?" She asks incredulously, "Why would an eagle want to spy on you?" She crosses her arms ignoring Skipper's attempts to intimidate her by stepping up closer.

"Classified." He replies bringing his face close to hers. She could feel herself loosing some ground and she didn't like it. She stays erect while Skipper keeps talking.

"And we won't be going anywhere near that momma bird. She could be dangerous, so I suggest that you stay away too."

"Yeah?" Asks Marlene trying to show some authority in her voice, "Well, I have a direct view from my pond and I can tell you, that bird is no spy."

"Listen here Marlene, not-"

"A direct view you say?" Cuts in Kowalski. Marlene looks over Skipper's shoulders at him, surprised at his question.

"Yeah, the building she's on is right in front of my pond…why?" Kowalski looks meaningfully at Skipper before he answers. Skipper raises his eyebrow realizing what Kowalski meant. He nods his head quickly in approval, something that, though he tried to hide, Marlene was still able to pick up. Kowalski smiles and looks back at Marlene.

"Perhaps I could set up camp at your habitat to study it for a bit…" his answer falters as he sees Marlene's expression, "…just until the egg hatches of course." He finishes nervously. Marlene seems skeptical, but she also didn't want to let a friend down. With a sigh she agrees.

"Fine," she mutters, "but you better not make a mess or obsess over this okay?" Kowalski nods enthusiastically.

"I promise that my presence will be 100% unobtrusive." He replies as he gathers up his telescope and some gadgets from his table making a loud racket in the process. Marlene rolls her eyes and leads the way out of the penguin's lair, this was, after all, typical Kowalski stuff; she was sure that it wouldn't be anything special. Kowalski follows behind, realizing that this was the perfect opportunity to carry out his plan.

"Okay, so I guess you can just set your things over there." Says Marlene as she points to a cubby on her wall. Kowalski places everything carefully in it, glad to finally get rid of the heavy weight.

"Thank-you Marlene, I'm very grateful of your consent to have me here." Kowalski replies. He didn't know what else to say, so he felt that perhaps a 'thank-you' would be good. Marlene nods, still a bit iffy on the whole having-Kowalski-stay-over thing.

"So…umm, how long will this take?" She asks trying to keep from showing how awkward she felt. Kowalski, luckily, was too busy putting his telescope back together to really notice how tense she stood.

"It should only take about…well, the average eagle egg takes about 40 days to hatch…" He turns in time to see Marlene gasp in horror, "but I don't know how long this egg has been here, so it might be less than that." He says quickly. Marlene composes herself, and beckons around.

"Oh, okay then, well…if you need anything I'll be in my pond, and umm…help yourself to anything if you want." She says stepping out of the cave. Kowalski listens amused; he had never seen Marlene act so uncomfortable. He chuckles to himself as he adjusts his telescope again and takes it outside. What was it about studying an eagle that made her so nervous?

After several hours of intense investigation, and what seemed to be something completely unrelated to his job, Kowalski set out back to the base. Marlene watches him as he packs up all of his things trying to make them as compact as possible.

"You know…you can leave your things here if you want." She says once she figures out what he was doing.

"Oh," Kowalski smiles in relief as he sets his things back down again, "thank-you Marlene." He says. Marlene smiles at him too, though she mostly did it for the sake of not being rude. She still felt awkward, though she wasn't sure why. Kowalski stands waiting for her to reply or to do something, after all she was just standing there smiling in an uncomfortable, weird way.

"So umm…I will be leaving now…" he says as he starts edging towards the door.

"Oh, right," says Marlene laughing nervously, "well, have fun with your…stuff that you do." she finishes lamely. What did Kowalski do? Wasn't he like, some sort of inventor science guy? All she could really draw from him was that he always had a clipboard or notepad at the ready, assorted gadgets that made no sense, and an infinite list of words she couldn't understand.

Kowalski nods and leaves her cave, confused at her behavior. Once he was gone Marlene smacks her forehead. What was wrong with her? There was no reason to feel awkward around Kowalski. Surprisingly he had stuck to his promise and she hadn't been at all annoyed by his stay. Still, he would just be there and focus entirely on his job, barely even acknowledging that she was there. She was the kind of otter that liked to know what was going on, who couldn't quite figure out what to do when she wasn't talking, so how was she supposed to act around him if all he did was…be there? She shakes her head, trying to clear it.

"Okay Marlene, you're just being paranoid." She tells herself, "Sure, he's quiet and, smart, and…Kowalski (was there a better way to describe him?), but he'll just be here for a few days, nothing to worry about. It's not like he's keeping watch over you sleeping like last time."

Marlene smiles, feeling slightly better. She sits on the edge of her bed, sighing deeply. The gadgets that Kowalski had used were still on the cubby on the wall. She gets up and begins to look through them. Drawings of the eagle…they were actually pretty good, some notes on a note pad that she wasn't interested enough in reading, the telescope, some odd papers with lots of writing she didn't care about, and a bunch of obviously home made gadgets. Nothing terribly exciting, she wondered what he found so interesting about all of this. She yawns and walks back to her bed. Kowalski sure was a strange one.

Perhaps tomorrow she could go visit the eagle, so what if Skipper had told her not to? He wasn't the boss of her…as much as he acted like it at times. She turns over and stares at her ceiling. It was so quiet now that Kowalski was gone. He hadn't made much noise, but somehow the place now seemed very empty without the constant ruffle of papers and the scribbles of pencils. Still, she was used to being alone.

But…now that she thought about it, it was actually sort of nice to have Kowalski over, he didn't do anything interesting, or…or do anything much besides write things down but he was someone else in the room, but…but he was someone else besides her, even if he wasn't much. She probably only felt awkward because he was by himself, when there was usually someone else from his group to fill in on the talking part. That was sure to be it. Marlene settles down on her bed and closes her eyes. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

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