A/N: Probably the shortest thing I've ever written. Had to write something, because that scene was absolutely fantastic. Well, let's be honest: the whole episode was fantastic. Even magical Gibbs who can transfer from one place to another in seconds was fantastic :)

I am still working on Type, don't worry about that one ^_^

The Wildcard

He had refused to accept that Ziva was dead. Somewhere in the back of his mind there had been that nagging little voice that said it was impossible. He heard the news, and he was shocked, angry, heartbroken. But after a few hours, there came a little voice in his head. She is not dead. She. Is. Not. Dead. That Voice had tortured him, had kept him awake at nights. The other parts of his mind had slowly but every so certain come to the conclusion that he needed vengeance. They needed vengeance. Vengeance for the pain she had gone through. Vengeance for the pain he had gone through. The team had gone through. A tribute to Crazy Ninja Chick Ziva David. She deserved it. She should not have died in vain, because he had been stupid enough to doubt her loyalties. She should not have died in vain, because that would mean her live had meant nothing and she had meant so much for him that he still not completely comprehended the enormous impact of it.

But suddenly, sitting strapped to a chair in a dirty room in some godforsaken place in the Horn of Africa – who named a region like that? Seriously? – the Voice won. There had been a shifting inside his head. A change of heart, so to speak. Even the Voice changed his meaning. She is alive. She. Is. Alive. It streamed through his veins, but not consciously through his head. He would have shouted it at Saleem. Maybe the Voice was a smart one, who knew where to go with his messages. Straight to his heart was not a bad place to go for a thing like this.

And there she sat, across from him, merely 2 feet away. She was alive. And he had the wild card. Because he was the wild card.